Khanjanikari Ras

The quest for healthy body and sound mind has been an incessant urge of human beings and there is only way at present with which you can achieve this dream- Ayurveda. Yes, Ayurveda has been with us since ages and with time, we are falling in love with this amazing healing science again and again. With holistic healing, side effects free nature, and many health benefiting properties, ayurveda has won the hearts of not only Indians, but the entire world is now trying in incorporate ayurveda in their lives. The simple reason behind is the effectiveness of ayurveda in curing all the small to big health problems. But there is also one indirect reason that is nowadays making ayurveda famous. We will talk about all these reasons and you will get to know why ayurveda is the best if you don’t want to compromise with your long term health, but you are here either to find a solution for paralysis, or to know in detail about khanjanikari ras, right?

Khanjanikari ras is a tonic of ayurveda which is prepared with all natural ingredients and is very famous in ayurveda because this is a strong cure for paralysis and many other neurological problems that do not have a cure in any other science till date. Ayurveda defined and gave a formula of khanjanikari ras thousands of years ago, and it is astonishing that even the researchers today are talking about the effectiveness of khanjanikari ras in paralysis. There are many studies that are enough to prove that you can use khanjanikari ras in paralysis and it is also safe to use. And this is not the only ayurvedic product that has been proved to be effective scientifically. Today, research is being carried out in almost every corner of the world to understand the working of ayurvedic medicines, analyzing their safety and proving their effectiveness, and with positive results from all of them, ayurveda is soon going to become the topmost of all the healing sciences. This is just a shift and the world is finally realizing what is best for them but you must be concerned about finding a healthy solution to your health problems. If it is paralysis or gout, there are chances you doctor will recommend using khanjanikari ras. Even if it is some other problem, you can easily get a solution in ayurveda.

But for that you will need an expert ayurvedic doctor and unlike allopathic doctors, it is not easy to find who has high level of expertise and experience in ayurvedic medicines. With time, there are many changes in the field of healing and now you can easily buy ayurvedic medicines online, but consulting an ayurvedic doctor is still a challenge. If you are looking for a consultation with ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi, we have a solution for you. You can consult the doctor available with paramanand ayurveda at negligible fee. This ayurvedic company is offering ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price and consulting the doctor with them also cost you negligible amount. But in case you are not from this part, then also you can talk to the ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi over phone. And consulting the ayurvedic doctor from south delhi online is free of cost.

We will tell you how to avail all these offers and how to buy ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price, but before that, let us see what the benefits of using khanjanikari ras are. Yes, everyone cannot use khanjanikari ras, so let us have a complete overview of the ayurvedic medicine so that you can decide whether the ayurvedic medicine is useful for you or not.


heavy metalsThe ingredients of khanjanikari ras are heavy metals. Some might argue on the use of heavy metals in medicines, but now we have more than sufficient research proofs indicating that the ayurvedic processing that these metals have to go though during the purification process detoxify them by removing all the harmful substances. khanjanikari Ras is prepared by taking equal part of Malla sindur, Rajat bhasma and Purified Vishamushti or Kuchala (Strychnos nux-vomica). Some of these are ayurvedic medicines and are used extensively to treat many health ailments. By combining them with other ingredients, you get khanjanikari ras which is extremely powerful.
Rajat bhasma is one such ayurvedic medicine which is made up of silver. Rajata (silver) is a noble metal known for its antimicrobial activity. There are literatures which show that Rajata Bhasma (RB) has anxiolytic effect, free radical scavenging effect, and can reduce infertility. All the other ingredients also have been studied and proved for their safety to be used in purified form. .


Kuchala, one of the main ingredients of khanjanikari ras is a famous nervine tonic and has central nervous system stimulating properties. This is not only a traditional way to deal with the neurological problems, but many scientists also agree over it. The other mineral ingredients present in khanjanikari ras can also reach your nerves and do great help in recovering from neurological problems like paralysis.

Khanjanikari ras in paralysis

maha narayan oil for ParalysisParalysis of the lower half of your body, including both legs, is called paraplegia. Paralysis of the arms and legs is quadriplegia and all of these are due to loss of proper muscle function in a specific part of your body. Paralysis can be complete and partial, and both these types are terrible. One who suffers from this condition would better understand how it feels like. As far as treating paralysis is concerned, it is one of the diseases for which allopathy has no answer till date. But here, ayurveda comes to rescue our life and future. You can use ayurvedic khanjanikari ras in paralysis of both the types.

Khanjanikari ras and some other ayurvedic medicines are famous for treating all types of paralysis effectively. In case you are terribly paralyzed, you might also need some ayurvedic procedures to improve the blood flow to the paralyzed parts. So, if you have paralysis, khanjanikari ras is the best treatment for you and if you talk to an ayurvedic doctor, he would make sure get rid of it soon.

Khanjanikari ras in paralysis is not the only use of this amazing ayurvedic medicine, but you can also use it against gout. Gout, more specifically addressed as gouty arthritis, is a type of arthritis in which specifically attacks the smaller joints like wrist, knees, ankle, ear or knees. Although its victim joints are small, but the pain and discomfort it causes is extreme. More than 4% of the population in the United States, which is almost 8.3 million people of the country, is presently suffering from gout. And the condition with Asian countries including India is also pathetic. So many people are in pain even when we have a solution to gout in ayurveda. It is just that people are either not aware of the magical healing science, or they simply trust allopathic medicines which are instantly effective but full of short and long term side effects.


Ayurvedic doctor will give you the combination best suited for your problem and you can follow the amount and instructions given by your doctor. Usually one to two tablets of khanjanikari ras twice every day are more than enough and you can take khanjanikari ras in paralysis with cow’s milk. However, since paralysis is a complicated disease with acute effects on various parts of your body, the doctor might prescribe you some other ayurvedic medicines. He also might ask you to undergo certain ayurvedic procedures which are known to be extremely effective in paralysis.


khanjanikari ras-1If you are not completely new to ayurveda, you might assess the power and nature of khanjanikari ras in paralysis and all other problems by just looking at the ingredients. The ingredients are purified and process form of heavy metals and are extremely strong in nature. And because of this, khanjanikari ras also comes in the category of ayurvedic medicines which cannot be taken without doctor’s prescription. Also, because of the minerals present in the making of khanjanikari ras, you should not take it for a long time. Taking khanjanikari ras and any other ayurvedic medicine for a long duration continuously can lead to some problems.

With all these precautions and safety measures, there are no chances that khanjanikari ras would create any problem. If you follow your ayurvedic doctor’s advice, you would only get benefitted by khanjanikari ras and paralysis would become a thing of past for you. Paralysis is something that can only be dealt with ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like khanjanikari ras. With all the information, we leave the decision of choosing the right thing up to you. You have a long life ahead, and if you can live that life healthily, nothing can be better than this. And to lead a healthy life, you need a strong immunity and a stronger science of healing to assist you with your health problems for the rest of your life without creating any side effects. Luckily with ayurveda, you can achieve a higher immunity and healthier life. It is just that you need to trust ayurveda and your health is going to be the responsibility of this magnificent science.

By choosing ayurveda, you are not only going to gain health directly, but stopping the use of excess of allopathic medicines is going to benefit you equally. Now, the question is from where to get ayurvedic medicines and which ayurvedic doctor to consult before using khanjanikari ras in paralysis and all other problems. As far as buying ayurvedic medicine is concerned, with the rise in demand, there is no problem of availability. You can now buy ayurvedic medicines online as well as offline but the prices and quality will vary depending on the platform you choose to buy. If you want to compare ayurvedic medicines manufactured by many different brands for price, method of manufacturing and quality, you can try buying ayurvedic medicines online with paramanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company offers greatest discounts and free home delivery. also, if you are in search of an ayurvedic doctor in south Delhi, paramanand ayurveda is the right place for you.

Although they provide consultation from ayurvedic doctors in south Delhi, you need not worry if you are not in Delhi because they also have free online consultation. So, whether it is about buying ayurvedic medicines online at lower price, or it is about consulting a doctor, paramanand ayurveda has made everything easy. You are now left with no excuse to use allopathic medicines. so, go ahead, use the offers from paramanand ayurveda to buy ayurvedic medicines online and save you money as well as health.

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