Solve All the Types of Fever With Maha Sudarshan Churna…..

Our body is a complex machine that needs rest and proper nutrients for its proper functioning. The lack of this rest and nutrient supply leads to make the body mal-function and get impacted by one or the other health problem. One such common health condition is fever that forces all of us to take a break from our work and lie down in bed feeling restlessness and weakness. Basically, fever is not a health problem; instead it is just a health condition indicating some underlying health issue. Still it is really troublesome and irritating. What we do to get treated is to intake one or two pills in the hope of getting rid of the fever. But what happens? We feel energetic and active for some time duration till the time our body is under the control of the drugs and after that the same thing happens. In this case, everyone searches for a solution that can solve these recurring episodes of fever and solve this common yet troublesome issue. Ayurveda has the solution in the form of Maha Sudarshan Churna.

Now, after getting this name, there might be various questions running in your mind, like:

  • Why Maha sudarshan churna is considered effective for the health conditions like fever?
  • What makes Maha sudarshan churna so potent?
  • Does it show any side-effect or it is completely side-effects free?

Well, soon we are going to solve all these queries one by one in the coming paragraphs. So, let’s first start with the factor making Maha Sudarshan Churna a potent ayurvedic medicine for dealing with the numerous types of fevers.

Ingredients of Maha Sudarshan Churna

Well yes, the ingredients of Maha Sudarshan Churna contribute a lot to make this ayurvedic medicine a brilliant option for treating fever. If we count on the ingredients of Maha Sudarshan Churna, these include:

  • Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula
  • Chirayata – Swertia Chirata
  • Vibhitaki – Terminalia Belerica
  • Amalaki – Emblica Officinalis
  • Haridra – Curcuma Longa
  • Daruharidra – Berberis Aristata
  • Brihati – Solanum Indicum
  • Kantakari – Solanum Xanthocarpum
  • Shati – Carcuma Zedoaria
  • Pippali – Piper Longum
  • Maricha – Piper NigrumMaha Sudarshan Churna
  • Shunti – Zingiber Officinalis
  • Granthika – roots of Piper Longum
  • Murva – Sansevieria Roxburghiana
  • Guduchi – Tinospora Cordifolia
  • Dhanvayasa – Fagonia Arabica
  • Katuki – Picrorhzia Kurroa
  • Parpata – Fumaria Indica
  • Musta – Cyperus Rotundus
  • Trayamana – Gentian Kurroa
  • Vaalaka – Coleus Vettiveroides
  • Nimba – Azadirachta Indica
  • Paushkara Moola – Inula Racemosa
  • Madhuyasti – Glycyrrhiza Glabra
  • Vatsaka or Kutaja – Holarrhena Antidysenterica
  • Yavani – Trachyspermum Ammi
  • Indrayava – Holarrhena Antidysenterica
  • Bharangi – Clerodendrum Indicum
  • Shigru Bija – Moringa Oilefera
  • Gokshura – Tribulus Terrestris
  • Vacha – Acorus Calamus
  • Twak – Cinnamum Zeylanicum
  • Padmaka – Prunus Puddum
  • Ushira – Vetivera Zizanoides
  • Chandana – Santalum Album
  • Ativisha – Aconitum Heterophyllum
  • Bala – Sida Cordifolia
  • Shaliparni – Desmodium Gangeticum
  • Prisniparni – Uraria Picta
  • Vidanga – Embelia Ribes
  • Tagara – Valeriana Brunoniana
  • Chitraka – Plumbago Zeylanicum
  • Devadaru – Cedrus Deodara
  • Patola – Luffa Acutangula
  • Jeevaka – Microstylis Muscifera
  • Rushabaka – Microstylis Wallichi
  • Lavanga – Syzygium Aromaticum
  • Vanshalochana – Bambusa Arundinacea
  • Kamala – Nelumbo Nucifera
  • Kakoli – Lilium Poilyphyleum
  • Patraka – Cinnamomum Tamala
  • Jathipatraka – Myristica Fragrans
  • Talisapatra – Abies Webbiana

Explaining the details of all these ingredients is not possible as they are so huge in number, but by the names too, you might have got the idea about the effectiveness of Maha Sudarshan Churna. Each of these herbs is solely potent enough to solve more than just one of two health issues we face in our life. Every now and then one or the other person falls ill and if you are one of those believing in Nature and Ayurveda, you might already have used at least one or two of these ingredients to treat yourself.

The health benefits of these ingredients of Maha Sudarshan Churna is not limited to any one scope; instead they work very efficiently to deal with numerous health issues, regardless present or hidden, at a time. And this is the reason; they help Maha Sudarshan Churna get a significant place in Ayurveda as well as in people’s lives.

Preparation Process of Maha Sudarshan Churna

During the preparation process of Maha Sudarshan Churna, at first, all the ingredients are grinded individually to make a fine powder out of them. Now, all the herbs are mixed in some specific proportions having chirayata in maximum quantity. And then the final prepared power is kept in an air tight container for future use. So, here we got that Chirayata is the major ingredient of Maha Sudarshan Churna. So, let’s now have some glimpse on the health benefits of this major ingredient.

ChirayataChirayata or Swertia Chirata or Bhunimba or Kirata tikta or Nepali Neem is a famous herb that is used in preparing many ayurvedic medicines. If we talk about the ayurvedic medicinal properties of Chirayata, these include:

  • Veerya – Ushna (hot)
  • Rasa – Tikta (Bitter)
  • Vipaka – Katu (Pungent)
  • Dosha – Balances tridoshas
  • Guna – Laghu (Light) and Ruksha (Dry)

Chirayata is a beneficial tonic of the bitter taste which works brilliantly as a laxative and appetizer. It is very well-known to treat the disorders related to nutrition absorption, hence, preventing the mal-functioning of the body. Chirayata has already been used since ages to treat the problems like anorexia, acidity, nausea etc.

All the other ingredients along with Chirayata give Maha Sudarshan Churna numerous brilliant and beneficial properties. These properties of Maha Sudarshan Churna include:

  • Antipyretic
  • Detoxifying
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anti-malarial and Antioxidant
  • Anti-viral and anti-microbial
  • Cardioprotective
  • Anti-typhoid
  • Haematinic
  • Anti-hepatomegaly
  • Anti-splenomegaly
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Spleno-protective
  • Appetizer and Antipruritic
  • Antihyperglycemic
  • Diaphoretic

Well, you should not feel surprised on seeing these properties as it is the gift that Maha Sudarshan Churna has gained from these huge number of ingredients available in it. How much beneficial can Maha Sudarshan Churna be after possessing the goodness of all the ingredients in the form of amazing properties? Well, this is something you are going to know about in the coming paragraphs.

Health Benefits of Maha Sudarshan Churna

Maha Sudarshan Churna is mainly known to deal with all types of fevers, but is it limited to that only? Well, no! There are many other health ailments that can be efficiently dealt with via using Maha Sudarshan Churna. Let’s talk about some of the health problems (including fever) in the detailed form that can be effectively treated using Maha Sudarshan Churna.

Fever (Acute and Chronic)

Maha Sudarshan Churna for feverWhen your body temperature reaches the level that we consider more than normal, the condition is fever. Fever is not actually the disease in itself; instead it is a condition that indicates some underlying health problem. Fever is said to be the response of the immune system to the foreign invaders like bacteria, fungus or other toxins present in the environment. It can be both acute and chronic. The symptoms of fever include:

  • Feeling cold and shivering
  • Lack of appetite and dehydration
  • Depression and lethargy
  • Sleepiness and sweating etc.

In most of the cases, fever leaves you after influencing you for the maximum duration of a week. But, if it is not leaving you for long, you need an immediate diagnosis.

Loss of Appetite

loss of AppetiteIf you lose the desire of eating gets reduced than normal, the condition is lack of appetite or anorexia. If we talk about the factors leading to loss of appetite, these include both the physical as well as the mental conditions like:

  • Some bacterial, fungal infection
  • Psychological factors like being sad, depression etc.
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Kidney or heart failure
  • Hepatitis, HIV, dementia
  • Desire to look thinner etc.

Apart from all these, certain medications also lead to cause lack of appetite. On impacting you, it might certain symptoms like extreme fatigue, weight loss, rapid heart rate, fever, irritability, malaise etc.


anemia2Anemia is considered to be a medical condition in which the red blood cells or hemoglobin becomes lesser than normal. Men are said to be anemic, when their hemoglobin level becomes lesser than 13.5 gm/100 ml and for women, it becomes lesser than 12.0 gm/100 ml. Anemia impacts a person either due to the decrease in the red blood cells production or due to the increase in the destruction of the red blood cells.

If we talk about the signs and symptoms of anemia, these include:

  • Feeling tired and appearing pale
  • Becoming easily fatigued
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath etc.


Maha Sudarshan Churna for jaundiceIf an anemic person consumes the edibles that lead to the aggravation of the pitta dosha, they become prone to get impacted by jaundice. It is basically described as a yellowish tinge to the skin. The major cause of jaundice is the increase in the bilirubin in the blood and destruction of the red blood cells. The conditions that lead to cause jaundice include malaria, sickle cell crisis, thalassemia, drugs or other toxins, autoimmune disorders etc.

The symptoms of jaundice include pale stools, dark urine, itchiness and yellow tinge to the skin and whiteness in the eyes, fatigue, weight loss etc.

Common Cold

Mahasudarshan churna for cough and coldCommon cold is a health condition that impacts everyone regardless age, gender, weight or any other factor. It is basically an upper respiratory tract infection that is caused by the various viruses. If we talk about the symptoms of common cold, these include

  • runny or stuffy nose
  • sore throat or cough
  • Congestion or Sneezing
  • Slight body aches or mild headache
  • Feeling unwell or malaise etc.

The children younger than six years are prone to get common cold. Apart from these, people with weakened immune system or smoking people or people who are more exposed to viruses are prone to get common cold.

Most of the health problems that can be solved by Maha Sudarshan Churna are common, yet, showing very strong impacts on our body, hence, making us become inactive, restless and irritated. The way Ayurvedic medicines utilize to solve our health issues is via balancing the associated dosha in our body. The best part about Maha Sudarshan Churna is that it works to balance the tridoshas, i.e. vata, pitta and kapha in our body. Well yes, Maha Sudarshan Churna is one out of those famous and frequently used Ayurvedic medicines that can efficiently work on all the tridoshas simultaneously.

But, to achieve every health benefit of Maha Sudarshan Churna, you need to be truly familiar with its dosages. So, what is the dosage of Maha Sudarshan Churna? Does it carry any kind of ill-effect for the body? Well, let’s talk about the same now.

Dosage of Maha Sudarshan Churna

Dosage of Maha Sudarshan ChurnaIf we talk about the dosage of Maha Sudarshan Churna, it can be taken half teaspoon twice or thrice a day along with lukewarm water. This ayurvedic medicine is recommended to be taken half an hour after the meals. Although, all the ayurvedic medicines are purely safe and secure to use, you always need to take care of the dosage quantity of the same as well as the duration for which you are taking the ayurvedic medicine as you already know that overdose or over-duration of even any beneficial medicine can also give some ill-impact.

Well, this is the matter that can be easily solved if you consult with the ayurvedic doctor and then follow the medicinal dosage. So, what are you thinking now?

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