Wondering what is kanchanar guggulu? The name itself might sound odd to you if you have never been in touch with ayurveda before, but the benefits of the medicine make it worth trying. But before trying this ayurvedic remedy, you should know each and every aspect of the medicine. There might be a dozen of questions in your mind right now. What is it and from what it is made up of? Is kanchanar guggulu is effective also or is it just famous? We have compiled everything you need to know about kanchanar guggulu. Know this ayurvedic medicine and you will fall in love with it once you get to know all the benefits of this formula.


As the name suggests, Kanchanar and guggulu are the major ingredients of the herbal ayurvedic medicine, but it also contain some other very powerful and health enhancing herbs. Have you ever heard of amalaki? If you have been in touch with ayurveda, then it must be a known word for you. Actually, it is more than just a word. amalaki is nothing less than elixir for human health. It is like God’s help sent in the form of nature to save mankind from several day to day problems and chronic illnesses. With unbelievable medicinal properties, amalaki has become a part of many ayurvedic medicines. People use this separately to maintain a good health and stay safe from day to day health issues. So, besides kanshanar and guggulu, amalaki is thee third component of this composition. Adding amalaki raises the medicinal and healing power of kanchanar guggulu exponentially.

Apart from these three well known ingredients, some other herbs and spices which are a part of theayurvedic formula are: Shunthi, Varuna, Maricha, Tej patra, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Pippali, Elaichi and Dalchini. With the perfect combination of all these, kanchanar guggulu becomes a great ayurvedic remedy for many diseases of the time. Yes, although ayurveda is an ancient science, but it has solution to the problems that are spreading like a plaque in this century. Let us first see how we actually prepare the ayurvedic kanchanar guggulu and then we will tell you when and how you can use the amazing remedy of ayurveda.


Kaanchnaar gugulluKanchanar and guggulu are the key components of this ayurvedic formula. Kanchanar is an herb that has been used by mankind since ages to reduce unwanted growths on human body. Actually it is a tree and it is the bark of kanchanar that is used for making decoction. Guggulu and all other ingredients are then added to the decoction. So, this mixture contains all the goodness and medicinal properties of kanchanar, guggulu as well as all the other ingredients we have talked about in the previous section. This is the process of preparing kanchanar guggulu. The best part about this solution is that we try to extract the medicinal value of many herbs, but all this while no chemicals are used. ayurveda doesn’t believe in the chemical treatment. Even if it is just a light chemical during preparation of the medicine, according to ayurveda, it has the capability to ruin the goodness and healing capabilities of the preparation. Hence the process is kept free from any harsh chemical intervention.


This preserves the beauty and healing power of all the herbs involved, and also is a reason why so many people trust ayurveda today. Yes, it is quite difficult to persistently rule the medicinal world for so many years, in fact, centuries. Ayurveda was the only holistic and scientific science of medicine in the past. During those times, curing a disease was actually aimed at dealing with the problem not the symptoms. And with time, almost everything in the medicinal field has changed, but even today ayurveda is the only science that offers holistic healing. Once you choose ayurveda, it not only takes the responsibility of curing a particular disease, but also keeps a check on what other destructions can the problem do while going. Also, ayurveda is a permanent solution to all your problems. If you go ahead and treat a particular problem with ayurevda, it will treat the problem and not symptoms of the problem. Hence you are at are less likely to take the treatment for the same problem in future.

Yes, allopathic science might appear to be more concrete today, but in reality, it is only the treatment to the symptoms of a problem. And for this much favor, it also has a bundle of side effects and we show them the path of entering into our body by relying on medicines. This is where ayurveda differs from allopathy greatly. In fact, there is nothing in ayurveda that you would find same as allopathic medicines, except the effectiveness.


Kanchanar was used in ancient times to reduce the unwanted growths in human body. Even today it is famous for the same, but because we have added many other beneficial ingredients, you can now use kanchanar guggulu for many other health problems as well. After combining all the ingredients what we get is kanchanar guggulu- a combination that is anti- tumor and anti- cancer in nature. It also has anti- inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are helpful in pain relieving, infection healing etc. Kanchanar guggulu also has thyroid stimulating and muscle relaxant abilities. Due to the presence of all these medicinal properties, we can use kanchanar guggulu in the following health complications.


HypothyroidismHypothyroidism is a condition associated with thyroid gland situated in your neck. Due to some type malfunctioning in the gland leading to less production of the thyroid hormone, you start gaining weight rapidly. Not only your weight starts rising unexpectedly, you would also feel tired all the time. Slower heart rate, decreased tolerance to cold and cough, constipation and depression are some of the other symptoms of under active thyroid gland. To deal with hypothyroid ayurvedically, kanchanar guggulu is one stop solution. It helps you in dealing with the root of the problem as well as all the symptoms that are creating obstruction in your normal life. All you need to do is take two tablets every day of 1 gm each. 1 tablet of kanchanar guggulu in the morning and one in the evening will help you recover fast. To get best results, you can take the ayurvedic formula along with other ayurvedic tonics like aorgyavardhini vati and yograj guggulu. The combination of these three makes a holistic cure for hypothyroidism.


PCOSPolycystic ovarian syndrome is the full form of what we commonly call as pcos. More than 10% of women in their reproductive age develop this problem where the ovaries enlarge due to hormonal imbalance and small cysts also develop on the edges. This itself is a big problem to deal with, and on the top of it, infertility rate in women with pcos is quite high. So, this is a major hurdle in your life if you are planning to have a child in near future. If you get to know that you have pcos, you can start using kanchanar guggulu as it is famous for controlling undesired and harmful growth in human body. Not only this, kanchanar guggulu is the best treatment for pcos because it can regulate the imbalanced hormones. You can take 2 tablets of kanchanar guggulu, one gram in morning, and 1 in evening for improvements. It is often combined with ashokarishta to ensure a healthy reproductive cycle.

Cancer and non cancerous tumors

You might also know that unwanted growths are of two main types: cancerous and non cancerous. Cancer is what all of us are aware of today, and non cancerous tumors are least known because it is believed that they are not that dangerous. But if you leave them untreated, the non cancerous tumors can convert into cancer cells as well. For the last year, it was estimated that 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 595,690 people will die from the disease in United States. Think about the number of cancer patients in the entire world. This is a disease that is taking lives every minute and to save yours you can use ayurvedic remedies like kanchanar guggulu. 2 tablets of kanchanar guggulu everyday is what can save your from cancerous and non cancerous growths in your body. Taking kanchnar guggulu with hirak bhasma, swarana bhasma, and abhrak bhasma is a potent cure for cancerous growths.

Cancer and non cancerous tumors

These were only the major problems in which you can count on kanchanar guggulu. Apart from these, kanchanar guggulu can also be used to treat uterine cysts and uterine fibroids in females. It can also help you in fighting with Goiter- a deficiency disease. Treating various skin diseases, helping in loosing weight and treating lipoma are some of the other uses of the ayurvedic medicine. This is just a small introduction of the healing abilities of the ayurvedic product- kanchanar guggulu and it can do much more for you and your body provided you know how to use it right.

How to use kanchanar guggulu

10 GramsWe have tried to tell you everything from ingredients to preparation method of kanchanar guggulu. But, you don’t have to prepare the ayurvedic remedy at home. It is readily available in the market. If you cannot get it near your place, try searching for kanchanar guggulu online. You will definitely get it at a reasonable price. After ordering, what you will get will be some tablets. Kanchanar guggulu is in tablets form and one tablet usually is one 1 gm weight. You can either consume the tablets according to the amount described in the above section or consult a doctor in case you are doubtful. Whatever you do, make sure that you do not intake more than 4 gm of kanchanar guggulu on the same day. The per time dose should not exceed 4 gm. This means you have to take at most two tablets at a time and at most four tablets in one day, that too after breaking in doses and giving proper gap.

Generally people take the tablets of kanchanar guggulu with lukewarm or warm water, taking it with triphala tea or triphala decoction is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness exponentially. So, to get more than what you expect from kanchanar guggulu, take it with triphala decoction.

Possible side effects and Precautions to be taken with kanchanar guggulu

Unlike any other allopathic medicine, we have a long list of benefits of kanchanar guggulu, but fortunately, the list of side effects is not at all long. Yes, there can be mild itching on the skin, gastric irritation in the stomach, and hiccups. This is all you will have to face and all of these are temporary. And yes, the herbal taste in mouth can be a minor problem for those who are not used to the unusual taste. But in allopath you have to deal with real big problems as side effects and compared to all of them, I don’t think compromising with the taste of mouth for a short time is a big issue. Is it?

what-to-avoid-duringpregnancyAlthough kanchanar guggulu and all other ayurvedic medicines are safe and side effects free even if you use them for a long time, there are certain special conditions in which you should take precautions. First of all, this medicine should not be taken by any pregnant women because it is considered to be unsafe during pregnancy. It is not yet proved, but kanchanar guggulu exhibits signs that make us mark it as unsafe during pregnancy. So, we recommend all pregnant as well as breast feeding mothers to consult the doctor for any problem, and take kanchanar guggulu only when your doctor prescribes it.

Also, if you have thyroid and are on thyroid medication, you must talk to your doctor before quitting the medicines. Do not quit thyroid medicines or any other medicine without consulting doctor as kanchanar guggulu and all other such ayurvedic remedies might take sometime to show their effectiveness.

With these precautions, you are doing more than enough to ensure that kanchanar guggulu doesn’t create any problem for you. At the end of the day, all we have to say is- with Ayurveda, you not only stay healthy but also perfectly safe.  Ayurveda is the key to a long, happy and healthy life. With the balance in the three basic elements of life, ayurveda brings a new ray of hope for you. Believing in this science of healing has proved to be the best decision for many. It is high time you should also try this amazing healing method, and kanchanar guggulu is the best starting if you are suffering from any of the above stated health problems.

With kanchanar guggulu as a method of treating fibroids, cancerous and non cancerous tumors, and thyroid, you will protect yourself from all the side effects of heavy doses of allopathic medicines you otherwise have to take. Isn’t it the best gift you can give to your aching body? If you feel that your body needs a healthier way to treating the problems arising in it, try ayurveda and see the magnificent changes in your life, health as well as body.