Pain is a very common complaint among the generation of today. Not only the older group, but the younger generation too is ailing because of backache or pain in arms and legs etc. What is the solution? Of course taking pain killers is the only solution, right? No, if pain killers were the solution, nobody in the world would have complaint of the pain considering the amount of money spend every year on pain killers. Yes, pain killers are drugs loaded with side effects and used for temporary masking of the pain due to any reason. You get relief, but this relief is only for a short while and the temporary action cost your health very high. By taking pills regularly for one reason of the other, you are actually sacrificing with your long term health. What is the solution then? Definitely ayurvedic trayodashang guggulu is all you need to deal with any type of pain, but how it differs from the allopathic drugs?


Ayurveda is entirely based on the healing power of nature and by blending the herbs in defined proportions; the healing power of herbs is enhanced to manifolds. Also, the strict “no drugs and artificially synthesized chemicals” policy creates a huge difference. This preserves the beauty and healing power of all the herbs involved, and also is a reason why so many people trust ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines today. Ayurvedic medicines are indeed effective; otherwise, it is quite difficult to persistently rule the medicinal world for so many years, in fact, centuries. Since ages, ayurveda is the only holistic and scientific science of medicine in the past. With time, almost everything in the medicinal field has changed, but even today ayurveda is the only science that offers holistic healing. Once you choose ayurvedic medicines over allopathic ones, they not only take the responsibility of curing a particular disease, but also keep a check on what other destructions can the problem do while going. Also, all the ayurvedic medicines are a permanent solution to all your problems. If you go ahead and treat a particular problem with ayurveda, it will treat the problem and not symptoms of the problem. And the same holds true for trayodashang guggulu for arthritis and other problems. Have a look at the ingredients of trayodashang guggulu and you will get to know a few more differences.


Abha (Acacia nilotica Linn.), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Hapusha (Juniperus communis Linn), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Vriddhadaru (Argyreia speciosa), Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata), Shatahva (Anethum sowa Kurz), Shati (Hedychium spicatum), Yamani (Trachispermum amami), Nagara (Ginger), and Sarpi (ghee) are some of them herbs that are taken as ingredient in the preparation of trayodashang guggulu. Apart from these herbs taken in small amount, we have one major ingredient ruling the healing properties of trayodashang guggulu. It can also be sensed by the name that guggul is the key ingredient of trayodashang guggulu. What we also know as kaushika is taken in very high quantity in the preparation of this ayurvedic formula. In India, guggul is quite famous and if you are close enough to nature and natural herbs, there are chances that you know something about it.

gugulluApart from ancient evidences proving the usefulness of guggul, we also have scientific reports claiming that guggul reduces the absorption of fats and cholesterol in the intestine. Some other reports also suggest that this natural healer reduces pain and stiffness and increases tolerability to the treatment in osteoarthritis patients. In yet another scientific report, it was mentioned that guggul stimulated the thyroid gland in rats, increasing both iodine uptake and the activity of thyroid enzymes. There are several other benefits of guggul for health and almost all of them have scientific evidences backing up the use. For instance in a study named “Guggul for hyperlipidemia: a review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration” the use of guggul for hyperlipidemia were evaluated in detail. Not only scientific texts were examined in this study, but expert opinion, folkloric precedent, history, pharmacology, kinetics or dynamics, interactions, adverse effects, toxicology, and dosing of the ayurvedic formulation were tested.  After taking input from various sources, it was concluded that guggul indeed was an unbelievable healer with no side effects. This is just one example and there are many other such scientific studies that conclude with the safety and effectiveness of guggul, but we are here to know in detail about trayodashang guggulu, right?

With guggul, we have already introduced you to half of the medicinal capabilities of trayodashang guggulu, but here is a list of all the benefits of using this ayurvedic formulation.


pain in arms and legsTrayodashang guggulu in pain

Some people complaint of lower back pain while others have to deal with pain in arms and legs. For some others, sciatica is the cause of trouble and all this can be taken care of with the use of trayodashang guggulu. By addressing the root cause of these pains, trayodashang guggulu beautifully takes your body out of chronic pain. And while doing this, the ayurvedic medicine also does some favor for your body in terms of raising its health so that you never complaint of the same pain again in future. Isn’t it amazing? You will realize the magic of trayodashang guggulu and all the other ayurvedic medicines on using the product.

Trayodashang guggulu for joint

orhto oil for joints painJoints are the most common source of pain and any problem in joints cannot be tackled with allopathy easily. You also might have noticed that most of the people suffering from locked jaw and knee joint pain choose ayurveda for a better and easy life. And yes, we must admit that the ingredients of ayurvedic medicines like trayodashang guggulu are capable enough to heal all these complicated problems with ease and holistically.


rheumatoid arthritisTrayodashang guggulu for Arthritis

Pain due to arthritis and myalgia is said to be the most acute and severe, and to calm down the intensity of pain, you need something even stronger. And thankfully, this ayurvedic formulation indeed is powerful enough of taking all your pain away and gives you a sense of ultimate relief. If you were also taking pain relievers till now, try trayodashang guggulu for arthritis and see the difference. In the next section, we will tell you how to use trayodashang guggulu for arthritis and in all other problems too.


Doses of Chaturmukh RasThe usually prescribed dose of trayodashang guggulu is a tablet or two taken twice or thrice a day. You can take it anytime, either after having food or before your meals. Generally, it is prescribed to be taken with warm water, alcohol, milk or meat soup. These will depend on the disease for which you are taking trayodashang guggulu. And for knowing the method of using trayodashang guggulu that suits you the best, you need to talk to an ayurvedic doctor. Yes, you have to consult an ayurvedic doctor, but unlike ayurvedic medicines, you cannot just go to any ayurvedic doctor, right? You can buy ayurvedic medicines from any store and ayurvedic products online also, but when it comes to consulting an ayurvedic doctor, he or she should have knowledge about ayurveda. We will tell you the best place where you will find all the ayurvedic products online and will also get the advice from qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctors, but before that, let us see all the possible complications that can arise on using trayodashang guggulu.


cunsult a doctorUnlike allopathic medicines, the list of possible side effects of trayodashang guggulu is not very long. As it is an ayurvedic product, one can expect absolutely side effect free action and yes, trayodashang guggulu for arthritis and other problems is completely safe provided you take it in extremely high dose. Taking it in a very high dose than prescribed may lead to stomach irritation and some other temporary stomach issues. In case you persistently suffer from one or the other stomach problem, immediately talk to your ayurvedic doctor as trayodashang guggulu might not suit you. In that case, your doctor will give you another set of ayurvedic medicines that will provide you with more or less similar effect.

Apart from minor stomach disturbances when taken in a higher amount, there are no permanent side effects of trayodashang guggulu for arthritis and for all other problems too. In fact, this holds true for almost all ayurvedic medicines. They are perfectly free from side effects and are also highly effective. Not only in India, but people in other countries too have started realizing the same and there is a rise in the demand of all ayurvedic products online and offline. This has also created competition in the field of ayurvedic medicines, but you don’t have to worry about it. We will tell you about an ayurvedic company which provides you with all ayurvedic products online at lowest price. Paramanand ayurveda is one stop solution for everything you need to use ayurveda for a better life. Starting from ayurvedic doctor’s consultation for free to free home delivery and a collection of all the ayurvedic products online, this company indeed is the only place you need to go to save your money as well as health.