The duration of a few weeks right after delivery of your baby (what we commonly call the postpartum period) is very crucial not only because you have to take care of your baby, but because your body too is going to experience a lot of changes. You can expect that your body will change as it returns to its non-pregnant condition and most of the women need some time after delivery to return to their normal activities. In fact, it should be the case that you should give at least 6 weeks to your baby and also to your body.  It is important to focus on your healing and taking care of your baby, particularly in this duration. In this duration, there can be some minor problems or major complications. Many minor postpartum problems can be managed at home and you just get out of the situation automatically, but the case of some chronic problems is different. Every year, at the global level, some eight million women suffer pregnancy- related complications and over half a million die, 99% of them in the developing countries. In countries like India, allopathic medicines are still not much trusted, especially during this crucial period, the people of India believe that the mother should take least medicine.


Yes, this is true that one should take least allopathic medicines and not only India, but this is being talked about in the entire world. But, leaving diseases and problems untreated is not the solution. Instead, we can simply trust ayurveda for health. Ayurveda was once practiced widely in India, Sri Lanka, and other Asian countries, but today it is the most sought after medicinal science in the entire world. This was considered as a traditional approach to heal humans till the last decade, but in the present scenario is backed up by a sound philosophical and experiential basis. This traditional knowledge is serving as powerful search engine that is greatly facilitating drug discovery. And adding to the traditional knowledge, new guidelines for standardization, manufacture, and quality control, and scientifically rigorous research has made ayurveda for health the most safe and sound choice, isn’t it? If you also are expecting or have already become a proud mother, you too can gain tremendous benefits by using ayurveda for health. Yes, ayurvedic medicines like saubhagya sunthi pak can make your life easier. You can use saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery, but for that you must know everything about the medicine. At this stage, everything you take in should be taken only after you know exactly what it is. So, let us see all the ingredients of saubhagya sunthi pak.


Saubhagya Sunthi Paka is an ayurvedic formulation with Shunthi (Zingiber officinalis) serving as one of its key ingredients. Shunthi is used in folk medicine for relief from many ailments, especially nausea, motion sickness, and sunthi in Saubhagya Sunthi Paka other gastrointestinal disorders. It has been claimed by several researchers that this natural product alleviates anxiety, stress and is a natural pain reliever known to contain about 17 crude drugs. Apart from this, saubhagya sunthi pak also contain 16 herbal ingredients including Goghrita (cow's ghee), Khoya (concentrated milk), Sita (jaggery) (Saccharum officinarum), Mishriya (Foeniculum vulgare), Mustaka (Cyperus rotundus), Javitri (Myristica fragrans), Krishna-jeeraka (Bunium persicum), Sweta-jeeraka (Cuminum cyminum), Nagkeshar (Mesua ferra), Marica (Piper nigrum), Dhanyaka (Coriandrum sativum Linn.), Pippali (Piper longum), Indrjaua (Holarrhena antidysenterica), Vidang (Embelia ribes), Tejpatra (Cinnamomum tamala) and Ela (Elattaria cardamom). You might have used the last two ingredients in kitchen as they are very commonly used spices.

With all these herbal ingredients mixed in varying proportions, one can be sure that saubhagya sunthi pak is not going to harm the baby as well as the mother, right? If you too have a feeling and you think you should give saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery a chance, here are all the benefits you can receive after delivery.


Saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery is used because of not one, or two but a dozen of benefits for the new mother. This ayurvedic formulation is used in the treatment of almost all the complications that arise during post natal care of the mother. During puerperium or the post partum period, despite giving utmost care and attention, the woman Saubhagya sunthi pak post deliveryfaces many problems like fever, diarrhea, edema, colic pain, abdominal distension, loss of strength, drowsiness, anorexia, delirium, and other diseases. These are basically caused because of imbalance in the kapha as well as vata levels. So, you can possible suffer from everything this imbalance can cause. But thankfully, you need only one ayurvedic medicine to get rid of all these problems and that is saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery.

Apart from helping you in all the diseases listed above, saubhagya sunthi pak can give you amazingly healthy motherhood as it contains all the nutrients which are required during this period. Many women all across the country use saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery, but many times, the ayurvedic doctors also recommend the same to children and adults struggling with diarrhea or any other issues related to digestion. Saubhagya sunthi pak improves digestion power and many people use it to have a healthy and stronger digestion. It is also effective in the treatment of sprue and diarrhea, but for using this, one must consult ayurvedic doctor before using it for any of the problems mentioned above. We will here tell you a generalized dose of saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery, but if you think it is of any use to you, you must consult an ayurvedic doctor first.


doses of badam pakSaubhagya sunthi pak post delivery can be taken in any amount between 5 to 10 grams once or twice a day after food with milk or water. In case you want to use saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery, you can use this amount, but in case of children, the dose will be considerably lower.

Dosages for children below 5 years of age will be approximately one or two grams and it is better you give it to them with honey or milk. If your child is above 5 but is not above 12 years in age, it is seen that giving him at most 5 gm of saubhagya sunthi pak will give desired results. Again we remind you to talk to an ayurvedic doctor because your exact dose will depend on several other factors. Let us see the side effects of saubhagya sunthi pak that you should know and then we will tell you a place where you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free.


cunsult a doctorSince saubhagya sunthi pak is made up of all natural ingredients, there are no side effects of this ayurvedic medicine. But, because you are going to take it in most crucial time period and everything you eat at this time will have impact on your baby too, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor. Once you have talked to the ayurvedic doctor regarding your problem and ayurvedic solution, the only side effect of saubhagya sunthi pak will be stomach irritation and disturbance. This too will occur only if you do not take it in appropriate doses. So, if you are taking saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery, better take it strictly according to the doctor’s prescription.

There are already many difficulties and uninvited changes in life right after the delivery of your child. You have to take care of the baby 24*7 and the responsibility doesn’t end here. With sleepless nights and so much of work to do, your mind automatically comes under stress. This is not very uncommon and almost every mother has to pass through this stage. But, what matters is how you choose to handle the situation. If you choose ayurveda for health, you are going to get through it with grace and ease. If you choose any other healing science, there would be a threat of transferring the side effects of these medicines to your baby because he or she totally depends on your milk. This makes things a bit risky, and when it is about your newborn, nothing is more crucial than his or her safety. So, it is better you simply choose ayurveda for health because it is not only effective, but safe for both- the new mother as well as the tiny baby.

ayurvedaAnd here comes the best part about using ayurveda for health. In case you don’t have times or because of other restrictions cannot go out, you can simply discuss your problems with an ayurvedic doctor over phone. Paramanand ayurveda is an ayurvedic company that provides you with free online consultation from highly experienced ayurvedic doctors. Not only this, in case you want to buy saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery or are searching for any other ayurvedic medicines, you can find all of them at paramanand ayurveda at lowest prices. With huge discount, this ayurvedic company also offers free home delivery. So, we can say that using saubhagya sunthi pak post delivery is as simple as making a call to paramanand ayurveda, right? Don’t delay and make a call in case of any problem or doubt and enjoy a healthy and happy motherhood.