Heal All Your Problems With the Magnificent Effects of Giloy Satva

Benefits of Giloy Satva

Giloy Satva (गिलोय सत्व ) – The Perfect Way to Lead A Healthy, Disease Free and Fit Life

The green leaves, fruits, flowers, roots, stem and every part of the plant is used for the medicinal purposes and Ayurveda gives the best way to use the herbs for the medicinal purposes depending upon the disease as well as their medicinal qualities. Believe it or not! These herbs are potent enough to give the better as well as longer term results than the pills and capsules we intake now-a-days. Today, I am going to talk to you regarding Giloy Satva, the ayurvedic medicine made up of one such brilliant ayurvedic herb, i.e. Giloy. But, before talking regarding the same, there are some questions for all those who don’t believe in Ayurveda. If we talk about the time of 100 or 500 years back, there were no such pharmaceutical facilities available like what we enjoy today, right? How did those people use to treat their maladies? And what is the reason those people used to live a healthier as well as longer life than us? Why did they not fall ill so frequently like we do?


Well, lots of questions and there is only one answer and that is, “Ayurveda”. They used to treat themselves via the natural medicines, i.e. herbs and minerals. Along with their healthy eating habits as well as the healthy lifestyle, their treatment methods were also completely healthy as well as natural. What we do today is to insert the new health problems in our body in the form of side-effects with every dose of the pills and tablets we intake. This is the reason for us falling ill again and again.

Moreover, due to the over-processing of the drugs used in the pharmaceutical medicines as well as the use of chemicals and adulteration, the quality of the drugs gets deteriorated. This is not the situation in the case of the ayurvedic medicines and that is why their results are for long time duration and side-effects free. Well, talking about this aspect will go long without any end. So, let’s now not go with the conversation anymore and talk straight about Giloy Satva.

Giloy Satva is a really brilliant ayurvedic powdered form medicine which is addressed with the names like Guduchi Satva or Amrita Satva as well. Why? The reason is its ingredient. Let’s talk about the ingredients of Giloy Satva in detail.

Ingredients of Giloy Satva (गिलोय सत्व के तत्व)

The ingredients of an ayurvedic medicine determine its effectiveness on your body. To know how much benefit the medicine is going to provide you, you must be familiar of the ingredients of the same too. Moreover, it helps you keeping yourself safe if you are hypersensitive to some element of that particular ayurvedic medicine.

GiloySo, if we talk about the ingredients of Giloy Satva, it possesses only one ingredient, i.e. “Giloy” or “Guduchi”. Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia is a form of herb that is abundantly available in India and many other Asian countries. Giloy is very well-known as the “queen of all herbs”. By this name, you might have got some idea about the nutrient value of Giloy. Here, I want to inform you that Giloy is considered as the panacea for a variety of health ailments.

Giloy is addressed as “Amrita” as well because of the huge medicinal properties it possesses. If we talk about the nutrients of Giloy, these include numerous alkaloids such as berberine and giloin in the majority, steroids and flavonoids. Apart from these, giloy consists of lignin, carbohydrates etc.

The powerful impacts of Giloy have already been mentioned in various ayurvedic scriptures like:

  • Sushruta Samhita – कुष्ठा (Leprosy), ज्वर (Fever), श्वास (Asthma) and अरुचि (Anorexia)
  • Charak Samhita – कामला रोग (Jaundice), ज्वर (Fever) and वातरक्त (Gout)
  • Dhanvantari Nighantu – खूनी बवासीर (Bleeding Piles), खुजली (Itching) etc.
  • Ashtang Hridya – ज्वर (Fever) and कामला रोग (Jaundice)
  • Bhava Prakash Nighantu – चर्म रोग (Skin Problems), मधुमेह (Diabetes), जीर्ण दस्त (Diarrhea) etc.

These are some of the major ayurvedic scriptures where the efficiency of Giloy in dealing with the different health issues has been mentioned. Apart from these, there are many other textures as well proving the same. The people familiar with even one or two of these textures might have understood the potency of Giloy in keeping you fit and healthy.

Having giloy as its ingredient, Giloy Satva possesses all its beneficial properties. What are those properties of Giloy Satva? Well, of course, before talking about the health benefits of Giloy Satva and how to use it to its fullest, knowing about the properties is also vital.

Properties of Giloy Satva (गिलोय सत्व के गुण)

Due to the presence of Giloy or Guduchi, Giloy Satva possesses numerous health benefiting properties. These include:

  • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory
  • Mild Antipyretic
  • Hematogenic and Anti-gout
  • Immunomodulator and Blood Purifier
  • Carminative
  • Antacid and Anti-arthritic
  • Mild anti-hypertensive
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • Demulcent and mild-laxative
  • Anti-pruritics
  • Anti-cancer and adaptogenic

All these properties altogether show how much impactful giloy satva can be for our health and body. So, here is the turn to talk about the immense health benefits of Giloy Satva.

Health Benefits of Giloy Satva (गिलोय सत्व के लाभ)

The health benefits of Giloy Satva are immense in number and hence, it is popularly known and used all around. The health benefits of an ayurvedic medicine starts from solving the health ailments and then enhancing the functionality of the body. Well yes, the ayurvedic medicines not only work to treat the current health disorders, but due to their ingredients, they remain capable of restoring the body’s power and energy too. So, let’s talk about some of the health problems that can be effectively treated using Giloy Satva.

Fever (बुखार)

Giloy satva for chronic feverFever is basically the response of our immune system to the attack of the foreign irritants and microbes. Otherwise, in some cases, it may indicate some underlying health problem as well. Generally fever doesn’t last longer than 3-5 days and it can be easily treated by proper rest and diet. The symptoms of fever include feeling cold, shivering, lack of Appetite, dehydration and depression, lethargy and sleepiness, hyperalgesia and sweating etc.

If we talk about the causes of fever, these include:

  • Infection such as strep throat, flu, chickenpox
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Certain Medications
  • Sunburn, heat stroke etc.
  • Dehydration or lung disease, silicosis
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Here, 5 grams of Sudarshan Churna is recommended to be taken with 500 mg of Giloy Satva and given to the patient for achieving the desired results.

Heart Palpitations (दिल की घबराहट)

giloy satva for heart diseaseThe condition of racing heart or heart beating too fast is known as heart palpitation. The heart palpitations can be easily noticed in the chest, throat and neck. In most of the cases, the palpitations are not that serious or harmful and they go away on their own. Still, they are really frightening at times. If we talk about the major causes of heart palpitations, they include:

  • Emotions like anxiety, stress or fear
  • Vigorous or excessive physical activity
  • Caffeine, nicotine or alcohol consumption
  • Certain medical health conditions like thyroid, low blood sugar, anemia, fever etc.
  • Hormonal changes during the pregnancy or menstruation cycle
  • Due to certain health supplements

The persistent heart palpitations caused for a longer period of time may be the indication of the disease named arrhythmias (the too slow, too rapid or irregular heartbeats).

Mouth Ulcer (मुँह के छाले)

giloy satva for mouth ulcerMouth ulcers or the canker sores, yet common, but are painful and troublesome. They basically occur inside the areas of mouth and gums. Although they are nothing to worry about and leave you on their own in a week or so, they are still very uncomfortable and don’t allow the person to eat, drink or brush the teeth conveniently. The mouth ulcers are majorly of three types – herpetiform ulcers, minor ulcers and major ulcers. Herpetiform ulcers are found in females more than males and are more common in the elder adults than the other age groups. On occurrence, they may show the symptoms like:

  • Extreme pain in the mouth
  • Incapability in having food, drink and brushing the teeth.
  • The major and minor ulcers are round lesions that possess the red edges and yellow, white or grey middle area.

Diabetes (मधुमेह)

Giloy satva for diabetesDiabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a common, yet chronic, health condition affecting numerous people out there. It is the condition when the blood sugar level gets increased in the body. Diabetes is basically of two types:

  • Type 1 Diabetes – When the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin
  • Type 2 Diabetes – When the body doesn’t remain capable of using the sufficient amount of insulin

If we talk about the symptoms of diabetes, these include frequent urination, weight gain, intense thirst and anger, fatigue, unhealed cuts and bruises, sexual dysfunction in males, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. The changes in the lifestyle as well as the eating habits can work to control the symptoms of the disease. If we go the Ayurvedic way, in this case 500 mg Giloy Satva is mixed with 3-5 grams of Nishamalaki Churna and given to the patient for better results.

Depression (डिप्रेशन)

Giloy satva for depressionIt is a really common health condition that is seen more in females as compared to males. It is defined as the feeling of sadness, low or loss of interest in the regular activities. Research shows that the symptoms of depression in black people are different from that of the white people. But, in both the cases, it creates lots of discomfort. Depression, if becomes severe, leads to cause anorexia in people. If we talk about the factors that lead to cause depression in you, they include the genetic, biological, environmental or psychological factors. The activities that please you as well as meditation and yoga can work to solve the issue.

The above mentioned are just a few out of the whole list of the health ailments that can be treated using Giloy Satva. The other names are diarrhea with mucus, excessive thirst, acidity, gastritis etc. Moreover, it works greatly to balance the vata, pitta and kapha doshas in the body. The presence of Giloy makes it a really efficient in

  • Enhancing the immunity of the body, hence, keeping helping them keep the infections at a bay.
  • Prevention the occurrence of diseases like cancer due to the anti-cancer effects.
  • Keeping the mind calm and relaxed as well as stress-free due to the aqueous, alcoholic, acetone and petroleum ether extracts.

You can achieve the health benefits of Giloy Satva in every scope say it for physically or mentally. But, how can one achieve the health benefits of Giloy Satva? Well of course, by knowing, understanding as well as following the adequate dosage of it. So, let’s now talk about the dosage of Giloy Satva.

Dosage of Giloy Satva (गिलोय सत्व की सेवन विधि)

If we talk about the dosage of Giloy Satva, it can be easily consumed 500 mg to 1 gm in a day. Giloy Satva can be taken once or twice a day with water. The medicine is perfectly safe and fine to use, still doctor’s recommendation plays a vital role in keeping you away even from the pinch of ill-effects. This is because the dosage of Giloy Satva or any other ayurvedic medicine depends upon many factors like age, weight, digestive power of the patient, current medical condition and the medical history. So, consulting the ayurvedic doctor will help you gain the maximum health benefits of Giloy Satva. You need to take care of certain aspects also before consuming the Giloy Satva, which include:

  • Keeping this ayurvedic powder away from the reach of the children.
  • Stopping the consumption of Giloy Satva two weeks before undergoing any surgery.
  • Checking the blood sugar level strictly along with the Giloy intake if you are a diabetic patient.

Keeping all these points in mind will help you keep yourself at the safe side and enjoy the maximum health benefits of Giloy Satva.

Here, you might have got the idea about the efficiency of Giloy Satva and its impact on our body. The best part is that it not only treats the current health condition, but helps you get prepared for the future issues by enhancing your immune system. And actually this is the beauty of all the ayurvedic medicines that they always benefit you in one or the other way apart from treating the health issues you are taking them for.

Being on the other side, you can never see or judge the health benefits of Ayurveda. For knowing and understanding the real Ayurveda, you have to go closer to it.

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