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Your bones are strong enough, aren’t they? Well the answer to this may vary with time if you do not take care of your bone health. And this is when we need something like ortho oil to take care of the bones and relieve our body from pain. Yes, bones appear to be rock hard, but they also are the first part of body to be affected with age. You will find so many people above 50 or 60 who have some sort of problem with their bone. This is a result of constant wear and tear, and if you think this is unavoidable, here my opinion differs from yours. Yes, with time and age bones are not the same, but they can be kept as strong and disease free if you proactively take care and once you are in a particular stage, use what is best for your bones as well as body. If you keep on going without thinking about your body, health and of course bones, one day these will force you take out time for them. And on that day you would realize had I acted on time, the inconvenience, pain and suffering could have been avoided. So, if you still have time, start looking at your bone health too, and if already you have invited some sort of pain in your legs, back or neck, arthritis, or have continuous pain in your joints, we have a solution for you.

ortho oilOrtho oil is what your aching joints and suffering muscles need for long lasting relief. Actually during our lifetime regenerative process takes place in our bones too. The old tissues get replaced by new tissues. If the rate of generation of new ones and degeneration of the older tissues are in sync, thing are fine. But once this rate is disturbed, it affects your bone density and low bone density is the real cause of all bone and joints related problems. There are several reasons behind lowering of bone density. In older people it is generally seen that due to aging the density of bones gets lower. And when people struggle with this problem at younger age, we blame the lifestyle and bad food habits. Whatever is the reason, finally we have found the solution in ortho oil. Ortho oil is the most amazing that could ever happen to millions of arthritis patients, and it is like a dream come true for another millions struggling from some kind of joint problems. Since there are so many patients who still don’t have a solution to the acute pain arising out of bone, joint or muscle related issues, we must know everything about this holistic cure that can give relief to all of them

Starting with the ingredients which are mixed together to form ortho oil, we will move on to understand the action of this amazing oil in all the types of problems it can be used. Then we will also tell you the right way to use orho oil to gain maximum benefit while avoiding any complications. So, first we will see all the ingredients as they are the real source of all the power ortho oil has.

Ingredients of ortho oil

Sesamum indicum, or what we commonly call as till oil is the major component of ortho oil. While preparing ortho oil, it is this oil which is taken in maximum amount as it is also known as the king oils. This name is given to it only after considering the amazing and unbelievable medicinal properties the oil has. So, by using ortho oil, you are also gaining everything that till oil has in store for you. But to enhance the effectiveness, seven other extremely powerful oils are also mixed. Only after mixing till oil, flaxseed oil, camphor oil, pudina oil and cheed oil the immensely effective ortho oil is obtained. And these are the ingredients that make ortho oil in arthritis effective. Each one of these is medicinal oil and has tremendous pain relieving properties. Can you imagine how much effective the solution after mixing all of them would be? You would get to know about it once you start using ortho oil.

till oil

You might have heard the names of some of the herbal oils that are mixed in a particular proportion to make ortho oil and some are completely strange for you. Out of these, flaxseed oil or linseed oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. While its oral intake has proved to delay bone loss, the external application is good in relieving pain. This oil is a storehouse of vitamin B, magnesium and manganese. Similarly, camphor oil (Cinnamomum camphora) is also a well know medicinal oil with capabilities of improving circulation, preventing skin infections, helping in nervous disorders and relieving spasms. Third oil used in the manufacturing of ortho oil is cheed oil (Pinus roxburghii) which in itself is a prominent cure for arthritis. So, ortho oil in arthritis is effective and safe because of its constituents only.

Some least heard yet extremely beneficial ingredients present in ortho oil

Gandapura (Gaultheria fragrantissima) and nirgundi (Vitex negundo) are also present in this herbal oil. Both of these are famous in ayurveda and natural healing for their anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Apart from this pudina oil (Mentha Piperata) is also taken in some amount. You might have used pudina in some form or the other with or without knowing that it contains very strong medicinal properties. But pudina oil is something that might surprise you, but trust me, it is just a collection of all the medicinal properties and nutritional benefits of pudina in concentrated form. The health benefits of peppermint oil as well as peppermint oil uses have been documented back to 1,000 BC and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids. The ancient Chinese and Japanese folk medicines have been used it for a long time. The instances of the same oil being use as medicinal oil can also be seen in Greek mythology.

And the last one is jyotishmati oil (Celastrus Paniculatus). So, this is ortho oil- the perfect blend of some oils that are famous today and some that were well known in the history. Overall, we can say that it contains some of the healthiest and strongest oils present on this planet. And all these are the secret to the healing abilities of this oil. But one thing we are sure about is- ortho oil is a cost-effective natural solution to replace pharmaceutical drugs. We will give you an unbiased comparison of pharmaceutical drugs and ortho oil, but first let us see which all problems can be dealt with ortho oil.

Uses and benefits of ortho oil

The general benefits of ortho oil are improvement in blood circulation to all the parts of the body, and specifically to the part which is pain, bringing movement in stiff muscles and limbs, treating all types of pain arising out of some problem in bones or muscles and other issues relating to your bones, joints or muscles. These are not all and the list of benefits of ortho oil is quite long. But the best part is that unlike pain killers and some other oils claiming to treat arthritis and other bone related problems, ortho oil is a great source of long lasting relief. Yes, the effect of most of the other solutions available is temporary and short lived. You have to take many doses of pain killer regularly, and then also, the pain is back as soon as you leave taking antibiotics. But ortho oil differs greatly as by absorbing deeper, it not only provides quick relief, but the relief is long lasting. Let us now see all the problems in which we can use ortho oil.

The role of Ortho oil for muscles is irreplaceable

orhto oil for musclesMuscles are the real source of pain sometimes and the reasons can be genetic or non genetic. If it is a genetically inherited problem, then you can have muscular issues at any age. Non genetic ones usually hit you with increasing age. In both the cases, ortho oil for muscles can be your cure. Regular use of ortho oil for muscles reduces the intensity as well as the length of painful episodes. While doing all this, it doesn’t create any internal problems; in fact, it is good for your skin too.

You can use ortho oil for muscles for dealing with pain in legs, back or neck as well

Legs, back and neck are the most affected parts. With increasing age, these parts start to tire soon and you cannot walk or stand for too long. Some cannot work while sitting because they have issues with their neck. To deal with all this, it is best you seek help from ayurvedic ortho oil. Ortho oil will give you relief immediately after application and it is also safe to use.

orhto oil for joints pain

Get rid of acute pain in joints and shoulders with ortho oil

Legs and back are affected either due to problem in your bones or muscles, but what about the joints that allows us to make so many different types of movements? Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries. All of these are extremely painful and you cannot work with any one of them. The only way to get back to work soon and getting long term effectiveness in pain and other symptoms, regularly massage the affected joint with ortho oil. This simple act will give you unexpected results.

How to use ortho oil

uses of orhto oilUsing ortho oil for muscles, and ortho oil in arthritis is extremely easy. You don’t have to spend a lot on buying antibiotics, neither you are supposed to make a decoction of herbs and drink the bitter solution many times a day. Ortho oil does its work by getting absorbed deep into the skin and hence you need to apply it topically. Only 5 ml to 10 ml of ortho oil is more than enough as this will penetrate deep and will give you instant relief. Take out a few drops of ortho oil, and spread it on the affected part. Give the affected part as gentle massage for about 5 minutes or till all the oil is absorbed, leaving the skin almost dry. You can do this massage twice every day. It would be better if you take slightly warm ortho oil because it will help in speeding up the absorption and the faster the oil is absorbed, the sooner you will get relief in pain and other symptoms.

This was just a normal use of ortho oil and it is enough to help you out with mild pain and initial stage of arthritis. But there are many out there who are actually bearing a lot of pain day and night. Some cannot even stand properly because of joint problem while other cannot do their work because of pain in neck. For all of them, it is recommended to use ortho oil in combination with other herbal or ayurvedic products because they need immediate help. Taking it in combination help in improving your condition fast, hence talk to your doctor about it. And now, the best part about ortho oil- absolutely no side effects. Yes, since ortho oil contain only herbal components, and no chemical intervention is permitted even in the manufacturing of the oils, you can use it without worrying about the side effects. And the best part is you can get any ayurvedic medicine online, so, there is no issue of availability.

ayurveda dietThere are so many short term and long term effects of the pain killers you usually take to deal with the pain in bones and joints. They not only affect your physical well being, but also interact with so many receptors and hamper the activities of your brain too. Till now, you might be taking the risk because you had no other option. Actually, herbal cures and ayurveda diet have been with us for a long time now, it is just that now more and more people are taking steps after being severely affected by the side effects. Whatever is the reason, if a particularly transition is good for your health, it must be done. And transiting from the heavy drugs to get ease in pain to ayurvedic ortho oil that heals your problem holistically is what you need to do immediately.


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