Know About the Magnificent Healing Capabilities of Abhrak Bhasma

abhrak bhasma health benefits

What Can AbhrakBhasma Give Us That Can Never Be Possible With Any Counterpart? Being a complex machine, our body always requires some micro and macro elements that are required for the proper functioning of our body. Moreover, these elements must also be natural and not artificial because, of course, artificial elements will always demand something […]


Get Idea About The Immense Health Benefits of Laxmivilas Ras


What is Laxmivilas Ras Good for? How Is It Beneficial for Our Health? Ayurveda is something we can’t even imagine the overall benefits of. It not only treats our health issues but gives us immense calmness, confidence as well as everything else required for living a healthy and fit life also. There is no other […]


Amazing Natural Health Benefits of Amla Juice-THE AYURVEDIC ELIXIR

Amla juice benefits

If Hindu mythology is to be believed, amla juice originated from the drops of amrit (elixir) and it is worshipped on amalka ekadashi every year, but Ayurveda has more realistic reasons to call amla juice the real elixir of the century. Today we will tell you all the reasons you should use amla juice and […]


How is Drakshasava Helpful in dealing with our health Problems?

Drakshasava benefits

What according to you Ayurveda is? Is it just a form of medical science or something else? I believe Ayurveda is the base of our living. No, I don’t mean to say that the people who have not adopted Ayurveda in their life are not living their life, but they are missing this really crucial […]


Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice For Your Health


Out of the four indispensable vegetables listed by Christopher Columbus, aloe vera was the curing one. He considered aloe vera to be a source of healing, and today we are here because the world after so many centuries is finally accepting what the great explorer claimed during one of his journeys. And this was not […]


Uses & Benefits of Abhayarishta – Complete Guide For Abhayarishta Usage

benefits of abhyarishta

When it comes to a treatment method that not only treats the disease, but removes it from roots also, the only name that comes to mind is “Ayurveda”.  Ayurveda controls all the three “doshas” or types of body named “vatta”, “pitta” and “kapha” and help us live our life to the full of it. For […]