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Ayurevda is known as the science of life and it treats a person as a whole rather than just tackling with just one organ while treating any disease. Is this all you know about ayurveda? Since ayurveda has its roots in India only, it is believed that ayurveda is mostly used in India, but the reality is that the western world is interested in it more than its own country. Yes, there are many people who are living a healthy life because they are choosing a life with ayurveda over life with allopathy and diseases, but there are many more who know nothing more than simple definition of ayurveda. This is the era of ayurveda and all those who no more trust allopathic medicines and are fed up of the temporary and permanent side effects of these drugs love the holistic healing offered by ayurveda. This is the condition in many western countries. Although it is not easy for them to get consultation from an ayurvedic doctor and also to get ayurvedic medicines they are prescribed. But since they value their health, they are seeking methods to reach ayurveda.

On the other hand, in India where you can easily live a healthy life with ayurveda, even today millions of people use allopathic drugs. More than sufficient research has been published proving the side effects of these drugs, and if you too still rely on these drugs, God save your health, future and life. But if you are here because you want to use ayurvedic pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems or any other problems, it is great because in one way or the other, you are allowing ayurveda to enter your life. And giving just one chance to this magnificent healing science is more than enough because the effectiveness will make you an addict of life with ayurveda. Don’t worry, this addiction is not going to harm you in any way, but a life with ayurveda will help you realize that life is not just about living anyhow, but it is about living a healthy, happy and long life.

ayurvedaToday, we will talk in detail about just one ayurvedic tool to deal with more than a dozen of sexual problems. Some of these problems can be treated using allopathic drugs and you can go for them if you are alright with the undesirable side effects. On the other hand, some of the sexual problems do not have a permanent and effective solution in allopathy, so for all these, you are left with ayurveda only. If due to any reason you have chosen ayurveda, one thing is sure that it is not going to disappoint you. Ayurveda is the ultimate healer which is highly effective in almost all health problems that can bother human beings, but at the same time this science is free from any side effects.  So, if you are really interested in living a disease free life with ayurveda and a better sexual life with ayurvedic pushpadhanva ras, we will today introduce you to every aspect of the ayurvedic medicine.

Starting from the ingredients which are the real source of power of pushpadhanva ras, we will move on to the long list of benefits one receives if he uses pushpadhanva ras. In addition to this basic information, how pushpadhanva ras is generally used and how you should use it is also described in brief. Also, if you are firm about living a new life with ayurveda, you will need some assistance and a trustworthy platform to buy ayurvedic medicines from. So, in the end we will give you an easy way to buy ayurvedic medicines at lowest price and also many other offers with which you can get consultation from a good ayurvedic doctor for free.


AROGYAVARDHINI VATI mercuryThe powder of Shuddha Parada (Herbal purified Mercury), Bhujagaloha (Naga Bhasma), Abhraka Bhasma (Purified and processed Mica) and Vanga Bhasma (Tin Calx) are a few strong ingredients that are taken after appropriate ayurvedic processing to make pushpadhanva ras. Apart from this dried powder, some liquids are also used while preparing this ayurvedic medicine. Juice extract of Dhattura, Decoction of Vijaya (Bhanga or Cannabis sativa), Decoction of Yashtimadhu (Licorice), juice extract of Shalmali (Bombax malabaricum) and juice extract of Nagavalli (Betel leaves) are taken in a quantity sufficient for grinding.

The powder of the above stated infredients is ground with the liquid extract of the later group and finally we get pushpadhanva ras. The end product which we have named as pushpadhanva is extremely powerful and strong enough to cure a lot of health problems. And since it contains only natural and herbal ingredients, you can be sure of its side effect free nature. In fact, the entire process of manufacturing the pushpadhanva ras is kept strictly natural with no intervention of chemicals. Let us see all the uses and benefits of pushpadhanva ras now.


Pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems

Pushpadhanva ras for sexual problemsYou need to be in a good mental and physical state in order to perform well. This is specifically true to live a healthy and happy sexual life. These days with the contribution from some environmental factors and increasing stress on your brain, you might suffer from some of the very common sexual problems. Even if you do not suffer from a particular disease, low stamina might be disturbing your sexual life. You can easily build up your stamina and also resolve the very common issues related to sex with pushpadhanva ras.

Because of the ingredients present in this ayurvedic medicine, pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems is one of the best solutions available in ayurveda. Whether it is premature ejaculation or sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction, everything can be easily dealt with the right of pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems.

Pushpadhanva ras as an anti ageing agent

anti ageingThis ayurvedic medicine can really reverse ageing by making you feel younger and healthier. With age, a couple of problems hit you. For skin we use cosmetic products and these products only help us in looking young. But this not reversing the aging process as one should also feel young. From bones to skin to reproductive organs, pushpadhanva ras is great at taking care of your body parts. It also supplies to your body all the depleting nutrients and hence we can say that it is a good anti ageing medicine. If you also want to fight all the problems created by your growing age, you can use pushpadhanva ras after consulting your ayurvedic doctor.

Some other general benefits of pushpadhanva ras

Not only sexual problems are extremely common, but some other general health problems like sleeplessness, dizziness and poor memory are also not so uncommon. Every other person you see will be tired due to some reason or the other. Apart from these, anemia and general debility because of all these are also seen.  If we look at the data of the most common disease found in women, Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome is on the top. These are a couple of problems that cannot be avoided to today’s stressed environment. But the best part is that ayurveda has the solution to all of them. Pushpadhanva ras is not only ayurvedic solution to these commonly occurring problems, but there are many other ayurvedic medicines that can be used to make your life better.


doses of rheumartho gold plusPushpadhanva ras is a strong ayurvedic medicine which is used by many for different problems. depending on your problem, age and other medical conditions, the ayurvedic doctor will decide the dose. The usually prescribed dose of pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems given to a healthy individual is 125 mg. 125 mg of pushpadhanva ras can be taken once or twice every day before or after food. It is generally prescribed along with ghee, honey, sugar or milk. But all this depends on various factors and hence it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems or for dealing with any other health issue.


Pushpadhanva ras and many other ayurvedic medicines containing strong bhasma and heavy metals are believed to be extremely effective in action. But with this level of effectiveness, a responsibility of using it right automatically comes to the user. With a mild ayurvedic medicine with a few herbal ingredients, even if you take a dose higher than that recommended, it won’t harm you much. But with pushpadhanva ras, even a slight overdose sometimes can land you in trouble. So, the only precaution you have to take is to be precise about the doses of pushpadhanva ras. You might be planning to use pushpadhanava ras for sexual problems or for any other health complication. In all the cases it is better you consult a doctor to decide the exact dose of this ayurvedic medicine.

consult with doctorAccording to University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing, more than 90 percent of Indians use some form of Ayurvedic medicine, and the tradition has gained popularity in the Western world, though it’s still considered an alternative medical treatment. But in India this is once again coming back as a primary method of healing because of the amazing response the people suing it are giving. And looking at the speed at which ayurveda is travelling to every house in India, we can say that its future in the western countries is also bright. It is obvious because everybody wants to lead a healthy life with no disease and complications. And it is possible only if you determined to live a life with ayurveda.

Now we have a science that can save our life from the ill effects of the allopathic medicines. But the question is how to use it? You now know how to use pushpadhanva ras for sexual problems and other diseases, but this is not all as we are talking about a much bigger perspective. We are talking about live a healthier life with ayurveda and for this you need just one platform- paramanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company in Delhi which provides you all ayurvedic medicines at lowest prices. With huge discounts and free home delivery for every single product, paramanand ayurveda also assist you with free online consultation from an ayurvedic doctor. so, this is the channel which will help you in every possible way to incorporate ayurveda into your life. With the offers provided by paramanand ayurveda, you are going to save your health as well as money. So, go ahead and try ordering pushpadhanva ras from this ayurvedic company after consulting their doctor online for free. And you will get pushpadhanva ras and any other ayurvedic medicine at home without paying anything for the consultation or delivery.


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