What if I tell you there is an ayurvedic medicine that can treat all of the sex related issues, general debility, skin diseases and much more without costing any side effects? Not only this, it can balance the elements that are critical for your health. I’m talking about shilajitwadi vati and believe it or not, shilajitwadi vati is not only meant for sexual debility and it has several other significant roles to play. Even if you are from one of those who have just heard the name of ayurveda, it is highly likely that you have heard a lot about shilajitwadi vati. This is the only name that comes to your mind when it comes to defying aging in terms of sexual desires, but actually, the power of shilajitwadi vati is not limited to providing you with sexual strength. It can also treat some diseases that are otherwise difficult to handle.

Considering the fame of shilajitwadi vati, it is important to spread awareness about the real power of this ayurvedic medicine. So, today we will tell you everything about an yet another useful, healthy and safe ayurvedic formula- shilajitwadi vati. Ayurveda has given us many such solutions, some are made up of herbal components and others are prepared using metallic components, but shilajitwadi vati is composed of both. In fact, it also contains some bhasma prepared strictly according to ayurevdic instructions. All these ingredients make it useful in many skin problems, anemia, fever, and of course problems like erectile disorders, wet dreams, and all other such problems. We will also give you a complete list of diseases which can be cured with shilajitwadi vati, but before that, we will give you a glimpse of the ingredients which are used to make this tremendously powerful medicine and the method of preparation which ensures that now chemicals are involved during the preparation. Then we will move on to the uses of shilajitwadi vati, and what would be the appropriate amount if anyone thinks of taking this ayurvedic medicine.


shilajitThe very first ingredient of shilajitwadi vati is shilajit itself. It is a thick and sticky black colored substance which doesn’t look like a medicine at all. It is usually found in the Himalayan and Tibet mountains and to make shilajitwadi vati, you need pure shilajit. Apart from shilajit, this magnificent ayurvedic formula also contains swarna bhasma (gold bhasma). Our body contains negligible percentage of gold, but if gold is completely absent, it might create a set of problems. And these problems often affect your sexual abilities or skin, and even cause general debility. So, swarna bhasma is added to act as a source of strength. One more component that makes us stronger is iron, and considering this, shilajitwadi vati also contain Lauh bhasma. It is because of this bhasma, shilajitwadi vati can be used as a cure for anemia. The last two, but very crucial and irreplaceable ingredients of this ayurvedic medicine are pure guggulu and abhrak bhasma.

All of these are combined in predefined ratio and after mixing and mashing it with bhangara juice, pills weighing 125 mg are prepared. What we get at the end is an amazing and unbelievable solution to all sexual problems. Yes, millions of Indians use shilajitwadi vati for sexual problems, and hence you too can trust it.


We all know the role of shilajitwadi vati for sexual problems and some of you might also have an idea of its impact on females, but this is not all shilajitwadi vati is capable of. Here is the complete list of all the diseases that can be treated with shilajitwadi vati.

Shilajitwadi vati is a natural treatment for spermatorrhoea

SHILAJITWADI VATI for spermatorrhoeaInterestingly, if a person in 18the century had ejaculations outside the marital intercourse due to any reasons, he was said to suffer from spermatorrhoea. Luckily today, we have different and precise classifications of all sexual problems. Even in the middle of the 19th century, according to western medicine, or what we call as allopathic medicines today, spermatorrhea was seen as a medical disorder with severely devastating effects on the mind and body. But ayurveda not only understands this problem, but also has a solution in the form of shilajitwadi vati. Shilajitwadi vati is a perfect solution to the problem of excess or involuntary ejaculation. So, instead of wasting your time and money on harmful medicines, you can simply seek help from ayurvedic shilajitwadi vati.

You can even cure nocturnal emissions with shilajitwadi vati

SHILAJITWADI VATI for nocturnal emissionsThis is a special type of ejaculation problem in which you frequently have to wake up in the middle of the night after feeling the wetness. This problem generally effect young males, but if you think it is only confined to males, think again. An old research published by Barbara L Wells in the 1986 Journal of Sex indicates that as many as 85% of women have experienced nocturnal orgasm by the age of 21. Yes, the frequency of occurrence may vary, but the solution is only one- shilajitwadi vati. Shilajitwadi vati apart from dealing from a common problem of ejaculation can also keep your hormones in control for a long time. And due to this if you use shilajitwadi vati, excess or uncontrolled ejaculation will not be a problem during the entire day as well as night.

Erectile disability is no more a difficulty with increasing age

SHILAJITWADI VATI for Erectile disabilityNocturnal emission usually hits people of younger age, and in contrast, erectile disability targets relatively aged men. Some people accept it as a part of aging, while others don’t settle down and try to find a safe solution to the problem. Yes, the solution must be safe because not all are comfortable discussing such issues in public and taking advantage of this, there are several different medicines available that claim to cure all types of sex issues. But, most of them are either not effective or are not properly tested for safety. So, it is better you turn towards something that is there with us since ages, and something on which we can count- ayurvedic shilajitwadi vati. You might get many other alternatives for a particular problem, but if it has something to do with the sexual strength, or problem related to ejaculation, then only shilajitwadi vati is the best.

Shilajitwaid vati can treat anemia too

SHILAJITWADI VATI for anemiaSince lauh bhasma is an integral component of shilajitwadi vati, it is expected that this herbal medicine will have impact on the hemoglobin present in blood. This makes it and effective and safe cure for anemia- a condition which most commonly occurs due to lack of iron in your body. Yes, you can take lauh bhasma alone to treat anemia, and there are many other options present in ayurveda to deal with the same. But in case you have some sexual weakness along with anemia, or menstrual problems that are leading to anemia, then the doctor would recommend you shilajitwadi vati only.

Menorrhagia- where shilajitwadi vati can help females greatly

SHILAJITWADI VATI for MenorrhagiaFor those who think shilajitwadi vati is only meant for males, this is a proof that this ayurevdic medicine is equally beneficial for both men and women. Menorrhagia is a condition in which the bleeding during periods is in excess or for a long time. Usually you have controlled bleeding and that too last at most till 5 days, but in this case, you lose so much of blood that weakness hits you. Apart from weakness, anemia also is common in patients struggling with this menstrual disorder. And if you want to treat both with just one medicine- try shilajitwadi vati. It will bring back your normal menstrual cycle back, and at the same time will work towards improving your hemoglobin levels, thereby eliminating weakness too. Can you get a better deal anywhere?

Of course not, and this is not all shilajitwadi vati can do for you. If you are in trouble due to some sort of skin problem, you can use shilajitwadi vati. Fever, piles, and bleeding in the stomach can also be taken care of with this amazing ayurvedic formula. With so many uses and benefits for health of both males as well as females, we can say that shilajitwadi vati is the best alternative to the harmful and expensive allopathic medicines. And just one ayurvedic medicine can easily replace a dozen of allopathic drugs. By looking at its impact on sexual health, skin, fever, anemia, and even piles, I am sure you would also agree with the same. This was a glimpse of the power of shilajitwadi vati, and in case you want to know whether it can be used for your problem or not, you can directly consult an ayurvedic doctor by visiting parmanandayurveda.com. Don’t worry about the price as they don’t charge for it.


 pomegranate juiceA tablet before going to bed with lukewarm water, or milk or pomegranate juice is all you need to say good bye to all your sexual problems. Pomegranate juice in itself is extremely healthy and drinking it daily brings in wonderful changes in your health. So, this way, you are going to be benefited by two tremendously effective health enhancing tonics- one natural fruit juice (it is preferred you take out the juice of fresh pomegranate seeds in a juicer) and second one a unique combination of herbal and mineral ingredients.

These were the general dose of shilajitwadi vati that is considered safe in most of the cases, but to get the exact amount that should be taken by you, call the doctor from parmanandayurveda.com. After taking into consideration your age, gender and any specific health problem you have, he will prescribe you the most appropriate dose of shilajitwadi vati. And if needed, he might also give you some additional ayurvedic help with the aim of making you healthier.

free home deliveryAnd just in case you are finding it problematic to arrange shilajitwadi vati or any other ayurvedic medicine that too you can easily buy from parmanandayurveda.com. This website contain all the ayuredic products manufactured from different manufacturers, and just like online consultation, they also provide you free home delivery. So, buying ayurvedic products online is not going to be expensive anymore if you choose parmanand ayurveda. This is the only company that delivers ayurvedic medicines or any value at your doorstep and charges only for the product. This is an amazing opportunity who are either too busy with their work to fix an appointment with the doctor and are ignoring many minor health issue for quite a long time now. Ignorance can be fatal when it is related to your health, the sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you.

There is one more aspect that you mist open your eyes about. Every other day, there is a research published in one journal or the other indicating the side effects of allopathic medicines. it has become like universal truth now that these chemically synthesized drugs has so many side effects. It was understood if you used these harmful products till now, but today, when you have alternatives like parmanand ayurveda that delivers you health at home, why are you still so much into allopathy? Ayurveda is the science of life, and since it originated in India, we should be proud of our own ancient medicinal science. These days, even in western countries, people are turning towards ayurveda and natural solutions for their health problems because they too have realized that chemicals and drugs can do no good to our bodies. And what are we Indians waiting for? We know ayurveda is more reliable, it is more capable and powerful too, and there was only one issue- availability, that also is a thing of past with companies like parmanand ayurveda working day and night to help ayurveda flourish in its own country. So, what are you waiting for?

It is high time you say good bye to the western medicines and grab the opportunity provided by ayurveda. Give it just one try and its effectiveness and impact on health will make you fall in love with the entire concept.

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