If you ask me to name a complete health package, it would be none other than loha bhasma. Loha bhasma is a made up of ashes of iron and is an incredible ayurvedic medicine to treat and prevent a number of diseases. Ayurveda and nature in close association have gifted us with medicines like loha bhasam. In fact, as it is loaded with iron, it strengthens your body and makes it immune to several diseases. Are you aware of the role of iron in human body? Most of the iron is found in the red blood cells of your body, and if your iron level is not up to the mark, you can face severe problems. Iron is one of the essential elements that are not made in the body and hence it must be absorbed from what you eat. The average adult requires about 1.8 mg of iron to let the body perform well. Do you think you eat that much iron containing food? If not, be prepared, you will soon need iron supplements.

lauh bhasmaBut, completing the amount of iron your body requires with supplements also is not that simple. In fact, if you take into consideration the ill effects that follow regular consumption of iron supplement, you would regret taking them in past as well. And in case you are taking these supplements because you think that is the only option left, then you probably haven’t yet heard of ayurvedic loha bhasma. The outcome of ayurveda and nature- Loha bhasma is a better alternative to iron supplement not only to complete the iron requirements of your body, but also to fight with many other health problems. As it is natural and the method of preparation is also kept strictly natural, you can forget about the side effects and go ahead with loha bhasma. So, let us try to take look at the ingredients, properties of loha bhasma. Following this will be a long list of diseases in which loha bhasma is effective. Then we will talk about the doses and other necessary information in case you really find loha bhasma really useful.

Ingredients and preparation of loha bhasma

iron in loha bhasamAs the name suggests, loha bhasma is contain iron, but it cannot be raw iron, right? So, to make iron into something edible as well as medicinally beneficial for human beings, iron is processed with triphala and cow’s urine. Sometimes in place of triphala, the manufacturing brand prefers using some type of herbal juices. As long as the preparation doesn’t contain any chemical substance, the properties of purified iron will be preserved and hence ayurveda tries to keep the process of manufacturing of loha bhasma as well as all other ayurvedic medicines as natural as possible. The most commonly used method is to first prepare the decoction by mixing triphala in cow’s urine and boiling it. Purified iron is grind and disc shaped cakes are prepared. These cakes are then heated extensively at a very high temperature for a few hours. The same process of mixing the cakes with decoction and grinding in cow’s urine – triphala decoction is repeated for one more day followed by again heating at considerably high temperature in vacuum.

triphla in loha bhasmaIf you think loha bhasma us ready, be patient as it is just the beginning. The same process is repeated again and again for almost 21 times. Yes, you have read it right, heating it for 21 times finally yields what we name as loha bhasma. Can you see how much difficult and time consuming it is to prepare this bhasma. Well, the medicinal properties and healing capabilities are worth spending this much time. Don’t worry as you will get all the ayurvedic products online, hence availability is no more an issue.

Uses and benefits of relying on loha bhasma

On one hand iron deficiency is a call for so many health issues and sometimes treating so many disease is as simple as gaining the iron required. People with iron deficiency may suffer nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, pale skin, weakness, headache, dizziness and lightheadedness. Let us see what al problems arise out of low iron and how can we cure them completely.

Loha bhasma for Anemia

loha bhasma for anemiaAbout 70% of the iron present in the body is available in the red blood cells. Due to the hematogenic properties present in it, loha bhasma for anemia is the best ever treatment for anemia. If you are low on blood count due to any reason, iron supplements are the only solution. But from now onwards, you just have to replace the iron supplements with ayurvedic loha bhasma for anemia to get a permanent solution to the problem of anemia. Anemia and lower hemoglobin levels are quite a common problem among pregnant women, and here also you can use this bhasma because it is extremely safe. For more guidance, you must see the how to use section.

Eye and skin disorders

loha bhasam for eye and skin careIron is very important for both body and eyes. In the treatment of some types of eye related disorders, loha bhasma is frequently used. Apart from this, it is being used in several skin problems too. The nature of loha bhasma is such that it improves skin texture and complexion. Yes, it can be used by those who want to have a fairer skin. And this would be the healthiest possible fairness treatment. Loha bhasma also has some astringent properties and hence has a role to deal with many skin infections.

Diabetes with loha bhasma

loha bhasma for diabetesDiabetes in India was once known as the disease of the rich people, but today every third person of India is suffering from some form of diabetes. Diabetes itself is a big problem, and with it your body becomes susceptible to make other diseases too. So, it is better you choose the right and effective method to treat diabetes. And what can be more efficient that ayurvedic tool loha bhasma. Yes, loha bhasma can help you overcome all the symptoms of diabetes and at the same time, it also improves you immunity against several other diseases.


loha bhasma for obesityLoha bhasma is a natural fat burner, hence it can be used by people who are a bit obese. Those who want to reduce fat have many options to choose from. There are so many products that claim to reduce a targeted weight in a targeted time. But the fact is that it all depends on your body types and metabolism. Then, there are so many side effects of these products, and third one is that they are not trustworthy. So, in reality you might have many tempting options to lose weight, but actually if you talk about an effective and safe method- only loha bhasma is there. To use loha bhasma for shedding a few pounds, you can use it in combination with triphala powder or triphala guggulu.


TuberculosisCaused by bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis, the disease is pretty common in India. Acute cough, pain in chest, fever and sometimes blood in the mucus or cough are some of the characteristic symptoms of tuberculosis. Although if it is something like tuberculosis, you must consult a doctor first as giving it more time can make it life threatening. But you can ask your doctor to add loha bhasma to your prescription as it will not only reduce the healing time, but will also make your recovery faster which indeed is a big issue while struggling with tuberculosis because the infection do deep damage to your health and body.

Loha bhasma improves strength and immunity

Apart from dealing with all the diseases separately, loha bhasma for strength has a unique property of enhancing your immune system. And if you are aware of what your immune system is, you must know how much important it is to have a really strong immune system. With a strengthened immunity, your body can kick out almost any foreign particle trying to enter your body. Not only this, it will also help in fighting with some chronic diseases of the time. So, by just improving one factor, you are nullifying the need of a dozen of medicines and preventing great inconveniences in future.

loha bhasam for strength and immunityThis was just one instance where loha bhasma for strength provides you with more power and it also has tremendous effects on the overall strength of the body. Sometimes due to a disease residing in your body for a long time, or due to you neglecting you health, weakness, dizziness, tiredness and many other small problems become hindrance in your work. In all these cases, loha bhasma for strength and power acts as a perfect strengthening agent.

And if think this is all, wait, the list is still not complete. Some other uses of loha bhasma can be seen in treating poisoning due to insect bites or consumption of poisonous substances, dealing with dyspepsia, tackling various types of bowel syndromes, splenic and liver disorders. To gain benefits from loha bhasam and to treat various diseases, and also to prevent so many health ailments, you should also have the knowledge about the dose and usage pattern of the powerful bhasma. So, before jumping on and using it, let us have a look at some information about the use of loha bhasma.

How to use loha bhasma and stay healthy

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the maximum dosage of loha bhasma should not exceed 250 mg. whether you take it in parts or one dose at a time, try to keep the maximum amount you take is 250 mg. the dose can be take either once in the evening or two time in a day as and when you are comfortable. Some people who have been using it for a long time and also have knowledge about ayurveda usually prefer taking it with honey, turmeric or ghee. Some ayurvedic doctors also prescribe loha bhasma with Trikatu Churna or Triphala Churna. For this you must consult your doctor as he will better guide you according to your present health status and past record. If you are planning to take loha bhasma as a supplement with other medicines, the dose is sometimes as low as 30 mg.

Possible side effects of loha bhasma

Loha bhasma is one of those few ayurvedic medicines which is proven safe to take during pregnancy. In fact, those women who are struggling with low hemoglobin count can talk to their doctor and start taking loha bhasma today. But, we once again insist on avoiding self medication during pregnancy, hence talk to your doctor to finalize the dosage and rule out any other possibilities.

side effectLoha bhasma is perfectly safe and has absolutely no side effects, but it is a bit heavier to digest and hence while you are on the prescription of loha bhasma, expect minor changes in your digestion pattern. Also, be precautious about the right dose as overdose can invite troubles like severe side effects and gastritis. Black stools, stomach upset with either constipation or diarrhea and nausea are some of the common problems you will face if you take it in amount higher than what is prescribed to you. Take it in right amount and you will get the maximum benefits.

Whether it is in the production of red blood cells, or it is about playing a role in the conversion blood sugar into energy, iron has its name in everything. In fact, some research even point at the dependency of immune system on iron levels. So, by now you must have got a glimpse of what is the role of iron in your body and what processes can be hampered if you do not have sufficient amount of iron. It is high time you start analyzing everything you eat for the amount of iron it contain. But if you are deficient in iron, you really need immediate and that immediate help can only be taken from ayurvedic loha bhasma as it is the only safest method to incorporate more iron in your body.

If you have been using supplements for a long time now, stop wasting money on these harmful drugs and try loha bhasma. You don’t have to spend much money on this as it will do the needful in just a short span of time. The normal iron supplement are to be taken for more than just a few months, but loha bhasma can bring the iron levels in balance in a month or two. So, now by looking at all the factors, effects and side effects, I think it is easier for you decide what you have to do in order to deal with iron deficiency safely and healthily.