Struggling with infertility is a traumatic and quite upsetting experience that many couples have to go through these days. Although the so called advanced field of medicines has evolved over time, the rate of infertility is continuously climbing up. And the worst part is, even after spending a lot of money on allopathic treatments, millions of couples stay hopeless of years. However, with time, people have realized that the only effective way to combat infertility is in natural treatment for female infertility. Nature heals most of human diseases better than allopathy, and it holds true in case of infertility as well. Millions of women in America alone suffer from infertility and the problem is uniformly distributed all over the world.  So, for all those females who are struggling with infertility and want a timely, low cost and non invasive fertility treatment, we will talk about all the natural treatment for female infertility available. Also, we will see how ayurvedic cure for infertility helps you when all others disappoint.

Before directly jumping on the solutions for infertility, let us first see what actually infertility is and what its causes are. There are two broad classes of infertility- primary infertility and secondary infertility. Primary infertility is a condition when the female is unable to conceive despite having unprotected sex at least for a year. On the other hand, secondary infertility is the case when one has a child, but cannot conceive another one. Many times, conceiving is not a problem, but retaining the pregnancy for full term is not possible. This too comes under the category of infertility and the female might go through several sudden miscarriages. This is even more horrible than not conceiving. Have you ever wondered what causes all this? Just like treatment for infertility, its causes too are not very clear. But, we have a few reasons identified by researchers from decades of observations:

  • Poor nutrition is said to be the cause of infertility. And in this age, we eat so much of junk and preserved food, there is only a few percentage of humans taking proper nutritious diet. It is important for everyone to take care of this aspect, but for a female trying to conceive, it is even more crucial.
  • Stress, anxiety and a few other mental conditions also sometimes blocks the normal functioning of female reproductive system.
  • Both- absence of physical activities and excess of exercise are believed to be the cause of infertility. But, not every female indulging in excess of physical workout is infertile. So, there are also some other reasons.
  • Some hormonal problems also give rise to infertility in females. Actually, due to imbalance in hormones, disturbed ovulation, PCOS, hypothalamic dysfunction and premature ovarian insufficiency can hit female reproductive system badly.
  • One of the leading and clear causes of infertility in females is infertility is obesity. Being overweight is not only otherwise unhealthy, but is also a problem if you are trying to conceive.

In order to treat infertility, all these causes are needed to be reversed. Except age, which also is a huge factor in deciding your fertility, it is possible to reverse every factor listed above. No you don’t have to rely on allopathic drugs as they fail badly in treating more than 50% of the factors listed as causes. But, there are natural ways to get rid of hormonal imbalance. Some dietary changes can also help you come up with a reproductively healthy body. So, let us see what the natural treatment for female infertility all about is. After this, we will see how ayurveda makes a difference.  With a hope that ayurvedic cure for infertility gives us, we will see how one can avoid all this tragic experience and make your journey of becoming parents easier and successful. However, rather than jumping on to what according to research is the best cure for infertility; let us see all the options available as natural treatment for female infertility.

  1. Fertility promoting supplements: there are various supplements being sold at unreasonably high prices under the claim of increasing fertility in both females and males. Yes, the prices are quite high, but, none of them is effective in reality. These are some chemically synthesized supplements and by just putting the tag of natural, something does not become natural. However, there are a few herbs that actually promote fertility. Evening primerose oil is a herbal oil that is rich in GLA, a component responsible for increasing cervical mucus and strengthening uterine function. Another such alternative is chasteberry is other herb responsible for balancing estrogen and progesterone ratio. Yes, these herbs are indeed beneficial, but, there is not much research on how to use them. The success rate is also quite low.
  2. Exercise to balance hormones: Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of infertility. To reverse it, there are some dietary changes and lifestyle changes that can help. One of the lifestyle changes in this natural treatment for female infertility is exercise. As stated earlier, absence of physical activities is responsible for many problems, hence directly as well as indirectly contributes to infertility. So, try to change you routine and accommodate some light exercises. You can start with a walk of 20- 30 minutes and later on add some yoga or exercises. There are some particular poses that are known to boost fertility. Take help from a professional and see the changes.
  3. Irregular or abnormal ovulation in a woman is responsible for about 25 percent of all female infertility problems. So, if you have irregular periods, there are chances that you will struggle to conceive. So, the first step in the natural treatment of female infertility is to regularize the menstrual cycle. This also can be done with the help of some herbs. Ashoka, dashmool, guggulu and shatavari are a few to name.
  4. It is believed that a diet rich in nutrition and components like vitamin C also play significant role in the natural treatment of female infertility. So, to increase your chances of conception, just talk to a herbal doctor or a diet expert.

These were some of the ways one can deal with the problem of infertility. However, none of them is a holistic and complete solution that would give guaranteed results. Also, if you have more than one health issue, the natural treatment for female infertility will disappoint you. Considering the percentage of couples suffering from infertility and the emotions related to the problem demands a complete package that can simply give a couple hopes regardless of the reason behind infertility.

Let me tell you about the best infertility treatment that can help you and your partner to complete your family with the giggles of a child. It is nothing but ayurveda. The ages old science has solution to many modern problems that allopathy cannot resolve and infertility is also one of them. It is worth noting how ayurveda helps you when all others disappoint. Ayurveda is a holistic healer that heals humans by balancing the three doshas of human body (vata, pitta and kapha doshas). Let us see how ayurveda helps in dealing with infertility. This how would also answer the questions about such a high success rate of ayurvedic cure for infertility.

  • With the help of ayurvedic medicines, one can get back in a healthy state. This holds true not only for physical health, but your mental health also improves. There are ayurvedic herbal combinations in ayurvedic cure for infertility that heals the female reproductive system. Herbs like guggulu, shatavari etc helps in keeping cysts, UTIs and all other such diseases at bay. On the other hand, we also have herbs that can balance the hormonal disturbances and regularize your menstrual cycle. So, ayurvedic cure for infertility works by eliminating all the possible reasons in the uterus that might be coming between you and your dream of becoming a mother.
  • Stress is one of the causes of infertility. The entire environment is stressed and it is not possible for anyone to avoid it totally. Unfortunately, the allopathic drugs do not resolve the problem at all. Rather, they induce a lot of side effects which act against your possibilities of conceiving. Here too, ayurvedic cure for infertility is a blessing. Ayurvedic medicines work in synchronization with your body’s natural mechanism and keep your mind calm. Once you are stress free and your body is physically capable of conceiving, you can naturally beat the problem of infertility.
  • A combination of a few natural ayurvedic medicines usually heals amazingly. But, it takes some time. The herbal medicines will take different time to show results depending on the intensity of your problem. But, if you want faster results, that too naturally, just talk to an ayurvedic doctor about panchkarma. Panchkarma is a set of ayurvedic procedures that works for holistic detoxification and vata, pitta and kapha imbalance. Not only panchkarma, but short processes like uttar basti and virechana can detoxify your body beautifully. Once the accumulated toxins are out, your body will regain its original health and the chances of conception increases significantly.

For all these reasons, ayurvedic cure for infertility is probably the best one we have. In addition to the high effectiveness, it is also safe. Every ayurvedic medicine take in ayurvedic cure for infertility is made up of exclusive herbs and hence all the medicines are safe. But, in order to utilize the goodness of ayurvedic medicines in precise and directed manner, you should always talk an ayurvedic doctor first. A good ayurvedic doctor can guide you on the doses of ayurvedic medicines, suitability and all other aspects. So, the first step in natural treatment for female infertility is to consult an ayurvedic doctor. In case you don’t have any ayurvedic doctor near your place, female ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda can help you. Just dial the numbers- 9990005395/ 9990004674 and get free online consultation.

In fact, not only free online consultation, but you can also get the right guidance for all the ayurvedic procedures. It is also a one stop solution to get high quality ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep. To order the ayurvedic medicines, you can either place your order at or dial the same numbers mentioned above.

So, we briefly discussed some natural treatment for female infertility that we have as options. We also saw how ayurvedic cure for infertility are different from the natural treatments available. In the end, we also have shown you the right path to reach your goal of becoming a parent. Now, it is time you take the decision in favor of your health. Go ahead and choose the way that not only assures conception, but also a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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