The name of this ayurvedic medicine might sound unusual, but only until you know what we call urticaria in Sanskrit language. Urticaria is also known by the name Sheetpitta or pitti. Now you can easily figure out the essence of this ayurvedic medicine, but this surely isn’t all you should know that shitpitta bhanjan ras is used in the treatment of urticaria. There are many other aspects of shitpitta bhanjan ras and just like all other ayurvedic medicines; this too is used in a variety of health problems because of the presence of a wide variety of natural ingredients. So, just saying that shitpitta bhanjan ras can be used in urticaria won’t do justice to the immense power of this ayurvedic medicine. If you are suffering from hives or urticaria, your body really deserves nothing but shitpitta bhanjan ras, in the same way, shitpitta bhanjan ras too deserves to be known in detail. By unwrapping many of the uses hidden behind, we can give mankind an unbelievable gift. So, today, we will see how one can get benefitted by using shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria, and at the same time, we will try to reveal some other facts about the powerful ayurvedic medicine.

Staring from the extremely helpful and healthy natural ingredients, we will see all the benefits of using shitpitta bhanjan ras. Yes, you might have heard that shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria is extremely effective, but its uses are not limited to hives or urticaria. It can also be used in stomach problems as well as liver diseases. You might not believe it at first because shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria is a famous ayurvedic medicine, but those who have used any ayurvedic medicine might have an idea of the holistic healing offered by ayurvedic medicines. Because of the wide variety of ingredients used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines, on can expect a wide range of benefits too, and to figure out what ayurvedic medicine would give you perfect results, one need to seek help from a good ayurvedic doctor. Unfortunately, finding the right ayurvedic doctor is not as easy as buying ayurvedic medicines. So, in the end we will tell you how you can consult the best ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi while sitting at home.


Shudhha parad, shudha gandhak, Kasis bhasma, and Tamra bhasma are taken in equal quantities for the preparation of shitpitta bhanjan ras. Yes, these are made up of heavy metals and a lot of preprocessing needs to be done before including them as ingredients in shitpitta bhanjan ras as well as all other ayurvedic medicines. All these ingredients are processed in Bhringraj juice or decoction to get the end product. The process of manufacturing shitpitta bhanjan ras appears to be simple, but the safety and effectiveness both depend on the raw products used and the raw products here are the bhasma and purified metals. Hence the entire working mechanism will depend on how well the raw material has been purified. If the purification is done strictly according to ayurvedic procedure, there is no chance of any side effects, but if the purification is done in a hurry or according to a process that differs from what described in ancient ayurvedic texts, then there are chances of some unwanted effects occurring on the intake of that particular ayurvedic medicine. Hence, you also have to be sure about the process of manufacturing the brand or company adopts. Don’t worry, as the ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi will tell you which ayurvedic medicine you should use, he will also guide you about the manufacturing procedure from different brands of ayurvedic medicines. So, you only have to focus on using the ayurvedic medicines right, and rest will be taken care of by the ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi at paramanand ayurveda. So, let us finally get an overview of all the benefits of using shitpitta bhanjan ras.


Shitpitta bhanjan ras for Urticaria: The doctor may call the red patches on the skin as urticaria, but you would always relate to hives as something that cause a great deal of discomfort. Urticaria (Hives) is a type of skin rash that occurs on any part of our body due to allergic reaction. The exact allergen is almost impossible to identify but in general food, medicines or season change are the common culprits. Apart from itching, you will also feel burning and stinging sensation on the skin affected by hives. Itching is worst of all the symptoms. You have no control on your hand, and if you touch the red spots, the chances are that you end up landing yourself in more trouble. Urticaria is one of those diseases for which we know many causes, but still don’t know all of the factors that cause hives. So many researchers all around the world have identified many causative factors, but it happens in certain cases that a person suffers from hives for a very long duration but no test can find out the reason behind the allergy.
These were the possible causes and if you are suffering from hives, the reason can be one of the above- stated causes, but where is the cure? The cure is in ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines can give urticaria a tough fight. If you see itching on the red spots that appear all of a sudden, simply call the ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi working with paramanand ayurveda and they will give you a solution after inspecting your problem thoroughly. Ayurvedic medicines like shitpitta bhanjan ras works absolutely like magic for urticaria.

The areas of the skin affected by urticaria or hives will also swell at times and shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria can help you get rid of this swelling too. Blanching is the characteristic symptom of hives. If you press the red skin, all of a sudden it will turn white. Elevating the fingers or hand will give the same red color once again. All of these are pretty common symptoms and by using shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria, you can easily get rid of all of them.
Shitpitta bhanjan ras for stomach issues: shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria is quite famous and those who are close to ayurveda know it by now, but only a good ayurvedic doctor will sense that the blend of so many ayurvedic bhasma and herbal ingredients can be used for stomach problems too. The use of shitpitta bhanjan ras has been cited in many ancient ayurvedic texts and hence you can use it without any doubt. Some digestive diseases like gastritis and other indigestions relating to imbalance in pitta levels can be very well addressed with shitpitta bhanjan ras.
Apart from using shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria and stomach problems, one can also trust this ayurvedic medicine in problems relating to spleen and liver. It is also recommended to patients of Jaundice in some cases. So, from skin to stomach to liver, shitpitta bhanjan ras has a wide variety of uses for a human being. Now, we will tell you the most common way to use shitpitta bhanjan ras for urticaria and all other problems.


125-250 mg of shitpitta bhanjan ras is usually prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor. This dose can be taken in morning and evening with ghee and mishri or honey, depending on your health issue. Shitpitta bhanjan ras may also be accompanied by some other ayurvedic medicine to ensure holistic and faster relief. This can be ensured by talking to a good ayurvedic doctor. The ayurvedic doctor’s consultation is compulsory if you want to get desired results. Not only regarding the dose and the adjuvants, a good ayurvedic doctor will also guide you about the precautions one should take while using shitpitta bhanjan ras and all other ayurvedic medicines.


As you can see in the list of ingredients of shitpitta bhanjan ras, it contains some strong metals and hence you have to follow all the precautions suggested by the ayurvedic doctor. From doses, to choosing the brand that prepares the ayurvedic medicines strictly according to ayurvedic procedures, you have to take care of every minute step. Or, you can simply choose paramanand ayurveda to order ayurvedic medicines and they will do it all for you. For consulting the best ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi, call paramanand ayurveda and with them, you will not only get free online consultation, but will also get heavy discount on every ayurvedic medicine you buy.
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