Harital bhasma is one of the best medicines ayurveda has in store for you. Yes, it is an ayurvedic medicine, the formula made up by following one of the oldest medicinal sciences not only in India but across the world. The power of ayurveda can be assessed by the fact that it is the only healing science that has managed to survive this many centuries. People from all over the world are running behind ayurveda and ayurvedic products like harital bhasma, but unfortunately it is least valued in the place from where it originated. Ayurveda has its roots in India and Indians used to solve almost all of their health problems using ayurvedic solutions like harital bhasma and many other such ayurvedic compositions. Then came allopathic science of healing that actually is does not cure the disease but is only confined with the symptoms.

We will give you every bit of detail about harital bhasma, all the diseases in which you can take help from ayurvedic harital bhasma and all the possible ways you can consume the herbal product in order to gain maximum benefit, but a short talk on the origin of harital bhasma- ayurveda is necessary because luckily ayurveda is once again gaining the much deserved popularity. Finally people of India have started realizing that they should choose something that is concerned with a healthy body rather than going for an extensively advertised product which is designed while keeping in mind the profit of the manufacturing pharmaceutical company. More and more population of the country is now moving towards ayurveda for their daily needs as well as occasional health problems. And you will find it good not only for your body but also for your pocket.

ayurvedic vs allopathic


If you are also one of those who are trying ayurvedic medicine for the first time, we congratulate you for finding the right way of treating your body with the natural and suitable products. Allopathic medicines provide instant results, but for those results, you have to sacrifice so many other things. First of all, you pay for everything starting from advertisement to commission of the middle man and doctor. Yes, even the doctor who prescribes you medicine gets a specific percentage of the amount of that particular medicine. After paying for all these unnecessary expenses, what you get also matters. Most of the allopathic medicines you have are just a temporary treatment of the symptoms of the disease and have nothing to do with the root cause of the problem.

We will talk about the mechanism of working of allopathic medicines and there are some other stunning differences between ayurveda and allopathic medicines that you must know about, but let us first see what all problems we can solve with hairtal bhasma. The benefits of ayurveda over allopath and any other medicinal science are infinite, so it is better we first tell you everything about harital bhasma- the reason you are here for.

Harital bhasma is prepared from the purified form of haratal. There are four types of hartal and it is yellow in color in its unpurified form. There are many ways you can prepare harital bhasma from haratal and depending on your convenience and preferences; you can choose any one of them. Don’t get anxious, you are not supposed to prepare the ayurevdic medicine on your won because we have many brands selling the ready to use form of harital bhasma. All of the ayurvedic medicines are prepared using the most natural method. By most natural method, we mean lest inclusion of chemicals and artificially synthesized products. This helps in preserving the healing abilities of the natural ingredients of all the ayurvedic medicines and harital bhasma is also not an exception. Let us see all the problems that you can address with the help of ayurvedic harital bhasma.

Benefits of harital bhasma

Skin diseases: Harital bhasma is used since ages to treat skin problems, specifically skin disease that result in itching and inflammation. Rashes, skin sores and cold sores, everything can be easily dealt with harital bhasma and it is also helpful in conditions like psoriasis. During psoriasis attacks, the patients got through intense itching. In fact, in most of the cases struggling with skin diseases, itching is the primary symptom. Itching alone is not a big problem, but itching is a call for many other secondary problems.

Itching can lead to spread of infection to other parts of your body. You cannot help but scratch the rashes to convert them into rashes. But from now onwards, you can count on harital bhasma. It is an ayurvedic remedy for almost all the skin problems, and at the same time a perfect natural solution to itching. Everywhere you will read- do not scratch, control your hands and avoid touching the infected or diseased skin for no reason, but in reality, it is quite not possible. You cannot control your hand when it starts itching on any part of your body. So, it is better you use harital bhasma- the ultimate tonic for skin problems and itching.

Respiratory problems

harital bhasma for Respiratory-ProblemsWhether it is minor cough and cold or acute asthma, harital bhasma has the healing abilities to take your body out of everything going on wrong with your respirator tract. For common cold and cough you usually buy allopathic medicines, but it is high time we stop investing our money and health on those waste, ineffective and expensive medicines. The severe symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and other such respiratory can be easily dealt with this amazing ayurvedic formula. You will not get any side effects and the problem will also be solved permanently. Isn’t it truly unbelievable?


Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that is caused by a virus named as herpes simplex virus. This is highly contagious in nature and these days almost every other person on this planet is becoming a victim of the virus very other minute. It is more threatening than chronic diseases like AIDS. The reason behind the stigma of the infection is the ease with which it is transmitted and also the incurability. Yes, herpes is famous among people as a disease which till date has no cure. This statement is partially true because the domain in which the cure of herpes is searched is allopathic medicines.

harital bhasma for herpesThose who get this infection are prescribed antiviral medicines but these medicines again can only suppress the symptoms of herpes outbreaks. It means you have to take them again and again. This increases the risk of side effects exponentially and you put your health at a high risk of chronic kidney failure if you choose to follow the suppressive therapy. Suppressive therapy is a way adopted by many to live a herpes outbreak free life, but in reality we don’t realize that the side effects of suppressive therapy are much more severe than the discomfort caused by herpes outbreaks. And it is not at all a wise decision especially when you know you can deal with herpes with the help of harital bhasma.

Yes, ayurveda has solution for herpes as well. You no more have to buy expensive and harmful allopathic antiviral drugs. And you will definitely live a herpes free life, a life without thee threat of developing cold sores, and a life without antiviral drugs. Now this sounds like a really big achievement. It indeed is a gift for all the herpes patients, and because of lack off advertisement it has not yet reached in every corner of the world. Well, at least we Indians no more have to live everyday in the threat of getting another herpes outbreak.


The more common name for this problem is gouty arthritis. This also is like arthritis, but in gout or gouty arthritis, mostly smaller joints are affected. The victims of gout are joints that are small, but that doesn’t mean that problem also is minor and ignorable. Ask those who have ever had an episode of the pain of gout. The pain and discomfort it causes is extreme and unbearable. Acute pain, swelling, intense tenderness and inflammation in the joints are some of the symptoms of the disease. There are many medicines to reduce the pain and inflammation, but they have their own set of disadvantages.

Due to the side effects medicines introduce in our body natural treatment methods are becoming more popular. Out of all the other natural treatments, ayurveda is a branch that is gaining more and more popularity everyday. It is because of the trust that the ancient science of healing has regained over time. Hence in conditions like gout, more and more people nowadays are turning towards ayurveda. You also try harital bhasma just once and the results will make you fall for both- ayurvedic harital bhasma as well as entire ayurveda.


This also is a sexually transmitted disease like herpes, but it differs in outcomes. If you leave syphilis untreated, it can reach the internal organs and create great deal of trouble. Syphilis is divided into stages (primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary), with different signs and symptoms associated with each stage. This also starts with sores on your body in the primary stage, mostly on or near the genitals, and this is the first stage. Symptoms of secondary syphilis include skin rash, swollen lymph nodes, and fever. And tertiary is the last and most harmful stage at which you should never ever let the infection reach.

harital bhasam for SyphilisThe infected person is often unaware of the disease and unknowingly passes it on to his or her sexual partner. Taking the right treatment the right time hence is must to save your body as well as health and for syphilis too, harital bhasma is the perfect cure. By using harital bhasma, you can not only fight with the incurable viral infections like herpes, but can also deal with infections caused due to bacteria. Only one exception is there. In case you are pregnant, you must be checked for the infection as the mother can pass it on to the baby. And if your tests are positive, makes sure you consult your doctor and avoid harital bhasma during pregnancy.

Dosages and Precautions

You can take 125 mg of harital bhasma either once or twice everyday depending on the severity of the condition. All can use this ayurvedic product except pregnant women, those who are breast feeding their babies. Children below the age of 15 should also not be given harital bhasma. In case you really feel the need of taking it, just consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting the course. The doctor depending on your condition will either reduce the doses according to your age, or will suggest you another ayurvedic alternative to harital bhasma that is safe for children.

If you follow the precautions and take harital bhasma under the prescribed limits, you would never ever suffer form any side effects. We happily consume packets of antibiotics and think that they are for dealing with a particular disease. But in reality, what we get from antibiotics is a set of side effects. A long list of possible side effects is associated with every medicine on this earth. The intensity and nature of side effects will vary depending on the amount of medicine and the frequency of intake. Some of the side effects will be temporary while others last forever. Have you ever though what you find appealing in medicines? Do you think are effective enough to sacrifice your long term health? Only you can answer all these questions and once you get a concrete answer, you will easily reach a decision on whether to use allopathic medicines or to go for ayurvedic treatment.

This was all about harital bhasma and as far as ayurveda is concerned, one article is too short to describe all the benefits and strengths of the healing science. You will get to know about the abilities, immense power and unbelievable quality of ayurveda once you start using any of the ayurvedic products like harital bhasma. There are many more such medicines, but in case you have any of the problems described above, harital bhasma is definitely going to give you results, provided you have made your mind to use the amazing ayurvedic formula.