According to Ayurveda, every individual is a unique expression of cosmic consciousness. Every individual is indivisible, complete, total, and unique and hence you cannot simply treat just one part thinking it is not going to create any problem in the other part. Our body is made up of three principle elements- vata, pitta and kapha, and the surprising part is that the composition is decided by the structure of our genes even before the birth of the child. Imbalance in any of these can cause specific problems in human body and a good ayurvedic doctor can very well understand and sense which dosha is causing what problem in human body. Today, we will talk about smriti sagar ras, an ayurvedic medicine for mental disorders and while knowing this ayurvedic medicine, you will also get to know several benefits of living a life with ayurveda. Our ancestors lived much healthier and longer life with ayurveda and they were much stronger than the youth of this generation, weren’t they? Yes, allopathy has helped in tackling with a few diseases, but as far as dealing with neurological and mind related problems is concerned, one cannot expect much from allopathy. In fact, because of the heavy side effects of allopathic medicines, the world is looking forward to lead a healthy life with ayurveda and more and more people are choosing ayurveda over allopathy.

It would be unrealistic here to explain why and how ayurvedic medicines are effective in various chronic problems, but you can try to understand the basic composition of your body. The first element of human body is vata, the principle of movement; second one is pitta that is related to the energy of transformation; and the third one is kapha- the cementing material of the body. If by chance, any one out of the three is out of balance, some problem will be created. These levels hence form the basis of the holistic treatment in ayurveda. By addressing the root cause of the problem, ayurveda makes your body a healthier one and hence you end up living a healthy and long life with ayurveda. So, let us now see how smriti sagar ras in neurological problems is effective and what the source of its strength is.


The natural ingredients form the basis of every ayurvedic medicine and smriti sagar ras too is not an exception. But, it is from the class of those strong ayurvedic medicines which contain both- herbal as well as mineral ingredients. Lately, there was much chaos on the use of minerals as active ingredients in the ayurvedic medicines, but today with so much of research support, it is quite clear that after sufficient preprocessing done as per ayurvedic texts, there is no toxicity seen in any ayurvedic medicine containing heavy metals or minerals.

So, you should be happy that you get the effectiveness of all these strong metals without getting unwanted side effects. in case of smriti sagar ras, shuddha parada (Purified and processed Mercury), Shuddha Gandhaka (Purified and processed Sulphur), Shuddha Haratala (Purified Orpiment (Arsenis tri sulphide)), Manashila (Purified Realgar – Arsenic Di Sulphide) and Tamra Bhasma (Bhasma (calx) of Copper) are included as active ingredients. So many of the heavy metals, right? Yes, but in addition to these heavy metals taken as ingredient after preprocessing, a few herbs are also included in the preparation of smriti sagar ras. Vacha (Sweet flag or Acorus calamus), Brahmi (Thyme Leaved Gratiola) and Katabhi (Celastrus paniculata) are those herbal ingredients. After mixing all of these according to an ayurvedic procedure, we get smriti sagar ras. Let us now see how and when we should use smriti sagra ras in neurological problems.


Smriti sagar ras in neurological problems is extensively used and people trust ayurveda for all types of mental illness, but have you ever though why? How is ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine smriti sagar ras in neurological problems effective? Yes, it is true that what cannot be done from an advanced science of healing can be easily accomplished with the ancient science like ayurveda because ayurveda has been able to understand the base of memory and mind related problems. According to ayurveda, mental illness and neurological problems are due to imbalance of vata, pitta, kapha. The story revolves around the three qualities: sattva, rajasic and tamas. Sattvic is clarity, love and compassion. Rajas is movement, temptation and agitation, and tamas is darkness, inertia and confusion. So when the three doshas, vata, pitta and kpaha are out of balance they interfere with the three mental qualities of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. And then starts the problem with your mind which in turn disturbs your entire body. By understanding the cause, one can easily find the solution. And hence instead of making your brain work slow or make you fall asleep, ayurveda can simply bring the dosha levels back into balance.
Smriti sagar ras in neurological problems is mostly recommended in case of memory loss and in the treatment of epilepsy.
Smriti sagar ras in epilepsy: everywhere you might be tired of reading that there is no cure for epilepsy, but a life with ayurveda as promised is completely free from diseases and epilepsy surely is on the list of diseases that can be cured with ayurveda. People use smriti sagar ras in neurological problems like epilepsy and other such disorders because of very high effectiveness of this medicine. One must consult an ayurvedic doctor regarding the use of smriti sagar in neurological problems because unlike minor issues, neurological problems often are chronic. Hence, to get complete guidance, you must talk to an ayurvedic doctor. In case you are not able to recall a good ayurvedic doctor in your locality, in a short while we will tell you about an excellent place from where you can buy all ayurvedic products online and can also consult an ayurvedic doctor online for free.

Smriti sagar ras for memory loss: Memory changes cause concern to many patients as they grow older. With age comes the increasing likelihood of developing memory loss. According to statistics, about 40% of people aged 65 or older have age associated memory impairment – in the United States, about 16 million people. The mildest form, age associated memory impairment, is characterized by self perception of memory loss and a standardized memory test score showing a decline in objective memory performance compared with younger adults. Memory loss can lead to Alzheimer if action is not taken on time. So, it is better you use smriti sagar ras for memory loss at early stage because the earlier you act, the easier it is for the medicine to show results.

According to research, people with excess body fat have a greater risk for such illnesses as diabetes and hypertension. These obesity related conditions increase the risk for cerebrovascular disease, which often leads to memory decline and dementia. So, in order to avoid various mental problems, apart from using smriti sagar ras in neurological problems, one should also have a fresh look at the kind of lifestyle they are living and how they should be living a life with ayurveda and according to ayurveda. In the coming sections, we will tell you how smriti sagar ras in neurological problems can be used and from where you can get all ayurvedic products online at lowest price.


250 – 500 mg of smriti sagar ras in neurological problems is the most commonly recommended dose. But, in your case, the dose and adjuvants given with smriti sagar ras may vary as these things are dependent on body type, intensity of the problem and the present health status. But, the above stated dose taken in the morning and evening, with ghee is both safe as well as effective in most of the cases.


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