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Have you ever treated fever using allopathic drugs like acetaminophen? It must sound a stupid question as fever is very common and equally common are the drugs for treating it. But do you immediately feel perfectly better right after taking medicinal help? Of course not as the energy level is not the same, yes the body temperature comes down to normal, but weakness subsides gradually, right? What if I tell you that you would no more feel weak, restless, lack of interest and loss of strength as soon as your fever is gone? Yes, it is true, ayurveda has some amazing solutions to your problems, and these solutions act holistically towards the betterment of your health and your life. Today we will talk about an ayurvedic treatment that works as effectively as allopathic medicines for eliminating fever from your body, but it also has some extra benefits.

praval pishtiIn fact, not only fever, praval pishti has a long list of benefits and medicinal uses that you can utilize. One such benefit for which praval pishti is famous for is meeting the calcium requirements of the body. Praval pishti is an ayurvedic calcium supplement that supplies the calcium needed but in a safe and natural form. And it has many more uses towards the betterment of your health. So, in ayurveda, praval pishti is the pearl that is a natural source of calcium, a side effect free antipyretic and much more. In case you are here because you are thinking to use praval pishti, you are at the right place because here you will get all the information related to the ayurvedic formula starting from the initial ingredients, to the last but significant part of possible side effects. Do you think ayurveda and ayurvedic products online and offline have any side effects? While enlightening yourself with a gem of ayurveda, you will get an answer to this as well. So, let us start with the ingredients and method of preparation of praval pishti.

Ingredients and preparation

The major ingredient of praval pishti is shuddha pravala (purified coral). Shuddha pravala is treated with rose water and cow’s milk to get praval pishti. First of all, the shuddha praval is grind to make fine powder and this powder is thoroughly with rose water or gulab arka for almost three to four days. The aim is make a fine powder, what is often referred to as pishti. This powder is then triturated along with pure cow’s milk to make a fine paste. After making chakrikas out of the paste, it is dried and bhasma of the paste is obtained. This bhasma is then triturated with rose water (gulab arka). This process is repeated for almost 21 times and finally praval pishti is obtained from shuddha pravala.

shuddha pravalaCan you see something really amazing in this entire process of preparation of praval pishti? As you can also see, the entire process of manufacturing is kept natural and other than herbal ingredients and natural heating, no chemical is involved. No doubt this makes the preparation abut time consuming, but it is worth spending time because the end product is the real elixir for the health of millions of Indians. All the ayurvedic products online and offline are prepared only via natural process and the use of chemicals is strictly prohibited in any form. This gives the ayurvedic medicines and all ayurvedic formulas a unique and unbeatable strength. And the same in incorporated in your body with the use of ayurvedic medicines. The process of manufacturing and the perfectly defined combination of various herbs and minerals is what makes ayurveda the most effective as well as safe science of healing present on this planet. So, let us see on example from the science in detail- praval pishti.

Uses and benefits of praval pishti

You can use praval pishti and it is beneficial in a variety of diseases. Starting from the use of praval pishti for fever to the bones, you can find the name in almost all the common problems your body faces. Here is the list of some benefits of praval pishti.

Praval pishti can treat cough and cold

praval pishti for cough and coldWhether it is something simple like non-productive cough or it is an acute respiratory disease like asthma. Praval pishti is useful in all of them. This is the natural way to deal with the cough that bothers you with the change in season, or the asthma that troubles your breathing with change in humidity in the air. You no more have to stay in a fear of all this because praval pishti not only treats them, but it ensures the annoying infections don’t hit you in near future. Especially in asthma with difficulty in coughing up sputum, praval pishti is used.

Use praval pishti as a cardiac tonic

praval pishti for cardiac tonicPraval pishti also takes good care of your heart as it is a natural cardiac tonic. Apart from keeping the heart healthy, it also assists you in problems like heart palpitation and tachycardia (a heart rate faster than normal rate). Whenever your heart beats faster than normal, palpitations is also common. And there is one solution to so many problems arising out of your heart issues- praval pishti. Praval pishti keeps things in order and that too without disturbing any other organ of the body. This general use of praval pishti makes it extremely useful because you know very well how common heart issues are in today’s world. So, it is better you act on time as your heart is the most important organ.

Praval pishti for bones

praval pishti for bonesSince praval pishti is a natural source of calcium and vitamin C, it is extremely useful for bones. It is the best replacement to the artificially synthesized calcium supplements which are too heavy for the body to digest. And because it is loaded with calcium, it automatically treats many bones related problems like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and low bone mineral density. All these problems are extremely painful and not easy to be tackled outside ayurveda. But thankfully, ayurveda has given us praval pishti for bones. It treats quite painful diseases and also helps in the development and maintenance of healthy bones as well as teeth and cell membrane.

Praval pishti for acidity

praval pishti for acidityIt improves the strength of your digestive system. It is a natural antacid as it reduces acid production in the stomach. The word natural is not just a word, but it is an implication that praval pishti is safe and free from all the side effects. It helps you get rid of acidity naturally. And if you take ayurvedic help from praval pishti for acidity at the initial stage, you can prevent severe conditions like ulcer, ulcerative colitis, sometimes anal fissure and bleeding piles. If unfortunately your acidity has taken the form of any of the above stated diseases, then also praval pishti is useful, but here you will have to take it with some other ayurvedic medicines since the problems are not too small. If you’re the nature of your stomach is too much acidic, better you seek help from ayurvedic praval pishti for acidity as it will solve the problem permanently. On the other hand, allopathic antacids are temporary masks that suppress the symptoms for the time you spend money on them. So, it is clear which method of treatment your stomach deserves, right?

Some other benefits of praval pishti

Praval pishti is famous for treating bone related problems. But praval pishti for fever treatment is equally advantageous. You get to lower down the body temperature, and at the same time, you get the energy lost due to high temperatures. This energy boost allow you to get back to work really soon and no need to remind that it does so without inducing any side effects. This is the beauty of ayurveda and all ayurvedic products online as well as offline inherit it from the science.

praval pishti for feverApart from dealing with common problems like fever naturally and holistically, praval pishti is also used to treat weight loss and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a kind of infections and not only it is difficult to treat, but it also weakens your bones and entire body.  To overcome this weakness really soon, the best alternative in front of your eyes is none other that praval pishti. Praval pishti help your bodies fight with and overcome the weakness introduces due to any health issue. Not only this, it also leaves no stone unturned in preventing all those diseases. It accomplishes this by strengthening the immunity (disease fighting capability of your body). Immunity has a great role in determining the overall health of your body as it not only saves you from chronic diseases, but also prevents the day to day illnesses that hamper your health badly.

Not only the diseases are the problem, but if you are using anything other than ayurveda, then the treatment itself leaves so many ill effects in your body. So, if you think commonly occurring infections like cold and cough only are a hurdle in your work, wake up and start thinking about your health too. It is your body that has to struggle through the bad times and in long run, it is your body that is going to bear the consequences of whatever way you choose to treat it. So, be careful and be caring towards your health.

Doses and possible side effects of praval pishti

The standard dose of praval pishti that is generally recommended by every ayurvedic doctor is between 125 to 250 mg one time dose. And this can be repeated twice or thrice everyday depending on the need. The supplementary dose of praval pishti will vary as it will be determined by the ayurvedic medicine to assist which you are taking praval pishti. Sometimes praval pishti is also combined with other ayurvedic formulas to enhance the effect or heal multiple problems at the same time. If you are using only praval pishti, taking it with ghee, butter or honey is also very effective.

dosage-2Praval pishti is one of the safest medicines in ayurveda and you really don’t have to think about side effects while using praval pishti. The most common side effect associated with praval pishti is nothing but mild gas. Yes, it is a treatment for acidity, but sometimes it can cause gas that will vanish after sometime of taking the dose. Also, since praval pishti contain only herbal components, it is safe for everyone including pregnant and breastfeeding women. In fact, to meet the calcium needs during these two phases of life, women regularly use praval pishti.

It is high time you adopt ayurveda for health and let your body breathe in peace. There is too much of pressure on every part of your body right now. From outside, environmental pollution and changing temperatures are exerting pressure and from inside, the 24*7 working brain is not letting your mind rest. Over and above that, we add the unnecessary supplements and drugs to disturb even more by the undesirable health hazards. But now, it is time to bring some change in your life, and it is definitely going to improve your life as well as life expectancy. From any minor to major ayurvedic medicines, none depends on chemicals and all have least side effects.

So, nothing can beat ayurveda for health in terms of effectiveness and safety. And hence, nothing can be a better treat to your body than gifting it with ayurvedic products. Let the nature take charge of your health for a while and you will see remarkable differences. And in case you struggled in past for getting an ayurvedic medicine, it is a pleasure to tell you that you can get all the ayurvedic products online now. There are many companies, and a company like Parmanand Ayurveda even does it without charging for delivery. Yes, you can now get any of the ayurvedic products online and get it at your doorstep and you will have to pay only for the medicine. Isn’t it amazing? What are you waiting for now? Go grab the chance and get whatever you need- praval pishti and all other ayurvedic products online.

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