lawan bhaskar churna
Lavan means salt and bhaskar is sometime referred to as brilliant and many other times it is used as another name of sun. So, even if you are not much into ayurveda, the name of this ayurvedic formula is giving you an idea of what it is about. Lavan bhaskar churna is something made of salt and carrying the immense power of healing. This comes straight from the interpretation of the name, and in reality, lavan bhaskar churna contain many more useful and beneficial ingredients. Don’t worry, today we will talk about all of the components of this amazing ayurvedic medicine and we will also give you all the necessary details that you should have if you are thinking of using lavan bhaskar churna. And by the end of this article, you will surely have a glimpse of the power and uniqueness of ayurveda if you are new to ayurveda.

lavan bhaskar churnaAnd for those who already know what is ayurveda, I bet you will get some astonishing facts about the science. So, let us see lavan bhaskar churna and its impact on our health in detail. Apart from this, in ayurveda diet plays an important role. So, while using lavan bhaskar chruna or any other ayurvedic medicines, you must know what you should include in your diet and what not. You will get some information on a website about this churna, while some other on different website, but this is the only place you will get complete, correct and authentic details of not only lavan bhaskar churna, but of all the ayurvedic medicines. Starting with the ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna, we will talk about a long list of benefits we can receive from this ayurvedic medicine. And then we will talk about the doses and various combinations of ayurvedic medicines to enhance the effect of ayurvedic lavan bhaskar churna.

Ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna

The ingredients of all ayurvedic medicines are natural and herbal products, but nature in itself carries innumerable healing herbs. So, to combine one with another is easy, but predicting the nature of resultant mixture is something that needs expertise. This expertise is there and using it all the ayurvedic formulas is given. Ayurevda tells you not only the perfect ingredients to be mixed together in order to obtain an health enhancing and side effect free end product, but it also tell you in what proportion they should be mixed. This too is important because mixing in wrong proportion will either not give you desired results, or it may also kill the effectiveness of the medicine. Hence you have to carefully choose the ingredients first, and then decide on the amount of each one to be taken.

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna

As far as lavan bhaskar churna is concerned, it obviously contains salt. But there are different types of salts and starting from rack salt to sea salt and black salt, lavan bhaskar chruna cobine all of these. Apart from salt, lavan bhaskar churna is loaded with herbal products and spices like , coriander, long pepper fruits, long pepper fruits, kala jeera, tej pata (Indian bay leaf), nagkesar, jeera (cumin seeds) and black pepper. And this is not as the list of beneficial herbs lavan bhaskar churna contain is quite long. Dried ginger root or what we commonly call sonth, cinnamon (dalchini), cardamom (elaichi), lemon juice and pomegranate seeds are some other ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna which we use in our kitchen daily. But again, using them alone is alright for maintaining a good health, but for treatment, you need to combine it scientifically, as it has been done to make lavan bhaskar churna and for many other ayurvedic medicines.

Uses and benefits of lavan bhaskar churna

Lavan bhaskar churna is famous for its digestion improving abilities and its instant effect on the respiratory tract blockages. Yes, it is definitely useful in treating these two health issues, and it can also do much more for keeping our body healthy, but sometimes, combining it with different ayurvedic medicines gives unbelievable results. Let us see the uses and benefits of lavan bhaskar churna and also some of the combinations of ayurvedic medicines which can assist lavan bhaskar chruna with its work.

Lavan bhaskar churna for digestion

Digestion is the process from which your body draws out energy and required nutrients from the food we eat. Indigestion is a very common problem and equally common is the ignorance towards this health complication. Yes, it is indeed a health complication because digestion is a crucial process and if your food is not digested well, the consequences can be more than just discomfort. Imbalance in nutrient, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and a dozen of other problems may haunt you day and night if you ignore indigestion.

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna for digestion-1If we list some of the common problems arising in the stomach of even the healthiest individual today, the list is going to be quite long. Indigestion, bloating, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, and gas are some occasional problems which we don’t even consider as a health issue. Blaming it on food is all we do and move on with our work. This gives these minor illnesses to expand and turn into something serious and chronic problem. And unfortunately we have to deal with spleen enlargement, hemorrhoids (swollen veins in the lowest part of rectum and anus), malabsorption syndrome, constipation, and rheumatism. Hence you actions have a big role in preventing the conversion of minor issues into big complications. So, next time you suffer from any stomach, don’t ignore it and take help from natural lavan bhaskar churna.

Lavan bhaskar is antiflatulent in nature and hence it is the perfect treatment for bloating and flatulence. Not only this, this ayurvedic churna is best for your stomach because it is excellent carminative and appetizer. So, this is just perfect treat to your stomach and works by stimulating digestion. Also it is a treatment for constipation because its ingredients make it a mild laxative. So, flatulence, malabsorption syndrome, constipation casing piles and abdominal pains due to gas or indigestion are a thing of past with lavan bhaskar churna for digestion. If you are suffering from intestinal gas, lavan bhaskar churna can be combined with arogyavardhini vati and lasunadi vati.

Lavan bhaskar churna for cough and other respiratory problems

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna for coughJust like digestion, cough is also common and often ignored until the symptoms force you to take some action by choking you up. And as it is with indigestion, the earlier you treat it, the easier and fast will be the recovery as well as treatment. So, here also rather than taking expensive antibiotics and spending money on harmful sources of temporary relief, you can seek help in ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like lavan bhaskar churna. Cough is minor, but the impacts can cause breathing difficulties at later stages and pain in chest is also encountered by patients of cough. To treat cough and other such respiratory tract infections, lavan bhaskar churna for cough is very effective, but taking it along with some other ayurvedic medicines is even more powerful. If you have acute or productive cough, asthma or some other chronic health condition relating to respiratory tract, consult an ayurvedic doctor to give you a complete cure. It is often taken with arogyavardhini vati and chiruvilwadi kashayam to fight with cough and cold.

Heart diseases

Cardiovascular diseases or in simpler words heart diseases have now become the leading cause of mortality in India. In India the more people die of heart diseases because the mortality rate of our country is higher than the average mortality rate in the entire world due to heart diseases. This is surprising, but a result of our ignorance of heart health. It is high time we start aping attention to the central organ of our body ad for a long life, it is mandatory to have a healthy heart. And lavan bhaskar churna is the key to a healthy, strong and disease free heart. Lavan bhaskar churna contain so many salts, minerals and herbal components and all of them work towards the betterment of your heart health.

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna for heartTo have a strong heart with lavan bhaskar churna, you not only are required to take this ayurvedic medicine, but as recommended by ayurveda diet is also crucial. Not only for your heart has health, according to ayurveda diet has a major role in defining your overall health. So, if you want ayurvedic medicines to work for you, you must also take into consideration the food you eat.

These were some major benefits of lavan bhaskar churna and there are many other minor impacts that this magical churna has on your overall health. We now have got a fair idea of what is lavan bhaskar chruna and what are its major and minor impacts on our health. So, let us get a bit closer to gaining benefits from lavan bhaskar churna and see how we can use this ayurvedic medicine.

How to use lavan bhaskar churna

Lavan bhaskar churna is a mixture of a dozen of herbs, spices and salts. All these make it strong and powerful. Hence while using lavan bhaskar churna, you should be careful enough. The maximum dose of lavan bhaskar churna in a single day should not exceed 12gm. Apart from this upper limit, in case of children, one to two grams of lavan bhaskar churna is the standard dose and for adults it is between 2 to 3 grams. This amount can be taken either before having food or after meals two times every day.

Possible side effects of lavan bhaskar chruna

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna for saltsSince salts are the major components of lavan bhaskar churna, those who are not advised to take salt due to some health issue should not take this until and unless the doctor advices you to do so. If you are suffering from hyper acidity, or some sort of kidney diseases, then too lavan bhaskar may not suit you. Those who are on a salt-restricted diet or have elevated levels of serum sodium should abstain from this ayurvedic medicine. It should also not be taken in pregnancy as the safety is not proved. The key is to consult the doctor for the exact and safe amount and before taking lavan bhaskar chruna and any other ayurvedic medicines, you must do it.

If you are trusting ayurveda diet too is crucial factor and you will get results only if you take into consideration both- medicines and diet. Improving your diet automatically improves the overall health of human beings, and this lessens the need of medicines. Less medicine means lesser intervention in the normal functioning of your body. And this is of great use, especially if you are using allopathic or any other medicinal science. There are so many healing methods all around the world. The Chinese have their own set of traditional medicines, while Egyptians also follow their historical healing techniques. But if you talk about one name that has the power and capabilities of healing and curing human body holistically- this is none other than ayurveda.

ingredients of lavan bhaskar churna Ayurveda has the amazing power to give a boost to your overall health and heal many minor to chronic health ailments while preserving your health. Because ayurvedic medicines are free from any side effects and their positive effects are also long lasting, this science of healing is unique. This uniqueness is the reason behind people trusting it since thousands of years, and even today there are many Indians who seek help in ayurveda for all their needs. Whether it is about treating a minor cut, or major health issue, trusting ayurveda always helps. In fact, these days, it looks like more and more people in and outside India are keen towards using ayurveda because they are fed up of the side effects of allopathic medicines. The result of this can be seen on the ayurvedic products online and offline. The demand of ayurvedic products has increased exponentially over the past few years and today, ayurveda is everywhere. You can see ayurveda entering the skin care, curable infections like cough and cold, and also incurable problems like diabetes etc. you too can grab the opportunity and start treating your body holistically.

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