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You might have heard about lauh bhasma and it is seen as the most powerful and natural source of iron for human bodies, but, can you imagine something even stronger than lauh bhasma? Yes, lauh bhasma is definitely a great source of iron and it has been used in ayurveda since ages to complete the iron requirements of the body. Those who have a slight idea of ayurveda might also have a perception that nothing can beat lauh bhasma in effectiveness and this is the only natural source that can supply the amount of iron needed by your body. But today, we will talk about lauh bhasma (shatputi). This is also an ayurvedic formula and it is also made up of purified iron, but this is even stronger in action than simple lauh bhasma. There are many cases where lauh bhasma is just perfect, but in many other cases patients who need something even more effective are always recommended lauh bhasma (shatputi). The name is same, ingredients is also iron, then how can these two (lauh bhasma and lauh bhasma (shatputi)) differ in nature and mechanism of action?

This is the question you will get an answer about in the coming sections. If you know the action of lauh bhasma, and have also used it for some time, you would easily understand lauh bhasma (shatputi) differs from the former. In case you haven’t used lauh bhasma or lauh bhasma (shatputi) or any other ayurvedic medicine, you will today see some surprising capabilities of a tremendously powerful lauh bhasma (shatputi). Starting with the ingredients of lauh bhasma (shatputi), we will move on to know all the benefits of the same. At the end, if you really want to grab all the benefits offered by lauh bhasma (shatputi), we will tell you some amazing places to buy ayurvedic medicines at lowest price. This will not only save you a lot of money, but it is going to be the beginning if a remarkable change in your life. And there is an ayurvedic company in Delhi which will help you in every possible way to bring that unbelievable change in your life and health. We will throw light on that too.


LAUH BHASMA (SHATPUTI)Lauh bhasma (shatputi) is prepared from purified form of iron. Yes, it is the same ingredient that is used to manufacture lauh bhasma, but there is a difference in the process of manufacturing that leads to differences in the levels of effectiveness.  According to some ancient texts based on which ayurvedic medicines are prepared even today, purified iron is incinerated almost 100 times to obtain lauh bhasma (shatputi). With this much processing and entirely natural process of manufacturing, it is not easy to get the end product, but it is always worth investing time and money on it. Because what you get at the end is an immensely powerful and incomparable source of iron. To get an idea of what this end product can do, let us see all the benefits of lauh bhasma (shatputi) for human body.


Iron in human body is present in everything from hemoglobin to tissues, muscles, bone marrow, blood proteins, enzymes, ferritin and hemosiderin. If we combine all the iron distributed in the above stated elements of human body, it will add up to 3 to 4 grams. With slight variations according to age and sex, this is the average amount of iron found in human body. The greatest portion of iron is found in hemoglobin, and hence if you are low in iron, hemoglobin levels suffer badly. Your body always requires some amount of iron that you often take in when you eat green leafy vegetables and some other eatables. But these eatables are sufficient to maintain the right amount of iron. In case you are short in iron levels, these foods might not be enough to complete the requirement as they contain very low amount of iron. Also, in some specific conditions like pregnancy, the amount of iron your body requires is more than usual requirements. In all such cases, you need help that can give your iron levels a boost. And by raising the amount of iron, lauh bhasma (shatputi) automatically solve many health problems.

Lauh bhasma (shatputi) for anemia

LAUH BHASMA (SHATPUTI) FOR ANEMIAAnemia is a condition when the amount of red blood cells in your blood is extremely low and this is because your body doesn’t contain sufficient iron. Iron is haematinic and restorative, and hence we need it to avoid conditions like anemia. Sometime because of lack of nutritious diet we face this problem, and many other times conditions like pregnancy, heavy menstrual flow in women and other such issues gives rise to anemia. But people who use lauh bhasma (shatputi) for anemia have reported that with the use of this ayurvedic medicine, they have successfully treated anemia and all other such problems. You too can use lauh bhasma (shatputi) for anemia and see a change in your present health condition soon.

Lauh bhasma in liver problems

LAUH BHASMA (SHATPUTI) FOR LIVERYou can treat as well as avoid many disorders of liver with the use of lauh bhasma (shatputi). Lauh bhasma (shatputi) for anemia is the simplest job for something as immensely powerful as lauh bhasma (shatputi), but treating spleen disorders and jaundice caused because of some problem in the liver are some of its crucial effects. Liver is a n important organ and there are a dozen of problems that we today face because of the overdose of certain drugs affecting the liver. To avoid all of them, and to treat the present problem your liver is struggling with, you can rely on ayurvedic lauh bhasma (shatputi).

People use lauh bhasma (shatputi) for anemia treatment and they also are now using it to get rid of many liver problems, but hardly anyone knows that lauh bhasma (shatputi) can also help in oedema. Apart from treating these specific conditions, this wonder product is also used to cure general debility. Since it base is same as lauh bhamsa, you can easily trust it and because it so more potent than Lauh Bhasma, you should prefer using this. These were some of the benefits of using lauh bhasma (shatputi) and your doctor might tell you some other amazing uses of the ayurvedic medicine.


LAUH BHASMA (SHATPUTI) DOSESWith lauh bhasma (shatputi), you have to be precautious about taking it in the right amount and for the right duration of time. The generally prescribed dose of lauh bhasma (shatputi) is something between 125 mg to 250 mg twice every day. Ayurvedic doctors often recommend taking lauh bhasma (shatputi) with madhu or water. Although this is the general safe and effective dose of lauh bhasma (shatputi), your doctor can prescribe you something lower than this, and in rare cases higher than this. This judgment is taken after analyzing your overall health, the intensity and severity of your disease as well as the amount of iron your body needs. So, to get the exact amount of lauh bhasma (shatputi) that will be suitable for you will be decided by your doctor only after examining your medical history and present health condition.

This was all about the use of lauh bhasma (shatputi), but if you are willing to use this ayurvedic medicine, you have to be careful about a lot of things. There are certain precautions and possible side effects of lauh bhasma (shatputi) that you must be aware of. Yes, ayurvedic medicines have no side effects and lauh bhasma (shatputi) also has no side effects provided you use it under limits. Let us see what are those limits and how we can use lauh bhasma (shatputi) is a way that only benefits our body.


herbal ayurvedic medicine

All ayurvedic medicines are safe for health, but some are meant to be used only for a short duration of time, and lauh bhasma (shatputi) also belongs to that class of ayurvedic medicines. ayurvedic medicines are really beneficial for your overall health. You take their help just to treat one disease and while treating that particular disease, these ayurvedic medicines do magical favors for your body. Because of this fact it is generally said that ayurvedic medicines can be taken for a long time. But this is true only for some herbal ayurvedic medicines which contain mild herbs. Ayurvedic medicines like lauh bhasma (shatputi) have to be taken only for the time specified by your doctor and only under strict supervision of your doctor.

In the past decade, it was difficult to find an ayurvedic store, but today we have many offline and online ayurvedic companies. So, the issue of availability is not an issue. We will also compare in a short while the offline and online ayurvedic companies, before that we will see the most crucial aspect of using ayurveda. Today, it is not that difficult to get an ayurvedic medicine because of the low prices and great offers provided by ayurvedic companies like parmanand ayurveda, but this is not the first step of treatment. What was your first step when you were treating your diseases with allopathy? Of course, it started with consulting a doctor, right? This is the first step and you can find an allopathic doctor easily. There are many hospitals as well as private clinics offering you services. In ayurveda also, you surely need a doctor’s consultation.


consult with doctorYou might have used a few general ayurvedic products without consulting an ayurvedic doctor, but this is not the right way at all. Yes, ayurvedic medicines are free from any side effects, but there is some condition associated with almost every ayurvedic medicine that you should know before using it. Also, depending on your present health condition and various other factors, the doses of the same medicine can differ significantly. So, for all these and many other reasons, one must seek help from an ayurvedic doctor. Although this is important for every ayurvedic medicines, for lauh bhasma (shatputi) and other mineral formulations in ayureveda, this is mandatory. Because lauh bhasma (shatputi) and many other ayurvedic medicines contain heavy metallic and mineral ingredients, you must be precise about the doses and duration for which you should take these medicines. And this is the real challenge, right?


Yes, it was a challenge to get help from an experienced and qualified ayurvedic doctor. There are many medicine stores, but if you look for an ayurvedic doctor, it is rare to find an expert around you. Thankfully, the very first step in using ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines has now become easier as you can get free online consultation from an ayurvedic doctor at parmanand ayurveda. So, grab the opportunity and treat your body with the beauty and power of ayurveda. It will enlighten your body with a new strength and peace. If you want to buy lauh bhasma (shatputi), you can easily order it from parmanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company in Delhi always offer you some discount on medicines, and that is not possible with any other ayurvedic store online and offline. Also, the most amazing thing after free online consultation is that they provide free home delivery. Whenever we try to buy ayurvedic medicines online, we often end up paying for delivery a price equivalent to or even more than the price of the medicine itself.

These were some major issues that people who really want to treat their bodies with ayurveda often face. And thankfully, we have an effective solution to all of them at parmanand ayurveda. Now, you can not only buy lauh bhasma (shatputi) at lowest price, but can also get it at your doorstep by making just one call. And of course, you can start your course of lauh bhasma (shatputi) as well as any other medicine after consulting an ayurvedic doctor, that too for free. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, we are all aware of the effectiveness of ayurveda, but using ayurveda also today is much easier that getting help from allopathic medicines.

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