Shila Sindoor
Shila sindoor is an ayurvedic medicine which can be used in a variety of skin problems, infections and dealing with problems related to high cholesterol and obesity. You must be wondering how only one medicine can cure so many different types of problems, right? And if you are new to ayurveda, there must be many more doubts about the use of shila sindoor and other such ayurvedic medicines. Those who have used ayurveda would not find it difficult to trust this wonderful natural science of healing, but there are many out there who haven’t yet taken any ayurvedic medicine. Even in India, where ayurveda originated thousands of years ago, there were people who blindly trusted allopathic medicines and were taking drugs for every small and big problem. But today, the situation is no more the same. With so many revelations about the unwanted side effects of the drugs we usually take, not only in India but in every corner of the world there is repulsion from these allopathic medicines. As a result, more and more people are moving towards the holistic healer without any side effects.

Today, you can easily see not one or two ayurvedic company in Delhi selling ayurvedic medicines online and offline, but there are many. This is because of the rise in demand of the ayurvedic medicines. Today, we will tell you in detail about shila sindoor. Using this ayurvedic medicine is extremely beneficial in many health complications, but there are many factors that influence the effectiveness of this and all other ayurvedic medicines. You should not only be aware of all of them, if you are planning to use shila sindoor, you should also be precautious about a few things. In addition to the precautions and safety measures, we will also talk about an ayurvedic company in Delhi from where you can buy ayurvedic medicines online and get all the medicines you want delivered at your doorstep. This is not the only ayurvedic company in Delhi, but if you want to buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price, this surely is the only destination for you. We will talk about the offers and discounts provided by this ayurvedic company in Delhi after discussing about shila sindoor, its ingredients and benefits.


Shodhit Parad and Shodhit Gandhak are two major ingredients of shila sindoor. Shodhit Manshila is also added in amount exactly half of shodhit parad and shodhit gandhak. These three are processed in Aloe vera juice.

GandhakGandhak (Sulphur) is most important drug in Rasashastra, used largely to prepare kajjali, many bhasma, Kupipakwa, Pottalli, Parpati kapla which are most selling drugs and effective within smallest dose of 125-250 mg.  It is also used in major amount to prepare shila sindoor and hence shila sindoor inherits many of the medicinal properties of the mineral. According to ayurvedic research conducted on different products containing mineral ingredients, Ashodhit gandhak contains impurities and causes disorders in body, gandhak should be used in shuddha form. And since shila sindoor contain all the minerals in shodhit form, we can say that this herbo- mineral formulation is safe for use.

A research article talking about herbo- mineral formulations used in ayurveda states that most of the herbo mineral medicines in ayurveda must be taken in small quantity, they are of Nano particular size which is believed to be the cause of their effectiveness in several nervous disorders, and they are also usually tasteless and fast in action. With this revelation, all such studies have also stated that using shodhit parad and shodhit gandhak is completely safe for human health and if you purify these minerals as per the guidelines of ayurvedic texts, they are going to benefit your health tremendously. Apart from all these minerals, shihla sindoor also contain the medicinal properties gifted from aloe vera.

Aloe VeraAloe vera is used for the processing of all these minerals and hence the healing abilities of aloe vera are also inherited by shila sindoor. The use of aloe vera is being promoted for a large variety of conditions and its results are encouraging everyone to use this natural herb even more. Aloe vera has been used for medicinal purposes in several cultures for millennia now and countries like Greece, Egypt, India, Mexico, Japan, and China are extensively using this natural healer. Ayurveda too is using aloe vera in many medicinal preparations. In fact, the goodness of ayurveda is well utilized by ayurvedic medicines like shila sindoor. We can surely expect some magic out of the mixture of all these herbal and mineral ingredients, but exactly what are the benefits of using shila sindoor? We know the benefits of individual ingredient of shila sindoor, but what is the output of mixing all the ingredients? You will get all these answers in the next section.


Shila sindoor for skin

shila sindoor for SkinShila sindoor is used for many skin diseases and it is one of the strongest cures for complicated skin problems to small cuts and burns. It is often recommended by many ayurvedic doctors to patients suffering from leprosy. Leprosy is also known and kustha in ayurveda. Leprosy is a long term infection caused by mycobacterium leprae. Although people believes leprosy to be a highly contagious diseases, it is not so. But yes, this definitely is a weird skin infection that can be only be dealt with ayurveda. The unwanted growths on skin can be controlled with the use of shila sindoor. The ayurvedic doctor also might prescribe you with some other medicines, but shila sindoor in leprosy is a great help.

Apart from using shila sindoor in leprosy, this ayurvedic medicine can also be used in other skin infections. In fact, it is great to calm down skin itching and abscess. Minor cuts and burns can also heal faster with the use of shila sindoor. Vitiligo, sunburn and insect bites can also be resolved with this ayurvedic medicine.

Shila sindoor in infections

shila sindoor for infectionsApart from using shila sindoor in leprosy and vitiligo, people also use shila sindoor to deal with relatively minor problems. You can treat common issues like fever with shila sindoor. In case of malarial fever also, shila sindoor is often prescribed. If you have fever due to any infection, you too can use shila sindoor as it can help your body deal with any type of infection. Some other infectiosn like cough and respiratory illness can also be cured by using shila sindoor for some time. A few ayurvedic doctors also prescribe ayurvedic shila sindoor in sexually transmitted infection Gonorrhoea.

These were two major categories of diseases which can be dealt with shila sindoor, but these are not all. It can also be used as a healer in Hypercholesterolemia- a condition in which high levels of cholesterol are present in blood. One of the very common uses of shila sindoor is in dealing with decreased urine output. Some also use it to fight with the most common problem of the time- obesity. If you also are struggling with any of the problems, it is better you seek help of an ayurvedic doctor and he will give you the exact prescription according to the need of your body.


As per ayurvedic texts, and also some recent research conclusions, you have to take shila sindoor in relatively lower amount and for a shorter duration of time. The dosage, as given in Ayurvedic text is 1 Ratti to 2 Ratti. It is also given in research experiments that if you take 125 mg to 250 mg shila sindoor, it won’t create any problem. Based on the intensity of your problem, your doctor can ask you take this amount once in a day or twice.  Honey is the right Anupan (fluid vehicle or drink with medicine) for Shila Sindoor.


Shila sindoor is one of the strongest ayurvedic medicines with minerals as major components, so, you have to be careful while using shila sindoor. The following precautions should be taken if you think you using shila sindoor in leprosy or in any other problem.

  • First of all, if you think of using shila sindoor ras or any other ayurvedic medicine, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor first. There are many aspects associated with any ayurvedic medicine, hence you must take doctor’s advice before taking any ayurvedic medicine.
  • Secondly, you should be precise about the dose of shila sindoor you are taking. As it has been cited earlier also, many researches indicate that ayurvedic medicines containing minerals in purified form should be taken in low doses because of strong and fast effect. So, you should be careful about how much shila sindoor you have to take.
  • Shila sindoor is safe in all the cases, but if you are pregnant or are a breastfeeding mother, try to avoid the intake of this medicine.

consult with doctorWe are almost done with all the information you probably would need if you are thinking of using shila sindoor. But, shila sindoor is not the only ayurvedic medicine which is highly effective in skin issues and based on the severity of your condition, the ayurvedic doctor might give a combination of ayurvedic medicines. And the best part is that you don’t have to get out of your house as you can not only buy ayurvedic medicines online, but consulting a good ayurvedic doctor also is that easy. With paramanand ayurveda – an ayurvedic company in Delhi, you can get consultation from ayurvedic doctor for free. Yes, you won’t have to pay anything and get all your queries about your health and ayurvedic medicines resolved by just making a call to this ayurvedic company in Delhi.

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