Have you ever tried treating any of your health related problem with ayurvedic medicine? Have you ever heard of maha mrigank ras- a tonic that treat something as common as cough to chronic bronchitis and high fever? If you are here today, that means either out of your own interest and trust in ayurveda, or because of the ever increasing side effects of allopathic medicines you are here, right? Well, in both the cases, ayurveda is not going to disappoint you. If your trust in ayurveda has drawn you to use maha mrigank ras, you will get a perfect solution to your health issues and in case it is the later reason, you are going to get a new ray of hope. The lights that will not only heal your body, but will also bring in some unbelievable changes in the way you see medical treatments. This uniqueness is the key behind survival of ayurveda for centuries.

baidyanath-mahamrigank-ras-sw-mo-yuAyurveda has so many magical medicines like maha mrigank ras and other such tonics, and still we haven’t recovered all the formulas given by this since in past. Due to some problem or the other, a major part of ayurveda cannot be retrieved and used. Imagine with what we have, this healing science is about to rule the world, what would happen if we get a way to utilize the power to its fullest. Anyways, what we have is also more than enough to keep our body disease free and keep the promise of giving a healthy future. To start with we will discuss about the ingredients of maha mrigank ras, and then we will see the method generally adopted to prepare the tonic. Then we will talk about all the diseases that can be cured with maha mrigank ras and also how it can be sued in each one of them. There are some ayurvedic medicines that are used in combination with other ayurvedic formulas and this combination tremendously improve their healing capability and at the same time prove to be more beneficial for your body. We will talk about a few such combinations as well.

Ingredients of swarna mrigank ras

Some of the ayurvedic medicines are purely herbal in nature, while other have only metallic components, but maha mrigank ras is the tonic that has both the types of ingredients. It contains a few metallic components and some herbal products. Combining both the types you’re your body heal fast and the damage done by the illness is also reversed soon. Rasabhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Rajata Bhasma, Manashila, Shuddha Gandhaka and Shuddha Haratala, Varata Bhasma, Tankana Bhasma are the major ingredients of maha mrigank ras. Swarna bhasma and rajat bhasma contain the goodness of gold and rajat. These two are really essential metals which are although present in minor percentage in our bodies, but this minor value is necessary to be maintained. Any disturbances in these essential elements create significant imbalance and causes medical problems. Hence you have to maintain the required percentage, and to deal with it, ayurveda is the best alternative. It is natural and works by balancing the three keys of the body- vata, pitta and kapha.MAHA MRIGANK RAS Ingredients

If you look at the ingredients of maha mrigank ras carefully, you will see many bhasma in the list. Do you know what a bhasma is? Any idea about how it is prepared? In general terms, bhasma is the powdered ash of a particular substance which contains almost all the medicinal properties of the substances form which it is made. Bhasma is a strong medicinal toll, and you can now guess the medicinal capabilities of maha mrigank ras as it combines so many bhasma. Yes, maha mrigank ras is indeed that powerful, and to use that power, you have to have a fair idea of the exact method of using maha mrigank ras.


Rasabhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Rajata Bhasma, Manashila, Shuddha Gandhaka and Shuddha Haratala, are mixed together. You will get all these bhasma, that too naturally prepared in ayurveda only. Most of the manufacturers wither follow the prescribed method to extract these bhasma, and some just use the already prepared ones. After mixing these six types of bhasma, the resultant mixture is filled in cowries then Varata Bhasma and Tankana Bhasma are also added. The cowries and then sealed with goat milk and the mixture is exposed to extremely high temperature in a closed container for approximately 6 hours. The temperature is raised up to 800 – 900 degree Celsius. The resulting whole mass is powdered and stored as maha mrigank ras. This was the preparation of a very important ras containing the power and healing abilities of o many bhasma and herbal ingredients in just one bottle.

Uses and benefits of Maha Mrigank Ras

Pthisis and tuberculosis

mahamrigank ras for tuberculosisIn 2015, 1.8 million people died from the disease, with 10.4 million falling ill. In the 18th and 19th century, tuberculosis was an epidemic but thankfully today the situation is not the same. The Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium is responsible behind all the discomfort and its effect is not confined to lungs only. Your entire body suffers once the infection catches hold of you. Cough is obviously the very first symptom, but some effects like loss of appetite followed by weight loss show the presence of the bacteria for quite a long time. To deal with all of these, you can use maha mrigank ras. Maha mrigank ras is excellent solution to all respiratory tract infections, but while dealing with tuberculosis, it is important to deal with the long term impacts of the problem, and in this aspect, maha mrigank is the best treatment.


mahamrigank ras for EmaciationYou might have seen many people fighting to lose weight, but there are many others who struggle to gain weight by one new tactic every other day. People make hundreds of jokes on those who are too skinny, and to be honest, no matter how much beautiful you are, until and unless you have a proportionate body, you personality isn’t considered to be good. To deal with this problem naturally and holistically you can take help from ayurvedic maha mrigank ras. If you look around, you will find dozens of products claiming to help you with instant weight gain or weight loss, but at the end of the day, you should trust only authentic and ages old treatments. With ayurveda, it might be possible that you will gain weight gradually, but it will be in a healthy manner.

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitisImagine what would happen if all the time you feel sick and congested? This condition of bronchitis is also called productive cough and is not quite easy to deal with even if you take medicinal help. But again, maha mrigank ras is more than enough for dealing with not only minor cold and cough but both the types of bronchitis- chronic and acute. That too while preserving your health. So, next time the irritating cough starts building up, say it good bye to it soon by guarding yourself with ayurveda.

High fever

High feverRise in your body temperature is a normal reaction to something going on wrong inside your body. It is important to address the root cause, but even before that, you have to bring the temperature down. To relax your body otherwise heated up, you can have maha mrigank ras and continue to take it for a few days until you are sure of your well being.


IndigestionMaha mrigank ras is famous for its weight increasing nature, have you ever though how it is done? Gaining weight be nay means if fine, but getting fat while preserving your health is a challenge that can only be faced when you have something as amazing as ayurveda by your side. Maha mrigank ras improves your digestion and hence your appetite also increases. Increasing your appetite will force you to eat healthy foods. This increases fat in your body and you will soon be a changed personality. Otherwise also, if you can solve your digestion related problems, more than half of the diseases stay at bay.


How to use maha mrigank ras

Using the ayurevdic remedy or medicine regularly is the key to its effectiveness. You will get the desired results, but it is going to take some time. You should consult an ayurvedic doctor before deciding on the right dosage. But one thing universal about maha mrigank ras- it is often combined with 10 long pepper fruit to enhance the effectiveness. Honey, pepper and ghee are also added to make a really magical mixture. Many ayurvedic medicines are of the nature that they can be continued for a long time and for many you don’t even need any consultation. This is because even if you don’t have a specific problem, they will act in the direction of improving your health. Hence, you can continue to take this type of ayurvedic medicines for a long time without worrying about the side effects. But maha mrigank ras contain metallic components and hence you should be careful while suing this one. Even with doctors’ prescription, you should use it only for a month or two because in this duration only, it will do the needful for your body.

Possible side effects of maha mrigank ras

We have seen that maha mrigank ras contain the goodness of so many bhasma and metallic ingredients that it arises out as a very strong ayurvedic medicine. This doesn’t make it any harmful, but it is just that it will act soon and give you results very fast. Those who think ayurveda is really slow can try this one out. Anyways, this strong curing nature has both positive and negative sides. The negative side is that overdose can prove to be harmful. This medicine contains heavy metal ingredients, hence should only be taken under strict medical supervision. You should consult your doctor before deciding on the doses and all other aspects about the medicines. Since it contains Arsenic as ingredient, you have to be extra careful as a mild overdose or wrong use can land you in trouble.

side effectThis was all about the possible side effects of maha mrigank ras. This is one of the very few ayurvedic medicines which are required to be handled very carefully. If you use it properly, nothing can beat it in effectiveness, but if you neglect the precautions to be taken while using it, things can really reverse. Maha mrigank ras, and all other ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines should be either avoided in pregnancy, lactation or they should be taken under strict medical guidance.

If you take care of only the doses and safety, rest everything will be taken care of by maha mrigank ras. Maha mrigank ras indeed is one of the best alternatives available to treat acute respiratory infections, infertility and other health issues because of the following reasons. Firstly, the ingredients as well as the method adopted for preparing the ayurvedic formula are strictly natural and hence they easily suit your body. Absorbing and accommodating natural products is always easier for our bodies and hence it accepts maha mrigank ras very easily. Second is the concept on which ayurveda is based- holistic healing.

Maha mrigank ras and all other ayurvedic tonics ensure they meet the objective of holistic healing. While fixing one health issue, they make sure nothing else gets out of place, and at the same time, the power of ayurveda is not confined to physical healing only. Third strongest property of ayurveda is the side effect free nature of all its medicines. Almost all the medicines of ayurveda can be used for long term and you will not have to think about side effects. Only a few exceptions are there for ayurvedic medicines containing metallic elements and maha mrigank ras is also one of them. So, for these you have to be really careful, and for other mild and herbal medicines, you don’t have to be that cautious.

With so many benefits and everything magical about ayurveda, I don’t think anyone would look at those harmful and expensive medicines again. In fact, once you start using maha mrigank ras, or any other ayurvedic medicine, I bet you the magic of ayurveda will not let you go to the same medical shop. You would also fall in love with ayurveda as many of the Indians already have.