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hajrul yahud bhasma

Hazrul Yahud Bhasma Can Alone Help You Get Rid of Number of Health Ailments

The balance of our tridoshas is considered vital for the proper functioning of all our body parts. This is because, as per Ayurveda’s perspective, these tridoshas are the base of our body and everything starting from the skeletal structure to the everyday activities we perform depends upon these tridoshas only. Well, you might be surprised to hear this, but, even our nature and decision making qualities are also described by these tridoshas. And keeping this concept into mind, the Ayurveda practitioners give us the solution for our health issues that first work to balance the respective dosha, hence, further working on the health problem. This is the reason, Ayurveda is said to have the ultimate holistic solution for our every health problem.

One such ayurvedic option is Hazrul Yahud bhasma. It is a well-known name in the field of Ayurveda, but, there are people among us who don’t know about the exact use of this ayurvedic medicine. At the very first, I’ll simply give you one line answer that Hazrul yahud bhasma is a perfect kapha and pitta shamak medicine. Yes, this ayurvedic medicine works brilliantly to balance the pitta and kapha aggravation in the body and then solves the associated health issues. But, how does it do so? How can it work so efficiently on the kapha and pitta doshas? Well, let’s talk about the same.

Ingredients of Hazrul Yahud Bhasma

Hazrul yahud bhasmaWell, the list of ingredients of Hazrul Yahud bhasma consists of only one ingredient and that is Hazrul yahud or ber patthar. It is a stone which is grey in color and possesses the appearance like a ber (Indian Plum), hence, named as ber patthar. This potent stone is used in many other medical sciences as well instead of just being used in Ayurveda. Well, of course, all the other medical sciences have got their origin only after the thorough studies of Ayurveda. So, having one or the other element of Ayurveda in them is not a surprising thing.

Now, if we talk about the ayurvedic medicine hazrul yahud bhasma, it has got many magnificent medicinal properties from hazrul yahud. These properties include:

  • Diuretic
  • Lithontriptic (the kidney and bladder stone dissolving property)
  • Antipruritic
  • Anodyne etc.

Being an ayurvedic medicine, it consists of certain ayurvedic properties as well, which include cold potency, diuretic and lithontriptic therapeutic effects etc. Now, we are going to talk about the goodness of hazrul yahud bhasma that we get. But, before that I would like to mention the other name of Hazrul yahud bhasma as well. Don’t get confused if you hear the names like:Sange yahood bhasma

  • Sange yahood bhasma
  • Ber Patthar Bhasma
  • Badarashma Bhasma
  • Calcined Lime Silicate

As these are the other names of this brilliant ayurvedic medicine only. As till now, everything related to the ingredients of hazrul yahud bhasma along with the several medicinal as well as ayurvedic properties has been discussed, it’s now time to have a glimpse on the health benefits of the same as well.

As mentioned earlier, this is a great option to balance the kapha and pitta doshas in the body. So, we can easily consider it a great option to deal with the various health issues that occur due to the imbalance of these two doshas in the body. If I name some common health issues, these include kidney stones, dysuria, renal colic etc.

I believe we must have a look on the details of the health benefits of hazrul yahud bhasma.  So, let’s talk more.

Health Benefits of Hazrul Yahud Bhasma

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are common now-a-days. The problem is both painful as well as problematic. Of course, the people suffering from it can understand the fact. But, what exactly is a kidney stone and how does it impact one? Well, the answer is here.

Hazrul Yahud Bhasma in kidney problemsA kidney stone is basically the hard deposit made up of the minerals and salts that form inside the form inside the kidneys. The kidney stones are addressed with this name because they mainly impact the kidneys, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t affect any other organ of the urinary tract. Well yes, your kidney stones can impact any part of the urinary tract. But, what are the reasons behind the occurrence of kidney stones in the body? Well, let’s talk about some of the factors causing kidney stones now.

These factors include dehydration due to the lack of water or fluid intake, crohn’s disease, certain urinary tract infections, thyroid etc. The point to notice is that this health problem mainly impacts the males more than the females and that too the people between the age group of 30-50 years.

Well, not in every case do the kidney stones show any symptom. The visible symptoms will be there only if the stones are big in size. Well, if we talk about the visible symptoms of kidney stones, these include:

  • Severe and sudden pain in the urinary tract
  • Blood in the urine is also a common symptom
  • Fever and chills in the severe cases
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Vomiting, nausea etc.


The person feeling pain, burning sensation or discomfort while urinating is said to suffer from dysuria. Dysuria is a health condition that makes one of the most common urge, urination, really painful and troublesome for the sufferer. Although there are many reasons behind being suffered from dysuria, the urinary tract infection (UTI) is considered the most common as well as frequent cause for the same. Unlike kidney stones, this health problem mainly impacts the women and that too the young women.

If we talk about the causes of dysuria, these include:

  • Hazrul Yahud Bhasma for DysuriaSome injury or trauma to the genital part
  • Applying the irritating or allergic products to genitals
  • Hormonal imbalance as well as vaginal dryness
  • Any neurologic condition causing difficulty in emptying the bladder
  • Certain medical conditions like diabetes or auto-immune disorders etc.

Well worry not as there are certain things that one can do to prevent the occurrence of dysuria. These include:

  • Intake of lots of liquid
  • Urinate after sexual intercourse and during bedtime
  • Maintaining proper hygiene
  • Don’t hold or avoid the urge to urinate for a longer time period
  • Avoid excessive sex or alcohol consumption during the problem
  • Avoid consuming deep fried or spicy food items as well as non-veg. during dysuria etc.

Renal Colic

hazrul yahuda bhasma for colicThe pain that occurs in the urinary tract due to the bigger size of the stones is called renal colic. This pain and discomfort can occur in any part of the urinary tract including the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. In the cases of small stones, the renal colic might be mild (occasionally), and the sufferer can easily pass the stone while urinating without much trouble.

But, whenever the stone is bigger in size, the pain can be really intense and excruciating. Moreover, these stones block the urinary passage. As renal colic is caused by the stones, the symptoms of renal colic are also same as the stones. Let’s have a glimpse on the symptoms of renal colic.

  • Pain and difficulty urinating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in the urine along with fowl smelling and cloudy urine
  • A constant and urgent need to urinate etc.

There are certain factors that increase the risk of getting the urinary stones and renal colic. These include:

  • Diet rich in oxalate or protein
  • Genetic or personal history of urinary stones
  • Dehydration associated with sweating, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Obesity or urinary tract infection
  • Certain disorders like hyperparathyroidism, inherited diseases etc.

Urinary Retention

The inability to completely or partial empty the bladder is medically termed as urinary retention. The person suffering from urinary retention either remains unable to start urinating or remains unable to empty the bladder even after urinating. Urinary retention is basically of two types:

Acute urinary retention – The person remains completely unable to urinate even after having the bladder full.

Chronic urinary retention – The sufferer can urinate, but doesn’t remain able to completely empty the bladder.

Hazrul Yahud Bhasma for Urinary Retention

The problem of urinary retention affects the males during their 50s and 60s, whereas in females, this problem occurs when she gets the bladder moved out of the position. If we talk about the causes of urinary retention, these include:

  • Enlarged prostate or bladder stones
  • Infections that cause the swelling or irritation
  • Certain medications or constipation
  • The nerve problems interfering the signals between the brain or bladder
  • Weak bladder muscle etc.

Severe discomfort and pain as well as the urgent need to urinate are the symptoms of acute urinary retention. If we talk about the symptoms of chronic urinary retention, these include:

  • Mild but constant discomfort
  • Weak flow of urine
  • Difficulty starting to urinate
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Damage to the bladder and chronic kidney disorder etc.


Well, ringworm or tinea has nothing to do with any kind of worm and is a form of fungal infection. This fungal infection infects the skin of the sufferer. Ringworm basically causes the scaly, crusted rash appearing as round, red patches on the skin. Ringworm is highly contagious infection that can easily transfer from one person to another.

Although the problem can impact anyone, it is very common in children and impacts them more. This problem is of different types like scalp ringworm, skin ringworm and groin infection. If we talk about the different symptoms of ringworm, these include:

  • Hazrul yahud bhasma for RingwormSmall patches of the scaly skin appearing on the affected skin
  • Broken hair on or near the patches
  • Itching under the rash
  • Swollen glands and tiredness in case of ringworm on the beard area etc.

You need to be more careful about ringworm as compared to some other infectious disease. This is because you can get this health problem from your pet also. Well yes, ringworm can affect the animals as well and it can get transmitted to your body also from there.

The sufferer must take care of certain points like:

  • Washing the skin gently
  • Don’t rub the skin. Pat them softly with a towel.
  • Wear loose fitted clothes etc.

Well, all the health problems mentioned above directly or indirectly impact the lifestyle as well as the regular activities of the sufferer. But, worry not as Hazrul yahud bhasma is the perfect answer to all these health issues. But, of course, to achieve the health benefits of Hazrul Yahud Bhasma, you need to be aware of the dosage of the same as well. So, let’s now talk in detail about the dosage of Hazrul Yahud bhasma.

Dosage of Hazrul Yahud Bhasma

The standard prescribed dosage of Hazrul yahud bhasma is 125-500 mg twice a day. This ayurvedic option is traditionally recommended to be taken with either of coconut water and Ashmarihar Kwath. Well, I just mentioned that it is the standard dosage of this medicine. But, let me inform you that the dosage of hazrul yahud bhasma or any other ayurvedic medicine simply depends upon the different factors like age, gender, weight, digestive power of the patient, current medical condition as well as medical history. Hence, the dosage of any ayurvedic medicine varies from person to person.

Dosage of Hazrul yahud bhasmaSo, the best and safest way is to consult the ayurvedic doctor and then go for the dosage of the ayurvedic medicines. Moreover, as this medicine is consisted of pure mineral, it can be hazardous to go for the self-medication, especially in certain medical conditions like pregnancy, lactation, any chronic illness etc.

Here, you might have got the idea that no ayurvedic medicine can give you the negative effects if you intake the same after consulting the ayurvedic doctor and that too in the prescribed manner. But, this is not the same in the case of other modern medical sciences. In the modern pharmaceutical medicines, no matter how much you are careful about the dosage of the particular medicine, you’ll surely start getting the side-effects after some time. Moreover, you can never use any pharmaceutical medicine in the form of some health supplement. But, you can do the same in case of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has always been doing only the good and there can be none to blame Ayurveda for any kind of loss. The major reason is that Ayurveda had been introduced only after years of research over almost all the natural herbs, minerals and other elements and the research is still going on. Ayurveda has been with us since years even before it had got its name. All the elements used in Ayurveda have been used since the pre-historic times. This is one of the major reasons for why Ayurveda understands us so well and deep. Don’t you think so? I believe the people who have been using Ayurveda for long times might have understood my point, right?

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