Asavas or fermented infusions are considered as one of the most unique and valuable therapeutics in Ayurveda. Apart from inheriting the goodness from so many herbal ingredients used in the preparation of kumaryasavam, it has some incomparable healing properties because of the special process adopted to make all the asavas. So, indefinite shelf life is not the only feature that make asavas a special ayurvedic formulation as it carry some unmatchable medicinal capabilities. Vedic books as well as classic and modern texts provide elaborate information about these fermented products, the method of preparation used for preparing asavas and their therapeutic uses. Vedic literature such as Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda gives a clear idea about the existence of fermentation process. During the post vedic time, honey, flower of Madhuka (Madhuca longifolia Koen), Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa L. Kurz) were also added to assist the fermentation process. The role of asavas is also mentioned clearly in Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Kashyapa Samhita, Sharangadhara Samhita and Charak Samhita. These are some very crucial ancient medicinal texts which are referenced even today.

AyurvedaWe have enough of historic information about the manufacturing, use and benefits of kumaryasavam. But, because of the need of more concrete and well established scientific proofs, these days many scientists are working and studying the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has also been recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and became immensely popular in the US, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and many western countries.  Since then, in almost every corner of the world including India, ayurveda is gaining popularity. So, it was very difficult to get scientific information about kumaryasavam of any other ayurvedic product a few decades back, but today, you will see so many research publications reciting the entire story.

For instance, researchers studied the Hepatoprotective potential of kumaryasavam and the report was published in one of leading medical journals- Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences. Another study recorded the Effect of Preparation Method on Antioxidant Activity of Ayurvedic Formulation Kumaryasavam. In the former reports, it was indicated that kumaryasavam was effective in rats and hence the same impact can be expected in humans too. In the later one, it was seen that the use of inoculums of W. fruticosa flowers made the process of fermentation a bit slower, but it was seen that this ingredient contribute to the antiviral activity present in kumaryasavam. As you can see that every aspect of kumaryasavam has been studied and the safety of this ayurvedic medicine is also well established, let use try to dig a bit deeper to see what makes kumaryasavam effective.


aloe veraAloe vera is the primary ingredient of kumaryasavam. Aloe vera is known by different names and it is well acknowledged for its benefit in India. This is used as a medicinal plant to heal one or the other health issue, but in ayurveda as well aloe vera has a special place. We all are aware of the medicinal properties of aloe vera, but there are many other herbs which are used while preparing kumaryasavam. Guda or Jaggery, Makshika (Honey), Loha Bhasma (Iron calx), Shunti (Ginger rhizome) and the fruits of Maricha (Pepper) and Pippali (long pepper) are some of the herbs used.

Other that aloe vera and the herbs listed above, there are some commonly used spices like Lavanga (clove), Twak (cinnamon), Ela (cardamom), Dhanyaka (Coriander seeds) and Patra (Cinnamomum tamala) present in kumaryasavam.  If we go on listing all the ingredients of kumaryasavam, the list is not going to end really soon. So, we will wind it up by naming two crucial components of kumaryasavam- Dhatumakshika – Makshika Bhasma and Dhataki – Woodfordia fruticosa. With this, you now have an idea about the major ingredients used in the preparation of kumaryasavam.


flowers of Woodfordia fruticosaTraditionally, Kumaryasavam is prepared by the natural fermentation of leaves of aloe vera. For accelerating the fermentation process, various other herbs are taken as help. If you are talking about preparing ayurvedic medicines, the entire process of manufacturing must be natural and hence we cannot take chemical help to fasten up the fermentation process. During the preparation, flowers of Woodfordia fruticosa (Family-Lythraceae) are added as inoculums for alcoholic fermentation. This fermentation process uses the natural yeasts present on the flowers of W. fruticosa. Several other ingredients are also added and the entire mixture is kept in a sealed vessel for about a month. And after a long wait of almost a month, we get a fine liquid with enhanced medicinal properties and health improving nature. Let us now see some benefits of using kumaryasavam.


Kumaryasavam in stomach problems

stomach in a healthy stateWe eat food that is not rich in nutrition but which is loaded with preservatives. This puts unnecessary burden on the stomach and digestive system. This is why every other person is suffering from minor to major digestive issues. By using kumaryasavam in stomach problems, you can holistically treat abdominal distention, bloating and acute constipation. It is also given to patients dealing with piles, but not recommended in bleeding piles.

Kumaryasavam for respiratory conditions

Kumaryasavam for respiratory problemsSome common infections disturbing the respiratory tract like cough, cold and wheezing can be solved by the use of kumaryasavam at the right time. It is capable of helping you out in both productive and dry cough. Also, you can avoid all the problems in your respiratory tract in future too because the herbs present in kumaryasavam help you by raising your immunity.

Kumaryasavam for women health

Kumaryasavam for women health problemsIt can be taken as a health tonic by women who are struggling with irregular menstrual cycle, heavy bleeding and excess of pain during periods. So, apart from using kumaryasavam in stomach problems, you can also use it as a help for regularizing menstrual cycle.

Kumaryasavam can be used in any problem related to vata imbalance and it is also recommended by doctors to treat certain neurological conditions. You too can use it in case you are struggling with one of the above mentioned problems. But before using kumaryasavam, you should know some other crucial aspects about the ayurvedic formulation. We will first tell you how you can use kumaryasavam and then we will talk about a few other important details.


dosages of Kumaryasavam You can take any dose between 10 to 20 ml of kumaryasavam if you are an adult. This is a safe and effective dose for adults and you can take it twice every day. In case of children, 5 to 10 ml of the liquid is enough to get desired results. We once again remind you that these are general doses given to an adult with average health. If you are suffering from a specific problem, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the intake of kumaryasavam. In fact, it is best to talk to an ayurvedic doctor before taking any ayurvedic medicine. In case you have problem in finding a good ayurvedic doctor, you can contact paramanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company from where you can not only buy ayurvedic medicines online, but can also consult an ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi. We will tell you a few tips on how you can get free consultation online, but before that let us see the precautions and side effects associated with kumaryasavam.


  • The first precaution is to keep a check on the amount of kumaryasavam you are taking. The overall dose for the entire day should not extend 60 ml.
  • If you have accidentally taken s very high dose of kumaryasavam, you may suffer from gastric irritation symptoms.
  • You can use kumaryasavam for children, but in pregnancy and lactation, it is best you avoid the use of kumaryasavam.
  • It is better if you can talk to an ayurvedic doctor regarding the timings of the medicine, but usually it gives best results if you take it immediately after having food.


The ayurvedic formulation is free from any side effect provided you know when to use it and how to use it. This is why we recommend you to take kumaryasavam only after consulting an ayurvedic doctor and this is why you might help from a very famous ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi. If you self medicate, or do not consult a good ayurvedic doctor, be ready to face the following consequences.

  • Many times, kumaryasavam is used in the management of piles and it is a good solution for piles and for all other such digestive problems, but it should not be used in bleeding piles. Kumaryasavam should not be given in bleeding piles and other bleeding disorders.
  • Like other laxatives, Kumaryasavam may cause mild abdominal cramp or pain during defecation if you take dose higher than 50 ml in a single day.

To avoid all this, the only key is to consult an ayurvedic doctor. You can now get answers to queries related to all your health problems and all the solutions in ayurveda by making just one phone call. By making just one call to paramanand ayurveda, you will get consultation from the best ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi and you will not have to pay a single penny. Not only this, this phone call can save your health by letting ayurveda enter your life with ease and it can also save considerable amount of money because by buying ayurvedic medicines online, you will get huge discounts.

Ayurveda, the science of life, has a strong heritage in India and is being practiced for last several thousand of years for treating various ailments. Ayurveda was once used extensively by millions of people in India and all around the world. Once again the same craze for ayurveda is going to hit and it can be seen by looking at the ever increasing demand of ayurvedic medicines. Due to the toxicity and side effects of allopathic medicines, there is a sudden increase in the number of Ayurvedic drug manufactures to meet the increased demand. Now is the question of whom to trust. Because the effectiveness as well as safety of ayurvedic medicines depends on the process adopted for manufacturing it, you have to find a reliable source to buy ayurvedic medicines online and offline. Here also, you can trust paramanand because it provides you the best platform to compare and buy ayurvedic medicines manufactured from all different brands. So, go ahead, buy ayurvedic medicines online and save your money as well as health.

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