Are you tired of wasting time in bathroom every morning? Is constipation your daily trauma and you have no clue how to get rid of it? Don’t worry, we have a permanent solution for constipation as well as all other stomach related problems. Drakshasava, an ayurvedic medicine, is able to treat the biggest challenge of the time- indigestion. When we talk about indigestion, it looks like a normal issue, but a few of you are aware that it is an open call to many chronic and painful conditions. One such example is piles, and there are many other such names that are directly related with indigestion. So, next time you think of indigestion as just a minor issue, give it a second thought before ignoring it. Negligence can many times result in something drastic, especially when it is about your stomach.

And what is the point of ignoring when we have a permanent and holistic solution like drakshasava? Drakshasava being one of the best ayurvedic medicines contain all natural ingredients that calm down your disturbed stomach and give you a peaceful morning. So, instead of trying to settle down with the pain, try ayurvedic drakshasava. It will not only solve the problems of indigestion, but is also helpful in treating the problem of intestinal worms. So, today we will talk about the ayurvedic formula that most you need today. Starting with the ingredients of drakshasava, we will tell you everything about this magical liquid. Since it is ayurvedic, it is free from all the side effects, but still there are some precautions that one should take while using ayurvedic medicines too. After discussing the problems that can be solved with drakshasava, we will also tell you the doses and precautions related to drakshasava. So, let us see some surprising details about the ultimate stomach healer.

Ingredients of drakshasava

As the name suggests, drakshasava contain draksha, more commonly known as dried grapes. But is it all that makes drakshasava? No, this ayurvedic medicine, just like many other ayurvedic dried grapesformulas is a combination of many herbal and natural ingredients. After mixing all of them in a predefined proportion and processing the ingredients, we finally obtain drakshasava- a liquid with amazing healing abilities and unbelievable health benefiting properties. So, it is important to all the major ingredients from which this magical potion is made. First of all the ingredients of drakshasava are draksha. Draksha have been long known for improving digestion and treating constipation, and this makes drakshasava for indigestion the perfect cure. Draksha or dried grapes help the food to move in the intestinal tract and thus provide relief from constipation. Not only in constipation, but draksha also has a role to play in preventing deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes. And all these properties are inherited in drakshasava.

Apart from extracting the goodness of draksha, the solution also contains sugar, honey and water. Initially water is taken in high quantity, but later on it is boiled and reduced to approximately a quarter. And for preparing a really effective solution that can take away all your stomach problems, you will also need some spices and herbal ingredients like cinnamon, long pepper fruit, cardamom, chandana, lavali and clove/ lavang. All of them have some o the other medicinal use.

Preparing drakshasava with all the ingredients

Draksha or dried grapes are boiled in water till the volume of water is reduced to a quarter part. The solution is then filtered. The solution is once again filtered after adding sugar to it. All the other ingredients are added to the solution after this and they are stored in a vessel after mixing thoroughly. The vessel used for storage is coated with ghee from inside. For almost 3 weeks, the mixture is kept in the sealed vessel to allow fermentation. After three weeks of fermenting, what we get is drakshasava and the liquid is properly stored.

It took three weeks for preparing one ayurvedic medicine, and this is not the only ayurvedic medicine which takes about a month to get ready. The fact is that with the use of chemical processing, the preparation or manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines can be catalyzed, but ayurveda always prefers natural method. Have you ever wondered why? Because preparing the medicines with chemical intervention can be convenient and fast, but it may affect the effectiveness. Moreover, it may also add side effects to the ayurvedic medicines. In fact, you can say that the only science free from any side effects is ayurveda and the reason is the use of natural ingredients as well as natural process of manufacturing. Yes, there is no allopathic medicine on this planet which is free from side effects. Check the detail once again if you feel what you are presently prescribed by the doctor doesn’t have any ill effects.

We will talk about the ill effects of allopathic medicines once again, but right now, let us see what we get after processing the mixture of natural ingredients and herbs. It is time to know about the effect of drakshasava on some very common diseases.

Diseases that can be cured with regular use of drakshasava

Drakshasava is primarily effective in all sorts of digestive disorders. Drakshasava for indigestion powerful because the liquid directly impacts the digestive system and try to settle any disturbance present. Digestion is the process by which your body gets all the energy as well as nutrition that it requires. But these days, with deteriorating quality of food and lack of physical activity, upset stomach is a common problem. Sometimes we don’t have time to eat, and we survive on coffee for hours, while most of the other times, we choose to eat packaged food items that come handy. Time is precious but so is your health. And one who has a bad digestion can never stay healthy in his or her life as indigestion invites so many other problems. So, digestion is the key to a healthy body and you can regulate the key with ayurvedic drakshasava. Let us see the list of all the problems that can be sorted out with the use of this ayurvedic medicine.

Piles or hemorrhoids

Drakshasava for pilesPiles, also known as hemorrhoids, is a disease which is commonly caused excess of diarrhea or constipation. These two conditions make you sit in the bathroom for hours daily. This too contributes to the formation of piles. Once you get this problem, bearing the pain every day is almost impossible and surgical process too is very inconvenient. Also, reoccurring piles are also not uncommon, so surgical process also doesn’t always ensure that in future you won’t have to bear the same discomfort and pain. But there is one solution with which you can get rid of piles permanently. And it is nothing but ayurvedic drakshasava. Drakshasava not only treats your present problem, but while treating piles or hemorrhoids, it also makes sure that the reason behind the formation piles is gone. This way drakshasava can do both- it can treat piles and also prevent piles formation.


Due to some infection in the internal glands of the anus, an infected cavity is formed near the anus or rectum. It is usually filled with pus and dealing with it actually is one of the worst Drakshasava for ANAL FISSUREnightmares. Anorectal pain, swelling, perianal cellulitis and fever are the most common symptoms of fistula or abscess. Surgical drainage is the most common method of treating this problem too, but it is not the best one. We have ayurvedic drakshasava for dealing with anal fistula naturally. Due to the anti bacterial and anti parasitic properties, this ayurvedic medicine is just perfect for problems like this. So, to get rid of fistula without going through the painful process, try ayurveda.

These were two major problems that can be solved with regular and right use of drakshasava. These were no doubt extremely problematic situations, but indigestion too is a major issue if you suffer from it frequently. And drakshasava can deal with indigestion of all types and intensity. Apart from curingindigestion and all the problems caused due to indigestion, it is also helpful in some other types of bleeding diseases and intestinal worms. Some external and internal injuries and wounds can also be treated with drakshasava.

Doses of drakshasava

The usually recommended dose of drakshasava is anything between 12 – 24 ml, taken after mixing with equal amount of water. This quantity of the solution is both- safe and effective for a healthy adult. But if you have some specific medical conditions, talk to your doctor before starting it as the doses may vary greatly.

Precautions and side effects

Although there are no chronic or permanent side effects of drakshasava and any other ayurvedic medicine, it is always recommended you consult a doctor. Self medication can be harmful even in the case of ayurvedic medicines because not all web sites provide authentic information. And these days, getting a doctor’s advice is also as easy as surfing the internet. So, why take chance when you can get help from the team of highly experienced doctors working with companies like parmanand ayurveda, and you know what- they don’t charge for it. Always keep in mind that taking drakshasava in amount higher than the doctor’s prescription may disturb your stomach. But thankfully this is the only complication associated with drakshasava, and that too is invited by our own acts.

cunsult a doctorOtherwise this ayurvedic medicine is safe for your health and an elixir for your stomach. Yes, you can even use it for your child (above 5 years of age) if he has one of the problems listed above. But while using drakshasava for children, you have to give a considerably varying dose, and here too you will need a doctor’s prescription. Avoid using drakshasava in children below the age of 5, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. These three categories are highly sensitive, so before getting in direct contact with any medicine, even if it is ayurvedic, you must consult a doctor.

Drakshasava when taken according to the doctor’s prescription is a perfect cure for all your stomach related problems and much more. The antacids that you often rely on simply calm down your stomach and hence you also feel relieved for some time, but the root cause remains as it is. Most of the stomach problems according to ayurveda are a result of imbalance in vata, pitta or kapha levels in your body. So, to correct any dysfunction in the body permanently, one must start from bringing these three in sync. And this is what we call permanent cure, playing with symptoms temporarily is not at all a solution. This difference in mechanism creates a huge difference between allopathic medicines and ayurvedic formulas. And it is this difference that brings a major gap in the effectiveness, results and long term benefits between the two sciences of healing.

ayurvedaAnd as you can also see now, Ayurveda emerges as a clear winner when you take all the factors into consideration. It is eye opening for those who weren’t aware of it, but there are many people, especially in India who truly believe in Ayurveda but couldn’t use it till now because of some reason or the other. But now, as it has also been cited earlier, with companies like parmanand ayurveda providing a wide range of ayurvedic products online at discounted prices, all the issues like availability and over pricing are resolved. Earlier, in order to use ayurveda, you needed an ayurvedic shop near your house, and an ayurvedic doctor to consult. And finding these two was not easy. Thing gradually got better with time, but today is the best time to start using ayurveda because with parmanand ayurveda you don’t even need these two resources. The only thing you need is intent to make your body healthy. If you have the intent to incorporate ayurveda into your life, just make a phone call and everything will be done. Yes, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for free, and your ayurvedic medicines will also reach your doorstep with no deliver charges. So, go ahead, make a call to parmanand ayurveda and change your life for better.

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