Praval panchamrit ras- the mixture of five ultimate bhasma is nothing less than an elixir for human health. If you have a doubt, all your doubts will vanish by the end of this article and you will leave from here with an all new perspective of healing. Treating disease was never the same before the reintroduction of ayurveda. It is reintroduction because actually ayurveda is one of the most ancient sciences of healing. It was lost in background behind the false claims made by pharmaceutical companies. Although the origin of ayurveda lies deep into the Indian culture, in India also ayurvedic medicines were forgotten for quite a long time. One major reason behind this was rare availability of ayurvedic medicines.

But today, ayurveda is back because of many companies like parmanand ayurveda providing free home delivery for each and every ayurvedic medicines. So, if you are aware of all the benefits and magic of ayurveda, but could not use it because of the problem of availability, things are not the same today. Whether it is praval panchamrit ras or any other ayurvedic medicines, you can find them all under one roof, and not only this, you can get it as your doorstep with no delivery charges. And for those who still have a doubt, today we will tell you everything ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras can do for us. After this you will have affair idea of what ayurveda is and how it is different from all other healing sciences present today.

Ingredients and Preparation of praval panchamrit ras

mukta bhasmaPraval panchamrit is a combination of many ayurvedic bhasma. All of them are prepared by excessively heating one substance or the other and hence are a storehouse of health benefits and healing properties. But praval panchamrit ras is the king of all because it is made up after mixing and processing not one or two but five incredibly beneficial bhasma. This is the secret behind all the power you would see in praval panchamrti. It is even clear with the name as well. “Pancha” means five and “amrit” is elixir. So, praval panchamrit ras is the elixir made up after mixing the following five bhasma: mukta bhasma, shankha bhasma, shukti bhasma, kaparda bhasma, pravala bhasma.

All these bhasma are somehow reduced to fine grained powder. It can be done by any process of tool, but there should be no chemical intervention at any step. To this fine powder, we then add cow’s milk or arka sheera. The mixture thus formed is triturated and a paste is obtained. This paste is rolled on to make circular plates, or chakrika. The plates are kept in sunlight to dry. Dried chakrikas are kept in sharava samputa and also given gaja puta. Finally the powder thus obtained is praval panchamrti ras and it is stored properly.

The manufacturing may differ from brand to brand, but one ayurvedic rule that everyone has to strict to is no use of chemicals. Ayurveda is based on the healing power of nature and natural product and when you introduce artificially synthesized chemicals in any form, it is believed that the healing power of nature is affected. So, there can be many methods or preparing ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras, but all of them will be natural. Let us now see the actual healing power of praval panchamrit ras- the ayurvedic tonic for your stomach, respiratory tract and many other body parts.

Uses and benefits of praval panchamrit ras

Treat bloating, indigestion, burping and all digestive disorders with praval panchamrit ras

Bloating is a condition when you feel your stomach is very full and heavy due to gas. It is a very common problem, but some people are troubled by it more than others. Bloating is often seen in patients fighting with irritable bowel syndrome, and even other digestion related issues. In fact, all the problems arising inside your stomach have some direct or indirect relation with the process of digestion.  This means if we take care of the digestive process, we can easily eliminate more than half of the problems occurring inside your stomach. But this also is quite impossible in today’s world where the quality of food is too bad and lifestyle also is not healthy.

All of us experience some kind of gas, but sometimes it is a cause of excessive pain and discomfort, and it is during this time we feel that something is not right with our digestion.  The only way you can see here is to grab ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras for stomach and ease your suffering stomach. This will not only act as a digestive stimulant, but will also relieve you from problems like gas, burping etc.

Deal with Ascites naturally using ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras

praval panchamrit ras for AscitesAscites occurs most often in people with liver problems, but certain types of cancers, peritoneum infection and trauma can also cause the problem in many. As a result of Ascites, your stomach swells too much and you start feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Not only discomfort is an issue, swelling in legs and difficulty in breathing are also followed by this. Uneven breathing may also lead to rapid heart palpitations sometimes. Rapid weight gain, swollen ankles, portal hypertension, reduced appetite and lethargy are some other symptoms an Ascites patient experience.

Sometimes we have no idea about what is going on, but the root cause ion most of the cases is some type of liver malfunctioning. And to deal with it naturally, ayurveda has a solution in the form of praval panchamrti ras. Praval panchamrit ras is good for your liver, and has the capacity to fix everything going on wrong inside it. So, better trust the most ancient science and gift your body a natural healer in the form of praval panchamrit ras.

Splenic disorders can also be treated ayurvedically

praval panchamrit ras for Splenic disordersSpleen is a fist sized organ that is under your rib cage in the upper left part of your abdomen toward your back. Its function is to drain any outside thing out if it is harmful for your body. This protects your body from several infections, and if this part itself is affected by some sort of infection, the entire mechanism of drainage in the body suffers. So, to deal with all types of splenic disorders, you can use ayurvedic praval panchamrti ras. Praval panchamrit ras is extremely beneficial in treating bacterial infections in the spleen. Also, it is a great alternative to medicines in case of enlarged spleen.

Get rid of cough and asthma using praval panchamrit ras

praval panchamrit ras for cough and asthmaSome feel that asthma is nothing but a chronic form of cough. Do you also feel the same? Well, Asthma is really an annoying problem which is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the air passages that carry air from the nasal area and mouth to lungs and vice versa. When a person suffers from asthma, he or she finds it difficult to breathe in outside air and thus, feel suffocated and congested. This congestion is somehow related to cough only; hence we can say that if on right time we control and treat cough, asthma can also be controlled. And for both you can use praval panchamrti ras. Yes, praval pancahmrit ras is a solution of something as serious as enlarged spleen, and at the same time, it can be sued against minor infections like cough.

Anorexia and malabsorption syndrome are no more a big issue because praval panchamrit ras is here

praval panchamrit ras for AnorexiaCommonly resulting from persistent digestive disorder, anorexia is an irritating issues these days, specially with all the size zero freaks. In an attempt to reduce weight, we get into extreme dieting and the same embeds into our appetite permanently. We do not feel like eating anymore and this creates so many deficiencies in our body. We start feeling weak day by day, lethargy surrounds us, our productivity decreases and several other problems start appearing. The food and nutrients not reaching the intestine is one problem that can be controlled externally. Although no one can force you to eat, but with some help from praval panchamrit ras and determination from your side, you can overcome anorexia.

Another problem is malabsorption syndrome in which no matter how much you eat, you will stay nutritionally deficient because the intestine has lost the ability to absorb food. This case is a bit tricky, isn’t it? But the good news is that you can deal with all suing praval panchamrit ras. This ayurvedic formula can treat everything that is related to your digestion and stomach. And thankfully, while treating such an important function of your body, it leaves no side effect.

Deal with fatal diarrhea using ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras

Diarrhea is not chronic until and unless you cannot control the rapid loss of fluids from your body. It can happen all of a sudden with unstoppable vomiting, loose motions, or may take a praval panchamrit ras for diarrheafew days to vanish. But in these very few days, all the liquid from your body can be drain and your condition can become worse. To avoid this some people recommend drinking a lot of fluids. You have to be sure that you drink more water than you lose out due to the infection daily. This is the best way to beat the disease, but what if the loss of fluids is still faster than the intake? Here, there is an immediate need to treat diarrhea, and for dealing with it, you can go for ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras.

By now you might have seen that praval panchamrit ras is extremely useful in treating many diseases naturally. Apart from the diseases and problems stated in the above section, the same ayurvedic formula can also be used in antral gastritis (the acute form of gastritis) and urinary tract disorders like urine retention.

So, now you know in which all problems it is best to trust praval panchamrit ras. Praval panchamrit ras is great for your stomach, best for your liver, and even better to treat some urinary tract problems. If you also are suffering from any of these problems, the ultimate solution is waiting for you. Do you know how and when? Taking ayurvedic medicines at the right time and in the right combination is must to grab all the benefits they has in store for you. Hence, it is time you see how you should use praval panchamrit ras.

How to use praval panchamrit ras

Praval panchamrit ras is extremely beneficial provided you use it only in the amount appropriate for your body type, medical history and present severity of the disease. For this, you need to consult a good ayurvedic doctor. In general, 250 mg of praval panchamrit ras is safe and effective curing all the problems, but a doctor can help you in deciding on a dose that is exactly needed by your body. It can be taken either after your meals or before you eat. Doctors often prescribe you with natural honey and ghee or cow’s milk. And many other times to enhance the healing power, it is taken with pipalli choorna, nimbu swarasa.

allopathy vs ayurvedaWe won’t go much deeper into allopathy vs ayurveda, but when a permanent and healthy solution to all your problems is there, why you still are spending so much on buying harmful temporary solutions? The antacids for treating digestive issues, other antibiotics for liver problems and many other drugs for treating major and minor problems, all lies in the category of artificially synthesized chemicals. There is no drug on this planet which is totally free from possible side effects. But ayurveda is one such science that offers holistic healing of your body, that too without costing any undesirable side effects to your innocent body. It is the healthiest way possible for treating the issues and fixing things inside. So, now you must be clear about what should be done, right?

Ayurveda has a solution for everything, even for the diseases which are incurable through drugs and allopathic medicines. Praval panchamrit ras is just one example and the healing power of ayurveda is unimaginable. You can assess its power by the fact that it has cure for disease of the decade even when it was written centuries ago. It works by balancing the three essential elements of your body- vata, pitta and kapha. If these three are in sync, everything will be alright inside and outside your body. So, keep these three, and everything else balanced to live a balanced life with ayurveda and ayurvedic praval panchamrit ras.