Know the Astonishing Facts and Figures of Triphala Guggulu

Know the Astonishing Facts and Figures of Triphala Guggulu

What is Triphala Guggulu Good For – How Can It Be Helpful for Maintaining Our Health?

Whenever some trouble related to stomach or associated organs occurs, i.e. constipation, improper digestion, weight problems etc., the most vital and effective ayurvedic medicine preferred is “Triphala Guggulu”. Even after being one of the brilliant ayurvedic medicines and prepared in India, it is famous worldwide as a health supplement. Although, not being authorized by FDA, the herbal ingredients are not counted as a part of medicine in USA, it is still used there widely in the form of a herbal supplement. But, whoever uses sings the praises of this potent ayurvedic medicine to be capable of dealing with a variety of health issues. So, what is making this ayurvedic medicine so potent and efficient enough to work this much amazingly? Well, you will get the answer amazingly.

It is the ingredients of Triphala Guggulu that make it a brilliant remedy for the various health ailments. Let’s talk about both one by one.

Ingredients of Triphala Guggulu:

TRIPHALA“Triphala” indicates that there are three fruits utilized in the preparation which are:

  • Indian Gooseberry or amalaki or amla
  • Chebulic Myrobalan or harad or haritaki
  • Belleric Myrobalan or vibhitaki, bibhitaki or bahera

Now, if we talk about “Guggulu”, it is a high quality resin extract produced from the wild crafted Guggulu plant.

So, the “Triphala Guggulu” is prepared using the three above mentioned fruits as well as the resin extract of Guggulu plant hence being the four ingredients of this ayurvedic medicine. Triphala Guggulu is always available in the form of tablets and the ingredients give it certain properties that make it a perfect remedy for the diseases we are going to discuss now.

Health Benefits of Triphala Guggulu:

Toxins Removal

TOXINS REMOVALToxins, if enter our body interferes the functions of liver, stomach, lungs and every associated organ, hence, damaging them and their roles in maintaining the balance of overall body. The free radicals or toxins may lead to difficulty in fighting off the infections. The excessive amount of these may even lead to the chronic diseases like cancer by damaging the DNA and heart problems. Moreover, these also encourage the early aging affecting your cells. Moreover, the body proteins can also be damaged by the free radicals hence leading to the decline in the performance of cell functioning and the body’s ability to produce energy. Of course, it may cause one to face death before time too. This is now clear that toxins can become fatal for us, but, what is the solution?

Here the solution is Triphala Guggulu. Triphala guggulu is said to be capable of dealing with the free radicals and removing them even from the deepest tissues and cells of the body. It takes care that these radicals don’t cause harm to your body and remove them through your blood stream. The removal of these toxins leads to relief in the joint inflammation and swelling that cause discomfort in the body as well as reduction in the risk of you getting other health troubles associated with free radicals.

Maintained Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol is also a part of concern as, if ignored, it may also lead to some chronic as well as fatal cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. It may also be the causing factor of diabetes and high blood pressure. If the cholesterol level is too high, it can build up in the walls of your arteries which may further lead to narrowing as well as hardening of the arteries. This may further lead to the slow blood flow to the heart muscles. If this happens for a long time, this may lead to heart attack or angina. The hardening and narrowing of arteries may cause stroke because of the narrowed and blocked arteries going to brain.

triphala gugullu forCHOLESTEROL LEVELS

Problems, we always talk about, but what about the solution? Well, the answer is Triphala Guggulu. This is known to be effective in maintaining the level of both good and bad cholesterol. The regular consumption of this ayurvedic medicine elevates the good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein and lowers down the level of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein. Hence, it is shown that the proper prescribed dosage of Triphala Guggulu can lower the hypertension and reduce the risk of you facing the heart diseases.

Weight Management

Being overweight is not only the reason of feeling embarrassed, but is also a reason of making your body a host for various other health problems. The people who are over-weight or obese tend to invite many other health issues like heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes and depression. Obesity may lead to several fatal as well as deadly diseases which are the reasons, or you can also say, the leading factors causing deaths every year. Somewhere down the line, obesity is strongly interconnected with one of the uninvited health issues, i.e. depression. Yes, you’ll feel embarrassed because of being overweight and then the queue of mood swings will be there sometimes leading to depression too. There is one more health ailment which is directly linked to the obesity, i.e. sleep apnea. Yes, these are the health whose risk can impact you if you are suffering from obesity.

Triphala Guggulu is a perfect solution for all these problems too. By taking this medicine, you can get an easy way to treat obesity as well as other associated health issues. Of course, if obesity is under control, all the other associated things will be taken care of by it.

Improved Digestion and Absorption

If your digestion and absorption processes are not going well, it may be a trouble for you. Whatever we eat, our digestive system and endocrine system play a vital role in making them completely beneficial for us by various performances. They altogether work amazingly by producing insulin and other enzymes that are responsible for the proper digestion as well as absorption of the food. The nutrients we get from the edibles we consume become capable of reaching each and every body organ due to the digestive as well as endocrine system only. Any problem or default in this system may directly or indirectly affect the other body parts’ functions too. The diseases that can be proposed by pancreas problem are cancer and diabetes and when it comes to the digestive problems, you already know about them.

Triphala guggulu can be a real assistance over here. It has already been used since ages to deal with the different digestive problems. This is because of the “Guggulu” or raisin indulged in the preparation of triphala guggulu. Guggulu is known to increase the amount of hydrochloric acid and many other enzymes in the stomach that are responsible for the breakdown of food in your stomach and hence strengthens the digestive system. Moreover, it also works on the enzymes of the intestinal tract and hence improves the nutrient absorption.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

These are very common and every person gets them at some point of time in the whole life. Hemorrhoids or piles are said to be the swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and the anus. The reason of hemorrhoids is often unknown to people, but there are many factors that may lead to hemorrhoids. And further they may become a reason of unbearable pain and straining during the bowel movements or via the increased pressure on the veins during the pregnancy. Hemorrhoids, at some point of time don’t cause any kind of symptoms, but at the other moment, you may feel the symptoms like itching, discomfort and bleeding. Although they are not severe or harmful, they can still severely affect you by gifting extreme pain and discomfort.


Triphala guggulu can work effectively in this way. It works amazingly to help you get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Actually, the hemorrhoids patients suffer from constipation. Triphala assists in the very well manner to relieve you from constipation problem and guggulu further works to shrink the size of the pile mass and hence helps relieving inflammation. So, you can see how much effective is triphala guggulu in eliminating the hemorrhoids and help you get rid of the discomfort as soon as possible.

So, these are the scopes where Triphala Guggulu can work brilliantly in order to relieve you from the trouble. But, this is not the only list of diseases to be treated by triphala guggulu; there are lots more in the queue. But, our main motto was to help you understand the facts and figures related to this amazing ayurvedic medicine and this, I believe, has been fulfilled.

Now, as we know that only understanding the benefits of any medicine is not sufficient enough to treat any disease and we need to know about the dosage part as well. So, let’s now talk about the dosage of Triphala Guggulu.

Dosage of Triphala Guggulu:

dosage of triphala gugulluOne should preferably consult an ayurvedic doctor before consuming the medicine. After consulting the doctor, he/she can take 1-2 tablets/capsules/teaspoons twice or thrice daily preferably after one hour of taking meals. The medicine has to be taken either with warm or lukewarm water. Now, the question arises – “Why not cold water?”

Triphala Guggulu is not allowed to be taken with cold water because in this case, the mixture will not give desired results. And, if you are taking it for the weight loss purpose, it has mandatorily to be taken with either of warm water, warm milk or hot ginger flavored tea. It will show the wonderful effects with any of these.

Points to be Taken Care of:

The medicine is certainly free from the side-effects and is safe for you. But, you need to note down and follow certain points, i.e.:

  • Triphala Guggulu is recommended to be avoided during pregnancy because it is a menstrual discharge promoter as well as stimulates the urine.
  • Moreover, it may interfere with some edibles like all types of meat, sea foods, black gram, egg, alcohol, tobacco, curd, rice, canned food, ice creams etc. So, better avoid these types of food items.
  • One can better go for the food items like wheat, lady-finger, green leafy vegetables, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, snake guord etc.
  • Don’t consume overdose of this ayurvedic medicine because it may lead to stomach irritation.

side effect of triphala gugullu

So here you see that you need to take care of all the above mentioned factors in order to gain the maximum benefits of this amazing ayurvedic medicine. And this is not only in this case; instead you need to take care of the same in the case of every ayurvedic medicine.

Remember friends, ayurvedic medicines are not only a media to treat you, but they are very well known for teaching you the art of living also. And this is the reason, ayurvedic medicines are the best effective, productive way of approaching the diseases as well as the health. Although ayurvedic medicines can work perfectly favoring your health, they are still not preferred because of the reason that they are directly derived from the natural elements. And we humans, even after being made up of the natural elements don’t believe much in nature. Actually, there is one more reason behind the same, i.e. we are very impatient and want instant visible results in every case which is not possible in case of natural or ayurvedic treatment. That is why we run after the artificial modes of treatment even after knowing and seeing the reality with our own eyes.

ayurvedaAyurveda is the treatment of our ancestors and rishi-munies and this fact can’t be denied that our ancestors used to live a life healthier and happier than us. But, we still run after the pharmaceutical medicines. This shows that people either are not understanding the reality even after knowing it or don’t want to accept the reality. Whatever is the case, both the profit and loss is only ours and none else is going to face the consequences.

So, I’ll recommend you to stop relying on the artificial modes of treatment and start gaining the maximum health benefits of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicines will not only treatment the symptoms, but will also treat the disease from roots. Rest you will know only after consuming the ayurvedic medicines.

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