Are you living a perfectly healthy life? Sexual problems are often categorized as a separate domain, but they also are a part of your health. If you are struggling with any type of sexual disorder, weakness, or any other problem, don’t be ashamed of it as this also is a health issue. Just like cough, cold, and fever, sexual disorders are also diseases and they can be dealt with naturally. Ayurevda has a solution for everything and this also is no exception. Musli pak is the ayurvedic tonic that is all a man needs to become sexually healthy and live a happy life. And this is not all, musli pak has a lot more to offer. Let us see what all ingredients are used to make this ayurvedic tonic and who can use it.

Ingredients of musli pak

Safed musli and go ghritaSafed musli and go ghrita are the two main components that make musli pak. Safed musli gives musli pak almost twenty seven alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, saponins, polysaccharides and steroids. Other herbal and natural components that when mixed in small proportions with safed musli and go ghrita make an amazing and perfect mixture named as musli pak are black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, ashwagandha, haritaki, Jaiphal, Kaunch Seeds, Kamalgatta, Javitri, dry ginger, shatavar and gokhru. It is possible that you are reading many of these names for the first time. Don’t worry, in no way it is going to affect the effectiveness of the ayurvedic remedy- musli pak. Musli pak is also known by other names like moosali paka.

Uses and benefits of musli pak

Musli pak is generally famous for dealing with sexual problems in males, but to your surprise, it has many other uses too. Do you know musli pak can also be used by a female? If not, then you are not aware of everything that musli pak can do for you. let us see all the benefits and medicinal uses of the ayurvedic health tonic- musli pak.

Weight gain

weight lossYou can have a much better digestion by using ayurvedic musli pak. It is due to trikatu. Wondering what trikatu is? Trikatu is combination of dry ginger, black pepper and long pepper. These three primary ingredients are excellent at improving your digestion and once your digestion is better you can easily gain weight. Musli pak is also used by many to treat anorexia. Loss of appetite or anorexia can also be treated ayurvedically with musli pak. You might have seen people struggling to loose weight. Yes, obesity definitely is a problem, but ask those who want to gain weight. It is tough to shed those extra kilos, but trust me friends, it is even tougher to gain even a single pound.

A lean body is not at all attractive and no matter how much intelligent, beautiful and fair you are, nobody will call you smart if you have an excessively lean body. Some of your friends make fun of your body while others don’t take you seriously. To avoid all this and gain weight in a healthy way, you can use musli pak. If you haven’t read the last line carefully, I plead you to read it again. There are several products that claim to help you out with weight loss and weight gain, but doing it while not compromising with your health is really important. You rarely find such a product that helps you have a healthy weight without affecting your health negatively. But if you use musli pak, your health will get better day by day and your weight will also rise gradually.

Nourishing tonic

Due to the deteriorating quality of food and unhealthy lifestyle, it is uncommon to find people using health and nutrition supplements. Musli pak can act as a nourishing health tonic and will provide you with everything essential for the proper functioning of your body. And here comes the beauty of ayurveda, while giving you most of the essential nutrient and minerals, musli pak takes special care of your health. Musli pak has no side effect as it strictly contain natural ingredients. Apart from providing nourishment, musli pak also acts as hemoglobin level raiser. It is used by many in conditions like anemia.

Benefits for male

benefits for menWith change in time and thinking, now males have also started to accept that the problem of infertility can occur not only in women but also in men. With this acceptance comes the concern of curing the problem. The problem of infertility in men can arise either due to malfunctioning of the reproductive organs, or some sort of problem with sperms. Either the sperms are not enough to reach and fertilize the eggs, or they and of low quality. In both the cases, your chances of becoming a parent decrease. Talking to a doctor sometimes help and sometimes doesn’t help at all. It is hence better you go on with a method that is going to give you results for sure.

Musli pak is an ayurvedic tonic that is going to improve overall functioning of male reproductive organs. This way it kills one of the most common causes of infertility among males. Musli pak is also famous for improving the quality and quantity of sperms. Hence, musli pak is the bets way to deal with male impotency, any problem with sperms, or even reproductive organs malfunctioning.

Sexual problems

Apart from the improper functioning of the sexual organs, there are many other sexual problems that may occur at some point of time in your life. And this is nothing to be ashamed of because it can happen with anyone. The most important action you should take is to try to understand the root cause of the problem. If all your reproductive organs are working fine, then what is creating the problem? Yes, musli pak is definitely going to help you out, but before that you should analyze and find out what is causing the problem in your body. Premature ejaculation, sperm disorders or low testosterone levels have a very common reason. These problems commonly arise due to stress, anxiety and general weakness. In a short while you will get to know how musli pak helps you come out of any kind of weakness. Now we are left with two problematic things- stress and anxiety.

These two are small words when we read them, but they carry enough power to ruins anyone’s life. You personal life, professional growth and sexual desires, everything can be affected drastically due to stress and anxiety. To get rid of sexual problems, and all other problems in your life, you first have to work towards removing these from your mind. Here also musli pak comes to rescue you. You can use musli pak regularly and the tonic will give you a calm mind.


LeucorrheaLeucorrhoea is referred to the vaginal condition that causes abnormal white discharge from the female genitals. It is also known as Vaginitis. This is a critical disease which must be treated in time; else it causes weakness and reduces fertility in female. There are several over the counter medicines and drugs to treat the disease, but the side effects accompany them too. It is good to opt for holistic approach in solving this problem and that also is the safest way to treat leucorrhoea- ayurvedic musli pak. It is an effective laxative that eliminates toxins from the body and treats the vaginal discharge. This is all a leucorrhoea patient needs, right?

Leucorrhea should be diagnosed properly and treated with the best possible treatment method. And nothing can be better than ayurvedic musli pak as it is not only natural but also safe and effective. Regular intake of musli pak in appropriate dosage helps every woman to fight with this uncomfortable condition. There is a general belief that musli pak can be used only by men, but the reality is that it is safe and can be taken by women as well.


murli pak for weaknessIf you feel tired all the time and have also tried to check your sleeping patterns, then you might be a victim of weakness. In today’s fast moving world, we have so many things to do and in this race of finishing everything first, we often forget to take care of our body. The first and foremost source of energy for human body is the food we eat, but think about the times you have skipped meals in the past week. It is not uncommon for we busy people to work with a cup of coffee for the entire day.

This is common, but it is unfair for our health. If this continues for a long time, weakness hits your body and fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, and dizziness are some of the common symptoms of this problem. First of all you should not compromise with your sleep and food. This is the key to a healthy life and a disease free body. But this is not going to give you immediate relief and for instant relief you can take help from ayurvedic musli pak. Musli pak is helpful in treating all kinds of weaknesses be it fatigue or muscle weakness.

How to use musli pak

Ayurvedic musli pak is easily available online and some companies in India also provide you free home delivery. So, getting ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep is not at all difficult anymore. Now you also know everything about the magnificent ayurvedic tonic, and hence we can tell you how you have to use musli pak in order to gain maximum benefit. Although the exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, we still can have a general dosage that is safe and effective for all. You can take 6-12 grams of musli pak with milk everyday once or twice. If you want to use it only once a day, have it with a cup of milk after dinner. In case you have any doubt, consult your doctor first.

Precautions and side effects

The first precaution is to keep the tonic away from the reach of children. Secondly, it should also be avoided by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. If you belong to nay of these categories, not only musli pak, but you should avoid any medicine. In case of emergency or some health problem, first consult your doctor and only then think of using any medicine.

Apart from this, musli pak is safe for everyone else provided you take in safe amount. Overdose is generally not chronic, but because it is heavy to digest, it may cause bloating, constipation and other such problems. Also, since it is a natural medicine, it will take some time to show visible results. Don’t expect the outcomes to become visible after first few doses as ayurveda is a holistic healing method, and for healing your body holistically, it will need some extra time.

So, you might have got a fair idea of musli pak as well as ayurveda. As you can see, musli pak is extremely effective and you can use it for a long time. The only mistake people do while using ayurveda is not being patient. Patience is something you require in order to let the ayuredic medicines work. If you expect them to act as soon as you start taking them, you will be disappointed. And this disappointment will not be due to the ineffectiveness of ayurveda, but because of your misunderstanding of the holistic healing science. So, next time you use musli pak, or any other remedy, ask yourself to have patience and wait for the magic to happen. If you can do so, the magic will happen really soon.

Yes, for those who want an instant cure, ayurveda may not be your cup of tea. Ayurveda doesn’t treat the symptoms of the problem, but it cures the disease. Treating and masking the symptoms can be done with the blink of an eye, but holistically curing even a small problem requires time. Hence it is better you choose the way according to your needs, and we can assure only one thing- ayurveda is a science for life and it will never ever leave you hopeless.

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