Ayurveda is considered as tradition Indian medicinal science by many, but many scientific studies and reports conducted recently have advocated the use of praval bhasma for dealing with some common issues like cough, asthma, cold, eyes diseases, calcium deficiency etc. Is it really beneficial? Is praval bhasma actually a rich and natural source of calcium? Today we will analyze the benefits and effects of a famous ayurvedic medicine- praval bhasma, a bhasma which is traditional in nature but is backed by scientific proofs for effectiveness. If I tell you right now that pravla bhasma is a great cure for so and so disease, it won’t be different. You will get the same info at many other places too. The dilemma about the safety of ayurvedic products online and offline, some other crucial questions about ayurveda and the truth about life with ayurveda are all going to create an unsolved puzzle in your mind. And this puzzle may finally convince you to continue the same harmful treatment with drugs.

So, it is better you decide yourself what you have to do with your body and how are you going to treat your illnesses. Of course, by providing complete and authentic information about the healing science ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine praval bhasma, we are going to assist you in taking the right move for a healthy body and a long life. Ideally this should be the aim of every one- saving your body from everything that can create problems and improving its strength so that you can live your life happily. And life with ayurveda is definitely the same. All other healing sciences either provide temporary relief or have so many side effects that you lose your overall health and immunity just to treat one disease. Hence, the only method of treating we can rely on is ayurveda- the ancient yet modern science. Even the researchers today have started figuring out that ayurveda and ayuvedic medicines are extremely beneficial and every day a new research proves that the ayurvedic medicines actually do what they claim.

This makes it easier than ever to trust ayurveda and hence people are getting interested in life with ayurveda once again. Why not? Who would not love to have a healthy body and that too so easily? So, let us now see every minor detail about praval bhasma and make it easier for you to stay healthy.

Ingredients and preparation of praval bhasma

All the present studies conclude that ayurvedic praval bhamsa is really effective in fighting with calcium deficiency, bone loss due to calcium and estrogen deficiency and many other such problems. Also, almost all of the studies emphasize on the use of this ayurvedic preparation as it deals with many day to day as well as severe problems like osteoporosis. Some research findings have also proved the effectiveness of praval bhasma against osteoporosis and other bone metabolic disorders. So, all this make it worth spending time on knowing praval bhasma and for this you must first know what make praval bhasma so much beneficial.

coral pieces

The major ingredients of praval bhasma are purified coral pieces. These pieces of coral are further reduced to make fine powder by grinding it. Once you get a powder, grinding is done and now you have to treat it with aloe vera juice or shatavari juice extract (Asparagus racemosus root). So, putting these together and grinding once again is enough to mix the two well. Sometimes, aloe vera juice extract and shatavari juice extract are replaced by jayanti juice extract or cow’s milk. So, with the powder you can choose any one of them four herbal extracts and make cakes in disc shape. These cakes are subjected to very high temperature of approximately 800 to 900 degree Celsius. This extensive heating is continued for about three to four hours and at the end of this you get absolutely dried cakes.

The entire process is repeated three times to get white colored bhasma we call praval bhasma. And this praval bhasma is then made available in market for use in several health issues. By the way, do you know you can now order praval bhasma and all other ayurvedic products online? Yes, you can buy ayurvedic products online and with some ayurvedic companies, you don’t even have to pay any delivery charges. We will talk about this too in detail, but let use first see all the possible diseases which can be treated with praval bhasma.

Uses and benefits of praval bhasma

Praval bhasma is used in various types of diseases, but particularly, it is used in the health complications that arise due to imbalance in Kapha and Vata. There are several dosha (defects or imperfections) that may occur when there is disturbance in the levels of vata, pitta, or kapha. And ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like praval bhasma work by influencing any one or two or all the three elements of life. Let us see all the benefits of using praval bhasma.

Natural calcium supplement

Natural calciumPraval bhasma for osteoporosis is extremely famous, but how does it work? Praval bhasma is the best ever natural source of calcium and calcium if what you need badly for healthy bones and teeth. Proper levels of calcium in your body is an assurance that in your lifetime you don’t have to deal with painful issues like arthritis, low bone density and of course, osteoporosis. So, by supplying calcium naturally and elevating the levels of calcium in your body, praval bhasma treats so many deficiency problems and at the same time it also prevents many future health complications that otherwise are likely to hit you after certain age.

Now you may wonder what about a dozen of calcium supplements available in market? These supplements are no doubt great at supplying calcium, but since the calcium is not in natural form, it is not easy for your body to digest it. In addition to this, calcium supplements are loaded with possible side effects. So, clearly, praval bhasma for osteoporosis and other bone related diseases is the only healthy way to ensure you have enough of calcium.

Praval bhasma is also good for your eyes

prawal pishti for eyesPraval bhasma for osteoporosis and other calcium deficiency outcomes is famous, but only a few of you might be aware that praval bhasma is also famous for treating many eye disorders. Apart from being a good treatment for eye related disorders, praval bhasma also enhances the vision power. So, with regular use of praval bhasma, not only your bones will be stronger, your eyes too will stay perfectly healthy. Isn’t it great? Wait, there are a lot of such benefits waiting for you.

Praval bhasam for cough treatment

prawal bhasam for cough-1Praval bhasam for cough and cold treatment is also tremendously effective. Minor cough is alright and you can afford to wait for it to clear with time, but the real problem occurs when this turns into chronic problem for your respiratory tract. At this stage even breathing becomes a challenge. But, it is a good news that you can treat some chronic respiratory diseases, sever cough and cold with praval bhasma. Talk to a doctor and he will prescribe praval bhasma for cough treatment with some other ayurvedic medicines. Shukthi bhasma, rasa sindoora and vamshalochana choorna are the most common companions of praval bhasma.

Praval bhasma is effective in bleeding disorders

The reason behind bleeding and in some cases excess of bleeding may vary, but you can regulate the flow of blood with the use of praval bhasma. Whether it is normal bleeding issue such as nasal bleeding in hot summers, or it is something extremely painful like bleeding hemorrhoids, pravla bhasma can solve each one of the problem. Yes, now you have a natural and safe treatment for all types of bleeding disorders.


Regulate sweating with praval bhasma

praval bhasma for sweatingSweating is healthy, but it may lead to loss of fluid and more importantly loss of salt from the body in case it is in excess. Excess of anything is bad, and hence excess of sweating is not at all healthy, so you should treat it before it disturbs your entire body. Wait, we are not asking you get a bundle of drugs for such a minor issue. Especially when you know excess of sweating can be regulated ayurvedically with praval bhasma. You can get excessive sweating, sweating at night and excess sweating in children solved aith ayurvedic pravla bhasma. To treat sweating related disordersm, abhrak bhasma, vamshalochana, bhanapsa kashaya and vasa swarasa are prescribed with pravala bhasma.

Some general uses of praval bhasma

Now you know that praval bhasma can be used to deal with a variety of problems, but if you think this was all, you are wrong. There are a lot of other benefits of praval bhasma. The ayurvedic medicine can be used in conditions like painful micturition and leucorrhoea. The overall nature of praval bhasma is just like a cooling agent that sends relief to all types of burning sensations creating trouble in your body. Although it helps in making your digestion better, in case you have burning sensation in stomach due to gas or acidity, that can also be solved using praval bhasma.

And enhancing digestive power is not all that praval bhasma can do. You can also raise you immunity- the disease fighting capability of human body with regular and right use of praval bhasma. This is something that only ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic products online and offline can do for you. Allopathic medicines suppress the reaction of your immune system against anything going on wrong in your body, while ayurveda believes in enhancing the immunity as it is beneficial in prevention of diseases long term. The list of benefits of praval bhasma is quite long, and you will get to know the names of some more diseases when you consult your doctor, now let us quickly see the safe dose of praval bhasma.

How to use praval bhasma

Praval bhasma is usually available in the form of tablets and each tablet weighs approximately 200 mg. Generally it is safe if you take two tablets of this weight every day. One can be taken after your breakfast and the second one at night before you go to sleep. You can have it with butter, milk, ghee, sugar or preferably honey. The dose may vary according to the problem you are taking praval bhasma for, and hence it is best you consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting your course. He will not only help you in deciding on the exact amount of the ayurvedic medicine you should take, but may also suggest some other ayurvedic medicines based on your problem.

The safety of praval bhasma is quite established for a normal adult, but it is best you do not self medicated if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding your little one. The safety of praval bhasma for children too is not well established; hence you should consult a doctor before giving praval bhasma to your child.

Now you have all the information about the amazing ayurvedic medicine- praval bhasma with all its positive as well as possible negative effects. Next step is to get praval bhasma. Although getting praval bhasma and other ayurvedic products online and offline is no more difficult because everyone today is turning today to ayurveda, but there is always a doubt on which one is best. Considering the high demand of ayurvedic medicines, many ayurvedic companies have started manufacturing all sorts of ayurvedic medicines, but ayurvedic products online are highly expensive because of the heavy delivery charges imposed by the companies.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for this too. Try ordering any ayurvedic product online with parmanand ayurveda and you won’t be charged for the delivery. Yes, you will have to pay only for the product and not even a single penny for delivery. So, this completes the package of a holistic cure for so many problems- starting from the step one of making of praval bhasma to the best and easiest way of getting the final product, you have all the info about praval bhasma. Now, using praval bhasma regularly and getting results is up to you and your intent to get a healthy body.

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