To feel good from you head to your feet, keep a healthy heart beat. This looks like a universal truth now, but, despite so much of awareness about heart diseases, it is disheartening to know that every one out of 4 deaths happening in the United States is because of heart diseases. The stats of the rest of world also speak loud enough that it is time you start thinking about your heart health. Heart is the central organ of human body. It pumps blood to every body part and practically gives life to each and every organ. Heart never stops functioning and continues to serve your body 24*7. But, the ever increasing heart diseases are alarming human beings. Something must be influencing our heart health, right? Of course, there are some factors that directly or indirectly are influencing the overall health as well as heart health. And to control the diseases, it is a necessity to all the heart problem causes. Some of the general causes of heart diseases are well known to all of us, but, there are many others that act continuously in the background. So, let us today try to understand what leads to heart problems.

For this too, you need to know which all problems we are referring to while addressing heart diseases. Heart diseases are often confused with cardiovascular problems. Although a huge part of heart diseases revolve around cardiovascular problems, congenital issues, blood vessel diseases etc also need to be counted. So, heart diseases basically are a set of problems that in any way hinder the functioning of heart. Let us now try to see a variety of causes of heart diseases that you aren’t really aware of. We will include all types of heart problem causes in the list.

  • Let us start with the one cannot do much about. Congenital heart defects are one of the very common causes of heart diseases. It is some defect that you are born with and your genes alone are to be blamed. Since there is no such thing as gene manipulation, this runs as heredity and hence you just can be cautious but can’t control it. Apart from genes, certain medicines can also influence your heart health when you are in womb. This cause of heart diseases can be controlled only when your doctor is aware of what leads to heart problems.
  • The majority of heart diseases are coronary artery diseases and they can be caused due to high blood pressure, diabetes, drug abuse or unhealthy acts like smoking and excessive drinking. All these causes of heart diseases are actually closely related to each other. For example, high blood pressure is because of intake of high amount of caffeine. On the other hand, smoking also increases the risks of heart problems. Nicotine present in cigarette constricts your blood vessels leading to imbalance in the blood flow. Also, carbon monoxide released during smoking can damage their inner lining of the arteries, hence damaging them.
  • Stress is also one of the most influential health problem causes. There is so much to achieve in very less time. The pressure of bigger dreams sometimes impacts not only the functioning of mind but also your heart. You don’t even realize how much stress you are putting on your mind. And from your mind the same travels to your heart too. This causes heart problems as well as so many other critical mental health issues. This is one of the most common answers to what leads to health problems, but also the easiest to avoid. If you learn to live a stress free life, you can avoid almost a dozen of health complications.
  • There are some over-the-counter medications and even prescription medications that cause heart diseases. In fact, most of the prescription drugs have heart problems in the list of possible side effects. So, think before taking allopathic drugs regularly as gradually people are choosing holistic sciences like ayurveda because of these chronic ill effects of allopathy. Not only medicines but dietary supplements that you take thinking of them as harmless are one of the causes of heart diseases. Excessive use of herbal remedies and using them in an improper manner also contribute to heart problem causes.
  • Now you know that some medical conditions, medications, stress and genes may play a role in causing heart defects. But, do you know that your heart is also prone to infections. Yes, the primary organ of your body can also get infected. A heart infection, for instance endocarditis, is caused when a parasites like bacteria, virus or any sort of chemical, reaches your heart muscle. Although this isn’t common and an invader cannot make its way to heart so easily, such heart diseases exist.

These were some of the causes of heart diseases and I am sure you were not aware of most of them. Now you know all the heart problem causes, it would be easier for you to control at least the habitual causes. If you still don’t feel like changing your habits, you will have to face complications like heart failure, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, Aneurysm and peripheral artery diseases. Knowing the causes of heart diseases would be worth only if you start acting today. So, here is a list of favors you can do to your heart.

  • Say no to smoking today. Caffeine and nicotine aren’t actually good for your heart as well as for all other body parts. So, try to avoid food that is loaded with caffeine. If you cannot quit cigarettes, try taking counseling or some natural alternatives to smoking. But, this is the first step to a healthy heart and also a mandatory one.
  • Apart from smoking, if you are addicted to alcohol or any other drug, you should immediately take help from a medical practitioner. Any sort of addiction kills you gradually, but by affecting your heart, it kills you instantly. So, to save your life, you have to take care of your heart. And drug and alcohol addiction aren’t in favor of a healthy heart and a healthy future.
  • Have a look at what you are eating because most of the time your eating habits are what leads to heart problems. Have fresh fruits and veggies while minimizing the intake of fried and junk food. Just by changing your diet, you can change a lot about your health and your life too. Not only your physical health, but your mental as well as heart health has a negative impact of preserved and packaged food. So, consult your dietician if you are prone to heart diseases, or simply take help from internet.
  • Stress is the biggest killer of the times. By affecting a variety of your body parts, stress degrades your overall health. But, the body affected the most is again your innocent heart. So, simple rule to have a healthy heart is to eliminate stress from your life. Just relax and give some time to your hobbies. Do what you like and not what you are forced to do. Make some rules to simplify life and take out some me time every day. With these simple acts, you can improve a lot and if you can’t, just try yoga.
  • Be it a few steps of morning walk to regressive exercise, you must remain physically active regardless of your age or health condition. Morning walk is a god start to your day and it reduces excess of burden from your mind and heart too. If your body allows, go on with jogging and gym. Everyone is too busy, but if you don’t take out time for exercising, you will have to find time for illness.

These were some simple solutions to kill almost all the hidden causes of heart diseases. gaining information is crucial, but implementing it in your real life is even more crucial. Suppose you know everything about what leads to heart problems but continue with the same eating habits, that information would be of no use, right? Yes, to create a difference, you need information, but after getting aware of all the aspects, the next integral step is to act. Since heart problems are one of the most common side effects of many allopathic drugs, you must try to minimize the intake of artificially synthesized medications. Rather, go for natural medicinal options like ayurveda. Ayurveda has promising outcomes in favor of your heart and hence if you are prone to heart diseases, ayurveda is ideally the best for you. Healthy and happy life clearly means a healthy heart and to achieve this, you can look forward to a natural life with natural healer. These were most of the causes of heart diseases that you were not aware of. But now, you have complete information and the right direction to act in. Next step is from your side, go ahead and start taking your heart problems seriously if you actually take your health and your life seriously.

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