Mahasudarshan ghan vati is known for its antipyretic action and what make it different from all other allopathic solutions for fever are the natural ingredients that together create the antipyretic action. Yes, just like all other ayurvedic medicines online as well as offline, mahasudarshan ghan vati gains its strength, medicinal value and healing capabilities from nature. By this, you can assess how close ayurveda and nature are, right? Yes, ayurveda and nature are in close relation with each other, in fact, nature forms the base of ayurveda and the entire science is based upon the healing properties of nature only. Some people use ayurveda only because it contain all natural ingredients, while others use ayurvedic medicines online and offline because of their effectiveness. But, the key behind the effectiveness is also the natural and herbal ingredients. And in case you feel that only nature can heal, ayurveda is nothing but a scientifically proven mixture of a few herbs.

So, talking about ayurveda and nature aren’t two really different topics as one completely depends on the other one. Anyways, our concern is to find a natural way in which we can cure the chronic fever and some other day to day problems. All these problems may not be life threatening, but bearing them without any treatment isn’t possible because of the great level of discomfort they create. And choosing allopathic treatment adds so many side effects that we cannot call it a cure at all. So, we are left with a magical science that is based upon nature and is backed up by scientific tests and reports. So, let us see what makes mahasudarshan ghan vati so much powerful and what the natural source of power of mahasudarshan ghan vati is.


Mahasudarshan ghan vati is made up of almost 49 natural ingredients out of which some are heavy metals. But these metals are included in mahasudarshan ghan vati only after a critical and long purification process. This purification process is said to eliminate all the toxicity from the metals and what we are left with is simply the health enhancing elements. So, metals are added to mahasudarshan ghan vati and many other ayurvedic medicines, but only after purification. In recent past, there was much chaos in the field of ayurveda because of some reports claiming that ayurvedic medicines containing heavy metals aren’t safe. But today we have many such studies claiming that there are no hazardous effects of including the metals after purification. In case you are still worried about the safety of mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever and other problems, we have one scientific study that specifically tested the ayurvedic product for safety.
“Safety study of a selected Ayurvedic formulation: Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati” published in Indian Drugs was the study and in this experiment, the drug was screened for its safety or toxicity studies in acute and chronic models in albino rats. Chronic toxicity study revealed that, the drug had no serious toxicity potential to most of the important organs in therapeutic doses. So, the presence of heavy metals after purification and detoxification only enhances the healing power of the medicines and has absolutely no side effects. Moving on, let us see all the benefits of using mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever and many other problems.


If you think using mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever is the only benefit, think again. Considering the number of natural and herbal ingredients involved in the preparation of this ayurvedic medicine, don’t you think it can be used in a variety of problems? Yes, apart from treating fever, it can be used in a wide variety of problems and the following are all the uses of mahasudarshan ghan vati.

• Mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever is the ultimate ayurvedic help. Be it any type of fever and of any intensity, mahasudarshan ghan vati can take care of it and you will see your body temperature lowering within a few hours of taking the ayurvedic medicine. From mild to acute and chronic fever, you can use mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever of all types. Sometimes it is recommended by ayurvedic doctors in treating fever of unknown etiology. All the symptoms and reactions that take place in human body due to elevated temperature like loss of appetite, headache and body aches will automatically leave your body with the use of mahasudarshan ghan vati and you will not have to take any other medicine to treat them separately. Some critical problems like malarial and typhoid fever can also be treated with the right use of mahasudarshan ghan vati. But in these cases, your ayurvedic doctor might recommend you some other ayurvedic medicines. So, talk to your ayurvedic doctor before using mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever as this may give you better results.
• Sometimes mahasudarshan ghan vati is also used in problems like cough and cold. These are seasonal allergies, and they also create fever like symptoms in your body. To control all these symptoms and to come out of the feverish condition, you can seek help from ayurvedic mahasudarshan ghan vati. So, if you are suffering from cold at initial stages when discharge is watery, or cough, the anti viral and anti microbial properties can help you get rid of the infection really soon.

• Mahasudarshan ghan vati has a magical effect on our stomach. It is often seen that taking allopathic medicines for fever disturb our stomach and overall health. But, mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever is recommended because it improves appetite and reduces indigestion. You can also use it to manage mild constipation when patient feel bowel is not cleared properly or emptied completely. Some people specifically use it in mild cases of indigestion and others avail these benefits while using mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever.
By now, we have seen many benefits of using mahasudarshan ghan vati and it is time to tell you the way in which one can grab all these benefits. If you also feel like you should use mahasudarshan ghan vati in one or other health issue you are suffering from, you will have to consult an ayurvedic doctor, but here you will get all the general details on using mahasudarshan ghan vati.


Using mahasudarshan ghan vati is extremely easy as these days you can get mahasudarsha ghan vati and all other ayurvedic medicines online. And unlike the bitter churna of mahasudarshan, you can expect an ease in taking mahasudarshan Ghan Vati because it is easier to swallow along with water. The usually prescribed dose of mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever and other problems is 1 to 2 tablets and that for an adult is 2 to 4 tablets in the entire day. This was the most general way to use mahasudarshan ghan vati and your doctor might give you different instructions based on your present health condition.


The first precaution you should take is to consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking mahasudarshan ghan vati in fever or in any other health issue. This reduces the chances of complications to almost nil and you will get the desired results under your doctor’s guidance. Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati is safe provided you take it under prescribed limits. It can be taken by anyone including children, pregnant women and adults suffering from fever.
Also, the ayurvedic doctors will specify the doses in terms of tablets and hence you should check the weight of each medicine before buying. Generally, mahasudarshan ghan vati is available in 250 mg or 500 mg tablets. Check the label provided by the manufacturer for the correct dosage. Just in case you want to simplify everything and are planning to use ayurveda of a better life, just make a call to paramanand ayurveda. Here you will get all the assistance from getting consultation from ayurvedic doctor online to ordering ayurvedic medicines online and getting them at your doorstep. Paramanand ayurveda is hence not only the platform to buy ayurvedic medicines online, but it is the right place that can save you a lot of money because you will get free home delivery on all your orders of ayurvedic medicines online.

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