Are you tired of the itchy and painful flare ups of psoriasis? Have you tried every topical medicine and many cosmetic products to cure or hide the spots of psoriasis? Don’t worry? Ayurveda shows us the right way when nothing else can. And this is perfectly suitable in case of psoriasis. Ayurvedic raktmokshan for psoriasis provides a rapid and sometimes dramatic reduction in the symptoms of many painful skin disorders and psoriasis is on the top of the list. Raktmokshan is a natural therapy for psoriasis, but its benefit is not limited to just one skin problem. This ayurvedic therapy is used in many chronic skin disorders, especially when the patient wants instant relief. It has been used since centuries and there are thousands of patients get benefitted by this every year. So, if you are a suffering from psoriasis or know someone who wants a better life, you are at the right place. Today, we will see what this natural therapy for psoriasis has in store for psoriasis patients. We will also try to explain why you should trust raktmokshan for psoriasis at least once. Also, after analyzing the research done and inspecting the reviews obtained from patients, we will see some of the precautions relating to raktmokshan. Yes, it is an ayurvedic procedure, but you have to be careful about certain things. Hence, you can say here you will get to know each and every aspect of raktmokshan for psoriasis.

We will see what raktmokshan for psoriasis can do, but before that let us see what all problems psoriasis patients have to deal with. Yes you know all the symptoms of psoriasis and there are many others elaborating the same. But, what is running in the background is even more hazardous. Any disease that involves skin hampers many functions even if it is not chronic or life threatening and gives the person a hideous look. And because you cannot hide skin problems from the world, problems like psoriasis are more painful for the patient and troublesome for the physician. Apart from affecting the skin directly, psoriasis affects the person’s psychological status and disturbs the social life. As a result, the patients develop some kind of inferiority complex. It is equally important to deal with all such issues while treating the problem. So, this is the other side of the coin that comes under psoriasis treatment.


Allopathic doctors might still be researching to find the exact cause and cure for the problem, but, in ancient ayurvedic texts Rakta Dusti is considered as one of the prime causes of skin diseases like psoriasis. And for all such skin problems, one proven solution is also given in the form of raktmokshan. Have you ever heard of it? Chances are quite low if you aren’t too close to ayurveda. Here is the detailed explanation of the entire procedure followed by some precautions.

Raktamokshan is the ayurvedic procedure of blood-letting. Here, the patient of skin problems and many other diseases has to undergo a process of shedding impure or toxic blood. This toxic blood is believed to be the cause of some disease. Hence this procedure detoxifies ‘raktadhatu’ or blood in simple words. Raktmokshan is of different types and depending on your problem and various other factors, a particular type and medium is chosen. Although it sounds an ancient procedure, its survival for centuries speaks of its effectiveness. But, you have to get it done under the supervision of an experienced ayurvedic doctor. Yes, here too we have a simple solution for you. If you need any kind off assistance from an ayurvedic doctor, you can call paramanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company in Delhi is providing free online consultation to all. Not only this, it is the best place for therapies like panchakarma and raktmokshan etc.


There may not be just one natural therapy for psoriasis, then why should one go for raktmokshan? We will give you not one but many reasons for this. First of all, raktmokshan is ayurvedic procedure. And you know when it is ayurvedic, it is completely safe and healthy. Secondly, modern research evidences also suggest that raktmokshan for psoriasis is effective. For instance, a research published in International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Researchunder the title “ROLE OF JALAUKAVACHARANA (HIRUDOTHERAPY) IN THE MANAGEMENT OF SCALP PSORIASIS – A CASE STUDY” suggests that raktmokshan is effective enough to treat psoriasis. The author also concludes that diseases treated with Raktamokshana have less chances of re- occurrence. And recurrence is the major complication in psoriasis, right? Another similar case study-“MANAGEMENT OF PSORIASIS (EKA KUSHTHA) BY VAMANAAND RAKTAMOKSHANAIN PEDIATRIC AGE GROUP – A CASE STUDY” published in International Ayurvedic Medical Journal observed the effect of raktmokshan for psoriasis treatment.

They took one psoriasis patient under observation and at the end of the study concluded that he got relief in the symptoms like itching, scaling, burning sensation and redness of skin after the treatment. The life quality of the patient was also seen to be improved after leech therapy. In both the case studies, no ill effects or adverse reactions were seen. Not only in psoriasis, but raktmokshan is used in other complicated skin problems like Eczema. “Role of  Raktamokshana by Jalaukavacharana and Siravedhana in the management of vicharchika (Eczema)” published in a leading medicinal journal throw light on the effectiveness and safety of raktmokshan for psoriasis as well as eczema.

These research evidences are more than sufficient to give raktmokshan for psoriasis a chance, right? Yes, raktmokshan definitely is a natural therapy for psoriasis that even research backs. So, it is time you also give it a try and get instant relief. But, wait, as there are some precautions you have to follow while undergoing the procedure. Have a look at the precautions:

  • There is a limit on how much blood is taken out at one sitting. Although there is no mathematical equation, the ayurvedic doctor will decide it on the basis of the severity of your problem.
  • Also, there is a specific time at which you will get best results. Sharad rutu or winter season is the best period for detoxification of your body through raktamokshan. This is taken from ancient ayurvedic texts and you should try to follow it in order to get best relief.
  • Different types of Raktamokshana procedures are mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts for treating various conditions and your doctor should be experienced enough to select the best one for you.
  • Raktmokshan for psoriasis has to be performed under close observation at every stage. Your ayurvedic doctor should be aware of every minor detail and all the major outcomes. This is must to ensure a safe procedure and healthy outcomes.
  • Raktmokshan is not one size fits all. It is performed individually for each person and is tailored after analyzing his or her Prakriti (Body type) and medical history. So, again it depends on your doctor’s understanding.

These were all the precautions and now it seems that the effectiveness of raktmokshan for psoriasis will depend greatly on the ayurvedic doctor. Yes, it is very true and not only raktmokshan, but for every ayurvedic procedure and for taking ayurvedic medicine too, you need to have an ayurvedic expert. Only then your body will gain maximum from this ancient science. Although today it has become easy to order ayurvedic medicines as there are plenty of options online as well as offline, finding the right ayurvedic doctor is still challenging. But yes, an ayurvedic company- paramanand ayurveda helps you in this too. You can simply call paramanand ayurveda and talk directly to a team of ayurvedic doctors. Isn’t it great? No appointment, no queues and no consultation fees.

Yes, you can just call and enquire about raktmokshan for psoriasis or any other ayurvedic procedure or medicine. This is how your journey to a new life would start. But raktmokshan for psoriasis is not the end. After performing sessions of raktmokshan, you have to modify your life according to ayurveda. This will give you a healthy and a psoriasis free life. For this you have to take in a few herbs, change your diet and lifestyle, and the doctor also might prescribe some ayurvedic medicine for a specific period of time. You might also be able to relate your flare ups with some triggers. If you know some food or factors that worsen your flare ups, discuss them with the ayurvedic doctor. If your doctor asks, just stop taking a particular food as dietary changes impact the effectiveness of ayurvedic procedure as well as ayurvedic medicines. So, for a better health, ayurveda demands you to live a disciplined life. in case you are interested in raktmokshan for psoriasis, or want to live a healthy life ayurveda, just call paramanand ayurveda. It is a one stop solution to all your health problems and the key to a healthy future. Problems like psoriasis have a solution only in ayurveda and those who have tried allopathy might have realized it by now. So, it is time you give your skin something really effective.

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