Heal Your Joints As Well As Other Health Issues With Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

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Our Health and Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras – Is the Connection Worthy?

If you already know that Ayurveda is the best and nothing can ever beat it, don’t ever get swarna sameer pannag rasintimidated with what the advertisements regarding the other modes of treatment are shouting out. They have always been doing the same since years, but the real fact is in front of our eyes now. Anyways, let’s not get into any argument over this and prove it with an action. Let’s prove it today with an amazing ayurvedic medicine, i.e. Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras.

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras is a marvelous ayurvedic medicine that can work effectively in dealing with the various health issues like joint diseases, fever, asthma, bronchitis, cough etc. This ayurvedic medicine is available in the form of powder and today we are going to discuss about each and every aspect making this medicine so wonderful and effective to deal with as well as cure our numerous health issues.

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras might be a medicine you are unfamiliar with, but our joints can truly understand the relation between them and this amazing powder/tablet. Yes, that’s true; the problems of your joints and Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras are somewhere interconnected with each other. Let’s see the connection and at first talk about the ingredients of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras proving it so potent and effective.

Ingredients of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

If we talk about the ingredient list of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras, it consists of overall 7 ingredients which may include the names, i.e. Swarnavarka, shuddha parada, shuddha gandhaka, Sankhiya, Manashila, Hartala and Aloe vera juice.

aloe vera rasIn the preparation process, at first, the ultra-thin sheets of gold (swarnavarka) are mixed with parada in a stone mortar. After getting all the gold sheets mixed and dissolved, add gandhaka to it, hence preparing kajjali. Now, mix sankhiya, manashila and hartala to the mixture. This final mixture is then dissolved in aloe vera juice and then dried for next 2 days. After getting this entire done, fill this mixture in a narrow mouthed bottle and then heat it in sand bath. The temperature of the fire must be upto that level that the kajjali gets converted in the liquid form and then continues to get heated. After cooling, break the glass and take out the ultimate product available in the base of it. After that, crush the product for next 2-3 days in order to get the fine, consistent powder and then seal this powder in a glass bottle.

So, you see that all the ingredients as well as the techniques to prepare this ayurvedic medicine are natural and no adulteration is done to it. This medicine is prepared by ayurvedic kupipakwa technique, hence, adding to its effectiveness.

All these ingredients as well as the incredible preparation process give certain properties to Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras, hence making it capable of treating the various health problems of ours. Believe it or not, but, it is only Ayurveda and its elements that can understand our diseases and treat accordingly because both we and Ayurveda are directly made up of the natural elements and processes. We’ll explain it in the end of the article, but before that, let’s talk about the health issues that can be taken care of using Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras.

Health Benefits of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

Health benefits of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras are far more than just being one or two. Before moving forward, a question for you – Have you ever seen any medicine treating both the present as well as hidden diseases at the same time? I am sure the answer will be “No”. This is because there is no such medical science other than Ayurveda that can do this incredible thing. This is not a fake commitment of Ayurveda; instead it has been doing so since ages. Let’s discuss about some of the health issues that can be treated using Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras at one time.


Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for LumbagoIt is a term used to address the lower back pain. The pain can be either mild or chronic depending upon the situation as well as the underlying health issue. It can be acute that comes all of a sudden and disappears or chronic that can last upto 3 months or more. Although, this health issue can affect anyone at any point of time, it mainly affects the young people who generally remain involved in the physical activities or the very elderly people (after 60s). Identifying the real cause of this health issue is quite impossible kind of thing in most of the cases, but, if recognized, the causes include:

  • Arthritis of tiny joints between the vertebral bones
  • Slipped disc
  • Fracture of one or more vertebrae
  • Skeleton damage due to tumors of infection etc.

Lumbago, if occurred, may show the symptoms like pain in the lower back, sometimes, extended to buttocks, limited spine movement, tense muscles around the spine, pain while tilting the back on any one side, tingling sensation or numbness in the back etc. Lumbago rarely causes any serious symptom requiring the immediate medical care. Still you need to be careful about your lower back pain as well as the associated discomfort.

Facial Paralysis

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for Facial ParalysisThe condition of loss of facial movement due to the nerve damage is termed as facial paralysis. This can occur either in any one side or both sides of the face. This can happen either suddenly (Bell’s palsy) or may take months to appear (head or neck tumor), depending upon your underlying problem. Treating facial paralysis is a vital concern for us because our speech, mastication and the facial expressions depend upon our facial musculature.

The major causes of facial paralysis include the following:

  • Swelling or damage in the facial nerve which is required to carry the signals from the brain to the muscles of the face
  • Damage to the brain’s area that is supposed to send signals to the muscles of the face

Apart from these, there are certain other factors leading to the same, i.e. infection in the brain or surrounding tissues, sarcoidosis, tumor pressing the facial nerve, stroke, head or neck tumor, middle ear infection etc. On occurrence, the facial paralysis may show the symptoms like decreased tearing, loss of blinking control on the affected side, altered sense of taste, drooling, pain in or behind the ear, confusion, dizziness, seizure, changes in vision, slurred speech, difficulty eating or drinking, loss of coordination etc.

As it is, in most of the cases, not clear about which type of paralysis has hold control over the person, it’s always better to get the person visit the doctor as soon as possible.


When a person’s body shakes rapidly as well as uncontrollably, it is an indication of convulsion. The term “seizure” is used as the synonym of convulsion because epileptic seizure is often a symptom of convulsion. They are all caused by the disorganized as well as sudden electrical brain activity. They never last longer than 30 seconds to 2 minutes and are not generally harmful. However, if a person gets seizures for more than this duration and he doesn’t awaken in between the shaking, this is the indication of a medical emergency. In case the person is getting consistent shakes and no particular cause can be identified, there are 70% or more chances that he is suffering from epilepsy.

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for Convulsions

There are certain other causes as well that may lead to convulsions, i.e. excessive alcohol consumption, brain illness or injury, choking, drug abuse, electric shock, heart disease, poisoning, low blood sugar, stroke etc. Moreover, you may see some symptoms in the person facing convulsions, i.e. eye movements, sudden falling, teeth clenching, grunting and snorting, nausea, temporary halt in breathing, uncontrollable muscle spasms etc.

Whatever is the scenario, your first task must be to prevent the falling down and getting injured of the person. Injuries can worsen the situation.


Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for BronchitisIt is termed as the condition when the bronchial tubes (the air passages between the mouth, nose and lungs) get inflamed or swelled. Cold or flu generally holds control over us and leaves us back to normal in 1-2 weeks. But, the situation is not the same in case of people dealing with bronchitis. These people develop a reduced capability of breathing in and become unable of clearing heavy mucus or phlegm from their bronchial tubes. Bronchitis can be categorized in two categories – acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. As indicated by the name, acute bronchitis doesn’t last long and is a result of the cold or viral infection, while when it comes to the chronic bronchitis, it is considered to be for long-term duration and a result of the long term illness and environmental factors.

The causes of bronchitis include cold, smoking, dust, air pollution, flu, chemical fumes etc. Repeated episodes of acute bronchitis may lead to make you suffer from chronic bronchitis as well. And later on, chronic bronchitis can lead to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). On occurrence, bronchitis may show some symptoms like persistent cough, wheezing, low fever and chills, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chest tightening etc.


It is termed as a chronic lung disease affecting your airways. It inflames as well as narrows them. During this health issue, the airways of the patient become very sensitive and strongly reactive to whatever inhaled within. Moreover, the inflamed cells of the airways tend to make more mucus than usual, hence, worsening the situation by making the airways narrower. Although, asthma can affect you at any stage of your life, it mainly affects the small children. There are two types of asthma – allergic (caused by exposure to an allergen) and non-allergic (caused by stress, exercise or any sort of illness).

There are several factors that can work effectively to trigger the symptoms of asthma in you. These include:

Allergens like pollens from grass, pet dander, dust miles etc.

  • Certain drugs and food additives
  • Cold, flu or other illnesses
  • Some sort of exercise
  • Stress
  • Weather conditions etc.

Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for Asthma

A person dealing with asthma must be aware of the factors responsible for triggering asthma and must always try to stay away from those factors. Moreover, if you are facing asthma, you may see some symptoms in you like rapid breathing, sighing, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentration, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness etc. Although, mild asthma can be treated using some general asthma medicines, but sometimes, the situation just gets worsened with every passing day.

So, these are all the health issues that can be easily treated using Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras. Actually, these are just a few names out of the whole list. Apart from these, Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for health can be a great assistance in dealing with the other health issues like cough, cold, hysteria etc. as well and that too without gifting you any ill-effect in return. Yes, this is what I personally like about Ayurveda. It never gifts any side-effects like other treatment methods.

So, here you see that it is well known to efficiently balance the vata and kapha dosha related problems. But, the benefits of this amazing ayurvedic medicine can be gained only if you follow the prescribed dosage strictly. Following the same point, let’s now talk about the dosage of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras.

Dosage of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras

The dosage of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras will define how much benefit you are going to gain from this amazing ayurvedic medicine. Hence, it is very important to know the dosage part of this or any other ayurvedic medicine before starting the consumption of the same.

If we talk about the dosage of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras, it can be taken 1 tablet once or twice a day either before your meal or after your meal as recommended by your ayurvedic doctor.

Although, the medicine is purely safe like every other case, you still need to be careful in order to keep yourself at a safe side even from the minutest form of negative effect on your body. These points also play a vital role in defining your success in treating your health issue with the help of Swarna Sameer Pannag Ras for health.

So, let’s discuss these facts and figures one by one:

  1. Keep this ayurvedic medicine completely away from the reach of children.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women are not allowed to consume this medicine.
  3. Don’t ever go for self-medication, it may be harmful for you.
  4. Over-consumption may cause digestive issues in your body. So, better keep this point strictly in your mind before starting the dosage of this medicine.

Due to the availability of heavy mineral content, this ayurvedic medicine is strictly recommended to be taken only after consulting your Ayurvedic doctor.

On one hand, I always say that ayurvedic medicines are safe and don’t show any kind of side-effect and on the other hand, I mention some aspects you need to take care of. Why? Yes, you might also be thinking about this question. So, let’s talk about its answer.

The Fact Can’t be Denied That Ayurveda is Safe…..

The fact can’t be denied that Ayurveda is safe and will never harm you, but what if you are hypersensitive to any specific natural element? Yes, this is the factor that can make you suffer by consuming any medicine or edible product containing that particular element in it. Moreover, Ayurveda works on certain disciplines and contains some minerals whose overdose may harm you. That’s why one specific amount of dosage is recommended to be taken. So, whatever is the ayurvedic medicine, you have to intake it only under strict medical supervision.

Undoubtedly, Ayurveda demands some sacrifices of your lifestyle, lazy nature, unhealthy eating habits etc., but the ultimate cure for a disease can also be achieved from Ayurveda only. Yes, that’s true. Choosing allopathy for the treatment of whatever disease you want is nothing more than Hobson’s choice. This has been now proved by the results if we compare allopathy vs Ayurveda. Ayurveda, when introduced, was like the petrichor in the field of medical science, but, it didn’t disappear with passing time and days; instead dug its roots deeper. Just think once, “Why are our medicinal researchers again falling back on Ayurveda after years of other medicinal practices?”

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