Heal Your Health Conditions with the Magnificent Effects of Triphala Ghahrita

Triphala ghrit

One Stop Solution for Numerous Health Issues – Triphala Ghrita

We usually remain very conscious about our health and do everything to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We manage some possible time out of the busy and hectic schedule to do some exercise and grab some healthy snacks, get a proper sleep and every other thing one can do to stay fit and healthy. But, there are certain myths we carry in our mind that stop us from achieving the desired health and fitness. One such myth is regarding “ghee”. People generally think that ghee is bad for health giving extra fats, increasing bad cholesterol etc. But, that’s not true. Yes! We must think other way regarding ghee.

paramanand ayurvedaJust think once, if ghee would be harmful for our health, why Ayurveda practitioners would ever use it in the medicines.  Well, yes, that true. Ghee is one of the most common ingredients used in Ayurveda. There must be something in it making it so important in the field of Ayurveda. Don’t you think so? Let me help you this way with the help of our today’s ayurvedic ghee or ghrit, i.e. Triphala Ghrita.

With the help of this ayurvedic medicine, you’ll get to know how much beneficial is “ghrit” for you and your loved ones. So, let’s start with every single aspect making triphala ghrit a powerful ayurvedic medicine.

Ingredients of Triphala Ghrita (त्रिफला घृत के तत्व)

Ingredients of triphala ghrit play a vital role in making it a potent ayurvedic medicine. By the word “Triphala”, you must have thought that there are three fruit ingredients of this ayurvedic ghee. I’ll say that, here, you are wrong. There are many other ingredients as well adding to the effectiveness of Triphala ghrita along with “triphala”. Let’s talk in detail.

The list of ingredients of Triphala Ghrita includes:

  • Triphala (त्रिफला) – Amla, Harad and Baheda
  • Draksha (द्राक्षा) – Vitia Vinifera
  • Madhuka (मधुका) – Honey
  • Trikatu (त्रिकटु) – Mixture of Piper Longum, Piper Nigrum and Zingiber Officinalis
  • Katukarohini (कटुकारोहिणी) – Picrorhiza Kurroa
  • Prapaundarika (प्रपौंड्रीक) – Calophyllum Inophyllum
  • Ela (इलाइची) – Elettaria Cardamomum
  • Vidanga (विडंगा) – Embelia Ribes
  • Nagakeshar (नागकेशर) – Mesua Ferrera
  • Nilotpala (उत्पल) – Nymphaea Rubra
  • Chandana (चन्दन) – Santalum Album Linn
  • Haridra (हरिद्रा) – Curcuma Longa
  • Daruharidra (दारुहरिद्रा) – Berberis Aristata
  • Cow’s Ghee (गाय का घी)
  • Shweta and Krishan Sariva (सफ़ेद और काली सारिवा)
  • Milk (दुग्ध)
  • Triphala Kashayam (त्रिफला काश्यम)

The base of this ayurvedic medicine, as the name indicates, is “ghee” and all the above mentioned herbal ingredients are infused in it. So, if ghee is the major component in this brilliant ayurvedic medicine, let’s at first clear your concept about ghee.

Concept of Ghee (घी के बारे में कुछ महत्त्वपूर्ण जानकारी)

Ghee or clarified butter is always misunderstood by us due to being assumed to give the extra fat to our body. But, all these are just the wrong concepts we have created in our mind. Actually, ghee is prepared by simply boiling the butter and then pouring the butterfat off. Here, all the proteins and milk solids containing lactose are left behind and we ultimately get the clarified butter or ghee.

There are not just one or two health benefits of ghee; instead numerous scopes are there where ghee can do wonders. It is because of its nutrient value. Ghee possesses the nutrients like calories, fats, minimum amount of proteins, saturated fat and many more vital elements that play a vital role in assisting us gain the health benefits from ghee. Let’s go through some of them.

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Despite all the blames, ghee is helpful in preventing the heart diseases. Researchers say that ghee has the potent to prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases. It is due to the presence of conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is a well-known fatty acid that is known to protect the heart from the issues like carcinogens, artery plaque and diabetes.

Helpful in Getting Beautiful Babies

triphal ghrit for babyThe pregnant women are suggested to add ghee in their regular diet, hence, consuming it on a daily basis. This is because, according to the research, for the women who plan to conceive in the nearby days, vitamin K2 is an important nutrient that needs to be incorporated in the diet. This can help them give birth to the beautiful children possessing the wide symmetrical face and healthy teeth in future.

This is not all done about the health benefits ghee can provide us, but, the mentioned above points can at least make you understand the difference between our perspective about ghee and the reality about it. And this was about all the ingredients of Triphala Ghrita. All these ingredients altogether contribute to their level best in order to make this ayurvedic medicine a perfect solution for a number of health issues. But, before talking about the same, let us have a glimpse on the action of Triphala Ghrita on our body.

Taste (रस) – Sweet, Astringent, Pungent, Bitter and Sour

Pharmacological Impact (गुण) – Light and Dry

Action (वीर्य) – Cooling

Transformed State After Digestion (विपक) – Sweet

Effect of Dosha (त्रिदोष) – Balance the Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Effect on Tissues (धातु) – Rejuvenate the Tissues

Channel (श्रोत) – Cleanse all the channels, especially related to elimination

Via these actions, Triphala Ghrita, shows certain brilliant impacts on the body of the patient, hence, giving certain health benefits. If we have used the term “health benefits of triphala ghrita”, let’s move to this step as well and talk about it in detail.

Health Benefits of Triphala Ghrita (त्रिफला घृत के लाभ)

There are numerous health issues that can be easily taken care of using Triphala Ghrita. Although, mentioning each and every one of them is quite impossible kind of thing, we can always make out some space and words for at least some of them. So, let’s talk about the major health issues that can be dealt with via the use of Triphala Ghrita.

Hair Fall (बालों का झड़ना)

triphala ghrit for hair lossAlong with our health, 0ur hair also face a number of challenges in our today’s busy and hectic life. Due to this, even after taking lots care of our hair, we tend to face many issues related to our hair. It is often estimated that the people above the age of 50 years generally face this hair loss problem, but this is not the fact now. Now-a-days, even the teenagers as well as youth are also forced to face hair loss. Credit goes to the unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits associated with the polluted environment. Various other factors like growing age, scalp ringworm, thyroid, chemotherapy etc. can also be the reasons behind you suffering from this issue.

Cough (खांसी)

triphal ghrit for cough-1Coughing is considered as the process by which the body protects the lungs as well as the bronchial tubes by helping them get rid of the mucus as well as the foreign invaders. It might be irritating for you, but is surely important for the body. Coughing is not a chronic condition and is nothing to worry about until and unless it affects you for more than a week or so. Depending upon the duration cough takes to leave you it has been categorized into two categories, i.e. acute cough and chronic cough. Acute cough can come and go without creating much trouble to you, but when it comes to the chronic cough, it might be sometimes the indication of some underlying health issue as well. So, the chronic cough needs proper and immediate diagnosis.

Intermittent Fever (मियादी बुखार)

Fever can influence your body due to any of the two reasons, i.e.

  • The response of your immune system to the foreign irritants
  • The reflection of some underlying disease.

triphal ghrit for Chronic FeverBut, whatever is the case, the major symptom is the body temperature which remains higher than normal. Fever, due to the presence of many symptoms along with the duration in which it tends to leave your body as well as certain other factors, has also been categorized into different classes. Once such class is “intermittent fever” which is defined the form of fever that affects your body for some hours in the day and leaves you normal for the other hours of the day. It is actually a form of malarial fever and is generally repetitive. Intermittent fever has again be classified depending upon the duration it takes to leave you. These are:

  • Quotidian – Here, the fever spikes tend to affect you everyday
  • Tertian – The fever affects your body every alternate day
  • Quartan – In this case, the fever affects you every third day

Petrygium (आँख आना)

triphal ghrit for PetrygiumPetrygium or surfer’s eye or conjunctiva, yes, these are the names of this eye problem. This type of eye problem mainly affects the people who spend lots of time outdoors. The major factors that are responsible for causing conjunctiva include the excessive exposure to the wind, sand and sunlight. Here, in this case, the sufferer grows a pink fleshy tissue on the conjunctiva which tends to line the eye lids along with covering the eyeball. The problem often seems scary, but do not worry, it is not cancer.

On having Petrygium, you might see certain symptoms that include burn in eyes, feeling gritty, itching, eyes looking red, feeling of having something in the eye when there is actually nothing.

So, these are the major issues that can be easily solved using Triphala Ghrita. Although, this is not yet all done, I believe it is sufficient enough to understand the effectiveness and goodness of Triphala Ghrita on our body.

But, for gaining the health benefits of this medicine, you need to know and understand one more very crucial aspect, i.e. dosage. So, let’s move the conversation towards the dosage of Triphala Ghrita.

Dosage of Triphala Ghrita (त्रिफला घृत की सेवन विधि)

You need not make any extra effort to understand and follow the dosage of Triphala Ghrita. Yes, the dosage of Triphala ghrita is very simple to follow and it consists of consuming ¼ to ½ teaspoon of it with warm water. This ayurvedic medicine can be taken once or twice a day as per your doctor’s recommendation. The standard dosage timing of Triphala Ghrita is ten minutes before the meal. You can either opt the same or consult your doctor regarding the dosage.

doses of triphala ghritAlthough all the ayurvedic medicines are safe to use, you still need to consult your doctor first and then only start taking the medicine. This is because the dosage of the ayurvedic medicines doesn’t remain the same in every case and varies depending upon the factors like age, weight, digestive power of the patient, current medical situation, medical history etc. So, by consulting your ayurvedic doctor, you can keep yourself at the safe side.

Ayurveda has always given us the solution for every mild and chronic health issue we face in our life. No matter it is just a cold symptom or diabetes, starting from the minute to the major, Ayurveda has the ultimate answer for everything. It is just that we need to understand and follow what it exactly says.

Some of you might be complaining that you have not got any benefit even after using the Ayurvedic medicines for a considerable amount of time. Here I’ll simply suggest you to ask yourself some questions! The questions are:

  • Had you followed the exact dosage with the timing given?
  • Had you taken care of the precautions you were asked to do?
  • What if you had merged the ayurvedic medicines consumption along with the other medicines?
  • And above all, was the doctor you considered to ask a registered one?

Yes, these are certain points that must be taken care of strictly. There are people out there who try to loot you on the name of Ayurveda. Well, nothing to be shocked! There are things that are actually wrong and some people pretend them to be right in front of you. So, better check whether your doctor is a registered one or not before following his words.

Moreover, Ayurveda is not just a medical science to give you the medicines whenever you fall ill due to any reason. It is a complete art of living that wishes you to scarify your unhealthy living and eating habits like eating fast and junk food, laziness, smoking, drinking etc.  Keeping these habits and things at a bay can help you gain the maximum health benefits of the ayurvedic medicines which is of course, the required thing.

So, from now onward, whenever your mind says that you are not gaining the effective response from the ayurvedic medicines, just remind yourself with these questions and then follow them strictly.

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