Do you face problem due to disturbed frequently? Are you sick and tired of taking help from antacids prescribed by doctor and sometimes take them without any prescription? You aren’t actually alone as there are millions of Indians suffering from the same problem. Some have to deal with acute constipation every morning while others have a tough time after eating anything because of acid reflux and heartburn. Have you ever thought of searching for the reason behind it? There are a dozens of digestive medicines available in the market, then why everyone complaining of some digestive issue or the other? It is because these allopathic medicines temporarily make the situation better for you. In fact, they only make you feel like everything is fine inside your stomach by reducing the burning sensation and pain. Now it might be clear in your mind that why everyone is suffering.

ayurvedaWe are today excessively dependant on allopathic medicines and from minor indigestion to chronic ulcerative colitis, we seek help from allopathy without bothering about its working mechanism, right? Well, this was past and today everyone is talking about the side effects of allopathic medicines. An old debate on allopathy vs. ayurveda has once again got a spark because of some surprising revelations about the side effects of the former science. Yes, allopathy once ruled the medicinal world, but today reality is something else. Everyone is getting aware of the ill effects of the science and consequently, all of them are moving towards a much more reliable and holistic healer- ayurveda. The debate of allopathy vs. ayurveda has suddenly shown a tilt of everyone in India as well as outside India towards ayurveda. And it can be understood easily with the use of ayurvedic medicines like panchamrit parpati. This is a one stop solution to almost all the problems pertaining to your stomach. We will today see what makes ayurveda win in the competition between allopathy vs. ayurveda by looking at how panchamrit parpati heals you holistically and raises the health of your body.

Let us start the discussion with the ingredients of panchamrti parpati so that you know what you are exactly taking into your body. After this, we will see the benefits of using panchamrit parpati. Yes, you might have thought that panchamrit parpati in stomach problems is its only use, but in reality there are a variety of benefits of using this ayurvedic formulation. So, we will see all those benefits and in the end we will talk about a new, easy and cost effective way to buy ayurvedic medicines online. As the debate between allopathy vs. ayurveda is going in favor of ayurveda, the demand for all the ayurvedic products has suddenly increased and this increase has lead to the easy availability of ayurvedic medicines. But there is one place from where you can get all ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price. We will talk about it in the end and right now, let us see the ingredients of panchamrit parpati.


sudha gandhakAs it is suggested by the name, panchamrit parpati is made up of five highly beneficial and natural ingredients with high medicinal value. They ate put equivalent to elixir and you can assess their healing capabilities from this. The first ingredient of panchamrit parpati is Shuddha Gandhaka. It is herbal purified form of Sulphur or Gandhak. Purified Sulphur is required in human body for proper functioning. It is the third most abundant mineral (after calcium and phosphorus) based on percentage of total body weight. It is the sixth most abundant macro mineral in breast milk and there are many other stats available about the role of purified sulphur in human health.

The second elixir like ingredient used in panchamrit parpati is Shuddha Parada (Herbal purified Mercury). Loha Bhasma – Bhasma prepared from Iron is the third basic element involved in the preparation of panchamrit parpati. Loha is used extensively in the Ayurvedic literature for the management of various diseases like Pandu (Anemia), Shotha (Oedema), Kamala (Jaundice) etc. Abhraka Bhasma (purified and processed Mica), and Tamra Bhasma (bhasma prepared from Copper) are the last two primary ingredients of panchamrit parpati. The process of manufacturing panchamrit parpati is also kept natural so that the ayurvedic medicine gets easily observed in human body and there are no ill effects. This is the key reason behind the effectiveness as well as safety of panchamrit parpati as well as all other ayurvedic medicines.


Panchamrit parpati in stomach problems

Panchamrit parpati in stomach problemsFrom malabsorption syndrome to painful hemorrhoids, and vomiting with diarrhea, panchamrit parpati in stomach problems is nothing less than an elixir. Today, indigestion and improper absorption of food is very common problem and panchamrit parpati is the best and holistic way to deal with it. Not only this, you can also deal with hemorrhoids, a bit complicated problem which in most of the cases requires surgery with the use of this ayurvedic medicine.

Panchamrit parpati for weakness

The most common causes of weakness are anorexia and emaciation, right? If you also don’t feel like eating, try panchamrit parpati and see the difference. You will soon start getting hungry frequently and if you choose ayurveda, it will not take much time for you to recover from the effects of these two. Apart from using panchamrit parpati in stomach problems and other such issues, many ayurvedic doctors also recommend the use of this ayurvedic formula in pthisis, weakness and muscle wasting.

Panchamrit parpati for bleeding disorders

Panchamrit parpati for bleeding disordersBleeding disorders such as menorrhagia and nasal bleeding are extremely common. Menorrhagia is making every other women struggle during the menstrual cycle, while nasal bleeding is affecting people from all ages and both the sexes. And since ayurveda believes that any bleeding disorder is caused because of the imbalance in the vata pitta or kapha levels, both of these can be treated with panchamrit parpati.

And if you think these were the only uses or benefits of panchamrit parpati, let me tell you that you can also use this magnificent ayurvedic medicine in fever. Some eye disorders, senility and oligospermia can also be cured with the right use of panchamrit parpati. So, if you look at panchamrit parpati in stomach problems only, think again. The strong natural ingredients of panchamrit parpati make it suitable in almost a dozen of problems. You can hence take help from ayurvedic panchamrit parpati in stomach problems as well as all the diseases listed above, but only after taking advice from an ayurvedic doctor. Your doctor might also prescribe some adjuvants based on the exact problem you are suffering from and he or she might also prescribe you panchamrit parpati in any other problems, if he or she finds it suitable. In the coming section you will get a general idea of how to use panchamrit parpati.


You should be precise about the dose of panchamrit parpati since it is made up of heavy metals. The usually prescribed dose of panchamrit parpati is anything between 125 mg to 250 mg once or twice a day. The ayurvedic doctor might ask you to have it before or after food depending on your problem. It is generally advised to be taken along with honey, ghee, fried cumin seed powder, warm water. This again is decided based on your problem and it is hence better you talk to an ayurvedic doctor before thinking of using panchamrit parpati. This indeed is a strong medicine, but there are some responsibilities of using it right that comes along with the effectiveness.


no side effectsThere are no side effects of using panchamrit parpati because it is made up of all natural ingredients. Yes, you should take certain precautions and also should be precise about the dosage. Because panchamrit parpati is made up of all heavy metals, it should be strictly taken under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor. In case you aren’t able to find the right ayurvedic doctor, you can call paramanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company which is not only famous for buying ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price, but here you can also get free online consultation from an ayurvedic doctor. And this is the very first step of using ayurveda safely, right? One should use ayurvedic medicines only after consulting an ayurvedic doctor.

If you follow these precautions, nothing can be better than panchamrit parpati in stomach problems and in all other health issues listed above. Now, if you feel like panchamrit parpati is of some use to you, or you want help regarding any other ayurvedic medicine online or offline, you can make a call to paramanand ayurveda. With this ayurvedic company, you can get all ayurvedic medicines online, heavy discount on all your orders, free home delivery as well as free online consultation. We can hence say that it is the one stop solution for all those who want to treat their body with ayurveda. If you think you should use ayurveda, call paramanand ayurveda and get a clarified vision about why you should use ayurveda and how you should use it.