Kalmeghasava is an ayurvedic formulation which contains the goodness of a very famous medicinal herb called kalmegha and it is used extensively for many problems related to stimch, liver, skin and many other parts of your body. According to a study published in a prestigious journal Ancient Science of Life, the author talked about the impact of kalmegh in a chronic infection hepatitis. “Clinical studies on kalmegh in infective hepatitis” was the name of the publication and in this, the authors conducted a clinical study Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata Nees). In this study, he decoction of kalmegh was given to the patients of infective hepatitis and the final impact and results were assessed on the basis of clinical and biochemical parameters. The results were more surprising than anyone can expect. A marked symptomatic improvement in majority of the cases was observed. On the total assessment 80% cases of this series were cured and 20% patients were relieved. Isn’t it a great achievement? Yes, the results are even better than that observed on the use of antibiotics.

ayurvedaIn fact, if we see the comparison between allopathy vs. ayurveda in case of infective hepatitis, ayurvedic medicines like kalmeghasava are found to be much better than antibiotics and we have not one or two but several research evidences proving that ayurveda is the clear winner between allopathy vs. ayurveda. And gradually such proofs are being available not only for hepatitis, but almost all other health challenges human body faces. The main reason behind this is the huge number of side effects of all he allopathic medicines. Secondly, the human body finds it difficult to accept the drugs formed from heavy chemicals. On contrary to this, ayurvedic medicines contain no traces of chemicals and artificially synthesized drugs. All the ayurvedic medicines are made up of natural ingredients and hence the body finds it easy to react to them. And there are dozen other reasons making ayurveda a clear winner among allopathy vs. ayurveda. But, for you it is more about your health and future than the debate between allopathy vs. ayurveda. And you should choose the option that proves to be beneficial for your future health.

Today we will introduce you to some crucial aspects of kalmeghasava, but this is not the only ayurvedic medicine that is extremely beneficial for your overall health and magnificently effective in treating many diseases. If you are new to ayurveda, you must know there are a huge number of ayurvedic medicines that you can use in favor of your health. If you are really serious about living a healthy life in future, ayurveda is the only option. Using ayurveda was not so easy a few years ago. But today ayurvedic companies like paramanand ayurveda offers free online consultation from the best ayurvedic doctors and you can also buy ayurvedic products online at low price and also avail free home delivery. We will talk about it after providing you all the necessary information on kalmeghasava. First you will see the ingredients of kalmeghasava as they will define the healing nature and medicinal properties of the ayurvedic medicine. Following this will be the long list of scientifically proven benefits of kalmeghasava. After this we will see the doses and precautions related to kalmeghasava and then you will get to know how using ayurveda will not only save your health but also your hard earned money.


The major ingredient of kalmeghasava is kalmegha. Kalmegha is scientifically named as Andrographis Paniculata. Andrographis Paniculata or Kalmegh is used since ancient time for treatment of various diseases viz cancer, malaria, diabetes etc. people used it in ancient times because its health benefits were mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts, but today we trust more on scientific evidences. And in scientific studies too, the herb is extremely effective in treating several diseases. According to a recent research article published in a leading journal, kalmegha contains diterpenes, lactones and flavonoids. The plant is traditionally used as antibacterial, antioxidant, antipyretic, anti- diabetic, and in treatment of various diseases ranging from malaria to dysentery. But kalmegha is not all that makes kalmeghasava and it is very strong ayurvedic medicine with a lot of other ingredients involved.

INGREDIENTS OF KALMEGHASAVAKutki (Picrorhiza Kurroa), dhataki Pushpa (Day Phool Or Woodfordia Fruticose), pippali (Kali Mirch Or Black Pepper), rohitaka (Lal Rohitak Chhal Or Tecomella Undulata), Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata), saptparna (Alstonia Scholaris), guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia), kutaja (Bark Of Holarrhena Antidysenterica), shunti (Ginger), twak (Dalchini Or Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), sharapunkha (Sarpunka Or Tephrosia Purpurea), eluva, patra (Tejpatta Or Cinnamomum Tamala), bruhat Ela (Badi Elaichi Or Amomum Subulatum), haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), baheda (Terminalia Bellirica), Pippali (Long Pepper), and loha bhasma are the other natural ingredients. Jaggery is also added to prepare the end product. The process of manufacturing kalmeghasava and any other ayurvedic medicine is kept natural and not chemicals or drugs are added to it. This is believed to be one of the reasons behind the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines.

Whatever is the reason, what we get at the end is magically effective and tremendously beneficial kalmeghasava. And remember it is not about allopathy vs. ayurveda for you, but it is about your health. So, let us see all the health benefits of kalmeghasava.


Just like the natural ingredients of kalmeghasava, the list of benefits of using kalmeghasava is also quite long. This is so because every single ingredient taken while preparing kalmeghasava is a myriad of health benefits and medicinal properties. Let us see some very useful medicinal benefits of kalmeghasava.

Kalmeghasava for liver and spleen disorders

Kalmeghasava for liverKalmeghasava is used in many chronic problems relating to liver. Hepatomegaly is one such disease in which the size of liver increases abnormally, affecting many of the critical roles performed by the vital organ. Kalmeghasava is also used as a cure to Splenomegaly or spleen enlargement. According to research, out of all the ingredients, Guduchi and Saptaparna are known for its efficacy against fever and liver disorders. Apart from these two medicinal herbs, research evidences about Kutki and Pippali being effective against jaundice and hepatitis also exist. And kalmeghasava contain all of these. We can hence say that kalmeghasava alone is enough to deal with almost all liver problems and it does so in a holistic way.

Yes, this is something that cannot be obtained by use of allopathic medicines in all the liver and spleen disorders. But, if you choose kalmeghasava for liver and spleen disorders, you will get all your diseases treated and will also see tremendous improvement in your overall health. Hence kalmeghasava for liver and spleen disorders is the best possible way to get rid of a set of commonly occurring chronic problems.

Kalmeghasava in fever

Kalmeghasava for feverKalmeghasava can help in bringing your body temperature back to normal. Whether it is about dfealing with chronically high fever, or it is just low-grade fever occurring due to fatigue, the only healthy way to deal with it is kalmeghasava. If research findings are to be believed, Kalmegha is an effective anti viral, anti-pyretic herb, anti- bacterial herb. Apart from kalmegha, kutki and pippali, the other two ingredients of kalmeghasava are also proven to be effective against fever due to bacterial and viral infections in your body.

Hence kalmeghasava also becomes very useful in reliving fever and infections. So, fever because of infection in some part of your body, or due to any other reason, all can be cured holistically with kalmeghasava. Not only this, this ayurvedic medicine will assist you in getting rid of the fatigue after fever.

Using kalmeghasava in stomach problems

Kalmeghasava promotes a healthy digestion and helps your stomach digest the food with ease because of its mild laxative nature. With the degrading quality of food we eat today, it is much needed for the proper working of the digestive system. Apart from making your digestive system work in a better manner, kalmeghasava also help in problems like constipation and bowel dysfunction.

Kalmeghasava for stomachBecause of its antibacterial and anti parasitic properties, kalmeghasava is also extremely effective in dealing with intestinal worm infestation. In all kalmeghasava can give you everything you need to have a healthy digestion and a healthy intestine.

These were some of the benefits of using kalmeghasava but the list is still not complete. Because of the presence of loha bhasma, we can use kalmeghasava in anemia as loha bhasma is a very good natural source of iron. And some other ingredients of the ayurvedic medicine make it useful for several skin problems too. You can use kalmeghasava in acne treatment, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Some of these are very complicated problems for which there is no permanent solution in allopathy. This is also one reason behind ayurveda being the winner between allopathy vs. ayurveda. Allopathy still has a list of diseases for which it can only pamper the symptoms while ayurveda can cure almost all those diseases holistically. Let us now see how we can use kalmeghasava for liver and spleen disorders as well as all other problems discussed above.


We will here tell you the usually prescribed doses of kalmeghasava and for the exact amount you should take, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor. The ayurvedic doctors prescribe 2.5 ml to 5 ml of kalmeghasava for children and for adults, this volume raises up to 10 to 15 ml. this much amount taken twice or thrice a day will be safe as well as effective. You can take it after mixing with equal amount of water.

This was the general information on the doses of kalmeghasava and depending on your present health problem and past disease record; you might get completely different volume. So, it is must you consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course of kalmeghasava or any other ayurvedic medicine. Especially when you can get consultation of highly experienced ayurvedic doctor for free with paramanand ayurveda, why take a risk? Yes, you don’t have move out of your house and everything from doctor’s consultation to ayurvedic products online will be available at home. And you can get everything by making just one call to paramanand ayurveda. Actually, this ayurvedic company offering all ayurvedic products online at lowest price is what you need to have a healthy body and a healthy life ahead.

free home deliveryYou can buy ayurvedic products online at lowest price and also avail offers like free home delivery with paramanand ayurveda. Isn’t this company making the use of ayurveda easy? Yes, it indeed is removing all the hurdles from you way to live a healthy and happy life with ayurveda. So, now the only thing you need to use ayurveda is the strong intent to live a healthy life. If you have that intent, by making available all the ayurvedic products online and sending what you need at your doorstep, paramanand ayurveda is helping ayurveda reach every house. So, go ahead and grab the money as well as health saving offers with this ayurvedic company and bring a change in your life by treating your body with ayurvedic products like kalmeghasava.


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