There are over 355 million menstruating women and girls in India, still millions of women across the country face significant issues related to menstruation. This is not the real problem, but the actual threat is that most of the Indian women somehow cope up with the excess of pain, heavy bleeding and other such issues. Rather than trying to find a solution, they try to learn living with these problems only because they think it is normal. According to the reports of a survey conducted by Government of India, girls received inadequate education on menstruation pre-menarche. Post-menarche, education programs focus on the biological aspects of puberty, with limited focus on psychosocial needs. And then is the ambiguity in defining a normal period. With an attempt to gift you a one stop solution for all your menstrual problems, we will today try to understand what is not normal in relation to menstrual pradantrakcycle and when should you consult an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, ayurvedic doctor because it is no more difficult to consult an ayurvedic doctor. You can anytime call paramanand ayurveda, an ayurvedic company which lets you talk to one of the best ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi for free. There are some other reasons you should consult an ayurvedic doctor and we will talk about it in the coming sections, and right now, let us see what pradarantak ras is and how it is useful in menstrual problems.

Pradarantak ras can be used in the treatment of bleeding disorders relating to gynecological problems because it can settle all the issues by simply bringing the Vata and Pitta level back in balance. As far as allopathic medicines are concerned, you will have to first find out the exact cause and the treatment of menstrual disorders will depend on the cause, right? But in case of ayurveda, we already know that any irregularities in the menstrual bleeding is because of the imbalance in the pitta and vata levels and if anything can bring them back in sync, you can easily have a healthy menstrual cycle. Here pradarantak ras is of use. Ayurveda has gifted us with so many gems that can be used to enhance women health and this one is priceless because most of the women today struggle with some menstrual problem or the other. Let us see the ingredients of pradarantak ras and then we will have a closer look at its benefits and uses.


purified and processed mercury3The powder of following heavy metals and ayurvedically prepared bhasma are taken as ingredients to make pradarantak ras. Suta (purified and processed mercury), shuddha gandhaka (herbal purified sulphur), vanga bhasma (tin calx), rajata bhasma (bhasma of silver), kharpara bhasma (bhasma (calx) of zinc sulphide), varata bhasma (bhasma (calx) of cowries), and loha bhasma (bhasma prepared from Iron) are the major components of pradarantak ras. Apart from these natural but strong ingredients, pradarantak ras also contain what we often refer to as elixir. Juice extract of Kumari or aloe vera is the herbal ingredients and is taken in quantity sufficient for grinding for one day. Yes, the powder blended with aloe vera extract is ground for one entire day to obtain pradarantak ras.

 ingredients to make pradarantak rasAs far as all the heavy metals are concerned, it is now clear that after processing them ayurvedically, we get a safe and medicinally strong form of metals. The second type of ingredients is ayurvedic bhasma. These bhasma too are potential cure for many ailments but when they are mixed together, we get an extremely powerful mixture we call pradarantak ras. Last but not the least is the extract of aloe vera. The chemistry of the plant has revealed the presence of more than 200 different biologically active substances, which include antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, activities of the nonvolatile constituents of the leaf gel. There are several other benefits of the aloe vera extract and in India it is used by millions of people. But this is not our primary concern as we are here to see what the mixture of all these herbal and natural ingredients can do. So, let us see how pradarant ras for menstrual problems is useful.


pradarantak rasHealthy adult females usually menstruate normally with negligible pain and average blood flow. Yes, if you are being told that pain in normal during periods, let me tell you that if you are suffering from acute abdominal pain, you are in trouble. Something is not right and you should fix it as soon as possible. The lack of medical help sought by the participants in this study suggests that either females don’t feel or realize this is a problem, or have learnt to cope up with it, highlighting that more research and awareness is needed.

This is just one myth regarding menstruation and many more are coming in the section, but right now we will see two most common complaints that can be solved with ayurvedic medicines like pradarantak ras. Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia are among the most interesting complaints confronting the gynecologist. They result from a variety of both organic and functional diseases, but more than this, it is important to understand that you are actually suffering from a problem. You can use pradarantak ras for menstrual problems, but only when you know that have one.

Now you know that excess of pain is not normal in menstruation, you should also know that your whether your bleeding is normal or not. The normal amount of blood lost during each period should be about 30 to 50 ml. There is no practical way to measure the amount of flow, however, and its evaluation is therefore rather subjective. If you also approximately loose this much amount of blood, you are undergoing a healthy menstruation.

Pradarantak ras in Menorrhagia

Pradarantak ras in MenorrhagiaHeavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) or menorrhagia is extremely common, affecting a quarter of the female population, yet many women aren’t aware that they have it. Menorrhagia and hypermenorrhea refer to an increase in the amount of menstrual flow to 90 ml or more. Heavy bleeding in itself is a big problem, over and above this, it can negatively impact on physical, emotional and social quality of life and reduce work capacity of women. These are minor issues and menstrual problems are a real threat to a woman’s health because of some other reasons too. We will discuss them soon, but before that, we are glad to tell you that you can cure menorrhagia by using pradarantak ras for menstrual problems.

Also, the excess of blood loss in menorrhagia increases susceptibility to iron deficiency, which if left untreated may progress to iron deficiency anemia. And by using pradarantak ras for menstrual problems like menorrhagia, you can stay strong because it contains loha bhasma. It is the best natural source of iron.

Pradarantak ras and Metrorrhagia

Pradarantak ras and MetrorrhagiaMetrorrhagia is any kind of abnormal bleeding from the uterus. It can be related to menstruation or Abnormal vaginal bleeding may occur independent from menstruation. Bleeding related to the cycle may be abnormal in timing, duration, or quantity. One instance of metrorrhagia is hypomenorrhea. Hypomenorrhea refers to a decrease in the amount of menstrual flow to substantially less than 30 ml per cycle. There are many ayurvedic medicines which can help you out with hypomenorrhea, but if you want a holistic cure for all types of bleeding disorders, pradarantak ras for menstrual problems is the only solution.

Whether it is heavy bleeding or excess of pain or negligible blood flow, a variety of gynecological problems are associated with abnormal menstruation. Invasive cervical cancer may cause menometrorrhagia or postcoital bleeding, or both. Tubal pregnancy may cause oligomenorrhea followed by metrorrhagia. And hence if it is related to menstrual health, you should not ignore it. If you too have any of these issues, you must know how to use pradarantak ras for menstrual problems. So, let us now see how you can use this magnificent ayurvedic formulation.


dosageThe generally prescribed dose of pradarantak ras for menstrual problems is about 125 mg once or twice a day. This medicine, like many other ayurvedic medicines can be taken before or after food or along with honey and ghee. But to get the exact dose of pradarantak ras you need, you will have to consult an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, there are no side effects of ayurvedic medicines, but for that you must talk to an ayurvedic doctor first. Only then one can be sure of a safe and effective treatment with ayurveda.

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