lilavilas ras

Stomach issues are not very uncommon in today’s time when people don’t have time to eat and out of those who take any particular meal, only a few care about the nutrition provided by the food. Rather, we chose food according to taste and don’t even mind the loads of preservatives filled in it, right? Well, this is putting excess of burden on our stomach where all the digestion happens. Irregular eating habits and eating food that isn’t easy to digest has been playing with our digestive system, but these days, the outcomes of our eating habits can be seen in the form of minor to major stomach problems. From gastritis to heartburn to gastroenteritis, every stomach today is ill. Adding to the problem is the antacids that temporary make you feel that everything is alright inside your body. One problem is the stomach issue and another one is automatically created on taking antacids on regular basis. What can be done? See, we understand that ignoring stomach issues is not possible and ignoring a health related issue is also not a wise decision. But you can choose a holistic way of curing stomach issues. You can use Ayurvedic lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis and other such problems.

Today, we will introduce you to an ayurvedic formulation which helps in many stomach related problems and it contain everything you need to have a sound digestion. And once with the use of lilavilas ras you attain a healthy digestion, your overall health will also improve. In fact, lilavilas ras works towards the betterment of your overall health too. So, it is worth knowing what makes lilavilas ras so much healthy and powerful, right? Let us have a look at the ingredients of lilavilas ras.


Shuddha Suta (purified and processed mercury), shuddha gandhaka (purified and processed sulphur), Tamra Bhasma (bhasma (calx) of Copper), and Abhraka Bhasma (bhasma (calx) of Mica) are some of the metallic components used in the preparation of lilavilas ras. Gone are those days when there was a debate on the safety of use of heavy metals in ayurvedic medicines. Today, we have sufficient proofs that after purification and detoxification, metals also are healthy and have no side effects. Apart from these, the ayurvedic formulation is also made up of some rare herbs. A few of the herbs included are Vamshalochana (bambusa bambos), Aksha (belliric Myrobalan), Dhatri (Amla or Emblica officinalis / Phyllanthus emblica), Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan (fruit rind)) Water – 8 parts, boiled and reduced to one fourth and juice extract of bhringaraja (eclipta alba) in a quantity sufficient for grinding. With all the natural and herbal ingredients, the ayurvedic medicine creates following magic.


Lilavilas ras is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of gastroenteritis, gastritis, heart burn and other such digestive issues. Approximately 179 million people of the United States suffer from the acute form of gastroenteritis every year, and the number is just an approximation. According to centers of diseases control and prevention, the deaths due to complications in gastroenteritis in 2007 were double in number than those in 1999, and hence we can say that the problem of gastroenteritis is expanding annually rather than decreasing. Yes, we are reaching heights in the medicinal cures and several researches are going on in almost every disease, still we are not able to control the stomach flu. This was only gastroenteritis and if we include all the other stomach issues, the stats are going to leave you in shock.


Sometimes you will have some problem in your stomach and the symptoms will be so mild that you won’t even notice it. It is said about gastroenteritis that everyone have this infection once in their lifetime, but it is not necessary that you get to know about the infection. Sometimes the intensity of symptoms allows people to ignore the diseases born in stomach and most of the other times the symptoms are misinterpreted by patients as some other temporary issue.

You can use lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis and all other problems and this ayurvedic medicine will help you get rid of upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, fever, headache, chills and body aches. Nothing is well when the stomach is not well. Minute problem in the stomach can lead to great disturbances in your work and health as well.  All the gastroenteritis patients can relate to this very well. You might have taken days of leave form office just because you had an upset stomach. It is almost impossible to work when your stomach is disturbed. You only wish to have something that can instantly settle things in your stomach and let you get back to work soon. Is something like this available?

Yes, there is an ayurvedic medicine to treat gastroenteritis which will sooth your upset stomach and also prevent the recurrent infection from growing up into the real trouble.  So, you can use lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis and some other digestive issues, but do you know how it has to be used? Yes, you have to consult an ayurvedic doctor and we will provide you information on how an ayurvedic company in Delhi is offering free online consultation, but have a look at the general way of using lilavilas ras.


You can take lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis in a dose of 250 mg once or twice a day. This ayurvedic medicine can be taken before or after food along with honey. Generally the ayurvedic doctors advise it for a period of one month. Yes, this too matters and in case of ayurveda diet also plays a crucial role. We will in a short while see what diet you should take, but before that, have a look at the precautions to be taken while using lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis.


Since lilavilas ras contain many heavy metals, you should take it strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. Over-dosage due to any reason may cause severe poisonous effect. Also, it is best avoided in pregnancy, lactation and in children. These were some precaution by following which, one can be sure that he will get desired results while being safe. Now, as it has been stated earlier as well, let us see how in ayurveda diet plays a crucial role.

Can you name a few healthy dishes you ate in the past 24 hours? Not tasty, but I am asking about the healthy ones. If you observe silently, the taste and spices in your food are replacing the health quotient of the foods. We rarely eat healthy food, and those we eat are cooked in such a manner that only the ingredients loose their health advantages when fried or cooked. You must feel good while eating the spicy deep fried food, but your stomach will definitely not love it. According to ancient ayurvedic texts, one should eat healthy diet which includes more and more of green leafy vegetables. You should inculcate healthy habits and only than you can have a health future. One such habit is to have a healthy and balanced diet that has more and more of fresh fruits and veggies. Whether it is your waistline or your health, the role of fruits and vegetables is irreplaceable. Have you heard about bland diet? If you are a regular sufferer of gastroenteritis, you might be familiar with it as many doctors prescribe this once they diagnose you with gastroenteritis. It is nothing but just the concept of eating simple and light food that is not a burden for your stomach.

You should choose what you have to eat and what not according to the condition of your stomach. A stomach that is either struggling to come out of gastroenteritis or just had come out of the problem needs food that is easy to digest. So, by using lilavilas ras in gastroenteritis, you should also take these simple steps to make your digestion better. For all these tips and for buying ayurvedic medicines at lowest price, you can call paramamand ayurveda.  It is an ayurvedic company in Delhi which provides free home delivery and huge discount on every ayurvedic product. This is not the only reason we are recommending this ayurvedic company in Delhi to you, but there are many more. Another one is the ease with which you can call and talk to an ayurvedic doctor anytime. Yes, and for this too, there are no charges applicable. This means you don’t have to search for an ayurvedic doctor and while sitting at home, with this ayurvedic company in Delhi, you are going to get everything from medicines to doctor’s consultation. In short, your health is the responsibility of this ayurvedic company once you have intent of using ayurveda and leading a healthy life. And because while using ayurveda diet also matters, you can get the right authentic and trustworthy information about this aspect too. So, go ahead and make a call to this ayurvedic company in Delhi and take first step towards a healthy future.