Life with ayurveda was not the same as it is today with allopathy and other such instantly effective medicinal sciences. Human health was also much better in ancient times when our ancestors trusted a science of holistic and natural healing called ayurveda. But thankfully, we are developing the same faith and hope in ayurveda and this definitely is going to impact our health, daily lives and life expectancy. Curiosity about kumar kalyan ras is just one proof that today everyone is trying to incorporate ayurveda in their lives. Some have adopted it to deal with the diseases which are incurable in any other science, while others are using ayurvedic products to deal with their day to day problems. In whatever form you are using ayurveda, your life with ayurveda is definitely going to get a new direction and a better definition of healing.

life with ayurvedaHow is it possible? How can ayurveda cure something that is incurable in the most modern science? How life with ayurveda is better and so on? These are some of the questions that are bothering many and some even hesitate to use ayurveda and ayurvedic products like kumar kalyan ras. Yes, your life with ayurveda and your health with other healing methods are incomparably different and the reason is the uniqueness and unmatchable strength that lies in ayurveda. Ayurveda is the oldest scientific method of healing which dominate the medicinal world for thousands of years, and even today if you rationally compare it with any other science discovered later on, you would not find any such strong, effective and safe method of treating human ailments. This is the beauty of ayurveda and you will agree with it once you use kumar kalyan ras and some other ayurvedic products. So, today we will tell you everything about one amazing medicine from ayurveda- kumar kalyan ras. Starting with the ingredients and ayurvedic preparation of this medicine, we will list all the possible benefits of the ayurvedic formula.

Ingredients and preparation of kumar kalyan ras

Shuddha Parada (herbal and purified form of mercury), mukta bhasma (the ashes of pearl), swarna bhasma (gold bhasma or ashes of gold) are some of the ingredients of kumar kalyan ras. Apart from these, it also contains some other strong ayurvedic bhasma like abhrak bhasma, loha bhasma and makshika bhasma. These bhasma are enough when used alone to cure some of your health problems, and when combined together form a tremendously effective end product- kumar kalyan ras. So, you can imagine how much powerful and effective kumar kalyan ras is when it is comprised of so many ayurvedic bhasma and metallic components. And this is not the end as kumar kalyan ras also has a herbal touch in it. Apart from having essential metals like gold, iron, copper, mica and mercury etc, kumar kalyan ras also carries in it the goodness of aloe vera juice- the juice that is considered equivalent to elixir for human health. .

ashes of goldThese were the ingredients making kumar kalyan ras a herbo- mineral ayurvedic formula, and next is how to prepare kumar kalyan ras out of all these ingredients. Yes all of the above stated ingredients and extremely useful, but while combining them, we need a formula by following which the healing abilities of each one of the ingredient is preserved or enhanced. Thankfully, ayurveda is a collection of not one two but uncountable formulas. The process of preparing kumar kalyan ras is pretty simple. It adheres to the “no chemicals” rule of ayurveda and all the ingredients listed above are mixed together in the ratio given in ayurveda to make a fine powder. This powder is made when all the ingredients listed above are ground with juice or extract of aloe vera. The paste you get at the end of this process is then converted into small sized pills. These pills are packed and with each pill of kumar kalyan ras you take in, you take in so many bhasma and metals and all of them together act towards the betterment of your health.

Uses and benefits of kumar kalyan ras

Kumar klayan ras is an ultimate health enhancer which can be given to people of any age or sex. In fact, it is also safe for infants, and you can give it to your child too. The impacts of kumar kalyan ras on general health is quite clear by looking at the ingredients only, but let us see some diseases for which kumar kalyan ras is used as a treatment.

Get rid of respiratory tract infections with kumar kalyan ras

respiratory tract infectionsKumar kalyan ras in asthma and other such problems is extremely beneficial. Respiratory tract infections are very common. They start hitting since the time you are born and don’t leave you even when you are 60. So, you need a treatment for respiratory tract related problems at every stage of your life. Then why choose something that is temporarily effective? This medicine is a unique cure for all problems like cough, cold and fever as fever also accompanies these two because it not only treats the present infection, but also reduces the chances of future problem by raising your body’s capability to fight with it.  People use kumar kalyan ras in asthma as well.

Kumar kalyan ras for a strong body and a better health

kumar kalyan ras for strong body and a better healthYou can fight with general weakness and debility with many ayurvedic medicines and all of them do this without any side effects for you, then why choose kumar kalyan ras? See, all of the other ayurvedic medicines are fine if you are talking about dealing with only physical weakness in adults. But this is perfect for people of all ages. In fact, the combination of mukta Pishti, swarna bhasma and abhrak bhasma present in kumar kalyan ras also improve immunity and brainpower in children. So, if you want protection from all the diseases, a safeguard for your innocent child from day to day infections and at the same time want them to be mental strong, go ahead with nothing else but ayurvedic kumar kalyan ras.


kumar kalyan ras for HypotoniaHypotonia is definitely something different from normal cough and cold. It is a condition which is a result of a few things going on wrong inside your baby’s body. Sometimes the brain is blamed to create problems and other times, it is the motor nerve controls that cause hypotonia. Hypotonia results in resistance to passive movements and you need to take it seriously when you see such signs in your baby. Kumar kalyan ras is beneficial in hypotonia, but relying only on kumar kalyan ras in such cases is not a wise idea. Consult an ayurvedic doctor and he will prescribe you with the right combination of ayurvedic formulas to get your problem treated. It is often taken with ashwagandha and milk in such diseases.

Kumar kalyan ras for indigestion

kumar kalyan ras for indigestionDigestion is a vital process in your body and any disturbances in this will not only disturb your stomach, but it will hamper the level of nutrition in your entire body. This may result in severe complications. So, better you don’t ignore indigestion and treat it ayurvedically with kumar kalyan ras. Kumar kalyan ras for indigestion is best because it contain natural digestive stimulants and mild laxatives. Hence it improves digestion power naturally, and at the same time is a treatment for problems like vomiting and emaciation. Emaciation itself is a serious problem and dealing with it outside ayurveda is a great deal. But again ayurveda shows its beauty and capabilities by recovering your body from emaciation holistically. So, nothing can beat kumar kalyan ras for indigestion and many other stomach related problems.

This was only a small list of benefits and there are many other uses and benefits of ayurvedic kumar kalyan ras. The role of kumar kalyan ras in asthma and the use of kumar kalyan ras for indigestion treatment are worth mentioning. But, you can anytime use it for solving many other day to day problems by combining with other ayurvedic formulas. So, let us see how we can use this medicine.

How to use kumar kalyan ras

The name kumar kalyan ras itself speaks of the nature of the ayurvedic medicine. It is for the welfare of humans, and to extract the goodness out of it, you need to know the method of using kumar kalyan ras. Kumar kalyan ras contain so many ayurvedic bhasma and hence we believe that it is extremely beneficial. Yes, it is true, but at the same time, you need to be cautious because this ras is quite strong. This strong action is great till you use it in the right amount. But a slight overdose can convert this strength of the medicine into a health complication too. So, let us see the preferable and safe dose of kumar kalyan ras.

  • This medicine is safe and hence can be given to infants for treating weakness, cough and other such common problems among the little ones. A dose of 10 mg in the entire day is more than sufficient for infants.
  • dosage of kumar kalyan rasIf your child is between one to three years in age, the dose can be extended up to 30 mg. you can break this 30 mg of dose in two or three equal amounts and give it to your child during different times of the day.
  • For a child up to 5 years, 45 mg of kumar kalyan ras is effective enough to act against the infections and other problems. From 5 to 16 years of age, the total dose of kumar kalyan ras can be extended up to 45 mg per day.
  • And for adults, 125 mg of kumar kalyan ras will give the desired results without creating any health issues. If you belong to this category, you can take 62.5 mg once or twice a day.

This was just a general categorization of the dose of this medicine according to age, and it may vary according to the need of your body and your present health complications. So, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before going ahead with the idea of taking kumar kalyan ras. Some people receive tremendous benefits when they take kumar kalyan ras with honey or milk.

Possible side effects of kumar kalyan ras

Kumar kalyan ras is a unique combination of many powerful herbal and mineral components, and hence it must be safe. Yes, it definitely is safe provided you use it strictly according to your doctor’s advice. Taking kumar kalyan ras in precise dose and only for limited period of time ensures that you don’t face any side effects of the medicine. And during this limited time period as well, you may have to decrease the dose to half or so. If you are planning to take kumar kalyan ras for a long time, it is fine, but the dose will change according to the time you have been taking it. So, again we emphasize you consult a doctor as overdose may cause severe poisonous effect.

This was all about kumra kalyan ras, an extremely effective ayurvedic medicine for dealing with your health problems and also for keeping your body healthy in future. The last question that must be your mind right now if ayurveda is new for you is the availability of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is nowadays reaching to every house, and taking this into consideration, many companies have started dealing in ayurvedic medicines. In fact, you can now buy ayurvedic medicines online. There are many medicine stores and millions of medicines in each one of the store, but unfortunately for ayurveda it was not the same. Ayurveda promises to give your health back to you, and by keeping this promise, it once again has entered into the heart of Indians. And the results can be seen in the form of many ayurvedic brands, stores, and some online efforts to enhance the reach of ayurveda in the form of parmanand ayurveda.

Parmanand ayurveda is your destination if you are interested in buying any ayurvedic product. In fact, you don’t even have to pay the delivery charges if you buy ayurvedic medicines online from this company. Unbelievable, but it is an opportunity for you to get the best quality of this ayurvedic medicine or any other ayurvedic medicine at the lowest price. What are you waiting for now, just get your ayurvedic healer in your hands soon.

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