Mahanarayan tel is oil that contains the goodness of a number of herbs and natural products. If you are sick and tired of using every sort of oil, tablets and other tricks and techniques to deal with the complicated issues of paralysis and arthritis, then you are finally at the right place. Today, we will discuss about amazing herbal oil that has some tremendous healing properties and the power to deal with some health complications that are still a challenge to the medical world. You might have seen so many advertisements claiming that they can cure arthritis, but ask those who have already spent money on such fake claims and got no results. So, before using anything and everything, you should first see whether the product has the potential to cure your problem or not. The advertisements will claim anything to earn money, but it is you who should verify the truthfulness of these claims.

In fact, before going on and choosing anything that comes your way, you should give a chance to ayurveda. Ayurveda is the science of healing and the science of life that aims at providing you with all the herbal and natural treatments that suit your body. Ayurveda is very well recognized and also it is trustworthy, but as we said, you should know each and every detail of the product you are planning to use, let us see some of the ingredients of mahanarayan tel, the process which ayurveda recommends to make the oil and then we will talk about all the cases in which one can take help from ayurvedic mahanarayan tel.


The ingredients and the way they are mixed are the two factors that make ayurveda such a powerful science of healing. If we list all the ingredients of mahanarayan tel, the list will be quite long; also it is less likely that you know any of them. So, here are some commonly heard natural herbs that are included in mahanarayan tel.

  • Goat’s milk (also called as ajadughda)
  • Ashwagandhamaha narayan tel for Ashwagandha
  • Bael or bilva
  • Bhringraja
  • Chandana
  • Camphor
  • Saffron
  • Turmeric rhizome and tree turmeric
  • Licorice or yashtimadhu
  • Cardamom, also know by the name ela in ayurveda

These were some of the common ingredients and some lesser heard names are Jivaka, rishabhaka, Meda, Mahameda, kakoli, ksheera kakolii, riddhi, vriddhi, ambu and vacha. And these are only half of all the ingredients involved in the preparation of mahanarayan tel, and many other ayurvedic components together make this amazing ayurvedic formula. Knowing all of them is not important, but realizing that all of the ingredients are natural and there is no chemical involved in the making of ayurvedic mahanarayan tel is of utmost importance. You won’t easily believe it, but even during the manufacturing of the oil, no chemical is used. Yes, this increases the time required to prepare mahanarayan tel, but you don’t end up putting unnecessary chemicals in your stomach. Also the healing properties of the natural ingredients are preserved for you. Let us see how mahanarayan tel is prepared without the intervention of any chemicals.


45_DegreesSome of the medicines in ayurveda are prepared by heating the major component and the mixing the minor parts, while others involve fermentation and other such natural processes. In case of mahanarayan tel also, all the ingredients are processed and treated but not heated. The temperature is kept below 45 degree Celsius. The two major steps in the manufacturing of mahanarayan tel that most of the companies follow are cold pressing the ingredients and the second one is double filtering. Both of these are done without involving any chemicals and petrochemicals.

Isn’t it amazing? This is from where the real power of ayurveda arises. Ayurveda is a science of healing that is actually based on the healing capabilities of nature and natural products. By mixing these naturally occurring substances and herbs in the right proportion and passing them from different phases, ayurveda comes out with some really amazing and powerful medicines to enhance human health and to resolve any health complications. While doing all this, the only thing ayurveda strictly avoid is the inclusion of chemicals and drugs.

Medicinal properties of mahanarayan tel

Due to the perfectly balanced combination of all the above stated ingredients and also some other beneficial components, mahanarayan tel inherits many medicinal capabilities from them. And as it has already been specified that all these natural healing properties are preserved by keeping the process of manufacturing natural, you can expect this ayurvedic product to do wonders because you are getting benefits from all the main and minor ingredients. Due to some spices and herbal products present, it contains digestion stimulant properties and is also good for your stomach problems like gastritis and bloating. It also enhances blood circulation, and contain anti inflammatory properties. Some of the ingredients of mahanarayan tel make it immune modulator as well. Due to inheriting these many medicinal and healing capabilities, the following problems can be cured with mahanarayan tel.

Uses and benefits of mahanarayan tel

Although because of the immunity enhancing properties, you can use mahanarayan tel for improving your overall health, some specific problems can be solved with mahanarayan tel. we have many other, in fact, stronger immunity building formulas in ayurveda, but the following health issues can be best addressed with mahanarayan tel.


maha narayan oil for ArthritisWeakening of bones is a very common problem that arrives without any invitation as you age. This is a common belief that bone related issues like arthritis surround you because you gradually are aging. But in reality, we have not taken proper care of the bones and as a result they develop problems that become severe with age. In other words, if we take proper care of the calcium intake, regular exercise and doing other thing according to our age, you can have a great bone health even after 60.

But it is unfortunate that some do not have time, others don’t really care until they cry in pain of arthritis. Yes, the acute pain of arthritis will not let you work, walk and even stand after a certain stage. If you did not bother during when everything could have been controlled, start caring at least now when you know your bones are getting tired. You can deal with the normal wear and tear of the bones, arthritis, even tendon tear, and fractures with mahanarayan tel. Mahanarayan tel contain everything that is required by your bones and even if you are not in a mood to consume it orally, using it topically is can give you intended results.


maha narayan oil for ParalysisParalysis is the worst condition one can ever suffer from. Poor blood circulation to some specific part of your body or a sudden injury blocking the supply to a particular part are two very common reasons behind any kind of paralysis. There are patients who are right now struggling to lift their hand up, many others have a dream to walk on their own legs that were paralyzed long time ago, and many more don’t have any idea about when they will wake up from the long sleep as these unlucky people have problem of paralysis in their brain. With regular and persistent massage of ayurvedic mahanarayan tel and complementing the massage with some really effective ayurvedic medicines, you can hope for a miracle in paralysis. Yes, Ayurveda can do what sometimes cannot be done by any other allopathic medicine. Not only paralysis, but mahanarayan tel is beneficial in treating facial palsy, lock jaw and neck rigidity. This tel or ayurvedic oil is also beneficial for maintaining the overall health of your joints and muscles.


Occasional gas may be due to change in food you are eating, but if you suffer from the problem often there is a need of some changes in your lifestyle in order to avoid complications. Modifications in your lifestyle will definitely help you, but for getting relief in conditions like bloating, you need to take help of ayurvedic mahanarayan tel. Mahanarayan tel is helpful in expelling the excess of gas trapped in your intestine due to any reason. It is also a digestive stimulant, and hence improves your digestion. There are many medicines that you can use and you might get instant relief, but your stomach will fall addicted to them if you excessively depend on them. On the other hand, mahanarayan tel and all other such ayurvedic medicines are totally safe for long term use, and you will never ever get addicted to ayurveda and its medicines.

maha narayan oil for Bloating

Some ayurvedic treatments are specifically meant to deal with female infertility, while for male infertility, we have completely different set of treatments. But with mahanarayan tel, you can deal with both. Oligospermia, a problem relating to low sperm count can be treated with ease using this ayurvedic formula. Apart from this, it can also be used to improve female fertility in several ways. So if you are trying to have a baby, go ahead with ayurvedic mahanarayan tel and increase your chances of becoming parents.

Some other benefits

Apart from sorting out all problems related to bones, stomach etc, there are many other health issues that can be solved naturally with the proper use of mahanarayan tel. it can be used in some eye diseases, teeth and tongue ailments. Dental pain and headache can also be dealt with this oil. Some even use it against deafness.

How to use mahanarayan tel

Mahanarayan tel can be used for external application on the body parts depending on the problem. It can also be used for oral consumption. In case you want to apply it externally, you can use it to massage the part affected by paralysis, or the body part in pain. Regularly massaging with this ayurvedic oil can give you unbelievable benefits, but the key is to keep patience in order to see the results. For oral consumption, you should first consult a good ayurvedic doctor and only then go ahead with the idea. He will tell you the exact dose depending on your problem, age and other factors. Generally a dose of 3 ml to 5 ml is more than enough. You can take this amount with warm water or milk before you take your meal.

maha narayan tel-1If you are applying the oil externally, you can continue to do so either until you get rid of your problem completely, or for the duration you wish to. Because it is natural and good for bones, you don’t really have to think twice before using it externally. As far as internal consumption is concerned, we recommend you taking doctor’s advice. Except external application, all the other therapies should only be carried out after taking detailed instructions from an ayurvedic doctor.

These were all the qualities, capabilities and details of just one ayurvedic oil, and there are many other such oils, medicines and tonics that you can try anytime. Today, all the health freaks are trusting ayurveda because it is the only healing science that has no side effects. The aim of ayurveda is not to deal with just a single problem, but to gift you a healthy body by fixing all the consequences of any problem occurring in your body. And the best part is- while doing all this, it takes care of your body and make sure no ayurvedic treatment leaves any side effect in your body. Also, in addition to treating the health issue you want to, ayurevdic mahanarayan tel and all other ayurvedic formulas gift you an improved overall health. What can be better than this? Do you see any other treatment method that can replace ayurveda in terms of effectiveness and safety? If not, then why are you ignoring such a magnificent science and not letting your body get what it truly deserves?