“Arogyavardhini vati” sounds great and heavy, isn’t it? Well, the name itself speaks of what this ayurvedic medicine is all about. In case you don’t know, the name arogyavardhini vati is made up with the combination of two different words- : Arogya” and “Vardhini”. The first word means health and the later is meant to denote enhancement. What a beautiful name it is, but is it really that effective? Does it enhance the entire human health, and if yes, the how? What it actually is? All sorts of questions might be fighting inside your mind to take you in a specific direction. This is obvious because till now you are only aware of the name, and it is really tempting, but until and unless we tell you the background details, how would your trust the ayurvedic medicine. Let us have a deeper insight of arogyavardhini vati, and with this you will be able to have a glimpse of the power and beauty of ayurveda.

Arogyavardhini vati and ayurveda

hlistic healingAyurveda actually is a science of holistic healing. This is what our ancestors counted on and they managed to live longer, happier and healthier lives than us in the times when allopathy was not in the picture. Sometimes I wonder what allopathic is doing and where it is taking the health of humans? Since the day we are born, we have been using some medicine or the other. In fact, today, there are so many pharmaceutical companies and every company launches a new drug every other day. We call it advancement in the medicinal field, but is it also improvement in the health sector? If you think critically, these two are totally different aspects. The number of drugs in the market today is uncountable, but at the same time, we have so many ill people visiting the hospitals frequently. Do you still think that the achievements in the medicinal fields have something to do with the health of humans? Think about it, we will talk about the amazing ayurvedic healer- arogyavardhini vati first, and then we will discuss the real impact of drugs and medicines on our health.

Major components of arogyavardhini vati

Arogyavardhini vati is an ayurvedic medicine which is famous for enhancing human health. This is what we know about the amazing medicine till now. But what makes it capable of dealing with entire body? Usually if we have pain in our back, we have one allopathic medicine for that, for headache we have completely different drugs. So, for every body part we have different sets of medicines, then how come arogyvardhini is able to address the issue of all the body parts? The medicine is made up of some metals and other herbs. All these are combined is such a unique proportion that the resultant mixture can be use for not one or two but many health ailments.

Some really beneficial metals in arogyavardhini vati

AROGYAVARDHINI VATI mercuryTalking about the metallic contents, arogyavardhini vati contains iron, purified mercury, purified sulfur and copper. You know the role of iron is our bodies and also might be aware of the impacts of low iron in our bodies. Others also are some metals which are present in human body in extremely low amount, but this low amount has its role in determining your health. If you are low on any of these metals or any of these are completely absent, the consequence will definitely be unbearable. Hence arogyavardhini first of all introduces these metals in very small amounts in your body. This kills the first and very common cause of several illnesses. It is not just a metallic mixture and there are many other components that have a significant role to play in determining and modifying human health.

Herbal components present in arogyavardhini vati

neem juiceThere are many but the two which you also might have heard a lot about are amalaki and neem juice extract. Amalaki is a storehouse for vitamin C, making it a great anti oxidant. It is famous for unbelievably high amounts of vitamin C, and people use it to fight aging, low immunity and allergies etc. Apart from this, amalaki also contain some very essential minerals, iron, calcium, amino acids, protein and phosphorous. All of these are required by the body for proper functioning, and the deficiency of any of them can lead to chronic health ailments. Just like amalaki, neem juice extract also have many benefits for skin, stomach and other body parts. While amalaki enriches your body with all the necessary nutrition, neem juice extract fights with any possible infection developing inside or outside your body.

These were some of the commonly known ingredients of arogyavardhini and there are many other herbal products which are included because of these healing capabilities and health benefiting properties. All these when combined to form a mixture we have given the name arogyavardhini, creates unbelievable and magical changes in our lives. Let us some of those changes to get an idea of for what problems arogyavardhini is best.

What can arogyavardhini vati do for you?

Although it has been clearly said in the beginning of the article that arogyavardhini is a health enhancing mixture, but still, it is better than many allopathic medicines when it comes to dealing with the following health problems.


  • Arogyavardhini vati is very good for those who are presently suffering from any problems related to liver or for those who recently had a problem in this vital organ and want it to recover fast. In case you have just started reading about arogyavardhini vati, let me tell you that this medicine has been used by many to treat hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and also hepatitis C. Isn’t is amazing? Next time you see someone going through these fatal problems, or any minor problem with their liver, tell them that it is possible to cure it naturally with Arogyavardhini vati.
  • This ayurvedic medicine is also used by many to get rid of all minor and chronic problems in their stomach. It can deal with all the stomach disorders because it is a great digestive stimulant, hence can enhance digestion to help you get rid of constipation, bloating, gas and irritable bowel syndrome. Apart from this, it is also an excellent appetizer and also mild laxative. So, it is not wrong to say that arogyavardhini is the need of every stomach these days because of the preserved food we eat and unhealthy habits we have inculcated over time.

AROGYAVARDHINI VATI for high cholestrol

  • Arogyavardhini vati can take care of two vital organs- your stomach an also your liver, but it won’t be able to keep you healthy holistically until it can assure you that your heart also is safe with this ayurvedic medicine. Arogyavardhini vati is also famous among people as a Cardiac tonic. It helps in controlling hypertension, reducing the high cholesterol levels and managing diseases like atherosclerosis. So, this is the key to a healthy heart.
  • Talking about the general benefits of the tablets, they are also beneficial in treating chronic fever. In case your body temperature rises above normal, you can use this ayurvedic treatment, but if the same persist for a longer time, make sure you consult a doctor to find out the underlying cause.

overweight women on scales

  • What if I tell you that arogyavardhini vati is helpful in controlling obesity? This is great but obvious because a disease free body is not possible if you are accumulating those extra pounds around your waist. So friends, arogyavardhini can also help you in shedding those extra ponds in a healthy and natural manner without compromising with your health.
  • A glowing skin is a dream of every man and woman, and I am sorry if you were seeking it is the beauty products laded with chemicals and harmful drugs. Your skin is a reflection of what you are from inside, and this true in this context as well. If you are healthy from inside, you skin will also look healthy and fine. arogyavardhini by ensuring internal health also help you accomplish the goal of a perfect skin. In addition to this, it also helps in treating some major skin diseases like itching, eczema and psoriasis. Many of the diseases that are marked as incurable by the allopathic medicines can be very well addressed by ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like arogyavardhini vati.

red blood cell

  • Since arogyavardhini is hematogenic, it helps in production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are low in count when you are anemic and this condition is an invitation to a dozen of diseases. You will have fight with weakness and compromised immunity if you are low in red blood cells count.  Arogyavardhini vati is the natural of improving your red blood cells, and thereby improving your immunity as well.

This was not all and the same medicine also brings a balance in the hormonal levels of both male and female. Certain transitions in every male and female are the time for a hormonal imbalance, and this imbalance is sometimes a cause of great trouble. To avoid all the mood swings, anxiety, irregular menstrual cycles, and all other problems caused by hormonal disturbances can be dealt with arogyavardhini vati.

Not only hormones, but arogyavardhini vati can also balance the three vital energies in the body- vata, pitta, kapha. These are the three energies that are the basis of ayurvedic healing. If they stay in synchronization with each other, you will stay healthy, but a minor disturbance in these three components is a call for uncountable health problems. So, to stay healthy, it is necessary to keep these three factors in place, and that you can do with arogyavardhini vati.  This makes it the gateway to a healthy body and long life.

How to use arogyavardhini vati?

There are many ayurvedic medicines that can be taken without medical advice. In fact, most of the ayurvedic medicines when taken even in high overdose cause mild side effects. They are extremely safe and side effect free. But ayurveda also has some medicines like arogyavardhini which demand attention when deciding on the doses because it contains metallic compounds.

You have to take this ayurvedic medicine under prescribed limits only because overdose may cause poisonous effect. If you take it cautiously, it is the best, perfectly safe and side effect free ayurvedic medicine.

Major components of arogyavardhini vati

Precautions to be taken

As we halve told you earlier also that arogyavardhini is perfectly safe if take in prescribed doses, the first precaution you should take is to avoid overdose of the same. Secondly, try to avoid the ayurvedic medicine if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding your baby. Pregnancy and lactation period are the two times when you should use least of medicines. So to stay at the safer side, and avoid even minor complications, arpgavardhini vati should be avoided during these two phases of life.

This was not all about arogyavardhini vati as it has a lot more in store for us, but yes, this was more than enough for you to have an idea of what you will get if you think of using this ayurvedic medicine. Now it is the right time to ask you one question- is it worth spending money on allopathic medicines when you have ayurvedic compositions like arogyavardhini vati? Is it wise enough to choose a method of treatment that is full of side effects when we have a holistic science of healing that help us have  healthy body at negligible cost. Someone said very aptly “Science of yoga and ayurveda is subtler than the science of medicine, because science of medicine is often victim of statistical manipulation”. This statement is more than enough to wake you people from decades of sleep to realize what our ancestors were aware of.

Its time to change…

Ayurveda- the ancient yet modern science of healing was ignored in the era of allopathic medicines, but thankfully we haven’t lost it yet. This is the time for ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines like arogyavardhini vati are a proof. Today, we have so many companies selling ayurveduc products because there is a sudden increase in the demand of ayurvedic medicines. Using ayurveda is just like scrubbing our body gently from inside to keep it clean, healthy and free from toxins. Isn’t it completely different from burning our bodies from inside with the chemically synthesized drugs and harmful antibiotics? So, if you want to keep your body safe, healthy and active, you know what changes you have to bring.

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