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Many studies have been conducted on brahmi ghrit- an ayurvedic medicine that is famous for its impact on human memory and speech in the recent years and all of them conclude that brahmi ghrit is tremendously effective and delivers what it promises. Looking at the popularity of the ayuvedic medicine, a lot of other studies also have been published. Some studied the product for its side effects while others experimented with the various methods of preparing the ayurvedic product. A study was conducted in 2014 by the research professional of IIT BHU to study the impact of brahmi ghrit on memory and learning. This research was based on rats and from their experiments; the scientists concluded that brahmi ghrit was indeed effective in improving the memory of rats. After that there were several such results seen coming from every corner of the world and brahmi ghrit got a scientific base. It was during this time when people from every corner of the world started using brahmi ghrit for different reasons. So, today we will talk in detail about an ayurvedic medicine which is not only praised by ayurveda, but the medicinal field is also in agreement that it is helpful for many brain related problems.

After getting praises from all over the world, brahmi ghrit has gained fame, and almost everyone today want to use this natural solution to some very commonly occurring problems. But it is important to first know what the product contain, in how much amount, and which the safest method to take this ayurvedic medicine is. Yes, brahmi ghrit is ayurvedic and this is more than enough to speak of the safety and effectiveness of the medicine, but there are several other aspects related to brahmi ghrit and every other ayurvedic medicine. Trusting blindly made us slaves to allopathic medicines, hence it is better not to repeat the same mistake and indulge into the method of healing you choose. It holds true for ayurveda as well as for any other medicinal field. In fact, indulging into ayurveda and knowing it from deep inside is going to give you new way to live a healthy life. So, it is not about brahmi ghrit, but it is about your life and a healthy body.

Considering the fame brahmi ghrit has received, we assume that all of you know its impact on improving memory, refining speaking abilities and giving you a dose of energy. But do you know about the ingredients that make it capable of doing such complex tasks? Yes, dealing with memory indeed is a complicated issue because learning and enhancing memory is such an abstract issue that we have hundreds of definitions coined by different scientists as they cannot agree on one. When defining something is so ambiguous, think about accomplishing the task. There are so many dimensions involved, and for this reason, we trust nothing but ayurveda. Ayurveda has a record of dealing with all brain related issues in a much better way than allopathic medicines. So, let us see all the ingredients and method of preparation of brahmi ghrit. Then we will tell you in detail about the diseases which can be easily tackled with the help of ayurvedic brahmi ghrit.


INGREDIENTS OF SUKUMAR GHRITAMBrahmi ghrit is made up of all natural components and these componenst are key behind its strength as well as safety. Till date there is no study that can find out any side effects of brahmi ghrit, and this is all because of the natural ingredients it is made up of. The major component of brahmi ghrit is fresh brahmi. Brahmi refers to the two extremely powerful herbs often used by ayurveda for healing purposes. Apart from this, brahmi ghrit also contain ghee (old ghee prepared of cow’s milk is preferred), bach, kooth and shankhpushpi. By mixing all of them in appropriate proportion and following any on the natural methods of preparation prescribed by ayurveda, we get the real healer for all memory related issues.

Also, ayurveda generally recommend more than one method of preparing the same medicine and claim the no matter whichever method you choose, the output is going to be the same. Today we have a proof for it as well. A research published in ncbi studied the preliminary physico-chemical profile of Brahmi Ghrita, and tried to manufacture the same medicine via three different formulas. Following three different formulas gave them medicines which were more or less similar in medicinal capabilities. No significant variations were seen. Hence it is clear that the methods prescribed by ayurveda for preparing brahmi ghrit, and the same being used by the many ayurvedic companies are all same.


Brahmi ghrit is famous for its action and tremendous improvement in learning skills, intelligence, memory and dealing with speech issues. Let us see which all diseases the ayurvedic medicine can be taken.

Treating Epilepsy with brahmi ghrit

brahmi ghrit for epilespyEpilepsy is a very common neurological disorder which more commonly known as seizure disorders. Many people with epilepsy have more than one type of seizers. And dealing with is not completely possible with any other medicinal science except ayurveda. Ayurvedic brahmi ghrit is s perfect treatment for controlling the seizures. So, if anyone is suffering from such a chronic issue, it is better you consult the doctor immediately as he might prescribe you with some additional ayurvedic help along with brahmi ghrit. Go ahead with ayurveda and treat epilepsy with brahmi ghrit to bring your life back to normal.

Speech disorders natural solution- brahmi ghrit

Some sort of problem in producing sound or words is viewed and speech disorder and the underlying reasons are varying. A person suffering from speech disorder will have problem in expressing his or her thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we mock such people but it is important to understand that it is kind of an illness. And it is even more important to believe that it can be treated with ayurveda. Ayurvedic brahmi ghrit is the one stop solution to almost all the problems that have something to do with the brain. And this too can be very well treated with the natural medicine without facing any ill effects.

Mental dullness

brahmi ghrit for mental dullnessYou can have a smarter version of yourself with brahmi ghrit. Some people catch things faster while others are very slow at memorizing, understanding and grasping things. To deal with all such problems and also some acute forms of mental dullness, you can rely on brahmi ghrit. This ayurvedic formula sends tremendous energy and impact directly to the brain that after using it for some time, you will feel a lot of difference in your memorizing capacity.

Apart from these crucial impacts, brahmi ghrit is also useful in some chronic skin diseases and bone problems like gout. So, you can say brahmi ghrit can be used for bones, skin as well as your brain. Also, in case you don’t have any major health problem and still want to enhance your learning and memorizing capabilities, then too you can try brahmi ghrit. But the method of suing this medicine in this case would be a bit different and also the dose may vary. Talk to you doctor in case you want to use brahmi ghrit as a health enhancer and also in case you want to use it against a particular disease. Following are the general doses, and then we will talk about an amazing way of getting free online consultation too.


A quarter to half teaspoon of brahmi ghrit can be taken with water. Unlike other medicines which are mostly prescribed to be taken after meals, brahmi ghrit works best when taken before having food. You can take it either once or twice a day after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. If you have a problem in finding a good ayurvedic doctor, in the coming section we will tell you how to get free consultation without even stepping out of your house. So, it would be better if you get a specific dosage rather than following a general dose.

While taking brahmi ghrit, if you want it to work really as promised, you have to stay away from wine and non-vegetarian food. If not permanently, try skipping these two at least till you are on brahmi ghrit. as it has also been discussed earlier, you can use brahmi ghrit to make your mind sharper and body healthier. In such cases take it in the morning either with milk or tea.

Also try to avoid drinking cold water immediately after taking brahmi ghrit, and in case you feel very thirsty, try to have hot water. And the same holds true for cold food also. Wait for about half an hour before eating and drinking anything cold.

This was all about the key to a healthy brain, sharp memory and better cognitive skills. Apart from using brahmi ghrit regularly, you should also concentrate on the food you are eating. The food you eat while you are on the prescription of brahmi ghrit is not only going to affect your healing rate, but it will also have some role in calming your disturbed mind. Yes, it is true that food reaches the stomach where it is digested, but its impact can also be seen on your brain. So, to enhance the effectiveness of brahmi ghrit and to have a healthy brain as well as body, try to take more of Vitamin E Rich foods. Don’t think of taking supplements as you are no more with allopathy which prescribed supplements for every minor problem. Try to find it is natural sources like green veggies, boiled spinach, like nuts like almonds, sunflower seeds, cereals, vegetable oils, or peanuts. Some fresh veggies are also good source of vitamin E and some other essential nutrients, like tomato, turnip greens, peanut butter, wheat germ and avocado, so eat more and more of them.

free home deliveryWith proper diet and of course, and amazingly valuable gem from ayurveda- brahmi ghrit, you are definitely going to get a new ray of hope. So, do delay it further and grab the pack of brahmi ghrit to avail all its benefits. By the way, from where do you buy ayurvedic medicines in case you have ever tried one? Most of you would answer from a store nearby. Yes, there are a few stores in India which provide ayurvedic medicines these days, but a few years ago getting ayurvedic medicine also was a struggle. It is because of the raised interest in ayurveda and increasing awareness about some deadly side effects of allopathic medicines that ayurveda is once again becoming popular. Anyways, have you ever tried ordering ayurvedic medicines online? Most of you would answer negatively and this also is totally understood because of the high delivery charges that online web sites apply on every order. Only a few offer free delivery, but for that you have to make a bulk purchase, and why would anyone stock medicines? You must be wondering why I am asking such questions.

Actually, recently I got to know about an ayurvedic company that provides you the desired product at your doorstep and don’t charge anything for the delivery. Yes, you don’t even have to search for an ayurvedic stores, just dial a number from your mobile and you will get ayurvedic medicine in your hands. And this offer is regardless of the value of your order, I mean even if you order a single product; you are not going to be charged for the delivery. Getting curious about the name? It is parmanand ayurveda, and this is not all this company is offering. It also provides free consultation from highly experienced doctors. So, even for advice you don’t have to book an appointment and spend hours in a clinic. With parmanand ayurveda, solving any of your health issue holistically is made as easy as sitting at home and making a call. And if you don’t have time even for that and you still have some reason to ignore you health ailments, I feel sorry for you.

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