As per ‘Charaka Samhita’, an ancient ayurvedic text, the powdered dried roots and fruits of manjishta are taken internally for the treatment of skin diseases and disorders of spleen. You will find many such mentions of the herb manjishta in ayurvedic texts, but if you believe more on scientific research, then also you should look out for mahamanjisthadya rishta because many scientific evidences clearly define the prominent role of mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems. Ayurveda is the science of healing that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is often called the “Mother of All Healing”. Ayurveda contains 8 branches of sciences and 10 different diagnostic tools based on tridosha theory.


Yes, it is an ancient science of healing, but there are scientific procedures and formulas governing the science. This is why it is called ancient yet modern science of healing, yet there are people who believe on modern research and this is why every ayurvedic medicine is a subject of study these days. Tired of the ineffectiveness and side effects of allopathic medicines, more and more people in India as well as outside India are moving towards ayurveda and this has suddenly accelerated the research in this field. So, today we will tell you everything that research has to say about mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems and other disorders. But to know mahamanjisthadya rishta, you must first understand what is arishta. If you are new to ayurveda, you might not even have heard this word, and so, let us dig a bit deeper to help you understand how ayurveda and nature together create the magic of holistic healing.


Ayurveda comprises of various types of medicines, some of them are herbal, while some others are herbo mineral formulations. A major part of ayurvedic medicines falls into the category of asava and arishta. These include the fermented forms namely arishtas (fermented decoctions) and asavas (fermented infusions). These are regarded as valuable therapeutics due to their indefinite shelf life, efficacy and desirable features. According to an article published in “Asava and Aristha: An Ayurvedic Medicine – An Overview”, published in International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biological Archives, asava and arishta are formulations with enhanced therapeutic value. They are highly beneficial ayurvedic formulations used in a variety of health problems. According to research carried out in different parts of the world, Arishta and asava are used for the treatment of problems relating to pediatrics, nervous system, blood and circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive and excretory system, urinary system, reproductive system, immune system, skin problems, worm but here we will see the role of mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems.

You will get to know how the medicinal properties of arishta are stronger that the herbal ingredients in the coming sections. But before that we will try to have a closer insight at the ingredients of mahamanjisthadya rishta. Once you know the real source of power of the ayurvedic medicine you are going to use, we will talk in detail about the benefits of using mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems and other health issues.

Ingredients of mahamanjisthadya rishta


Mahamanjishthadyarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine containing Manjishtha as its primary ingredient. Manjistha or Rubia cordifolia Linn. or Indian Maddar is a perennial, herbaceous prickly climber with long and cylindrical root with a thin red bark, well known for its versatile action. In ancient world, Manjistha was a reputed herb which was used extensively as efficient blood purifier and hence was used against many blood, skin and urinary diseases. Externally, Manjistha was applied on major burns, mixed with honey on freckles and blemishes. But these were only the traditional uses of the herb and the role of Manjistha in supporting skin health is evidenced by traditional as well as modern scientific research. We have several research evidences claiming that it act as potent blood purifier, antioxidant, anti- inflammatory, anti- stress, antimicrobial herb which can play an important role to cure acne and improve skin health. One such study is “MANJISTHA (RUBIA CORDIFOLIA) – A HELPING HERB IN CURE OF ACNE” published in Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine. This article proves that one of its unique actions is anti-acne effect through anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-androgen action. Now you know that manjistha is quite a strong cure for acne, but to make it even stronger, ayurveda has given us mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems and it contain many other herbal ingredients.

Water Extract from Manjith, Nagarmotha, Kutaj Chhal, Giloy, Kuth, Sonth, Bharangi, Choti Kateri, Bach, Nem Chhal, Haldi, Daruhaldi, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amalki, Parwal Ke Patte, Kutki, Murva Mool, Vaividang, Vijaysar, Sal, Shatavari, Banphsha, Gorakhmundi, Indrajav, Vasaka, Bhringraj, Devdaru, Aknadipatha, Khair, Rakt Chandan, Nishoth, Varun Chhal, Karanj Chhal, Khush, Indrayan Mula, Dhamasa, Anantmula, Pittpapda, and Jaggery (Gud) etc. are some of the other ingredients involved in the preparation of mahamanjisthadya rishta.

With so many ingredients, it seems like mahamanjisthadya rishta is the perfect cure for acne, right? Making it more effective is the special method of preparation that is followed while preparing all the arishta. Because of the fermentation procedure, the microbes involved in this process mediate this process; and as a result we get enhanced therapeutic properties, which may be due to the microbial biotransformation of the initial ingredients of arishta and asava into more effective healers as end products.

Benefits of using mahamanjisthadya rishta

Acne, as a family of skin disorder is one of the most prevalent dermatologic diseases in the world with various types and severities. The incidence of acne peaks at teenage, but substantial numbers of men and women between 20-40 years of age are also affected by the disorder. It can be summarized from the data and facts present that usually almost everybody is affected from acne once during the life. Trying allopathic medicines is as good as playing with your skin. Sometimes you will see your skin getting cleared while at other times your face will be full of those ugly spots. Using beauty products also cannot eliminate acne permanently, and it can be seen by the number of patients seeking medical help to get rid of those spots. If at all it is as easy to get rid of acne as applying a face wash or a cream, nobody in the world would have visited a doctor by paying high prescription fees, right?

Not only acne but there are many skin problems that create trouble by hampering your personality and creating discomfort. Pollution, fried and oily food and some other factors make skin diseases inevitable in today’s time. These are the reason behind every other teen trying to hide the pimples. And this is the reason behind increase in the number of cases to dermatologist. But where is the solution?

Solution is there in ayurveda in the form of mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems and a few other formulations. If you ask me about one stop solution to acne- it is nothing but mahamanjisthadya rishta. People use mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems, and it is equally effective in all the skin troubles, but much of the research revolves around the role of the ayurvedic medicine in treating acne. According to research, the anti-acne effects of Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) include four mechanism i.e. anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-androgen activities. These entire properties act in favor of clearing the skin and you can easily get rid of acne. In one of the studies done with an intention to see the impact of manjistha , it was found that the methanol extract of manjistha or Rubia cordifolia inhibited the  proliferation of P. acne. Several other studies reveal different aspect of the treating acne, and it is enough that we understand that nothing can beat mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems.

Yes, apart from dealing effectively with acne, this ayurvedic medicine can be used as a solution to age spots and other signs of aging, boils, burns, eczema, leucoderma, leprosy and urticaria. Yes, for treating all these skin problems, you need only one ayurvedic medicine and that is mahamanjisthadya rishta. You can get and use mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems easily, but let us see how you can gain maximum benefit from the ayurvedic medicine.

How to use mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems and other diseases


The standard dose of mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems usually lies between 12 ml to 24 ml. anything between this range is both safe and effective. The liquid is taken after mixing with equal amount of water. This improves the taste without compromising with the effectiveness and healing abilities. But this is a standard dose and you should consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems or any other ayurvedic medicines. Thanks to ayurvedic companies like paramanand ayurveda; where consulting an ayurvedic doctor is made easier. Yes, you can now buy ayurvedic medicines online at paramanand ayurveda without paying any delivery charges. And in addition to this, you can also talk to an ayurvedic doctor for free. With paramanand ayurveda, you can also expect several other discounts and money saving offers on ayurvedic medicines online.


Over the last decade, keeping in view the increasing resistance to existing anti-microbial agents, inevitable side effects and sometimes high cost of treatment, interest in medicinal herbs has been progressively increasing. With this, more and more people are moving towards ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines online and offline. This is bringing the ear of ayurveda back and you can expect a huge jump in the average health of human beings if this continues the same way. This is obvious because whether it is mahamanjisthadya rishta in skin problems, or any other ayurvedic medicines online or offline, they all have immense healing and health enhancing capabilities. The reason lies in the close collaboration of ayurveda and nature. Whatever is the reason, we believe in end results and this is assured on suing ayurvedic medicines. Unlike the last decade, today it is easy to use ayurveda because of the availability of ayurvedic medicines online as well as offline. And making it even easier is ayurvedic company paramanand ayurveda– the best place to buy ayurvedic medicines from.

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