If you are aware of ayurvedic medicines, you might also know the emphasis the ayureveda puts on maintaining the right balance in vata, pitta and kapha of the body. Vata, pitta and kapha when not in sync become the reason for several diseases. And today we will tell you about one ayurvedic medicine that will act on all the three and make sure that your body is disease free. Rasraj ras is the name of that ayurvedic medicine which balances the levels of all three essential elements of the body. It is said to make your heart strong, your brain sound, lungs pure and kidney healthy. And this is not all rasraj ras can do for humans. It contain some really expensive metals that are essential for the proper functioning of human body, and at the same time some natural herbs that keep your body free from diseases.

RasRAJ RAsAyurvedic rasraj ras is a unique combination of a dozen of herbal and metallic ingredients, and the result of combining so many powerful substances can be clearly seen on patients of paralysis. Several researches on ayurveda have shown that partial or even complete recovery is possible with some types of paralysis. If you take allopathic medicines, you might take forever to recover from paralysis. But in ayurvedic science, the recovery is not only guaranteed, but it is also quite fast. And not just paralysis, but the disease which can be treated with rasraj ras is very long. And as it is ayurvedic, while treating any of the diseases, it takes good care of your health too. This should not be expected out of the allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicines under the pretext of providing instant relief take away so much from our health. We don’t realize this, but gradually we have become slaves of allopathic medicines. For minor headache we have a pill at home, for major pain in back, we have pain relievers too.

There is an urgent need to bring in drastic change in your life by improving your health. And improvement in your health can be done only by turning towards ayurveda- the science of life. Today, we will talk about an ayurvedic medicine and a bit about how and from where to buy ayurvedic products so that you can get them at your doorstep. Starting from the components which are mixed to form rasraj ras to the method followed for preparing; in the following section you will get every bit of detail about rasraj ras.


It is believed that the ingredients with which ayurvedic medicines are made are the real power of ayurveda. Ayurveda derives its strength from some extremely beneficial, healthy and safe natural products. Of course, the ratio in which several such ingredients are to be combined to make certain medicine is well defined by ayurveda, buy yes, it won’t be wrong to say that the strength of ayurveda lies in the ingredients. Same goes for rasraj ras as well. It has ingredients of varying properties, different nature and capabilities. It is a unique combination of some metallic, mineral and herbal ingredients. Lauha bhasma, Raupya bhasma, Bang bhasma, Ashwagandha, Laung or clove, Kakoli, Jaiphal, and Javitri are taken in small amounts. Swarna bhasma, Abhrak bhasma, Moti pishti and Prawal bhasma are taken in double amount than the previously listed ingredients. And the last, but the major ingredient of rajras ras is ras sindoor. Ras sindoor is the main component because if you take the first group in a quantity of 5gm, the second group in 10gm, then you have to take ras sindoor in a quantity of 40gm.


The preparation of rasraj ras is quite simple. Starting with the major component of rasraj ras, we need to powder ras sindoor. After making a fine powder of ras sindoor, the remaining ingredients are mixed in the powder keeping the ratio described above. This mixture is then converted into pills generally keeping the weight of each pill as 250mg. These pills are then dried. The unique part about the preparation of rasraj ras is that the pills have to be dried in shade. Many ayurvedic medicines require drying. And in most of the cases, ayurveda recommends to dry the mixtures in sunlight, but in case of rasraj ras, you are not supposed to expose it to direct sunlight. Isn’t the preparation simple? Yes, it is simple, but if you look deeply, the ingredients contain some already processed and prepared ayurvedic medicines.



chaturbhuj ras for ParalysisThere are different types of paralysis and trust me each one is equally difficult to tackle. But this was the situation till you didn’t know about rasraj ras. With rasraj ras for paralysis, you can treat paralysis of almost every type ayurvedically. Yes, it might be difficult to believe but ayurveda is famous for treating diseases which are incurable by allopathic medicines. Be it stiffed muscles of neck and jaw, partial paralysis or complete, mild or acute case of the brain not responding, rasraj ras can take care of everything in a unique and unbelievable manner. In fact, it is a very famous cure for facial paralysis. As it has been mentioned earlier as well, paralysis is not all rasraj ras can do and we can gain benefits in many other problems.


rasraj ras for HysteriaLoss of control over your brain due to over anxiousness is hysteria. Sometimes you cannot control the acts that are a consequence of sudden outburst of feelings and negative emotions. This is called hysteria. It is a mental problem and like paralysis, this also can be treated with rasraj ras. This ayurvedic medicine is going to bring your normal behavior back. And while doing this, it does absolutely no harm to your body as well as brain. Most of the allopathic medicines directly influence the brain by reducing its activeness, but ayurvedic rasraj ras works by eliminating the causes of hysteria.


TinnitusAny unusual sound of clicking, ringing, hissing, or whistling in your ear if persistently bothers you is called as tinnitus. You would feel an annoying sensation of hearing an unusual sound when there is no sound produced externally. The intensity may be high or low depending on your problem, but in tinnitus you would hear sounds when there are no external noises. The only way to get rid of this otherwise unstoppable ringing is rasraj ras. It has everything that is required to deal with this annoying situation. So, go ahead and grab your pack. Also, we will tell you an excellent source from where you can get your ayurvedic medicines delivered at home without paying for the delivery.

Rasraj ras for males

 rasraj ras for malesRasraj ras is extremely beneficial for men who are fighting from any type of sexual problem. Nocturnal ejaculation commonly known as wet dreams can be easily resolved with rasraj ras. In nocturnal ejaculation, a male suddenly wakes up anytime during the night just to see his underpants wet. A study shows that approximately 83% of the males suffer from this problem at some point of time. So, better have a solution in hand rather than waiting for it to create trouble in your life. Premature ejaculation and impotency are also two sexual problems that can be very well addressed with rasraj ras. So, you can see so many uses of rasraj ras for males, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be used by females


Garbha chintamani ras for LeucorrheaLeucorrhea refers to any type of unusual discharge coming out form the vagina. Usually small amount of discharge can be justified during a particular time in the menstrual cycle, but if that discharge is in excess, or brownish in color, there is need of immediate action. This is a critical disease which must be treated on time; else it causes weakness and reduces fertility in female. Leucorrhea can be treated with allopathic medicines, but it has the tendency to reoccur. And to deal with it permanently, you have only one option: ayurvedic rasraj ras. Rasraj ras heals the present infection causing leucorrhea and at the same time it makes sure that in near future you don’t have search for the same treatment again.

Frequent urination

Rasraj Ras for Frequent urinationIf you have to wake up more than once or twice during night and the story of the day also is not too different, you must start taking things seriously. Urination of course, is a natural process, but frequent urination is either a problem in itself or an indication to other problems. Don’t worry, you can deal with this embarrassing and problematic condition with rasraj ras. Rasraj ras is a safe and effective method of treating frequent urination and regularizing the urine production in your body.

Vertigo and hypertension are other major favors this ayurvedic medicine can do for human body. But to grab all rasraj ras has to offer, you need to know the exact dose that is both safe and effective in your problem. We will tell you the general dose of rasraj ras that is suitable for a normal adult, but in case you have some specific health condition, you must consult your doctor first.


The maximum safe dose of rasraj ras is 250 mg. You can either take it after dividing in two equal doses, or simply take 1 tablet weighing 250 mg before going to bed. Taking it with water is fine, but rasraj ras with cow’s milk and honey can give significantly better and fast results.

dizzenessFortunately we don’t have any side effects of rasraj ras as it is an ayurvedic medicine. But yes, you should be careful about the doses since taking rasraj ras in high doses can cause tremors and dizziness. If you take it in prescribed limits, there are no possible side effects that can bother you even temporarily. In fact, this is health enhancing mixture that can be used for a long time because of its positive impact on the overall health of human beings. This is the best part you should love ayurveda for. Life with ayurveda is devoid of diseases and full of health and happiness. It is the science of life, not the science for diseases. So, you can expect tremendous changes in your body if you start using rasraj ras or any other ayurvedic medicines.

This was all about the doses and precautions to be taken while using rasraj ras. One general precaution you must follow in your life is to avoid self medication. No matter which healing science you are using, whether it is allopathy or ayurvedic medicines, one must avoid self medication. From minor problem to a major health complication, you must consult a doctor before taking any medicine. Earlier the excuses of lack of time, or taking the doctors visit as a waste of money are no more valid. Why? Because there are companies like parmanand ayurveda which offer free consultation.

Doctor greating patientYes, you will directly interact with the doctor and that too without paying a penny for it. One doctor from the team of many qualified ayurvedic doctors will list down all your problems and you will get an authentic advice from a highly qualified and experienced professional. And that too without stepping out of your house and paying the high fees that is generally demanded by all the doctors. Getting free consultation is not easy, and on the top of that, getting it from an ayurvedic doctor is rare. But with parmanand ayurveda, you are going to get both and much more. Parmanand ayurveda is different not only because it provides you free online consultation, but this ayurvedic company has left no stone unturned in helping you gain benefits from ayurveda by giving you free home delivery. So, next time you think of using ayurveda and the issue of availability comes to your mind, just think of parmanand ayurveda. It is the only place you will get all the ayurvedic medicines from all different brands and with highest discounted prices. With parmanand ayurveda, you will get the healthiest at your doorstep and at the best possible price. Who is going to miss such an opportunity to gift our body with the health it deserves with ayurveda?


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