Saraswatarishta – Benefits, Dosage, Side effects and Ingredients

saraswata rishta

Trusting ayurveda was never difficult, but now with efforts from companies like parmanand ayurveda, using ayurveda also is no more challenging. You can have everything starting from ayurvedic products to ayurvedic doctor’s consultation while sitting at home. Today, we are here to discuss about saraswatarishtam- an ayurvedic formula which is famous for dealing with speech problems, but is much more powerful than this. We will talk about every aspect of the ayurvedic liquid, and at the same time about the diseases which can be treated with saraswatarishtam, but before that, we will answer a generic question regarding ayurvedic medicines- from where to buy ayurvedic medicines at lowest price. With technology making everything mobile, shopping for grocery to medicine, everything can be done online, then why not ayurvedic medicines are made available in the same network? Even if they are available with some web sites, there are chances that you end up paying for delivery more than the medicine. This was creating a barrier between the people of India, who are these days really keen to use ayurveda from the time they have become aware of the side effects of allopathic medicines.

free home delivery ayurvedic medicineBut with an ayurvedic company in Delhi – parmanand ayurveda offering free home delivery as well as free online consultation, bringing ayurveda home is no more a dream. You can now buy ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic products from all different brands from parmanand ayurveda and pay nothing for delivery. Anyways, ayurveda is finally reaching Indian home easily, and this is what is required to build a healthy nation. Coming back to the ayurvedic medicine we are here to talk about, let us start with the ingredients of saraswatarishtam, and then we will tell you a month long process of manufacturing the ayurvedic medicine. Moving on, we will throw light on the disease that can be tackled with saraswatarishtam.


Brahmi and honey are two major components of saraswatarishtam. Apart from these, this ayurvedic formula also contains shatavari, vidari, haritaki, usheera, shunti, mishi, vibhitaki, cinnamon and cardamom. Gold leaf and giloy are also used in the preparation of saraswatarishtam. These are some common ingredients and there are many others involved directly and indirectly in the manufacturing of saraswatarishtam. Let us now see the method which is adopted by the manufacturers of saraswatarishtam.

brahmi and honeyThe herbs like shatavari, vibhitaki, shunti, usheera and haritaki are mixed with each other to make a coarse powder form. This mixture is then added to water, and the solution is boiled till it reduces to a quarter parts to prepare Kashaya. The liquid thus obtained is than filtered via natural filtering. Some other ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon are then added to the liquid mixture prepared in the previous steps. The entire mixture of the liquid and ingredients is then transferred into a golden vessel or mud vessel. A thin gold leaf weighing 12 grams is also added to the same vessel. Can you guess for how many days this mud vessel is sealed? Not for a day or two but for an entire month it is sealed with the ingredients at rest inside. This time is average and the exact time may vary according to the disintegration of the gold leaf and completion of the fermentation process. After observing proper taste, disintegration of gold leaf and the completion of fermentation the contents are filtered and stored in a vessel smeared with ghee.

This was all about preparing saraswatarishtam from all the natural herbs and as you can see, this is quite a long process. Actually, natural fermentation take this much amount of time. You can always fasten it up by adding chemicals, but since ayurveda believes in natural healing only, it strictly adheres to the principles of natural manufacturing. No chemical is added since it is believed that chemicals influence and alter the healing properties of natural ingredients. And this is why it takes more than a month to prepare ayurvedic medicine sarawatarishtam.


Saraswatarishtam has some amazing benefits and due to a variety of ingredients involved in the manufacturing of the ayurvedic tonic, its benefits also are many. Starting from being a good memory tonic to an excellent help in aging, saraswatarishtam is a one stop solution to a dozen of problems human beings encounter at some point of time in their lives. Let us all the problems in which we can seek help from ayurvedic saraswatarishtam.

  • fluent speechSaraswatarishtam is used by people whose job is to speak or sing for hours. Either due to the demand of their jobs or due to their own interest, some people spend most of the day creating sounds from their throat. In these cases, their throat becomes tired and voice also becomes hoarse. To avoid this and have a fluent speech, you can rely on saraswatarishtam. People use saraswatarishtam for speech problems, but this also can be considered as a problem related to excess of speaking or singing. If your job also demands you to keep your throat and vocal box busy, you can try saraswatarishtam.
  • Saraswatarishtam can also be used as a tonic for human body. As we age many problems surround us and we feel weaker and weaker day by day. Using saraswatarishtam as an anti aging tonic will help you have a skin that makes you look younger and a body that makes you feel younger. This is where it differs from most of the cosmetic treatments that claims to defy aging. They might help you look younger, but it is even more important to feel younger and stay healthy. And these two can be easily achieved with saraswatarishtam. Although people use saraswatarishtam for speech problem treatment, but this indeed is a solution to many problems that hit your body with aging.

Saraswatarishtam for overall health

  • Not only saraswatarishtam is an anti aging tonic and a tonic to improve overall physical health, but saraswatarishtam is also famous as a tonic for memory. In fact, many people give it to their children n order to improve their concentration and memory.
  • Saraswatarishtam is helpful in so many problems and one of the reasons behind it is its ability to improve the overall disease fighting capability of human beings. With age, our immune system weakens and this is why we see old people struggling from so many diseases. If this immune system is kept in place, so many problems can be avoided and the result is a much healthier individual. With saraswatarishtam by your side, you can also see considerable improvements in the immunity as well.
  • Now we will tell you the use of saraswatarishtam for which it is quite famous- saraswatarishtam for speech problems. Starting from the basic improvement in speech problem, saraswatarishtam corrects voice hoarseness due to any reason. It also improves the quality of speech by improving the voice tone and strength. And this is not all you will get if you start using saraswatarishtam for speech problems, your pronunciation will also get clearer day by day. You will end up speaking more clearly with minimum pronunciation mistakes.
  • saraswatarishtam for mental conditionsIt is also used in treating some mental conditions, specifically those relating to speech disorders. Since speech and speaking mechanism has much to do with the proper signals from brain, we can say that mind too has a role in determining our speaking abilities. Saraswatarishtam is usually given to children who do not start speaking, or are unable to speak clearly even after the age of 5. Sometimes, saraswatarishtam is also given to patients struggling with mind related disorders like epilepsy.
  • And the use of ayurvedic saraswatarishtam doesn’t end here. You can use this magical formula to deal with reproductive issues as well. Saraswatarishtam is known to improve the quality of semen and sperms in males, improving fertility. Not only in men, but this wonder product can also be used by women. It is used to detoxify uterus and related organs, hence useful in female infertility as well. In all, we can say that saraswatarishtam can be used to improve potency, sexual capacity and reproductive abilities in both male and female.

With so many uses and benefits of saraswatarishtam, you might be eager to use it. But here you need to be patient as there are some essential details coming your way. Saraswatarishtam for speech problems, mental disorders, sexual and reproductive issues is not all. Apart from being a tonic for aging and memory, it also acts as a tonic for heart. This amazing ayurvedic formula not only improves immunity, but also influences your life expectancy. Isn’t it a tonic for health and a tonic for life? Yes, it definitely is one of the best ayurvedic medicines and people might be using saraswatarishtam for speech problems, but this is definitely more powerful than you thought. Let us now see how we can use to grab all the benefits of this ayurvedic medicine.


doses of saraswatarishtamThere are many brands manufacturing saraswatarishtam, and you can buy the one you find trustworthy. There is an ayurvedic company in Delhi that gives you an opportunity to buy ayurvedic medicines at lowest price by not charging any delivery fee and also by letting you compare the same product from different brands. Once you have the right bottle in hand, the next step is to know when, how and how much of saraswatarishtam one should take. Usually 12 – 24 ml. of saraswatarishtam is appropriate for an individual and this is what the doctors generally prescribe. You too can take 12 to 24 ml of this magical liquid once or twice a day after having food. If you don’t like the taste (which is not uncommon as it contains self generated alcohol) you can have it after mixing with equal quantity of water. The doctors usually prescribe to follow the intake of saraswatarishtam with a cup of milk.

You too can follow these general guidelines, but it would be even better if you first consult an ayurvedic doctor and then go ahead with the suggestions. You no more have to travel miles and struggle to find a right ayurvedic doctor and ayurvedic medicines because an ayurvedic company in Delhi has made everything easier for you. You can now order ayurvedic medicines online and get it at your doorstep by paying lesser than what you had to pay at the shop because of huge discounts and no delivery charges. Also, with parmanand ayurveda, you can now get consultation from an ayurvedic doctor for free over a phone call. So, you can also grab the opportunity and gift your body ayurvedic saraswatarishtam, but only after talking to a qualified ayurvedic doctor about it.


It is good for people of all ages, and this is why people give it even to their children. And there is nothing wrong about it as it is safe to use this medicine in children above 5 years of age, but of course, in lower dosage.

saraswatarishtam for pregnant womenSince it is safe for almost everyone, you don’t have to think much about the precautions to be taken while using saraswatarishtam. But, it is best you avoid it during pregnancy. Any type of self medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding must be avoided and following this principle only, you too must avoid taking any risk during this beautiful phase of your life.

This was everything about saraswatarishtam and you can use it after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. If you don’t have any in your locality, or don’t have time, just make a call to parmanand ayurveda and the doctor will be available for you. We can conclude the discussion about saraswatarishtam, but this is just one ayurvedic medicine and ayurveda is tremendously powerful. It is far beyond our imagination and to understand it completely, you must allow it to enter your life. Once you do this, nothing can stop you from having a healthier body and a longer life. Ayurveda works in two directions, one is by benefiting your body with all the herbs and healings, and another is by saving your body from the harmful side effects of allopathic medicines. By acting in these two completely different directions, it gives immense healing power as well as health to your body.

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