health benefits of makardwaj gutika

makardhwaj gutikaWould you prefer treating a disease once it hits you and starts damaging your body or preventing the entire inconvenient episode from occurring inside your body? If your choice is the latter option, you are at the right place. Makardhwaj gutika is an ayurvedic medicine that can not only treat diseases, but can also save you from great deal of troubles in future. Yes, and this is one of the reasons behind the rise of ayurveda in India and across the world. In fact, I should say rising once again because ayurveda is one of the oldest existing medicinal practices which originated in India. But its impact could be seen in the eastern and western countries as well. Can you guess how much old ayurveda is? Ayurevda’s existence in considered to be thousands of years old, and the power of the healing science can be judged by the fact that it has survived till date. With so many advancements in the medicinal fields and numerous inventions, healing has got a new definition over time.

Understanding makardhwaj gutika and ayurveda

With the beginning of allopathic medicines, the appealing instant cures took all over the world and the innocent people started falling prey to the big but false claims of the pharmaceutical companies. Nobody really cared about the process and action mechanism, and all of us were fascinated by the relief the allopathic medicines promised to give. Gradually allopathic healing was everywhere and the ever day a new medicine was launched. But with this rapid increase, the health complications also increased exponentially.  Our ancestors managed to live healthy and long lives without the new techniques available. Some blame the environmental changes, while others blame the low quality food we eat. But according to several researches the excessive dependency on medicines is also one of the leading causes. How? Those who haven’t yet read about it must be surprised, but yes, there are several side effects of medicines and if you rely on allopathic medicines for too long, then these side effects might accumulate and come out as a big problem. This has happened with many and the medicines which were once believed to be the best solution to every problem have now turned into a big headache. In fact, they were the same since day one, and it is just that we have started realizing now.


This realization has given ayurveda the position it deserved since the beginning. Now people want a holistic healing method, and this is why entire world is after ayurveda these days. Ayurveda is a science that ensures mental, emotional and spiritual well being of whoever trusts the magical method of healing. Adding to the benefits is the side effect free nature of the magnificent science of healing. So, whether it is makardhwaj gutika or some other ayurvedic medicine, it is nothing less than a magic for your body. So, let us see the ingredients that are responsible for creating the magic of enhanced immunity, a stronger heart and many more other such benefits.

Ingredients and process of preparing makardhwaj gutika

Usually, ayurvedic medicines wither contain herbal components, or they are made up of some extremely beneficial metals. Makardhwaj gutika contain Poornachandrodaya Makardhwaj, jayaphal, maricha, bhimseni kapoor, lavang and lata kasturi. Apart from this, this ayurvedic medicine also contains suvarna bhasma in minor percentage. All these ingredients are mixed in the proportion and described in the ancient texts and while preparing also, it is kept in mind that no artificially synthesized chemical is introduced in the solution. It might take some good amount of time to prepare the medicine, but ayurveda never favors use of chemicals and drugs in any form. So, now that we have seen why you should choose ayurveda over any other treatment, let us explore the answer to the question- why makardhwaj gutika. Let us see all the problems which can be solved with this ayurvedic formula.

Uses and benefits

Makardhwaj gutika is good for your heart

Makardhwaj gutika is good for your heartHeart Disease (including Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Stroke) remains to be the No. 1 cause of death in the US, and the same is the case with other countries like India. Heart is the central organ that pumps blood throughout your body. And it does this 24*7 without resting even for a minute. Adding to this are the cholesterol rich unhealthy foods that are not at all good for your heart. Overall, it is the heart that does so much for us, and in return we simply make its work even more difficult with bad food, no workouts and stress. Resulting is the situation we are in today- in United States; this year someone had a stroke every 40 seconds. Yes, in less than a minute there was one new heart patient. What are those expensive drugs doing now?

If at all they are really effective, can’t they control these increasing numbers of heart patients and other diseased people? The answer is- they can only ease the symptoms of a particular disease and apart from a few drugs, none can do much about the root cause. On the other hand, ayurveda with medicines like makardhwaj gutika, always help us in keeping our heart healthy and fine. It fixes everything can causes some sort of direct or indirect burden to your heart and makes every possible effort things favorable for this vital organ so that it works without fail. So, for a healthy heart and a disease free life, makardhwaj gutika is the real and natural solution, not those expensive drugs you had been eating like food.

Defeat aging with makardhwaj gutika

Defeat aging with makardhwaj gutikaEveryone grows old. True, but some looks at least 10 years younger than their real age while other look like they have entered the 30’s club in their twenties only. Why is this so? It is just the difference of the skin by assessing which we conclude the age. And of course trying to hide the wrinkles under make up is not the permanent solution. In fact, these kind of make ups too have a role in aging of the skin. So, better stay away from all these artificial, temporary and harmful solutions and try to move towards ayurvedic tools to fight aging. With makardhwaj gutika and other such remedies, you can easily get younger looking skin by preventing and reversing the signs of aging. Not only this, ayurvedic makardhwaj gutika differs from all the available anti aging solution present on this planet because it not only makes you look younger, but you would feel younger from inside too. Makardhwaj gutika acts as an aphrodiasic and strengthen your immune system. We have discussed these in the coming sections, and for now, it is enough for you to understand that if you want to delay the effect of aging or reverse the process of skin aging, seek help from makardhwaj gutika.

Insomnia and general debility can also be dealt with makardhwaj gutika

insomniaAyurveda definitely is a storehouse of numerous health benefits with every single medicine offering so much to human beings. Makardhwaj gutika is a perfect example as it not only fights with aging of skin, but it also helps you in dealing with insomnia. Sleepless nights are common because of stress, weakness or some other reasons, but once your sleep cycle is disturbed, everything else is going to be affected very badly. This is why it is always told to have a proper sleep and despite you efforts if you are not getting sleepiness, try makardhwaj gutika. Makardhwaj gutika is definitely going to solve this major problem and you will have to spend no more nights waking up like an owl. Apart from this, you can strengthen your body by eliminating physical and mental weakness both. Makardhwaj gutika can strengthen your mind as well as body and it takes your overall health into consideration too.

Makardhwaj gutika helps in common problems like fever and dyspepsia

fever and dyspepsiaYes, makardhwaj gutika is extremely good for your heart, it also is extremely helpful for a stressed mind, and at the same time, this ayurvedic formula is also the best for your stomach problems. It can address those daily life problems that are quite common, not life threatening, but highly uncomfortable. For instance, indigestion is a very common issue, but ask those who have to deal with it frequently. it is not only uncomfortable for them to bear it, but treating it with allopathic medicines also brings in several side effects. So, it is better you take help from ayurvedic makardhwaj gutika as its ingredients are chosen in such a way that it acts in the betterment of an integral process of your body- digestion. Apart from treating digestion, it can also be used as a potential treatment for fever.

Makardhwaj gutika is an ayurvedic immunity enhancer

Makardhwaj gutika for immunity enhancerComing to the most amazing role of makardhwaj gutika in keeping you healthy and disease free, we will now see how this ayurvedic formula helps us in preventing several diseases. It is not magic, but also not less than a magical transformation. Actually, makardhwaj gutika works on improving the body’s own disease fighting capabilities. Once you immunity is high. You will need less medicines and your body will solve many minor as well as major problems without taking external help. This way you can lead a really healthy life with minimal role of any type of healing as your body will be capable of healing itself.

These were some of the health benefits of makardhwaj gutika and you too can use them if you are suffering from any of the above stated diseases. But the domain of action of makardhwaj gutika doesn’t end here and you can also it to improve your sexual life. It is an ayurvedic aphrodisiac which has benefits like treating sperm deficiency, dealing with male infertility and sexual problems like premature ejaculation and impotence. You can now solve all of these and many more weaknesses with makardhwaj gutika. So, while dealing with any specific disease, it is also used to strengthen your body, relax your mind and soul, rejuvenates your skin and deal with mental and sexual weaknesses.

How to use makardhwaj gutika

dosagesAlthough an ayurvedic doctor would tell you the exact dose of makardhwaj gutika you should take based on your present health condition and age, generally 1 to 2 tablets are strong enough to do the work. It is usually taken with milk and after meals. Some even mix a teaspoon of honey in the milk and take the makardhwaj gutika with that milk every day. This combination is safe and also most effective. In case you want to combine this with other ayurvedic medicines, consult a good ayurvedic doctor.

It should also be avoided in special cases like when you are expecting, or are feeding your baby. Keeping all these in mind help you in avoiding any complications and following the doctors’ advice will give you best results. In case of any doubt, you can also get consultation online. And in case you are not getting the desired medicine near your house, you can try out parmanand ayurveda. People did not really forget about ayurveda in recent past, but availability also was a big issue. Nowadays it is not that difficult, but if you are giving this excuse to choose allopath over ayurveda, we have a golden opportunity for you- parmanand ayurveda. This company is promoting ayurveda by providing free home delivery. Also, you will get all the medicines from different manufacturers under one roof. This will help you compare and buy what you find most suitable, and of course, for none they take delivery charges.

So, now I don’t think you have any reason to delay the incorporation of a healthy, effective and preventive science of healing. Using ayurveda is going to impact the way you will live your life and the way your body will let you live your life. And when both of these change simultaneously, you will see things changing rapidly in your body as well as your surroundings.

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