himasagara tailam
Himasagara tailam is not just ordinary oil, but it is an effective ayurvedic medicine in the form of oil. Himasagara tailam has been referred in many textbooks as well as research studies as a potential solution to insomnia, headache and other nervous system disorders. Today, we see everything about this amazing oil. We will try to investigate all the claims made by different sources to see whether it is really effective or not. Starting from the ingredients we will try to analyze the power and sources for which himasagara tailam inherits its healing capabilities. Although the list of ingredients is quite long, we will talk about some common components only. Moving on, you will see the entire list of benefits of himasagara tailam with the process of working of the oil against each one of them.

A fair comparison is also drawn between the existing treatment methods and you will also understand how ayurveda clearly excels in every field. Then we will talk about some ayurvedic companies offering great deals for buying ayurvedic medicines. So, today you will get to know another ayurvedic medicine in the form of oil and also the best way to get your medicine at home.


Amla juice

amla juiceIt has so many names and if you count the number of health benefits of this fruit, they also are numerous. Amla juice is nothing less than an elixir for health, and many brands are presently producing shampoos and oil containing amla as major component. So, this ingredient is not only good for your hair, but it is extremely beneficial for scalp, head and nervous system too.


Apart from benefiting the skin and hair, it also is capable of reducing the blood pressure, reducing anxiety and depression. This herbal oil is also in news these days due to its ability to prevent cancer. Altogether, this is amazing oil in itself and when mixed with all other ingredients of himasagara tailam, the resultant effect of this oil in enhanced many times.

KsheeraKsheera (cow’s milk)

This ingredient is fortified with Vitamin D and it is extremely useful for maintaining a good bone health. Apart from being a part of himasagara tailam, cow’s milk is also used in many other ayurvedic preparations.

Chandana (sandalwood)

Chandana is used in many forms and it is primarily famous for its nice fragrance and cooling effect. Sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapy and hence this has reach to brain and nervous system too.

Lavang (clove)

Clove also is used in many forms and the most famous one is clove oil for headache. Unlike sandalwood, clove oil has a strong and pungent smell, but this too has the abilities to fight problems like headache when used externally.

Karpoora (camphor)

Camphor is used externally to fight with pain, inflammations and itching. This natural oil is extremely good for skin and is strong enough to kill microbes present on skin.

karpoor(camphor)Tvak and ela (cinnamon and cardamom) are also a part of himasagara tailam and since these are two very common spices used in Indian kitchen, we don’t need to introduce these to you. They are natural as well as beneficial. Apart from these, this oil contain more than 30 such powerful natural ingredients. Some of them are kesara, patra, lodhra, vari, nalika, kunduru, madhurika, jatikosha, granthiparna, shati, shatawari juice extract, narikela ras, moora, yashti and agaru. These are not as common as the ingredients listed above, but this doesn’t make them any less powerful. All of these are equally beneficial, with some minor differences in the properties. And when combined together, they create magical oil we call himasagara tailam.


Himasagara tailam can be used in problems that arise due to the imbalance in Vata and pitta levels in human body. This oil, since contain so many natural and herbal ingredients, it is not simple to predict its actual nature. So, to avoid any doubtful situations, we list here all the benefits of using himasagara tailam.

Acute and chronic rheumatism

Rheumatism-best-remedyWhether caused by wear and tear, or due to problem in the immune system, rheumatism is a reason for unbearable pain in the bones and joints. To prevent it, and also to treat it, you can use himasagara tailam for rheumatism. With proper massage, you can have strong bones and flexible joints, and hence rheumatism will not create trouble in your life. Also, because this oil contains ultimate pain relieving properties, himasagara tailam for rheumatism is just perfect and side effects free solution.

Nervous disorders

himasagara tailam for neuro-degenerativeNervous disorders are problems arising due to structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or other nerves can result in a range of symptoms. These are really difficult to deal with because many times it is difficult to identify the problem, and most of the times, the drugs only slow down the working of the brain. They are not capable of dealing with root cause, on the other hand, himasagara tailam by bringing the vata and pitta level back in balance, cures the root cause of the disease. Isn’t it different from what drugs do? Yes, the entire ayurveda is completely different from allopathic science.

Blood pressure

Fluctuations in the blood pressure sometimes can result in chronic conditions, and of course, they are also an indication of a 24*7 threat of heart problems. So, you must not ignore it and fix the problem with a holistic treatment like himasagara tailam. Himasagara tailam is best for treating blood pressure and also headache which is a common symptom of high blood pressure.


headacheHeadache can occur due to various reasons, migraine, anxiety attacks and stress being the most common ones. Sometimes it may be mild, and the other times, acute and unbearable headache may hamper your day’s work. It is urgent to treat headache, but it is even more important to find out the cause and work towards resolving it. So, just any pain killer is not enough for curing headache. Yes, it can temporarily make things better, you permanent solution is himasagara tailam. Now, you only decide what you need- a permanent and healthy solution or a temporary pain relieving drug.


Studies show that as many as 40 per cent of women over the age of 40 battle insomnia at least a few nights a week. Insomnia or sleeplessness is very common among patients suffering from any type of nervous disorder too. Not only neurological patients, but common people also may encounter this situation when they are stressed over an issue at work or personal life. A relaxing head massage is all you need before going to bed and your sleepless nights in no time will turn into peaceful sleeping time.

Himasagara tailam relieves burning sensation

Himasagara tailam relieves burning sensationBecause of the nature of many ingredients present in himasagara tailam, it is a natural coolant. So, any kind of burning sensation in eyes or head can be cooled down with massaging your head using himasagara tailam. Many other oils are inherently hot in nature, but himasagara tailam is cool and it transfers the same to your body too.

Premature graying

Not only for skin and bones, but the magic of himasagara tailam can be seen even on your hair. Hair loss and premature graying are two most common, yet dreadful problems of the time. Your hair may lose the natural black color in no time. To solve this issue too, you can count on himasagara tailam. Yes, there are many products in the market, but all of them are loaded with chemicals that are harmful not only for your hair but also for your skin. It is reported that the components of shampoos sometimes cause acne on face and shoulders. So, it is better you trust ayurveda and stay safe with himasagara tailam.

These were some of the benefits of himasagara tailam, and on consulting with an ayurvedic doctor, you may get details about other benefits of himasagara tailam. Overall, we can say that this oil can be used for hair, bone and joints problems. Also, it is one of the best solutions to headache and nervous system disorders. Now, it is time we know some precautions and safety measures while using himasagara tailam.


You can use himasagara tailam for head massage and this can be done twice everyday or as recommended by the doctor. Himasagara tailam is made up of natural ingredients and hence it has no side effects until used externally. Yes, this oil is meant only to be used externally and since it has many strong herbs, its oral intake may land you in trouble. So, better keep it away from the reach of children.

Himasagara tailam -1Also, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor with parmanand ayurveda- an ayurvedic company in Delhi in case of any doubt. Especially if you any special health condition which you feel must be taken into account before prescribing the oil, better talk to an ayurvedic doctor. Don’t worry; taking consultation from ayurvedic doctors is not difficult anymore. In fact, it is not only easier but also free of cost. Yes, with companies like parmanand ayurveda (ayurvedic company in delhi) offering free online consultation and free home delivery, the doctor and medicines of ayurveda are in reach of every one in India.

Ayurveda has always surprised us with its effective, safe and holistic way of addressing the health problems and this too is no exception. Himasagara tailam is excellent at treating bone and joint ailments, addressing hair problems and some other common and specific problems. The only problem with the idea of using himasagara tailam and other ayurvedic formulas was the issue of availability. Fortunately with increasing demand and trust among people of India, this issue is more or less resolved. There are platforms where you can not only get the desired medicine, but can also choose between different manufacturers. This again is offered by paramanand ayurveda- the only ayurvedic company in Delhi providing free home delivery and much more. So, go ahead and take the much needed step. Let ayurveda reach your body and it will leave no stone unturned to make your body healthy.

Himasagara tailam is just one example and there are many such ayurvedic products that are a must have in your house. Give them a chance and you will no more need any allopathic medicine. Eliminating the need of any type of medicine is possible only if you prepare your body for self healing, and this is possible only with ayurveda- the science of life.

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