The name of this ayurvedic medicine might sound a bit weird until you get to know the meaning of “krimi”. Actually, krimi is the word used to refer to worms and Ayurveda has mentioned 20 types of Krimi. We include worms, parasites and microbes either they are visible or invisible all under the category of krimi and krimi kuthar ras is something that is defined in the ancient texts as one stop solution to any kind of parasite growth in your intestine. What is krimi kuthar ras? If at all it is effective, how it treats the problems holistically and from where it gets so much of power and healing capabilities? These are only a few questions that might be rising in your mind right now. You will get the answers to all such question related to ayurvedic krimi kuthar ras in this discussion. But to use krimi kuthar ras for addressing any of your problems, you surely need an ayurvedic doctor’s consultation. You won’t get anything like that here, but yes, we will tell you an amazing way to interact with a highly experienced doctor while sitting at home. Apart from complete and reliable information on krimi kuthar ras, you will also find a dozen of reasons to use ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like krimi kuthar ras here.

And this is not all as we will also tell you a place where you can get and compare ayurvedic medicines from all different brands. You will also get many opportunities to save your hard earned money by getting ayurvedic medicines at lowest price. We will start the discussion by giving you the detailed source of power of krimi kuthar ras. Talking about the ingredients of krimi kuthar ras, we will tell you who should use this ayurvedic medicine. Following this will be the doses and safety measures to be followed and after reading all this, if you are really interested in using krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis or any other problem, we will tell you a great platform- an ayurvedic company in Delhi that helps you in the rest of the process.


karpoor(camphor)Camphor is the major ingredient of krimi kuthar ras. Camphor has been known since ages to fight any kind of parasitic growth over skin, but ayurveda also believes that using camphor internally after processing gives great results in helminthiasis. Apart from camphor, powder of Indrayava (Connessi seed), Trayamana (Gentiana kurroo), Ajamoda (Ajowan (fruit)), Vidanga (False black pepper), Shuddha Hingula (purified and processed Cinnabar (Mercury compound)), Shuddha vatsanabha (purified Aconitum ferox) and Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea) are used while preparing the ultimate solution to helminthiasis.

Extract of Vijaya (bhanga or cannabis sativa), mushakarni and brahmi are also taken while grinding all the extracts together. These are taken in a quantity that is sufficient for grinding for one complete day. Seed powder of palasha (Butea monosperma) is also taken in a high quantity while preparing krimi kuthar ras. The preparation process is kept strictly natural and no chemicals are involved directly or indirectly in the manufacturing of krimi kuthr ras. In fact, this principle is followed while preparing every ayurvedic medicine. With all these ingredients used, we can easily imagine how immensely powerful krimi kuthar ras is going to be. Yes, it indeed is a great ayurvedic medicine with all the healing capabilities to help you in the following problems.


Krimi kuthar ras is made up of several herbal powders and extracts, but the end product is primarily used in the treatment of helminthiasis and anorexia. You might have heard about the use of krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis if you are not new to the concept of ayurveda, but due to the magical impact of the ingredients of krimi kuthar ras on human stomach, it can also be used in anorexia.

Krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis

Krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasisHelminths are a broad range of organisms that include intestinal parasitic worms, roundworms, whipworms, or hookworms. It is difficult to imagine these deadly micro organisms living in our body, right? Yes, it is impossible to imagine, but ask those who are carrying these horrible guests in their body 24 *7. Helminthiasis must be taken seriously not only by those who are suffering from it, but also others living in the society. In ancient times it was seen that the infected people excreted helminth eggs in their faeces, which then contaminate the soil in areas with inadequate sanitation. Other people were also then infected by ingesting eggs or larvae in contaminated food, or through penetration of the skin by infective larvae in the soil.
Although today, the sanitation conditions are not that poor, it is always better you cure helminthiasis as soon as possible. An in case you want to a cure other than the harsh, harmful and heavy drugs, krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis is the only solution you immediately need. As it is suggested by the name of the medicine as well, krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis is especially prepared to target the parasites living in your body. And since it is ayurvedic, while curing helminthiasis, krimi kuthar ras do not create any harm to your body. This also is one of the reasons people use krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis apart from its effectiveness.

Krimi kuthar ras in anorexia

Krimi kuthar ras for anorexiaAnorexia is lack of appetite and in general, it is a very difficult condition in which a person due to various reasons loses his or her appetite. It is really difficult to address the problem through medicines or by any other means it is much more related to mental state rather than physical. So, going for medicinal cure would just introduce a few more side effects into your already suffering body. It is hence much better if you choose ayurveda to deal with anorexia. With the right use of krimi kuthar ras in anorexia, you can easily start building an appetite. And once you start eating some food, things will automatically get better day by day. Ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of krimi kuthar ras in this situation because your body becomes terribly weak because of lack of supply of food and energy. And this also affects the immune system.

In this pathetic condition, your body cannot bear the side effects introduced by medicines. so, it is much better you use krimi kuthar and other such ayurvedic medicines which while treating anorexia also contribute to your overall health.


The ayurvedic doctor will guide you exactly how much krimi kuthar ras you should take and how it has to be used, but we can tell you the generally safe dose of krimi kuthar ras. Usually, the ayurvedic doctor prescribes 250 mg of krimi kuthar ras once or twice a day. This ayurvedic medicine can be taken before or after food. If you are taking it after food, your doctor might ask you to take it with black salt to get best results and faster healing.
The ayurvedic doctor depending on the condition of your stomach might advise you to take heavy to digest food, meat, ghee and fruits while taking this medicine. So, it is always better you take consultation from a qualified ayurvedic doctor to get precise results.


Since krimi kuthar ras is ayurvedic and contain only natural ingredients, it is free from any side effects. There are no side effects and it only kills the parasite creating trouble on your body. In fact, there are several ways in which your overall health is enhanced if you use krimi kuthar ras for helminthiasis. But, since it is strong enough to kill the worms, you should be precautions while using this ayurvedic medicine. Here is the list of precautions which are necessary safety measures if you are on a prescription of krimi kuthar ras.
free from side effectsDo not take krimi kuthar ras or any other ayurvedic medicine without consulting an ayurvedic doctor. The doctor according to the need of your body might adjust the dose and also can give you some other suggestions which are necessary.
• Taking krimi kuthar ras in a dose higher than prescribed can lead to some temporary side effects. But they will leave your body soon. In case of accidental overdose, it is better you take suggestions from an ayurvedic doctor.
• Krimi kuthar ras is unsafe to be used during pregnancy and lactation. These two phases of life are the most crucial ones for any woman, and hence no medicine that is not required by the body should be taken. Even if it is necessary to take medicinal help, it is better you avoid using krimi kuthar ras as there are no evidence of its safety during pregnancy and lactation.

With all these precautions and safety measures, you will not have to worry about the side effects of krimi kuthar ras. This ayurvedic medicine is surely one of the best solutions given by nature for any type of worm infestation in your stomach and many people have used krimi kutthat ras for helminthiasis treatment. You too can count on it as it is not only effective but also one of the safest and healthiest possible ways to get rid of the unwanted guests from your body. Now you have sufficient information on the effectiveness, research and use of krimi kuthar ras. The only two aspects left are- how to consult an ayurvedic doctor while sitting at home and how to buy ayurvedic medicines at best price. Today, we will tell you an amazing platform at which all your hurdles in the way of choosing ayurveda will be removed. The first and foremost obstacle is how to reach a good ayurvedic doctor. Yes, it definitely was a challenge till paramanand ayurveda gifted us with free online consultation from a team of highly experienced doctors.

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