If you think smoking increases the risk of respiratory disorders, you are absolutely right. But today, the alarming levels of pollution in the environment has made breathing equivalent to smoking. Yes, according to some reports, breathing in Delhi’s polluted air was once equivalent to smoking approximately 40 cigarettes. Yes, it might not be easy to digest, but according the condition of pollution in the air lately this year, many news channels and reporting magazines have claimed this. So, forget about active and passive smoking, breathing itself can harm you today. Well, we cannot actually leave to breathe, but you must be feeling sorry for your respiratory tract which bears all the pressure. Yes, our lungs definitely are at risk and our health cannot wait for the anti pollution measures taken by the government to come into action. What else is the solution? Whenever everything else fails, the magic of ayurveda saves lives by gifting us with a healthy body. With exponential rise in the cases of respiratory problems, the need of a holistic solution that cures without side effects has also increased. Hence, today we will try to introduce you to shilajitwadi lauh- an ultimate solution to all types of respiratory problems.

From normal infection leading to cough and cold, to acute bronchitis that doesn’t let you breathe, we have one answer in ayurveda- shilajitwadi lauh. This ayurvedic medicine contains natural ingredients that are perfect answer to all kinds of respiratory disorders. Shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems is the most commonly recommended ayurvedic medicine, but what is inside it? What makes it highly effective and why ayurvedic doctor recommend shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems? Today, we will see everything about the ayurvedic medicines needed by most of us today. To cure the present infection and to keep your respiratory system safe in future too, you need nothing but shilajitwadi lauh. But it is better you know everything about the tool you are going to use for fighting with the most rapidly rising diseases of the time. So, let us start by knowing the ingredients of shilajitwadi lauh and gradually, we will move on to know all the benefits of this ayurvedic medicine.


Shilajatu (Asphaltum) is the primary ingredient of shilajitwadi lauh. As it can also be guessed by the name of the ayurvedic medicine, shilajitwadi lauh is named after shilajatu and iron (lauh). So, it can be understood that the ayurvedic medicine inherits the medicinal and healing properties from these two. But since it is a strong ayurvedic medicine, it is not possible to get a holistic action from just two ingredients. So, to make it even stronger and effective, Madhu (Honey), Shunti (Ginger Rhizome), Maricha (Black pepper) and Pippali (Long pepper fruit – Piper longum) are also added. Apart from these herbal ingredients, Tapya (Makshika Bhasma or Bhasma of Copper-Iron Pyrite) and Loha Bhasma (Bhasma prepared from Iron) are also taken as ingredients of shilajitwadi lauh. These, after being combined in some proportions defined by ayurvedic texts, give you the end product in the form of shilajitwadi lauh.


As we have discussed earlier as well, the condition of environment is deteriorating in terms of pollution and this is severely affecting the respiratory system of humans. In metro cities like Delhi, the quality of air is hazardous and everyone is worried about it. But, instead of getting worried, you can simply choose ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines. Medicines like shilajitwadi lauh are the perfect answer to all the infections affecting your respiratory system. It has been used in the Ayurvedic treatment of chronic respiratory diseases like tuberculosis, bronchitis, cough and cold for a long time now.
You can use it for normal infections leading to irritating cough and cold, and the same medicine can also be sued to deal with life threatening tuberculosis as well as bronchitis. The patient suffering from bronchitis may find it difficult to breathe; he or she might have pain in chest while trying to breathe hard due to nasal and respiratory tract congestion. Most of the times, fever and body ache also accompany all the symptoms of bronchitis. Many people have this infection for lifetime and most of them are chain smokers. Yes, there are some unlucky people who suffer from bronchitis every now and then. But today, we cannot categorize the patients of bronchitis as smokers and non smokers because we all are breathing in poisonous sir 24 * 7, right? The good news is that you can now get rid of all the symptoms of bronchitis, and at the end of the treatment end up having a healthier respiratory tract.
By using shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems, you can have perfectly healthy lungs and a balanced respiratory system. Although there are many factors contributing to bronchitis and other such respiratory tract problems like environmental pollution, the real culprit is within you. If you smoke quite often, tobacco might be causing not only bronchitis but a lot more health problems for your respiratory system and mainly lungs. Quit smoking immediately and take doctors help if you need any assistance on how you can do it without fail. In fact, there are many ayurvedic medicine you can use to quit smoking and these can also help in reducing the impact of air pollution on your body. So, we can say that shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems is the key to a healthy life ahead. So, let us see how we can sue shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems.


The ayurvedic doctors usually advice a patient with average health to have 125 to 250 mg of shilajitwadi lauh in the morning and evening. This, just like many other ayurvedic medicines can be taken before or after food. In addition to this, the ayurvedic doctor might ask you to take some other ayurvedic medicines, depending on the severity of your respiratory disorder and the destruction done so far by the disease. For all these minute details, you have to consult an ayurvedic doctor. Don’t worry, in a short while, we will tell you about an ayurvedic company which will be the one stop solution to not only buy ayurvedic medicines online, but also to consult an ayurvedic doctor for free. Have a look at some of the precautions one should follow while using shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems and other such disorders.


• You should start using shilajitwadi lauh and any other ayurvedic medicines only after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, it is easy to buy ayurvedic medicines online these days and companies like paramanand ayurveda are also providing free home delivery, but it is always better you consult an ayurvedic doctor.
• You might have gathered all the information about the ayurvedic medicine shilajitwadi lauh, but the exact dose of this ayurvedic medicine to be taken by you will depend on various factors. So, you must follow the doctor’s advice on doses.
• Since shilajitwadi lauh contain lauh and makshik bhasma, you should buy the medicine only from the manufacturers who use perfectly purified raw materials. This creates a huge difference in effectiveness as well as the safety profile of shilajitwadi lauh and all other ayurvedic medicines too.
• Try to take shilajitwadi lauh in prescribed doses and only for a limited period of time since it contain heavy metals.

Allopathic medicines come tightly packed with a lot of side effects and also they are not a permanent solution to respiratory problems or any other disorder troubling you. All the allopathic drugs are prepared with the intention to play with the symptoms. And in case you just want to suppress the symptoms of respiratory problems you are suffering from, you can continue using the heavy drugs. But in case you choose ayurvedic shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems, you should expect some healthy changes coming your way. Relying on ayurvedic medicine like shilajitwadi lauh for respiratory problems will not only keep you safe, but they are effective as well provided you know what to use, when to use and how to use. So, if you are in trouble because of some respiratory problem, just make a call to paramanand ayurveda. It is the only place where you can not only buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price, but also get guidance from the best ayurvedic doctors over phone. So, just one phone call can bring in several changes in your life and health. So, go ahead and buy ayurvedic medicines online from paramanand ayurveda to keep your respiratory tract healthy in this polluted air.
Apart from using shilajitwadi lauh in respiratory problems, you can also bring in some changes in your lifestyle to stay healthy. Although in the highly polluted environment, it is not possible to stay disease free without the help of a healer like ayurveda, you can reduce the chances by adopting minor changes. Some simple actions of improving your diet contribute to the improvement of the condition of your respiratory tract. You can try adding fruits to your diet. Strawberry, papaya and oranges are not tasty alone, but also have nutritional properties that prevent cough, cold and even asthma attacks. It is therefore advised to take one of these fruits daily and while taking a nutritious diet, you can take help from ayurvedic medicines like shilajitwadi lauh.

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