The fine powder of silver processed, dried and heated with Lime Juice (Citrus Aurantifolia) at a very high temperature is rajat bhasma. But, ask the patients of neurological disorders, or some experienced ayurvedic doctor to know the real significance of the ayurvedic formula. They also might not be able to give all the details and exact benefits of using rajat bhasma at one go. Hence, here we will tell you about the 15 most important benefits of rajat bhasma. Make people think of using ayurveda for health and quality life, but cannot do it because of lack of proper information and some other reasons. First of all, we will tell you the list of some diseases in which rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma is usually prescribed, and then we will see how you can eliminate all the hurdles and start using ayurveda for health. Have a look at the list of 15 most important benefits of rajat bhasma and following this will be a discussion on how using ayurveda is easy today.


  • Eye diseases: Rajat bhasma is used for strengthening all the body parts and eye too is not an exception. One of the major uses of rajat bhasma is to strengthen the eye muscles and help human with a variety of eye diseases. Whether it is an infection, or weakening of eye sight, ayurvedic doctors take help from rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma. If you have any problem pertaining to your eyes you too can contact a good ayurvedic doctor. From conjunctivitis to cataract, rajat bhasma can be used to heal all types of eye diseases. But according to the problem, the adjuvant may vary and selecting the right adjuvant depends on the experience of an ayurvedic doctor. So, to let rajat bhasma act, you must also have a good ayurvedic doctor guiding you. We will tell you in a short while how to select an expert ayurvedic doctor and get consultation for free, but before that, have a look at all the benefits of rajat bhasma.NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE
  • Neurological disease: In the list of benefits of rajat bhasma, neurological diseases come on the top because of the strong action by the ayurvedic bhasma. Rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma or silver bhasma, whatever you call it, the ayurvedic formula is rejuvenating for brains and nerves. Its neuroprotective action makes it a perfect help for your nervous system and this is why many people use it as a nervine tonic even when they aren’t suffering from any neurological disorder. It is also a cognitive enhancer and carry significant anti depressant; anti anxiety and anti stress properties. Because of all these healing properties, rajat bhasma make a perfect cure for acute headache, parkinsons disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Rajat bhasma is useful in neurological problems and it can also deal with loss of appetite due to neurological disorders. All these are complicated problems related to mind and scientist in allopathy are still busy in finding a treatment for these. However, ayurveda has given us with not just rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma as a solution, but there are many other helps in neurological problems. debility: the main quality of rajat bhasma is to provide strength
  • Anal fissure: Anal fissure is a small cut or tear in the lining of the anus. But, this small crack in the skin causes severe pain and sometimes bright red bleeding during and after bowel movements. This was just the medical definition and we can understand the pain by the fact that an anal fissure is more than enough to make your morning hell and your day a suffering. At times the fissure is deep enough to expose the muscle tissue underneath, and there lies the real problem. Thankfully, ayurveda has given us medicines like rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma. With the help of this ayurvedic bhasma, we can heal the cut very fast and naturally.RAJAT BHASMA FOR COUGH
  • Cough: Cough seems to be a minor problem when it is occasional, but some unlucky people suffer from it regularly. This degrades their overall health and also hampers their work. Taking allopathic medicines to suppress the present infection and cough is not a treatment for this class of people, and they need a cure like rajat bhasma. You can easily combat dry cough as well as cough with yellow sputum with the use of rajat bhasma along with some other adjuvants.
  • Frequent urination: There can be many reasons behind the problem of frequent urination and on the top is diabetes. Frequent trips to bathroom might be stealing your peaceful sleep at nights, and this is not the story of just a day or two, in fact, daily you might have to leave the bed right in the middle of the night. But, this is not going be the story for the rest of your life because with rajat bhasma, you can bring back your urination system to normal. Whether the disturbance is caused by diabetes, or some other underlying reason has made the situation awful, getting rid of it with ayurveda is easy with rajat bhasma.
  • Jaundice: Jaundice is a sign of underlying disease in process and it can also prove to be fatal many times. You can either treat jaundice with allopathic medicines, but a much better, holistic and side effect free treatment is available in ayurveda with rajat bhasma.
  • Anemia: Anemia is the condition in which there are not enough red blood cells in the blood. Due to lack of hemoglobin, your blood lacks proper levels of red blood cells and this is an open invitation for so many health issues. Rajat bhasma, being hematogenic in nature when used along with Abhrak Bhasma and Loha Bhasma can be used to address this problem effectively and naturally.RAJAT BHASMA FOR ENLARGED SPLEEN
  • Enlargement of spleen: The spleen is an important organ located in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, just beneath the diaphragm and next to the stomach. Because of its location, should it enlarge, the spleen can irritate the diaphragm and cause hiccups, or it can also compress the stomach. And once again, we can get our spleen back to normal size without disturbing the functioning of other body parts with the use of rajat bhasma. This is one of the most important benefits of rajat bhasma.
  • Menorrhagia: One of the benefits of rajat bhasma is for females during the menstrual cycle. Some of you might have to deal with heavy bleeding during menstruation and this sometimes leads to anemia and weakness. Rajat bhasma can help you in making your menstrual cycle regular as well as normal in respect to pain and bleeding.
  • Fatty liver: According to allopathy, treatment may help but this condition cannot be cured, but in ayurveda, with the combination of hepato protective rajat bhasma and some other ayurvedic medicines beneficial for liver, you can cure your problem and start living a normal life.
  • oligospermia: Rajat bhasma is spermatogenic in nature and hence it can be taken as a natural Aphrodisiac by males. Some ayurvedic practitioners also recommend rajat bhasma in male infertility due to pus in seminal fluid and others in solving the problem of impotency. So, as you can also see, the benefits of rajat bhasma are not limited to female problems or just male problems.
  • Physical weakness: One of the very crucial benefits of rajat bhasma is that it can eliminate all types of weaknesses. It can boost your immunity and at the same time can also act as a cardiac tonic. The cardio-protective nature of rajat bhasma make sure that your central organ is working fine, and on the other hand the anti bacterial and anti viral properties help you stay healthy by saving you from all sort of infections.
  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which includes seizures. Unfortunately, allopathy cannot do much in epilepsy as well as in many other neurological disorders. But, thanks to the ayurvedic medicines like rajat bhasma, the minute particles of silver can reach your brain and settle things there. So, in case you have epilepsy or know someone who has epilepsy, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor as this is the only way out.
  • Hysteria: This condition too is related to some malfunctioning in your brain and emotions. Since it is concerned with the brain, you should not expect much from allopathy. Rajat bhasma and some other ayurvedic medicines prove to be extremely beneficial in all such cases.


This was the list of diseases in which ayurvedic doctors take help from rajat bhasma or raupya bhasma. But it is not comprehensive as we cannot list all the diseases that can be treated with rajat bhasma. Depending on your condition and the requirement of your body, your ayurvedic doctor might prescribe you rajat bhasma with some other ayurvedic medicines or all alone. And to talk to an ayurvedic doctor for free or to buy ayurvedic medicines online, you just have to make a call. Yes, there is no need to travel miles or to struggle finding the right ayurvedic doctor because an ayurvedic company- paramanand ayurveda is providing free home delivery and free online consultation over phone. Not only this, you can buy ayurvedic medicines online at a very low price from here. From doctor to delivery to the best place to buy ayurvedic medicines online, paramanand ayurveda is the one a stop solution. Isn’t this company making the use of ayurveda for health easier? Definitely yes and if you also want to buy ayurvedic medicines online in an easy and fast way, go for paramanand ayurveda.

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