Today we will try to see what life with ayurveda is like and how you can end up living longer and a healthier life while knowing pippalyasavam in a scientific manner. The name pippalyasavam itself means “to drink and digest,”, but this is just one of its main benefits and you can expect a lot more with this ayurvedic formulation. With the advancements in the field of technology, it has become easier to diagnose and detect all the health complications these days. Also, the continuous research has given us so many instantly effective allopathic medicines. Every other day a new medicine is launched in the pharmaceutical market and the pharmaceutical companies are making really huge profit. With all these resources, do you think any disease can create trouble in human body? Yes, it is true that the number of pharmaceutical companies as well as the profit earned by every pharmaceutical company has gone up in the last few decades, but unfortunately, the health of an average human is deteriorating. While technology was providing new tools to medicinal field and researchers were trying to find cure for the incurable diseases, no one noticed that there were a huge number of side effects of allopathic medicines.


Now when it is clear that there are many temporary as well as permanent side effects, the world is moving towards ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient science which is being established as a medicinal science with support from research evidences. If you also want to live a healthier life with ayurveda, you can do so by trying ayurvedic medicines like pippalyasavam in digestive disorders as well as some other problems like weakness, tuberculosis and anemia. All these are common problems that create trouble in your life every now and then. The foods we eat today contribute least to the nutrition we need, rather is hard to digest and lack the healthy content required by our body. If we eat healthy, fresh and nutritious food, problems like weakness, anemia and low BMI will not be able to hit you and even your digestion will be in place. But when the key source of our energy, strength and power is not up to the level, everything is going to be disturbed, right? What can be done then? The only option is to choose a healing science that not only cure diseases but also enhance our health.

For these many benefits of using ayurveda and the huge number of inevitable side effects that come inseparable with allopathic medicines, there is a rise in demand of ayurvedic medicines. If you too are interested in enjoying a healthy life with ayurveda, you can easily do so by calling paramanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company in Delhi which provides you every help in the use of this magnificent science. Let us first see the details of pippalyasavam and then we will talk about it in detail.


Piper LongumLong pepper or pippali is the primary ingredient of pippalyasavam. Pippali is an important drug in traditional medicine as well as Ayurveda. It is one of the ingredients of Trikatu, the three pungents and several other commonly used ayurvedic medicines. In several reports it has been proved that it can be used in digestive disorders, respiratory disorders and also for diseases of the liver. Pippali is known as a “tridoshic” herb, as it is suitable for all body-types. Unlike its close relative, black pepper (maricha), Pippali can even be used in moderation for Pitta types due to its cooling, post-digestive effect (vipak). Hence you can expect a lot of magnificent health enhancing changes in your body and your life with the use of pippalyasavam. And if you think this is all, let me tell you that pippalyasavam also contain a lot of other herbal ingredients.

Black pepper, Chavya – Piper cubeba, Turmeric, Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica, Musta – cyperus rotundus, Vidanga – Embelia ribes, Puga – Betel nut, Lodhra – Symplocos racemosa, Patha – Cyclea peltata, Amla, Cardamom, ushira – vetiveria zizanioides, Sandalwood, Kushta – Saussurea lappa, Clove, Tagara – Valeriana wallichii, Bigger variety of clove, Cinnamon, Priyangu – Callicarpa macrophylla and Nagakeshara – Mesua ferrea are some of the other natural ingredients of pippalyasavam. Even if you do not understand many names on the list of ingredients of pippalyasavam, it is alright. The only thing you should note here is that all the ingredients involved in the making of pippalyasavam are natural. Not only this, the entire process of manufacturing is also kept natural to preserve the healing properties of nature. This is what ayurveda is all about. Let us see some of the benefits of using pippalyasavam and then we will talk about how to live a life with ayurveda by making just one phone call.


Pippalyasavam in digestive disorders

digestive disordersAs it is also suggested by the name, pippalyasavam works like an elixir in case of some stomach problems. It is primarily recommended for malabsorption syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids. More than $21 billion are spent every year on irritable bowel syndrome. This is a total of direct medical expenses and indirect losses (in the form of offs from work and less productivity). This whooping amount is spent every year only on irritable bowel syndrome and if we combine the expenses of every major and minor problem in stomach, the amount is going to cross all the limits.

But do you think even after spending so much on allopathic drugs, you get benefited and can have a healthy life? The answer in most of the cases is a no and you repeatedly need medicines to get rid of the symptoms of the problem, right? This is because you never tried to eliminate the cause of the problem, rather took instant help. Had you tried a life with ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines for healing, you would have realized what is holistic healing. Anyways, it is better late than never, and you can use pippalyasavam for digestive disorders and can make your life better.

Pippalyasavam for treating abdominal tumors

stop cancerUS scientists have discovered a chemical in pippali or pepper plant, called long pepper that has anti- cancer properties and whose medicinal properties date back thousands of years. According to the studies carried out by many researchers and scientists, the secret lies in a chemical called Piperlongumine (PL), which has shown activity against many cancers including prostate, breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, leukemia, primary brain tumours and gastric cancer. Isn’t it a great achievement? Yes, this indeed is going to change the life of millions of people all around the world. So, apart from using pippalyasavam in digestive disorders and other minor problems, you can also use this exceptional ayurvedic medicine for dealing with abdominal tumors.

These were two major benefits of using pippalyasavam and you can also use this ayurvedic formulation to gain weight, tuberculosis, depletion of muscle mass and body strength, and eliminate weakness due to anemia or any other reason. And this list is not comprehensive and your ayurvedic doctor might prescribe you pippalyasavam for any other problem too. Because of the presence of so many herbal ingredients, you can expect the final product to be used in a variety of problems. You can gain all these benefits provided you know the right way of using pippalyasavam, right? So, let us now see the right way to use pippalyasavam.


HOW TO USE PIPPALYASAVAMThe exact dose of pippalyasavam depends on your age, the exact problem, intensity of your problem and several other factors. The generally prescribed dose of pippalyasavam is anything between 12 – 24 ml once or twice daily after food. But the dose your doctor will advise you to take may vary and hence you should talk to an ayurvedic doctor before taking pippalyasavam or any other ayurvedic medicine.


If you take pippalyasavam in a higher dose than prescribed, you may suffer from gastric complaints and other stomach problems such as gastritis. Also people with sensitive stomach and some other stomach problems may not tolerate this medicine and hence you should take doctor’s advice before taking pippalyasavam.

Pippalyasavam indeed is an exceptionally amazing ayurvedic medicine and you will regain your lost stomach health by using this formulation. Since it is ayurvedic, you can also expect that your body will get a lot of nutrition as well as energy. And last but not the least; you are going to stay safe from the unwanted side effects. So, it is a win- win situation and you can live a much better life with ayurveda. And nowadays, companies like paramanand ayurveda are providing you with many money and health saving offers that makes it easy for the user to incorporate ayurveda into your life. This is the only ayurvedic company in Delhi providing free home delivery for all orders. Not only this, it also provides free online consultation from highly experienced ayurvedic doctors. And one more reason to choose this ayurvedic company in Delhi is the heavy discount on every ayurvedic medicine you buy. So, hurry up and make a call to paramanand ayurveda. It will be a call for a healthy future and a better life with ayurveda.

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