The spleen and stomach disorders result in no proper digestion of the food and of course, no proper function of the body due to lack of food absorption and energy. What happens to your body due to the insufficient amount of these things is not something that really needs to be explained. Well, the major concern is about how to improve this condition and how to solve these health issues. This is where, Rohitkarishta or Rohitkarishtam, a brilliant ayurvedic option can work for you.

spleen and jaundice disorders

This ayurvedic liquid tonic has been prepared by the Ayurveda practitioners after years of research over a variety of herbs. The result of the restless efforts can be seen in the form of the efficacy of Rohitkarishta in dealing with numerous health issues. If it is so effective, one must know everything related to it starting from the ingredients to the health benefits to dosage and every other necessary aspect. Let’s start talking about the aspects one by one starting from the ingredients of Rohitkarishta.

Ingredients of Rohitkarishta

The ingredients’ list of any ayurvedic medicine is the very first factor that determines its effectiveness while dealing with our health problems. Keeping this into concern, we decided to start the journey with the ingredients of Rohitkarishta only. The various ingredients of this amazing ayurvedic liquid tonic include:

Rohitaka -  Tecomella Undulata

rohitaka ingredient for rohitkarishta

As the name of Rohitkarishta indicates, rohitaka is the major ingredient in it. Rohitaka is a brilliant ayurvedic herb that is used for treating the health issues like jaundice, piles, diabetes, intestinal worms, leucorrhea, indigestion etc. The part of the herb used for serving the medicinal purposes is its roots.

Dhataki – Woodfordia Fruticosa

It is a well-known name in the field of Ayurveda and is used in preparing a variety of ayurvedic medicines. The different medicinal properties found in Dhataki are fertility agent, anti-diarrheal, anti-bacterial, uterine sedative, astringent, immune boosting etc. It is very beneficial for dealing with number of vata and pitta dosha related disorders.

Guda – Jaggery

Guda is not only delicious, but is a nutritional powerhouse as well. It is a wonder edible that can make your day as well as your health worthy. The small bite of guda can keep numerous health and skin flaws at a bay. Consuming 10 gms of jaggery daily can help you treat and prevent constipation, liver problems, menstrual pain, anemia and many more.

Pippali – Piper Longum 

Pippali or long pepper is pungent in taste, hot in potency and beomes sweet after digestion. This ayurvedic herb is considered the perfect companion for our digestion process. Pippali is a very effective vata and kapha dosha shamak. The parts of the plant used for the medicinal purposes are roots and fruits.

Chavya – Piper Cubeba

Piper cubeba is a wild growing plant found in Indonesia. It is a potent herb known in Ayurveda. The major health conditions that are treated using chavya are cough, swelling, dysmenorrhea, erectile dysfunction, indigestion etc. The plant part used for the medicinal purpose is “fruit”. Ayurveda has mentioned chavya as a great cardiac tonic and a helping hand in the digestion process.

Chitraka – Plumbago Zeylanica

Chitraka is considered a rasayana in the ayurvedic medicinal system. It is highly potent in supporting and enhancing the digestion. Moreover, the roots of the herb are very efficient in dealing with cardiac disorders, hepatic disorders and nervous system related issues. Chitraka is a great vata and kapha dosha pacifier.

shunti ingredient for rohitkarishta

Shunti – Zingiber Officinale

Well, you might already be aware of the shunti as it is one of the unavoidable kitchen ingredients. The essential nutrients present in shunti include phosphorus, calcium, iron, carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C etc. All these nutrients make it a perfect option to deal with health, skin and hair related problems.

Twak – Cinnamomum Zeylanica

Twak or Cinnamon is also common in our kitchen. It is very well-known to improve the digestion power of our body. The health conditions that can be treated efficiently using twak are diabetes, high cholesterol, premature ejaculation, insect bites etc. The elements of cinnamon used for the medicinal purposes are stem bark, leaf and cinnamon oil.

Ela – Elettaria Cardamomum

Ela is pungent in nature and aromatic in effect. It is said to be the “king of spices” and possesses strong, unique taste, resinous fragrance and extensively soothing aroma. The parts of the herb used for medicinal purposes are fruits and fruit seeds. Cardamom, along with treating the various health issues, works as a great vata and kapha pacifier as well.

Patra – Cinnamomum Tamala

Tejpatra is a kitchen ingredient that is used to add taste and extra flavor to the dishes. But, it can serve many other purposes as well. Ela is responsible for stimulating the digestive enzymes that help improve the digestion process. Moreover, it is used to treating the bad odor from mouth, dental issues, swelling, dark spots of face, cough, tuberculosis etc.


Triphala means three fruits. As its name indicates, triphala is a combination of three fruits with unique qualities, i.e. Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki. It is one of the best ever combinations found in Ayurveda and is very effective in solving number of health, skin and hair related problems.

After this part comes the preparation method of Rohitkarishta. The preparation process of Rohitkarishta is also just like the other “Arishtas” and it is also prepared by the fermentation process. Rohitkarishta, due to having fermentation process included, also consists of (5-10) % self-generated alcohol like the other Arishtas. This self-generated alcohol assists water and other essential nutrients to all the cells and tissues of the body in the fast and effective manner. Moreover, all the ingredients of Rohitkarishta along with the brilliant preparation process give this liquid tonic numerous magnificent health benefiting properties. These medicinal properties of Rohitkarishta include:

  • Spleen-protective
  • Anti-hepatomegaly
  • Anti-splenomegaly
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Carminative
  • Detoxifying
  • Depurative
  • Antitoxic
  • Antidiuretic
  • Vermifuge


With the help of this self-generated alcohol and astounding medicinal properties, Rohitkarishta assist us deal with our health problems. But, what are the exact health issues that can be efficiently dealt with via using Rohitkarishta? Well let’s talk about the same.

Health Benefits of Rohitkarishta

Well, after having a glimpse on the ingredients of rohitkarishta, you might have got the idea that this ayurvedic liquid tonic possesses immense health benefits for us and is capable of solving number of problems simultaneously. But, what exactly are its health benefits?

Abdominal Colic

abdiminal colic

It is termed as the severe pain caused in upper or lower abdomen and stomach that can either be mild or chronic depending upon the underlying condition. The different factors that may cause abdominal pain include gallbladder diseases, stomach ulcers, food poisoning, diverticulitis, appendicitis, cancer, menstrual cramps etc. It may occur either due to inflammation or over-stretching the organ or loss of blood supply to that specific body organ.

The different symptoms of abdominal colic include:

  • Sudden abdominal pain
  • Severe Abdominal pain after having meal
  • Severe abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea.

So, it is clear that abdominal pain is not a disease itself; instead it is a condition indicating some underlying health condition.


rohitkarishta for ascites

Ascites is a health condition associated with the fluid build-up in the abdomen. This fluid is generally the serous fluid that is pale yellow and clear in appearance. The fluid in this case fills the space between the abdominal lining and other organs and is caused by the improper functioning of the liver.

If we talk about the causes of ascites, these include:

  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Hepatitis B or C
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Ovarian, Pancreatic, liver or endometrial cancer
  • Heart or kidney failure
  • Tuberculosis and Hyperthyroidism

The different symptoms of ascites include sudden weight gain, a distended abdomen, difficulty breathing on lying down, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting etc.


rohitkarishta for piles

The other medical term for piles is “hemorrhoids”. It is basically the swelling or inflamed tissue collection inside or around the anal canal. Everyone faces piles in his life, but the symptoms become noticeable only in few people and that too mainly after the age of 50 years. If we talk about the symptoms of piles, these include:

  • Hard and painful lump around the anus
  • Feeling of full bowels even after passing stool
  • Bright red blood after bowel movement
  • Area around anus becomes itchy, red and sore.
  • Difficulty passing stool etc.

The major causes of piles may include chronic constipation or diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, straining while passing stool etc.


rohitkarishta for jaundice

Jaundice mainly impacts the anemic people who consume lots of edibles that may lead to pitta aggravation in the body. The increased level of bilirubin in the body leads to cause jaundice. Bilirubin is actually the waste product that is formed due to the breakdown and destruction of red blood cells. It is a normal process until there is a decrease in the re-formation of new red blood cells. Jaundice is associated with the yellow skin and eyes (white part) appearance. The health conditions that may lead to cause jaundice include malaria, sickle cell crisis, thalassemia, drugs or other toxins, autoimmune disorders etc.

If we talk about the symptoms of jaundice, these include pale stools, dark urine, itchiness and yellow appearance of the skin etc.


Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder that is common nowadays. It is basically the lack of desire of eating anything or you can say lack of appetite as well. Anorexia is not just about avoiding eating something; instead it is a complete set of various physical and psychological factors. There are certain factors causing anorexia which include:

  • Some bacterial or fungal infection
  • Chronic liver, kidney or heart related problem
  • Psychological factors like anxiety, depression, stress etc.
  • Self-desire or peer pressure for looking thinner etc.

rohitkarishta for anorexia

Moreover, whenever you take some pain reliever or some other strong drug, it will definitely lead to cause loss of appetite. The major symptoms of anorexia include extreme fatigue, weight loss, rapid heart rate, fever, malaise etc.

So, these are the major stomach and spleen related health problems that can be efficiently taken care of using Rohitkarishta. Rohitkarishta can be the best companion in dealing with all the associated health issues, but, to achieve this, you need to be familiar with the dosage of Rohitkarishta. If you are already aware of the same, you can start taking the medicine for your problem. But, if you are not aware of it, worry not. In the coming paragraph, we are going to explain you regarding the same only.

How To Use Rohitkarishta

The dosage of Rohitkarishta is very easy to understand and follow. You simply need to take it 12-24 ml twice a day with equal amount of water. The standard recommendation for this medicine is to be taken after meals, but, it will be the best way to consult the ayurvedic doctor and then only go for the dosage.

If taken in proper amount, Rohitkarishta can treat your health issues well vand that too without gifting any side-effect in return. Ayurveda always gives the best possible solution to every disease and in the most effective manner, but there is a perception that Ayurveda takes time to treat us. Isn’t it? Well, this perception is completely wrong. Why? The answer is here.

doses of Draksharishta

We usually look for Ayurveda when we have no other option left. Yes, during the initial stage of any health problem, we run after the modern medical science and look at Ayurveda as a potent medical science only after getting no adequate solution from it. Of course, no medical science can treat you in a day or two at your last or extended stage. Still, Ayurveda tries its best to do so and hence, it takes time. Adopt Ayurveda in the very initial stage of your health ailment. It’ll not only treat your current health condition, but will make sure that it doesn’t affect you in future also. Moreover, there are number of elements in every ayurvedic medicine that possess certain hidden qualities and medicinal effects that work to take care of the hidden health issues as well along with dealing with the current situation.

So, we can see that it is only Ayurveda that can give relief from the health problems in real aspect. This is the reason our ancestors have termed it as the best and most productive medical science. Whether the generation today accept it or not, Ayurveda is again spreading its roots in the origin country India and it is not because of any advertisement or publicity, but it is the result of its effectiveness and efficacy in dealing with every health condition, say it mild or chronic.